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Sen.Paul Suggests Possible Gun-Running Op Cause of Benghazi Cover Up

By Javier Manjarres

rand-paulU.S. Senator and potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul appeared on Fox news,  and continued pointing the finger at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling her actions leading up to the Benghazi consulate attacks as “inexcusable.” Senator Paul refers to Clinton’s statement that she “didn’t have time to read the cables asking for more security” for the Benghazi consulate.

 Paul then added that “it was a huge judgment error” for not having adequate protection for the consulate and embassy in Libya. According to Paul, the U.S. Embassy in the capital of Tripoli, still lacks the necessary security it needs.

 Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has stated that the U.S. needed to “harden” the security of U.S. assets and installations in Libya, and that there wasn’t enough intelligence on the ground leading up to the attacks.

 Panetta’s statement made Paul laugh, prompting him to mock the statement by saying, “you have the CIA a block away and you don’t have enough intelligence, as to what is going on?” Paul then suggested that the initial Benghazi cover up by the administration, could have to do with a potential gun-running operation between Libya and Turkey. More on this developing story to come.

 The person I second guess is not the Defense department, I second guess Secretary Clinton for not having adequate security, for turning down security, for saying ‘no I have a million cables, I didn’t have time to read the cables’ asking for more security, well I’m not asking that she read every cable from Bulgaria to Estonia, but Libya was one of the five most dangerous places in the world, easily by anyone’s calculations, and it was inexcusable for her not read these requests for security, and then have her department turn down the requests for security really that was inexcusable.

 I  really think there has not been enough made of the lapse or lack of security in advance of the attacks not the response after the attack, because I think that will always be difficult. In advance of this, it was a huge judgment error not to have more protection for our consulate and our embassy still to this day in Tripoli still needs more security.-Senator Rand Paul



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  • http://Thevoiceofliberty.us A Maurer

    Of course it was gun running. The data is all there, although not yet front page news. This is the big Benghazi secret that the Obama administration was desperate to keep under wraps until after the election.

  • surfcat50

    OF COURSE the purpose of the Ambassador’s presence, as well as that of the “consulate” itself in Benghazi, was moving weapons to Syrian opponents of Bashir Assad, whether or not they are Islamists.

    Why Benghazi? Proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and, therefore, Syria. The Ambassador was obviously there to broker weapons “buy-back” schemes to collect the weapons the West helped deliver to the Libyan Islamists so they could overthrow Muamar el-Qaddafi.

    Or maybe he left the relative safety of the US Embassy in Tripoli for a visit to the beach? Don’t think so.

    I’m glad Sen. Paul raised this because it is virtually the only explanation that makes any sense to anybody who has ever traveled in that region. The fact that it fits nicely with the “lead from behind” strategy of the current administration and their seeming inability to ever be against anti-American Islamists makes it all the more logical.

  • Michael

    I’m voting for Dr Rand Paul in the 2016 Presidential election.
    The CIA had an illegal CIA Annex in Benghazi that the Libyan militias had a problem with. Nobody talks about that.

    On the Drone topic;

    Someone like Michael Moore should make a documentary on the USA’s Flying Killer Drone Robot War.

    Flying Killer Drone Robots

    I’ve been saying the main stream media is a major enemy of the American people for a while because they lie by omission.

    I don’t believe they can brainwash a critical mass of people anymore because virtually nobody tunes into their news channels these days.

    It used to be 20 million would watch CNN prime time, but that’s down to about 500k now.

    The Internet is the new anti-mind control mechanism reaching billions of people today.

    As far as being told what to think by the MSM, that it was a “Terrorist Attack” in Benghazi, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I already know terrorism is a gorilla tactic and you can’t win a war against a tactic because it’s just an abstract thought idea.

    I also know why the Libya attack probably happened and why other Muslim countries protests happened, the proven CIA Annex in Benghazi that used the anti-Muslim Youtube video as an excuse, but really it was because we’re slaughtering thousands of innocent brown people, women and children with our flying killer drone robots.

    Trying to Secure Libya’s most delicious Light Sweet Crude Oil deposits for the Owners of the Planet’s oil Conglomerate to Control is not a Virtue.

  • Michael

    You can’t win a “War on Terrorism” because you can’t win a war against a “Tactic”. It’s just an abstract intangible thought concept, and you can’t stop people thinking dangerous things.

    • BoGo

      Right. And that’s just hoew TPTB want it – perpetual war for profit.

      “Oceania’s always been at war with EastAsia.”

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