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Rick Scott Keeps Options Open On Obamacare Exchanges

by Javier Manjarres

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has been one loudest critics of President Obama’s ‘Obamacare’ healthcare law, and has vowed to do everything in his power to prevent the ominous job-killing law from being implemented in the state of Florida.

But while his pushback on Obamacare has garnered significant Republican and Independent voter support, Democrats have labeled him and others opposed to the law as “extremists” who are out of touch with mainstream America.

Now that President Obama has won re-election, Governor Scott has opened up dialogue with the Obama Administration on a possible compromise on the healthcare law, leaving conservative groups and activists extremely disappointed in Scott’s possible change in position on Obamacare.  Scott sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking her for a meeting to discuss what, if anything can be done collaboratively to reduce healthcare costs for Floridians.

In a statement, AFP said that Scott’s recent signal that he was willing to consider implementing key provisions of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law was a step in the wrong direction. -Huffington Post.

We caught up with Governor Scott in Boca Raton where he was visiting the ADP security company and praising them for their company’s expansion and creation of 120 plus jobs.  We asked the Governor if he had changed his position on Obamacare, which he answered:

I sent a letter to Secretary Sebelius, ‘NO’ is not an answer on looking at these things. I got to figure out how we reduce healthcare costs. I want to figure out, how we can reduce healthcare costs, how we can improve outcome, how we can Improve access. So, I want to see, ‘if’ I can work with the federal government to make those things happen. –Governor Rick Scott

Scott, who knows a thing or two about healthcare, might be playing the right card by openly asking for dialogue to discuss the Obamcare  law with the Obama Administration. This move puts the olive branch squarely on Obama’s lap, and leaves it up to Obama and his people to try to work with Scott. Chances are that Obama will not budge, and his unsustainable healthcare law will make Scott’s initial position of  opposing it at all costs, that much easier proposition to swallow.

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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • kerijay

    Healthcare based on how many years we have left — just take a pain pill and die that solves the soc. sec. problem no wonder the administration isn’t worried about fixing soc sec.

  • julib

    Scott needs to say no and be done with it. This president doesn’t believe in working with anyone. He just thinks everybody loves him so much he can do whatever he pleases, even if it’s against the law and get away with it. He has so far.

    • Cat

      I agree …. and I have told and will continue to tell Scott so … another email going out.

  • Democratic Mudslinging

    Democrats are out of touch with mainstream America. Democrats are the real extremists, as anyone familiar with the caterwauling of Debbie Blabbermouth and Alan Grayson already knows. These two lunatics are stuck in the ‘Attack and Repeat Attack’ mode that the junior senator from Illinois who now temporarily occupies the White House also favors. We have a trifecta of ill mannered, nasty lunatics who recklessly spew their class warfare hate.

  • MikeR

    Gov. Scott, you are an educated man. Why do you say “I got to…” instead of “I have to….”? Don’t start speaking like George W. Your next election isn’t far away.

    • http://www.goooh.com SRQ Tad

      You might want to watch the video… Rick didn’t say “I got…”

  • Larry Joseph Morgan

    There should be NO CAPITULATION!!! Say, “NO” to the exchanges…say, “NO”, to Big Government…say, “NO” to a government takeover of healthcare…say, “NO” to government intrusion into our lives…say, “NO” to “Obamacare”…say, “YES” to States’ rights and smaller government…say, “YES”, to the US CONSTITUTION!!!

  • http://2UPR CraigInFlorida

    What’s this? Governor Scott is coming to his senses? Considering his HCA checkered past, and his undoubted bias of for profit insurance companies, it would appear he’s starting to think of his political future…certainly not for the good health of all Floridians! If he can rise from being a national embarrassment, so be it. I guess ANYONE can change, right? Swallow this–maybe…but I’ll wait and see the proof.

  • Craig in Florida

    What’s this? Is Governor Scott finally getting religion, or is he positioning himself for his re-election. Hopeful–but doubtful. Considering his HCA checkered past as well as his close ties to the for profit health insurance industry, I’m pretty sure his moderation is not out of concern for the collective health of all Floridians, but rather to save his own skin for a future second term. If leopards can change their spots, then I’ll believe his motivation to be genuine…but I’d rather wait to view the actual proof. It sure would be nice not to have a governor who is a national embarrassment–right behind Jan Brewer, and the illustrious Illinois doofus! Two more years to contend with him…if we can afford it.

    • George Metz

      Well he does need to push back against Washington more in order to aid his re-election chances and get him into the club with the governors we all know and love: Brewer, Kasich, Walker and Perry. Then his state could take even more pride in him. We, of course, don’t care what the national view of him is, as most people outside our state who view him dimly are liberals (in state too for that matter), or government employees. The nation is clearly gone, so what they think is irrelevant. What they DO, or try to do is what matters. Keep fighting back Gov. Scott.

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  • http://www.goooh.com SRQ Tad

    Atta Boy, Rick scott! Dump it it Obama’s lap. Sure… we’re willing to try to work it out but, in the end, we all know it better be “no deal”. Obama care is nothing more than corporatism disguised as socialism. Robin Hood rides again, this time WITH the Sheriff of Notingham, to steal from the poor and middle class to give to the rich, all the while telling the poor he’s going to make those rich people pay. What a total crock.
    Stand firm, Governor, We have your back.

    • John Henke

      Corporatism + Socialism = Fascism.

  • Andy Rariden

    Its called NULLIFICATION Gov Scott! Read some Jefferson/Madison. Its your DUTY to use you state powers to interpose the state government between the unconstitutional federal act (its not a law-its an unconst. act) and the people of this state in protction of our liberty. Its not discretionary, its his DUTY! So get to it! I just might vote for you again if you do. Otherwise..?

    • John Henke

      It seems like all of the politicians want the glory but don’t have the guts. He absolutely should nullify this stupid un-Constitutional “law”.

  • Kay fair

    Please say no to Obama care. People in Florida will be great full that you to this. I know that it is a big decision but you have made them before. Help this state to be conservative and not tricked into what ever the Washington people would want you to do. Obama does not keep his word . He wants us ( United States) to fail . I do believe this. Thank you.

  • John Henke

    I’d just once before I die, like to see a governor stand up and remind the federals that a State is not a federal reservation.

    This ridiculous Obama care is a farce and will kill the last few job opportunities there are left. If I was in his shoes I’d just say “no, we ain’t going to have it here”. While I was at it I’d kick out all of the federals or at least strip them of any authority within the State of Florida. That would go double for that awful TSA.