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Ted Cruz Gives His Take on the GOP and Hispanic Voters


cruz2Miami-  Texas Senator Ted Cruz addressed the attendees at the annual Cuba-Democracy PAC luncheon and covered a wide range of issues of interest to Hispanics as well as the Republican party’s prospects of making greater inroads with this increasingly important voter demographic that has been trending Democrat of late.  I asked Cruz directly if he believes the Hispanic vote is still in play for Republicans-

Absolutely! I think if we look historically the Hispanic community has been a swing vote, and I think that’s good for our community.  It’s never good for a community for one party to take it for granted. – Sen. Ted Cruz

Cruz then explained why he thought Republicans did so poorly with Hispanics in 2012-

I think why Republicans did so poorly in the Hispanic community this last election was not primarily immigration, I think it was two words- 47 percent.  And by that I don’t mean that unfortunate comment… What I mean is the narrative of the last election. The 47% percent who are dependent on government- we don’t have to worry about them.  I can’t think of an idea that is more antithetical to what we believe as conservatives and Americans than that idea.

“Republicans did a poor job last time around…is making the case to the single mom, making the case to the young African American, the young Hispanic coming out of school looking for his first job that the party of opportunity is a party that allows and encourages small businesses to thrive and encourages economic growth.” – Sen. Ted Cruz

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Javier Manjarres

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  • 24AheadDotCom

    1. Besides the NCLR and the GOP, are any other groups trying to join all Hispanics into one same-thinking group?

    2. What exact appeal does the Irish-Italian-Cuban, Pitchfork Pat-looking Cruz have to the bulk of Hispanics?

    3. When has the Hisp. vote as a whole *not* be trending Dem?

    4. Is dividing people into groups based on skin color a conservative idea or a far-left idea?

  • AmericaBeautiful

    Hispanics divide themselves, and the left encourages it. Divide and conquor, as any good communist knows.
    Ted cruz is the best we have for America’s future.
    Hispanics need to know, as Ben Sapiro has pointed out, that they will be shouldering the taxes for the government hand-out-seeking majority; they best vote Conservative.