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Gov.Scott Addresses His Recent Flip-Flop On Obamacare (Video)


rickscottpharmaFlorida Governor Rick Scott has caught considerable flak for his change in position regarding the implementation of Obamacare, by now saying that he would agree to extend Medicaid benefits. Scott says that this by no means should be considered a “white flag” of surrender, but many Republicans who had voted for him, simply because of his opposition to the “job killing” healthcare law, are now saying that the Governor political career is “done.”

During a press conference at Miami-based Advanced Pharma, a dedicated Phase I clinical trial unit that assists the medical profession, Scott took questions from reporters regarding his new change of mind, with regards to Obamacare.

This is not final act of what’s going to happen in healthcare, its not a white flag to government healthcare. -Gov. Rick Scott

Many conservatives throughout Florida feel that Scott let them down with his decision to implement Obamacare, but like Scott stated, this is not the final act.

Now it is up to the Republican-led Florida legislature to propose a bill for the Medicaid expansion that will meet Scott’s pledge to help Florida families. The federal government is only funding the program for three years.  After the three years are up, the Florida Legislature and Governor will have the opportunity to reassess the Medicare expansion, and make the decision of whether to extend it further or not.

Considering that many of these state legislators will be running for reelection in their respective seats or running for higher office, it is safe to assume that any Medicaid expansion bill coming out of the Florida Legislature will be ‘leaned out’ considerably so that any and all potential ‘career-ending’ language will be stricken from the piece of legislation before they vote on it.

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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Chopper

    If Rick Scott runs in any future election, to include dog catcher, I will not vote for him!! His recent pandering to progressives/liberals etc. has shone him to be a run-of-the-mill politician instead of the principled conservative I thought him to be.

    • John G Henke

      Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us.

      • Cherieo3

        Predictably enough, the media is having a heyday with Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to accept three years of federal funding for Medicaid under Obamacare, suggesting flip flops and crass political maneuvering for re-election — moving to the center.

        That is their spin. Some conservatives are understandably upset with Scott for not standing against the expansion on principle, feeling like he has betrayed them.

        But here is a more full context. Painful as it is to admit, the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is the law of the land. With Obama’s re-election and the U.S. Supreme Court decision, the idea of it being overturned is now all but a pipe dream. However, if Republicans can win the White House and Congress, the worst parts may yet be able to be unwound.

        And here is the point. The Medicaid expansion is not the worst part of the law. It was an existing program and the expansion is voluntary. Most states, Republican and Democrat, are going to accept the Medicaid expansion because it makes financial sense for the state.

        While Obamacare overall remains unpopular — and Scott remains opposed to the law and its intrusive elements — the Medicaid expansion element of it is actually quite popular. It’s very popular in Florida, depending on how the poll question is asked.

        About 1.3 million Floridians will get coverage, meaning billions of dollars will flow into the state’s already robust health care economy. That means jobs. Plus, Florida got a waiver it had been seeking to continue privatizing Medicaid for beneficiaries — an important conservative principle.

        Is Washington, D.C. totally irresponsible fiscally? Yes. Out of control? Obviously. That question answers itself. But Gov. Scott has no control over destructive, spend-happy politicians in D.C.

        Hospitals throughout Florida routinely absorb the costs of providing health care to low-income people not on Medicaid who cannot or do not pay their bills. That drives up costs for everyone else and hurts hospitals financially. According to the hospitals, the Medicaid expansion should alleviate many of those costs while creating new jobs.

        Scott has said that much of his opposition to the expansion in the past was based on the federal money running out after three years, and not wanting the state saddled with those expenses. A reasonable caution. But the state has the freedom under the law to back out in three years if the finances don’t work. That might be politically difficult, but if we work hard enough to get Scott re-elected, he will be in Tallahassee to make that call.

        Further, because of the Governor’s tough and sometimes unpopular choices in his first two years in office, the state is now looking at a surplus this year — after having billions in deficits the previous years.

        Scott does not get much credit in the media for balancing the budget that Gov. Charlie Crist left in shambles. He never will. But we know what he has accomplished with Republicans in the Legislature.

        Scott’s own success with fiscally responsible decisions is what makes the Medicaid expansion an option now.

        Simply stated: From a state point of view, the positives far outweighed the negatives:

        billions of dollars flowing into the state;
        thousands of jobs created;
        people getting health care that may not have;
        hospitals getting reimbursements they were not, making them healthier;
        and an issue taken off the table that Democrats would surely have demagogued.
        Gov. Scott has done a terrific job with what he promised to do. Reigning in irresponsible federal spending was not among those promises.

        Thanks for being informed and engaged.

        • John G Henke

          But in the end this type of system will utterly collapse. It’s all paid for with fiat dollars, debt and empty promises.

        • Rick Caird


          Produces a pile of spin without a bit of light. The fact is that ObamaCare will collapse because it is not sustainable. It is responsible for radically increasing the cost of health insurance while at the same time forcing businesses to reduce employment, working hours, and health insurance support for spouses.

          ObamaCare will not provide the medical care it promises. It is targeting youth as a source of funding for the elderly. Their is no mechanism for enforcing the mandate. The whole thing is a Rube Goldberg scheme, but unlike a Rube Goldberg scheme, this one will not work.

          Obama and his minions move the majority of implementation of ObamaCare past the 2012 elections. But, the series of problems with ObamaCare will hit in 2014, just in time for those elections. Democratic Senators are already trying to distance themselves. It was funny to hear Bill Nelson rail against “who was responsible”. Well, Bill, you were. You voted on this thing sight unseen. You and all your Democratic colleagues are responsible.

        • Paul In Orlando


          Regardless of what you’ve stated above, sooner or later WE THE PEOPLE are stuck with the tab to pay for it. I don’t mean the poor or weatly; we the middle class gets stuck with the tab! The only thing Scott is doing is selling his soul to the devil for Federal funds. It is not about us (FL) or them (other states), it is about ALL OF US eventually having to pay for it. WE CAN’T AFFORD THIS!

          Scott is a bug eye traitor, liar, cheat and he RAPED the citizens of florida with his actions. ALL citizens must understand it doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or conservative, the true enemy of the people was and still is government. We the people now fear our government and they have no fear or respect for us.

        • George Blumel

          Cherio3 is right EXCEPT for the little matter of paying for all these great benefits he lists. Scott says that the FedGov will pay for the first three years (borrowing the $$ that our childrn will have to pay back, if possible) but what happens after three years? You don’t think Floridians are going to be burdened by huge bills for this expansion? You think the program could be ended then? Dream on…

          • John G Henke

            The Ponzi scheme will collapse as all Ponzi schemes do. The only difference is that when a “government” commits this particular crime they don’t go to prison. The health insurance racket is a scam and the corrupt “government” is in it to their eyeballs. Dumb criminals break the law, smart criminals write the law. That’s the only difference.

  • John G Henke

    Rick Scott isn’t going to do anything that doesn’t put money in his pocket. He knows he is a one term guy and he is going to do everything he can to line his pockets and the pockets of his cronies before he gets kicked out come next election.

    I for one am really disappointed with this guy. His gang has run the Department of Corrections right into the ground. So I can just imagine what’s going on with the rest of the State. Corrections Officers are subject to drug testing and before Rick showed up it used to be a quick test done on the way in to work. Now they have to drive into town, give samples, get milked for all of their personal information, (including SSN) so the clinic can sell that to the data mining business. Then the samples are sent to some outfit in Alabama for testing and if there is a problem the other sample goes to New York to some doctor who I have no doubt is another old crony of Ricks.

    And it’s all managed by Rick’s old lady’s drug testing company, (the one that was not going to do any work for the State because of conflict of interest,) yea right!

    The Officers are taken off of their duty station for this fiasco and are gone for two and a half hours on average. I would really like to know what this is costing the tax payers of Florida. All so Rick and his cronies can all get a little richer.

    • RobLAL

      Really? So the chain of clinics for the poor has evolved into a “drug testing company”. Really? Not to mention that chain of clinics has nothing to do with the drug testing. Further, why should DoC employees be exempt from what the rest of us have to go through? What makes them so hot?

      Also, a lot of medical offices and hospitals require your Social Stupidity number for collections efforts. It makes it harder for people to weasel out of paying. Not to mention federal insurances like Medicare, Medicaid, VA, TriCare etc require it. And then there’s the part where using those numbers helps reduce the chances of getting your sample confused with someone else’s. You wouldn’t, I imagine, like it much if your clean but the test returned positive.

      Better get back with Alex Sink to get your lying points straight, ass.

      • John G Henke

        Well, where to start?

        I didn’t say anything about DOC employees being exempt from drug testing, (like the politicians in the legislature and our illustrious governor by the way). It’s in the DOC contract to be tested on a random bases.

        Until Rick Scott showed up it was done in inefficient and cost effective manner that didn’t jeopardize the safety of State prisons by siphoning off staff for two to three hours.

        As for mining them of information. They are sent to the clinic where samples are collected with documents from the DOC and the officers are not expected to pay for it, the tax payers got that bill. These documents fully identify the officer and there is no good reason why they demand their driver’s licenses and home phone numbers but to collect information they resell just like the department of motor vehicles does. It brings in a pretty pile so I hear.

        I believe it would be worthwhile for a real investigation into why the changes have occurred. This is costing the tax payers of Florida a lot of money and believe it or not, most public servants are very concerned at the waste fraud and theft they witness on a daily bases.

        • John G Henke

          Ho, I forgot something.

          Your point about “clinics for the poor”. Clinics for the poor = Medicare Medicade fraud, and little problem Rick Scott INC. has had in the past with getting caught at. Luckily for him when you get caught stealing millions of dollars from the tax payers of America all you have to do in cut the “government” in for a percentage in the form of a “fine” and it all goes away. And yes, the clinics for the “poor” do drug testing.

  • David W. Caulkett

    My mother told me Rick Scott was a fraud and she was right.

    Rick Scott more broke his promise on his two major campaign issues, immigration enforcement and Obama Care opposition, he betrayed Floridians who voted for him.

    Rick Scott spent millions of his own dollars during his campaign promoting immigration enforcement. After being elected he was corrupted by big business and declared immigration enforcement a federal issue.

    His Executive Order on E-Verify is a sham in that the state website to apply to be a contractor has nothing on E-Verify, only a poster.

    Unless the Republican Party can recruit an honest candidate it looks like the next Florida Gov will be a Dem.

    Visit to see the billboard erected regarding Gov. Scott’s immigration enforcement betrayal.

    Dave Caulkett, VP, Floridians for Immigration Enforcement,

  • Harry Riley

    Governor Scott
    Senator Gaetz

    You might think we’re mushrooms out here in the hinter land……….and you can feed us horse sh…. and we will gobble it up. Governor Scott, you have indeed betrayed us…..deceived us, and now provide the fabrications to justify your action. We’re not buying it, and will reject your reelection.

    I’ll do all I can to defeat your reelection efforts………we don’t need you. If we get a democrat, what would be the difference???

    • Justin Paul

      So he flipped on us like many have already done worried about not being re-elected. Should have stayed on the right path. I guess the Gov does not realize that there will NOT be bus loads of uneducated voters being hauled to the polls from the Miami-Dade ghettos in this upcoming election since Obama will not be running. He would have had it in the bag especially with this attack on the constitution from the dumbocrats.

  • Cherieo3

    I guess you posters here are just some ‘trolls’ ??? What say you? You certainly are using the same used name calling that appear in most Lib/Progressive posts.

    • Rick Caird

      That didn’t even make sense. Besides, how can an anonymous poster call anyone else a troll?

  • George Blumel

    I’ve lived in Florida since 1973 and we’ve had no finer governor that Scott in that time –UNTIL his betrayal on Medicaid expansion. The CATO Institute rates governors from a conservative/libertarian view and gave Scott an A (only 3 other governors got an A) –UNTIL this awful decision in favor of Obama and the hospital lobby.

    We must hold the governor’s feet to the fire for reneging on his campaign promises, advertisements –he even filed a lawsuit against the Obama efforts to take over healthcare! But any Democrat would be much worse in virtually every aspect. So, don’t let him get by with this single betrayal, as bad as it is, but don’t go overboard and support a Dem. We must keep him and others in the party from repeating this costly mistake.

  • DeltaDawn

    Nothing left to say, other than that we can hope the Legislature puts a stop to this…..As for Scott, I am through defending him, however, I shudder at the next run for Governor here in Florida…Sink? Again! Chameleon Crist? …and who knows who else will flop into the alphabet soup. Heaven help Florida.