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Allen West Warned of Growing Red Chinese Navy, Military

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(Shark Tank)


Back in 2011, then Congressman Allen West was warning of the imminent threat to the United States of America, an expansive and determined ‘Red China.’ West outlined in an interview with the Shark Tank that China was actively procuring as many natural resources worldwide as possible, which he believes poses “a huge threat to the future of the  United States of America.”

Within 8 years, they are going to have the world’s largest deep water navy flying under a Chinese flag. –Allen West

A recent Reuters story states that China continues to grow is Navy by refurbishing its aging supply ship fleet and “heavy-lift aircraft,” which by doing so would bolster its “military prowess in support of missions to enforce claims over disputed territory and to defend Chinese interests abroad.

Remember that China already controls the important Panama Canal, which is considered to be one of many “Chinese interests abroad.”

 Over time, the air and sea support will give the world’s second-largest navy greater geographical reach and will enhance the PLA’s capacity to assist troops on distant battlefields, potentially including Taiwan if Beijing were to launch a military assault to take control of the self-governing island.-Reuters

The impending delivery of these support ships and aircraft is further evidence China intends to become a more ambitious global military power in a decisive break with its traditional security priorities of expanding or defending its extensive land borders.

The story also cites Li Nan, who is considered an expert on the Chinese military and teaches at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Nan says that China has begun to “develop their capacity for power projection.

Steep increases in military outlays over three decades have allowed China to build an advanced navy that now ranks second to the United States fleet in terms of raw numbers.

The Chinese navy now has about 80 major surface warships including its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. It also deploys more than 50 submarines, about 50 landing ships and more than 80 missile attack boats, according to Pentagon estimates of PLA military strength.-Reuters

Aside from former Congressman West expressing his concern over the growing Chinese military, not much is heard from the nations top military people, let alone members of Congress and the President of the United States himself.

Here is the interview with Allen West regarding the growing Chinese threat.(2:15)

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Javier Manjarres

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  • http://billzilla William Koontz

    Obama fiddles while America burns! Without out the aiding and abetting by the press, he couldn’t getaway with it!

  • Perseids

    And the punch line to the joke is who has been funding this expansion for the past two plus decades?
    Whatever you do, don’t look in the mirror.

    Lenin was partially right about us selling them the rope. We did, via Loral Aerospace in ’96 with clinton’s blessings/encouragement, sell the chicoms targeting technology that brought them in from a 50-100 mile to postage stamp accuracy. It is impossible to understate the impact of that single transfer to our security. Add that to what they’ve stolen and we will be sitting squarely behind the eight ball by the time barry’s gone home.

  • anne

    gives a “real sense of comfort” to know only a few folks recognize this and obama is completely in the dark unable to comprehend the meaning of this nor the ownership of the panama canal. it bores him.

  • Carlos

    West should never have lost to that POS barfly, Murphy. He needs to move to a true conservative district and run in 2014. As for China, if they do take us over, the first idiots they’ll take out are the commie press who refuse to report all that is Obama. How’s that for no good deed going unpunished?

    • Perseids

      His loss was orchestrated by a few pos elitist republicans Senators in Tallahassee. The weapon they used was the redistricting stiletto to take out Allen West.

      They, the power hungry republicans elitists, wish to wage war upon Conservatives. Cantor just threatened “civil war” against those recalcitrant Conservatives in the house who refuse to “play ball” so as to make the milquetoast leadership look in charge of its ranks.

      Cantor and his ilk would be wise to be careful in what they wish for. Maybe that sniveling little weasel will come to remember what happened in 2010 one day soon.

  • FLgeezer