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Wasserman Schultz- Extremist “Tea Party is Not a Growth Industry”

By Javier Manjarres

On the heels of U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s announcement that he would be resigning from the Senate in January 2013, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared on Current TV’s Eliot Spitzer show to opine on DeMint’s sudden resignation from the U.S. Senate to become the president of the Heritage Foundation.

Wasserman Schultz  always keeps her ‘Extremist Card’ handy for opportune times like this whenever she is afforded a chance to disingenuously mischaracterize ‘grassroots-tea party’ Americans as “extremists.”

Remember when Wasserman Schultz embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement? Is it fair to call that movement “extreme” considering the numerous murders, rapes and destruction of property that has been connected to Occupy’s activities and protests?

I think Senator DeMint clearly sees that the Tea Party is not a growth industry.   He had an election that just passed that did not see the ranks of the Tea Party members expand, the Senate candidates that he expected  to be very likely to join him in the Senate were rejected in red states by voters who simply know extremism is not the way that we need to go forward.

I think when Jim DeMint looked around,  he saw a future where he would be standing by himself very often, and likely be facing a even greater dwindly number of tea party advocates and allies. –Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • john contino

    How are we ever going to get out from under these nit-wits ?

    • Rich

      Do you mean the tea party clowns?

      • BoGo


        I find nothing extremist or clownish about lower taxes and smaller government.

        Feminized progtards such as yourself falling for these emotional arguments on the other hand….

    • REpub freak group

      Do like the british sent thier criminalss to Australia

      But in this sime send the tea party extremists to Borneo. There the natives have a diffeent type of racial hatred – they hate white people

      The enemy of humanities enemy is our friend

  • Charles plumery

    The best thing that could be done about this opportunist bitch would be to marginalized her by avoiding mention of her and anything she says or does. Don’t report her uttering s or doings and then you ignore her completely that would do her more harm than anything you say or do.

  • jack

    I can just hear the Leftist cheering crowd – pardon me the fourth estate that is suppose to give us an impartial report and keep politicians “honest” – shouting in the street with JOY! ! !

  • Dopey Debbie

    Dopey Debbie continues her seventh grade tirades that tells us she is someone who can’t keep her mouth shut. Pure verbal diarrhea.

    • Rich

      And what about the idiotic things that spewed from Mr. West’s mouth?

      It’s OK when he talks trash but not if Ms. Wasserman-Schultz does, is that it?

  • Dumbed Down Debbie

    From which end of the alimentary canal does DWS speak?

  • http://aol Dawg1948

    The Bitch is a DUD. She needs to be voted out but her district is like Pelosi’s it will never happen we will watch her grow old and die in office. What we have here is a LIFER!

    • John Henke

      Doesn’t she come from one of those welfare check districts?

  • http://n/a Dale300

    Shultz is I think ignorant of the facts concerning the Tea Party. What is even more devastating are the people who continue to vote her back in office!. I believe she doesn’t give a flip if our country goes down like the others in Europe due to their entitlement programs in their Social Democracies. She has not provided solutions that are intellectual or helpful. All she can find is to criticize and lie.

  • Soljerblue

    The Tea Party is still here, still working, and still VERY pissed off.
    We will continue give these domestic enemies fits.

  • Mark Solomon

    It is very discouraging to see that DWS won reelection. Seeing as how DWS is an obvious idiot, how is it possible that she won? Republican party heads MUST roll.

  • way2confused

    Can someone PLEASE shut this blonde babbling bimbo up? She is an embarrassment to any woman with an IQ over 50.

    • Rich

      Something wrong with your post. Ms. Wasserman-Schultz was indeed intelligent enough to beat your chosen candidate.
      What was Ms. Harrington lacking other than enough votes?
      Why won’t the “tough” Mr. West run against her if she is so hated and despised?

      • John Henke

        As long as she keeps the welfare checks flowing back to her district she’ll keep getting re-elected.

  • http://HF7U Special Operator


  • Jose

    This is a open letter to all tea Parties countrywide:
    conduct one great big convention where the slogan of the day should be “United we stand, Divided we fall.” Get all of them under one roof and rise as one united force, pulling all resouces together, money and otherwise. Set up a cable channel, one that can compete with FOX, that gives both news of the day and information on the what is really going on in DC. If a crook like Al Gore can set up his own channel,so can a united party. The people need to SEE what is going on than just getting info from the internet. It can be a powerful tool that can help tremendously.

  • John Henke

    Well, old Debbie What’s-Her-Name Shultz is always good entertainment anyway. She is your classic raving Communist and we all should pay attention when she opens her mouth even though it can be real hard to listen to her mindless drivel.

    She represents what all of the Communists, that is to say Democrats are thinking even if they don’t say it. The push is on folks, and you better be ready for the real thing.

    This is no place for a playboy or drugstore cowboys. This s##t is real and the war is coming. I wish I was talking s##t but I’m not. See you on the flip side.

  • JOhn Justice

    Gotta hand it to Karl Rove. the repubs run the bible belt south which is still fighting the civil war and Obama is their nightmare come true

    Now they have a whole bunch of people who are similar on economic matters. Many of whom dont realize that primarily repubs are the ones behind the special tax breaks for business moving jobs oversess

    Primarily to Red China.

    Wonder why the Gov is broke? not only Bush Jrs great recession but all the games hte companies play to avoid taxes on profits made by their sbusidaries in the peoples republic..