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Rep. DeSantis-Obama Choosing “Butter Over Guns” On Fiscal Matters


By Javier Manjarres

Congressman Ron DeSantis did not mince his words when he criticized President Obama’s foreign policy. DeSantis states that be believes that the U.S. is “less respected in the world then we were before he (Obama) took office.” DeSantis continued his mild-mannered screed against President Obama by saying that Obama is in essence no friend of Israel, because he feels the President is “not as interested in maintaining close relationships” with Israel and other allies around the world.

 I think we’re less respected in the world then we were before he took office, I think that his view basically is country’s that are hostile to us, he tries to curry favor with them and show them that he is amenable… He views people that are our allies, like Israel, some of the eastern European countries and he is not as interested in maintaining close relationships with them. He thinks that us being close to Israel is actually harmful to our national security. Its just the way he sees the world. –Rep. Ron DeSantis

When discussing the recent fiscal situation as it relates to defense, DeSantis said that President Obama was “going to choose butter over guns’ and push for more domestic spending and Obamacare, at the expense of the national defense budget. DeSantis added that “if Obama has his way, you will see defense continue to decline” and the he also believes that “countries realize that they can probably push him around, he’s probably not going to react in a way that is firm.”

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Javier Manjarres

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Rep. DeSantis-Obama Choosing “Butter Over Guns” On Fiscal Matters

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