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Congressman Radel on Possible Presidential Overreach – “All Options Should be on the Table”

By Javier Manjarres

trey radelCongressman Steve Stockman from Texas has taken aim against President Obama’s forthcoming executive orders that will further restrict gun rights by “eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment” against the President.

President Obama’s highly questionable power grabs have been a persistent feature throughout his first term- the installation of dozens of ‘czars’ that are only accountable to him, back door administrative regulations that bypass Congress, his unilateral authorization of military action without seeking congressional approval and his executive orders, all of which have quite a few members of the Republican caucus speaking behind closed doors about possibility of impeachment 

Freshman Congressman Trey Radel, who won former Congressman Connie Mack’s congressional seat in 2012, stated that “all options should be on the table” when asked about the possibility of  other Republicans initiating impeachment proceedings.

During an interview with the Shark Tank in his Washington, D.C. office, Radel posed a very interesting question to Democrats loyal to President Obama-

“What I would say to Democrats who are friends with President Obama right now is, ask yourself, what are you going to do when a Republican gets in, and you may not agree with or like very much, and begins doing the same thing?” – Congressman Trey Radel

Radel concluded by saying that we as Americans “have completely lost our checks and balances in this country, the Congress needs to hold the President accountable for the decisions that he’s making right now, and that why again, I would say that all options should be on the table.”

If President Obama continues to rule by executive fiat and continues to ignore Congress, will additional Republicans express their support for impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama?

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Howard Hehner

    Dear Mr. Congressman;
    You shot your mouth off before you even heard what the President had to say. SHAME ON YOU! You sir are an embarassment to your constituants and to America.

    • Michael

      You will get many troll comments from people who promote anti-American ideologies, and comments from people who are protecting their government money stream, especially negative comments from the military industrial complex. Develop a thick skin and be firm in you’re conviction. On the internet you sift fact from fiction and take the good with the bad.

      Thanks for steeping up.

      • Mary

        You’re is the wrong word. This shows a deleted letter. Steeping is the wrong word. That’s what we do to tea. Take an English class from your anti-American friends, and liberal up.

        • JK

          Mary hold on to your panties because if you are that critical to waste so much effort for a mispelled word you are the only one who will be trying to get into them..It was clear to us in the human race what the word was to be..Eye hope u r knot a teecher…

          • Life Panels

            What a repulsive thing to say to a woman! You’re worth as a human being is about a penny.

          • tab2u

            For the love of God, Mary & Lifepanels, is that the best argument you have? Get a grip & get a life. Everyone makes typos now and then and who the hell are you to decide how much anyones’ life is worth? I suppose liberal does suit you, as intolerance applied liberally to those with whom you do not agree and literally incapable of having a conversation without resulting in insulting another.

          • Jed

            You’re – contraction for you are

            Your – shows possesion, as in “your views are absurd”

            This is simple 6th grade stuff people. You can’t be taken seriously if you can’t grasp the English language. It just means YOU’RE uneducated.

        • Garry Olmos

          Ease up Mary, you’re wasting your time on minutia, instead of reading into the statement, you criticize the speeling, what a dork.

          Tell us what you really feel about the stupid statements that this clown Stockman is making.

          • Art

            Oh, we’re talking about felon Stockman. Well, he might do it again, and wind up in jail a second time. Vote him out of office when he comes up for re-election.

    • jessica

      Its been pretty clear where the president stands!!! So no one ‘spoke to soon’. Its starting to get ridiculous how people are seeing Obama as a GOD. enough of this left vs right….bottom line, the man in office is spitting on the true democracy of this country! My brother is fighting for this country, our freedom! And yet, the leader is ruining this country and all it was founded on. There are 2 parties that are to be working together to find a median. Not a dictatorship where its his way or no way! We all have our own beliefs that we could try convincing others to see until we’re blue in the face. But thats what so great about America, there isnt one way to think or act. Obama is causing such a mess. When was the last time people were so disgusted with their president that we were bringing up ideas of impeachment? People disapproved of Bush but you didnt see people getting together to discuss impeachment! This should tell you something! This government cant work solely for the left wing, and visa versa.

      • Stephen Noyes

        The far far right wing extremists are screaming in a very loud voice, as if a toe has been caught in a door. Nobody is taking your guns, why do you think you need full military weapons for protection or hunting? Are you guys really planning a revolution? You know you are a tiny percentage of the total population?

        • big pete

          There will neevr be a revolution, because that would be an opportunity for foreign invaders to come in. About 45% of Americans own guns, 1% of the country serves in the military. The second amendment is not for duck hunting, it is for citizens to defend themselves from a tyranical government. Before you post another asenine comment, please know the law/ statistics

          • tf

            If you actually read the 2nd Amendment, it says that we have the right to own guns in order to provide a “well-regulated militia.” This function is now handled by the National Guard. Nowhere does the Constitution state that citizens have the right to overthrow the government by violent means, or that citizens, as a few loudmouths have been suggesting lately, have the right to shoot people who disagree with their opinions.

          • TheFaust44

            @Steven Noyes
            Of course the constitution doesn’t give people the right to use violent means to overthrow the military. It does imply however that they are allowed to own and use guns when the government oversteps its bounds. It was intended as a means of self regulation to preserve balance. No government has ever had any sort of “authorized revolution” because that would fly in the face of the government at hand. It’s a small percentage now but if things were to take a change for the very serious that number would increase a lot.

        • BoGo

          You do know that an AR-15 is not a “full military weapon”, right? It is not a selective fire weapon (full auto / semi-auto).

          No revolution is being planned. The Founders hoped that arms in the hands of the people would prevent the government from becoming tyranical, negating the need for a revolution.

          As far as being a tiny percentage of the population, care to hazard a guess as to the tiny percentage that initiated and won the original revolution?

          • tf

            it was approximately 30%. Another 30% left and went to Canada, where they could still be royal subjects.

          • skip waterhouse

            It’s interesting also that only a minority of Americans during the revolution wanted separation from the British. Today, one wonders if the majority Tory view would have had its advantages. After all Britain, Australia and Canada are now 1st world countries–The 2nd world US with its deep cultural divisions and disfunctional political system has, with active Republican support, slipped deeply into the Oligarchy-Theocracy swamp that used to be Europe.

      • JT

        What crazypipe are you smoking?

        1) The only thing the President did by executive order was support the increase of cops protecting schools (something the NRA wants), support better background checks, support research into causes of gun violence, etc. You have a *problem* with this?
        2) He made *recommendations* to Congress on increased control of guns such as assault weapons….but they were recommendations only. yep. Balance of power preserved.
        3) People shrieking for impeachment is something that happens to every president.
        4) Stop watching Fox News.

      • Marie

        Jessica you are an extremist. My brother is fighting for our freedom. No you brother is fighting because he chose to enlist. No one put a gun to his head. This man the president is protecting Us the American people who agree with him. Your post is so ridiculous

      • Stormfront

        @LifePanels – How judgmental of you! Of course, you are without imperfection, which gives you the right to judge other people so harshly, or are you just a Christian?

      • Nina

        Amazing how limited everyone is with any type of tolerance. The misspelled word was an easy mistake but let’s just take the whole conversation to an extreme.
        How can we expect to have any bipartisanship within our government with such simple and ridiculous lack of tolerance on all your parts?
        Trey Radel has conservative ideas. He isn’t extreme but he is idealistic in values…like me.
        Bush dealt with the impeachment issue just like all Presidents have.
        At what point can we expect elected officials to agree and understand one another when just this small discussion is taken so far from it’s talking points. We all need to understand that there are different ideas and thoughts. It would be a boring world if everyone thought alike in all aspects. We all need to just grow up.

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  • Michael

    I voted for Trey Radel as my new Representative in Washington DC and already out of the gate he is stepping up to speak for me and my concerns. I helped get a lot of votes for him and will continue doing so as he is also concerned about restoring our once great republic.

    • Rids

      Whats wrong with our republic – is it that “REPUBLICans” are not in power? I guess than our DEMOCRACy is doing great! 😛

      • Michael

        What about all these mass murders doping on psychiatric drugs?


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  • Michael

    Progressivism. The inevitability of gradualism. It’s about the subversion of America.

    Today’s oligarchy of aristocrats have complete control of the civilian population. Mainstream media “news” outlets pump pure propaganda 24/7 into the uneducated or unknowing minds of the public. They control the rhetoric with their spin and narrative. They mix facts with lies to make it unable to determine truth from fiction. Like kabuki theater they tell beautiful lies daily with pretty people wearing nice suits broadcast from some expensive corporate television stage. Lies that come from the government / public relations firms. Those papers they shuffle on their desk are the daily talking points.

    The goal of the “news” is not to inform you, but to form you. It’s a story with their spin on it. Propaganda with the goal of Subversion. It’s psychological warfare.

    The Soviet Stalinist term, Politically Correct was created to arrest those who opposed them, to silence free speech. Today accusing someone of not being politically correct is used to silence or slander opponents and paint them as racist or xenophobic. Don’t be Stalinist, don’t be politically correct.

    Subverting a Nation: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization.

    Normalization, soviet term from 1968 Soviet propaganda “The tanks have moved into Prague, things have been Normalized”

    FORWARD has been a communist slogan for over 100 years. This year Obama’s slogan was FORWARD.

    Forward indeed Comrades….H/T John Smith

    • Anthony

      “Forward” is the state motto of Wisconsin.

    • Joe

      That’s a damn good picture of the Repubs Michael!!

    • Anonynon

      It’s true, Wisconsin is where Marx and Engels were born, had a baby named Vladimir, and all defected to Russia to propagate the ‘Forward’ momentum. Do some research bub. Communists didn’t invent the word ‘forward’. There’s also absolutely no printed record of the term ‘politically correct’ in any Soviet documents. Now you’re just a liar.

    • mc

      Your tinfoil hat may need a little adjustment, Michael…it sounds like it may be receiving messages that haven’t been sent…

      • BoGo

        Nothing to see here,move along. Go back to sleep sheeple.

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  • Renegade

    Impeachment, ridiculous. Only a fool would believe that is possible. But then again that is what republicans play the American people for.

  • skip waterhouse

    I’m presently in Europe–with 1/14 the crime rate and strict gun control, of course. They’re dumfounded and frightened by the rise of the right wing American Taliban, their primitive attitudes and their guns. The idea that you people could elect our next president and control nuclear weapons is staggering to people who are educated, civilized and peace loving.

    • Elizabeth B

      Skip Waterhouse provided an interesting perspective, thank you!

      That said, I love the idea of impeaching Obama. I think that we should start a tradition of impeaching 2nd term Democratic Presidents. That is what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton and THAT worked! Do that a few times, and the Republican party will look crazier than it already does. As long as the Republican party is distracted with this nonsense, it will continue to marginalize itself.

      • BoGo

        Absolutely right. The Republicans were stupid to go after Clinton for some silly technicality of lying under oath.

        His impeachment should have been for taking Chinese money for his campaign in exchange for our missile technology.

    • BoGo

      ” The idea that you people could elect our next president and control nuclear weapons is staggering to people who are indoctrinated, pussified and passive.”

      There. FIFY

      • skip waterhouse

        Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The vast majority of Americans have never been to Europe, or, in fact, outside the borders of their own country so they know absolutely nothing of what western 1st world countries are like except for the utter nonsense of Fox news or Rush Limbaugh.

        The US is now a 2nd world country with a middle class below 50%–Europe’s middle class is over 90% and rising. I have never seen a slum in western Europe and, for that matter, have never met the equivalent of an American redneck Republican.

        The people here also consider free health care to be a necessity, along with pothole free roads, excellent schools, freely available abortion, freedom of expression, including respect for minorities, all religions, including Islam, atheists, and gays and a fully functioning political system based on compromise.

        It’s not very helpful to make negative comments about a culture you haven’t experienced.

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  • steve

    What is stopping him from filing Articles of Impeachment? If he believes the words coming out of his mouth, do it. He is no longer a pandering radio talk show host, he is now a congressman, he has the power. Trey has already backed up on this. What a weenie.

    • JT

      Again, no laws were broken. The President made recommendations to Congress ONLY. The executive orders were to better support background checks, increase police protection in schools, and increase research on gun violence. You have a problem with THOSE?

      There’s nothing impeachable. Calm yourself.

  • Mr Lucky

    Great post, Skip.

    There are also a helluva lot of people in the USA who are both astounded, dumbfounded and fearful of the rise of the “American right-wing gun-slinging faction” whose view of America is wild west justice with assault weapons. This is beyond insanity and gross stupidity.

    As America descends into violence, the NRAs latest solution to lessen gun violence in schools is to arm teachers. If the Gun Toting Crowd have their way we will be shortly renaming the local elementary school up the block from “Happy Learners Elementary” to “Dodge City”, “Tombstone” or “Shootout at the OK Coral” Elementary. Of course, special ed and disadvantaged programs will focus on kids whose families can only afford single shooters and low caliber weapons.

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  • Selfmade Thousandaire

    “What I would say to Democrats who are friends with President Obama right now is, ask yourself, what are you going to do when a Republican gets in, and you may not agree with or like very much, and begins doing the same thing?” – Congressman Trey Radel

    –Well for one I won’t act like a child throwing a tantrum by calling for necessary impeachments that dilute the meaning of separation of powers.

    • skip waterhouse

      Democrats had every reason to impeach George W, but didn’t. A basic difference is that Republicans are convinced they have the “truth” whether it’s religion or politics and have the right to denigrate or force out of office those who don’t.

      Democrats may have different viewpoints but know that they may possess a bit more common sense, particularly in regards to gun control and a more tolerant society, they in no wise possess any “truths”.

      • BoGo

        What exactly did George W do that was impeachable?

        BTW, I’m no Bush fan, nor do I think there’s anything contained in Obama’s EO’s that warrants impeachment.

        Praise be to allah that the Democrats are the arbiters of common sense. Every city should benefit from their wisdom just like the Democrat run paradises of Detroit and Chicago.

  • Johnny C

    I live in SWFL and am familiar with Radel and I can say that this guy is pathetic. He was a news anchor and then was a host of a crappy radio show for barely a year. People knew who he was and blindly voted for this clown for Congress. I used to see him out all the time and he was a drunk tool hooking up with other news anchors.

  • Ed

    Having read through the 23 executive orders, there isn’t a single one that violates the separation of powers or creates a new law. They are all based in prioritizing resources and tightening criteria in enforcing the existing laws. That’s what the Executive branch does. As for talk about banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines, those are merely proposals for legislation that will have to be addressed by Congress. These items will have to be brought to the floor for debate and voted upon. All the president pledges is to put as much pressure as he can on Congress to actually engage in a public debate.

    Talk about impeachment based upon these actions is coming from a place of fear. If you think the right will win the Congressional debate and the public relations war, you shouldn’t be afraid to enter this discussion. In fact, you should welcome it. But if you think you’ll lose the debate…well, then I can understand the knee-jerk reactions.

  • Eddie Gumbo

    “What I would say to Democrats who are friends with President Obama right now is, ask yourself, what are you going to do when a Republican gets in, and you may not agree with or like very much, and begins doing the same thing?” – Congressman Trey Radel

    Begins enacting sensible gun controls, partially via legal executive actions combined with legislative efforts? I might think about voting Republican again.

  • FDR II

    Your supporting impeachment will make you a hero to the yahoos in your district but doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Florida of getting anywhere, and especially the Senate. So shut up and get another post office. You’ll still get re-elected but won’t look like a fool.

  • Scott

    Considering BOTH The House of Representatives and The Senate have accomplished absolutely ZERO in the last 2+ years, I for one am glad someone in Washington is getting off their rear ends and doing some work. You are either a part of the problem, or a part of the solution; and right now, The House and The Senate are the problem. Now, Congressman Radel, how about getting off your fat rear-end, and get busy creating jobs; rather than all this circle-jerk nonsense you people do to “pretend” you are working. If it’s not gun rights, it’s abortion; if it’s not abortion, it’s gay rights…. You people have been following the same tired script day in and day out since I was born.

  • Jed

    You’re – contraction for you are

    Your – shows possesion, as in “your views are absurd”

    This is simple 6th grade stuff people. You can’t be taken seriously if you can’t grasp the English language.

  • tab2u

    It is not only this Congressman discussing Impeachment proceedings, there are several Senators and Congressmen that have been discussing this issue. There is a monumental growing outcry against Obama’s dictatorship mentality and dictatorship like actions. This subject did not just come up yesterday with the illegal signing of anti-constitutional executive orders, yet its more likely to have taken on speed in light of the Benghazi and Fast-n-Furious tragedies, that this president and administration have tried unsuccessively to sweep under the rug.

    • Nor

      Small things are monumental to tiny people.

    • Nor

      Which of them is illegal, unconstitutional, or “anti-constitutional”?

    • Alan in SF

      Illegal signing of anti-Constitutional executive orders? You honestly think that Obama invented the executive order? Were you born yesterday, or do you just know nothing about American government?

  • Janet

    Impeach this.
    *makes gesture*

  • http://N/A Paul M

    Whining about executive orders being a “power grab” is absurd. There have been 1198 executive orders issued between the start of Reagan’s terms and the end of GW Bush’s. (Up to last December 7th Obama issued 143, a pace nearly identical to Bush’s.) Were they all unconstitutional “power grabs”, too? And if so, why didn’t any of you right-wing lovers of freedom complain then?

    This has nothing to do with gun owners’ rights or anything else; it’s just one more ridiculous weapon to throw at the hated black president.

    • tab2u

      No, I dislike him because he has proven to be inept in anything other than an event planner, and a pathological liar. it is insignificant that he is part black and part white. For those who are not aware, The definition of an Executive Order and the provisions that they are to be administered is as follows:
      United States Presidents issue executive orders to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself.Although there is no constitutional provision or statute that explicitly permits executive orders, there is a vague grant of “executive power” given in Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution, and furthered by the declaration “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” made in Article II, Section 3, Clause 5. Most executive orders use these Constitutional reasonings as the authorization allowing for their issuance to be justified as part of the President’s sworn duties,[2] the intent being to help direct officers of the U.S. Executive carry out their delegated duties as well as the normal operations of the federal government: the consequence of failing to comply possibly being the removal from office.[3]

      **They, Executive Orders, are not a tool for any President to usurp the constitution and implement their own personal ideals or agenda. Thats when The Articles of Impeachment shall be issued and enforced. This is a republic, not a Dictatorship. Hopefully this will clear things up for the misinformed. God Bless America. Peace Out.

  • ChiTOM

    Rep. Steve Stockman of Tejas won’t be voting to impeach President Obama or any other American president. The reason? Tejas says it intends to secede from the Union. He and all the other rightwing loons in the Lone Star State will be an island nation surrounded by the most power nation on earth.

  • Alan in SF

    “the installation of dozens of ‘czars’ that are only accountable to him, back door administrative regulations that bypass Congress, his unilateral authorization of military action without seeking congressional approval and his executive orders”

    None of these things were invented by Obama. Every President does them. The only difference is that Obama is black.

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