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(Javier Manjarres)

Javier Manjarres Launches HISPOLITICA: Join the Conversation

(Javier Manjarres)

(Javier Manjarres)


The Shark Tank is proud to invite you to Hispolitica. Javier envisioned Hispolitica as a place where a legitimate conversation about Hispanics in America can happen…without the narrative filters imposed by mainstream or Hispanic media.

Given how badly both major political parties suck at Hispanic engagement, and the fact that immigration will not always be on the table, now is an opportune time to get the conversation going. Feel free to jump in. 

Hi, I’m Javier Manjarres.

 I’m proud to announce the re-launch of Hispolitica.  Hispolitica brings a balanced journalistic approach to the issues and concerns of Hispanics in light of their increasing influence in the American political process. Hispolitica will provide  equal time and space to political personalities across the spectrum whose viewpoints are of interest to Hispanics across the country.

 The Hispanic electorate continues to grow, and most political observers believe that this coveted vote is in a state of flux and very much in play for Republicans and Democrats moving forward. Although the immigration reform issue is at the forefront of today’s political debate, trends show that Hispanics assign greater importance to a number of issues other than immigration

 Before we can more effectively engage the Hispanic community, we must  understand that first and foremost, Hispanics are primarily concerned with their own economic prosperity and prospects for advancement in our society based on their own efforts, merits and accomplishments.

 Unfortunately, both of the major political parties have major short comings as they approach the Hispanic voting bloc. Their actions- or in some instances their inaction- shows that they are both incapable of messaging and winning the trust of the Hispanic community.

 On the one hand, we have a political party that refuses to make the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, and actively seeks to bribe hispanics with the prize of U.S. citizenship. On the other hand, we have a party that has proven itself of having ineffective messaging and lacks in its efforts to reach out to immigrants.

 The diversity of the Hispanic community goes well beyond the stereotypical depiction in the media, specifically by Spanish-language TV networks that cater to a subset of the Hispanic demographic while passing themselves off as representatives of ‘all’ Hispanics. These networks have refused to criticize race-baiting special-interest groups whose agenda is divisive and does not serve the best interests of Hispanics at large.

 Earlier generations of Hispanic immigrants were very socially and fiscally conservative in their beliefs, regardless of their political affiliation. Hispanics have always been a people of faith, and have articulated a strong belief in God. Their strong family values are directly correlated to their unwavering dedication to their religious faith.

 Hispolitica seeks to provide an alternative viewpoint to those expressed in the mainstream and Hispanic media. We’re looking forward to having this conversation, and thank you for joining us.

Que dios los bendiga

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About author

Jorge Bonilla

Jorge Bonilla is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

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  • G Speed

    Good luck.

    If you to move toward a goal you must be sure it is there to begin with. There is no way you will achieve any satisfaction from, or have influence in the “two party system” that is laughably called “representation”.

    IMHO a third party is necessary to represent the work ethic, religious and family values, honesty, visions of prosperity, and freedom and liberty that is talked about around the dinner table on Sunday.

    The two parties are so corrupted and full of self interested politicos that any effort to work within in will be owned in a short period of time

  • HDLadee

    How sad….another race concerned with only themselves….that’s what is wrong in America…nobody thinks about the greater good for “ALL”.

    When folks quit dividing themselves into “labels” and “groups” that is when America will come back together.

    • FlaBob

      HDLadee, I would like to reiterate that Hispanic is not a race. Calling Hispanics a race just shows ignorance. I am not calling you ignorant inasmuch as I realize that the media and others erroneously call Hispanics a race. I can even understand that some people are more familiar with the illegal immigrants that are mostly comprised of people with indigenous backgrounds so we are all lumped in together. Hispanics are made up of all races and backgrounds. There are black hispanics, Asian hispanics, indigenous Hispanics, etc.

      I do agree with you that we have to quite dividing ourselves into “labels” and “groups”. We are all Americans regardless of our ethnic origin. What frustates me more is people that try to divide us by continuously placing all of us in boxes according to their agenda.

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  • southernsue

    i agree with you hd to a point

    i know nothing of the hispanics, except every time i see one of them they are working hard

    i would like to hear their stories and their point of view

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  • Smarty

    The emphasis does not need to be on “Hispanic Issues”, because there lies the road to pandering. Mark Levin translated his last book into Spanish. Great first step. It needs to be an audio-book distributed in Latin American truckstops. What we need is real conservatism and conversation in Spanish. We need some Spanish speaking protoges working for Rush, Mark Levin, Hannity, Cavuto etc., who then go forward to share the same conversations on politics, culture and the economy in Spanish, to get Spanish speaking people comfortable with conservative ideas, and to give them a different viewpoint. Pandering already gets translated. How about a good 3 hours on the radio in Spanish on Fast and Furious in the country that paid the biggest price for liberal stupidity?

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  • Frank

    Here’s the problem…
    Hispanics have a Spanish version of CNN.
    Most education is teaching the Hispanics to be racial.

    My parents came here for opportunity and have found it.
    Some of my siblings have been indoctrinated in the progressive philosophy.

    We need a conservative forum where Hispanic issues can make us more aware of the issues. It might help if in Spanish.

    a Hispanic USMC

  • Re-launch of Hispolitica

    My parents came from Ireland in 1930 for economic opportunity. They were conservatives since they believed in personal freedom and hard work. They achieved their dream and raised four kids who were responsible and self-reliant. As one of their kids, I welcome Hispolitica as an alternative news source for the Hispanic community. I think the political options it espouses will help grow a bigger conservative base. We conservatives are a powerful, ethnically diverse group of freedom loving Americans. I look forward to occasionally sharing ideas with my Hispanic brothers and sisters.

  • sportymom

    Javier, you’ve done it again! BRILLIANT! I applaud your efforts to encourage dialog from different perspectives without the “spin” and antagonism of the mainstream media. I believe the Republican party is the party of Growth and Opportunity 4ALL People, but we have allowed the leftists to own the rhetoric.

    Immigration is obviously a very emotional issue, with no easy answers, but we set a dangerous precedent when we cast aside truth and logic, in order to lay claim to the title of “compassionate conservatism.” We are a nation of laws, and are experiencing the devastating consequences of ignoring them. In other words, lawlessness descends into chaos.

    Economists have repeatedly warned that we are on the verge of economic collapse or bankruptcy as are other countries with extremely high immigration numbers, such as Greece and Spain. To illustrate the point more vividly, I would ask, are we really “helping” people by pulling them aboard a sinking ship? All over the country, states like California are on the verge of bankruptcy, in part, due to the high cost of illegal immigration.

    The negative effects don’t stop there but extend to higher unemployment rates, overcrowded schools and the national security threat posed by terrorists and criminals who stream across our borders daily. Whether we care to admit it or not, we have become unwitting participants in the brutal and deadly Mexican drug wars.

    Possible solutions would take up another entire page, but I do have a partial solution, which is to give people one year to leave if they are here illegally. We should prioritize families with children under the age of 10. They can only stay if they have someone to sponsor them.

    The illegal immigrant would have to report to the host periodically (weekly? monthy?). I think churches should participate also (voluntarily) and adopt one family or more, but with a cap of 3 families per church. Those who are unable to find sponsors, would be required to leave in 3 – 6 months. 3 months if no children. Convicted criminals deported immediately.

    The solutions should come from the private sector, not the federal government.

  • Liz

    About time Hispanics had a voice that is not just talking points fed by the Left.

    We need to keep America great!

    Thank you!