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Who Comes Off As More Presidential, Rubio Or Obama?

Who looks more Presidential? (Shark Tank)

Who looks more Presidential?
(Shark Tank)

By Javier Manjarres

The ‘Mainstream Media’ is all a hoot about Rubio’s water break during his SOTU response this past Tuesday night. CNN moronically questions if Rubio’s sip of water was  a career ending move.  Other Democrats and their friends in the media are saying that Rubio  looked too nervous, sweaty, and ill-prepared for political ‘primetime.’

Some newspapers are even calling it a ‘gaffe.’ Gaffe?

It is obvious that today’s media, who sees Rubio as being the biggest threat to President Obama and his Democratic party’s agenda , is aggressively trying to muddy-up his growing and appealing public persona. Newsflash-Its not working. 

Rubio’s water break and overall response to Obama’s address, has stolen the President’s post-SOTU address thunder. The freshman Senator is having fun with ‘thirst-quenching’ moment, and is now capitalizing on the moment by selling his very one customized ‘Marco Rubio water bottles’ through his Political Action Committee, Reclaim America PAC.

“I don’t always respond to the president but, when I do, I drink water. Stay thirsty my friends.”-Senator Marco Rubio

With the press being completely focused on a trivial water bottle incident, it shows where their reporting priorities lie when reporting on news that is vitally important to Americans who rely on their respective news agencies to inform them on current events, and events that affect their every day lives. Where is the press in respect to Benghazi? 

Here are some pics of our Commander-In-Chief










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    I just wish our USA Federal Government would stop trying to protect me. I hate their nanny state Brand of Safety they dish out. I like the Free Market Safety Brand better.