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Rep. DeSantis Supports Auditing the Pentagon


By Javier Manjarres

One of the rising Republican stars in the U.S. Congress is Congressman Ron DeSantis from Florida, a Yale University graduate, who ran in an open and  safe Republican in 2012.

 DeSantis, who calls himself a “Reagan pro-defense Republican,” was asked about his thoughts on the up coming Sequestration debate, in which the  freshman congressman stated that the total levels of the cuts in Sequestration needed to be kept in place, but added that the military should “sub out the defense cuts, because its a disproportionate impact on defense.”  He then added that even if cut are made out of the defense budget, the country will continue to “run  major deficits.”

 DeSantis also reiterated his belief that the Pentagon should be open for audit, citing that Republican Senator Tom Coburn has also called for an audit of the bureaucracy that is the Pentagon.

 The Pentagon is a bureaucracy too, and I do think that there is a sense that the bureaucracy does sap away from some of our readiness and some of the money goes in to red tape and other things that would be better served with the war fighter. Tom Coburn has said we need to audit the Pentagon, you actually required to do it by law, we’ve never done it.

 As Republicans, we should want to do that (audit the Pentagon) and not just say the Pentagon is a fortress that no one can  look in because by the nature of bureaucracies, they tend to expand, they tend to get involved in things that not consistent with the core mission-Rep. Ron DeSantis

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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Rep. DeSantis Supports Auditing the Pentagon

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