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Rick Scott Pumps Political Iron

by Javier Manjarres

During his visit to the headquarters of ADT Security Systems in Boca Raton, Florida Governor Rick Scott took it upon himself to flex his muscles and lift a little “political” weight.  As he toured ADT’s premises, the Governor discovered that the newly listed public company had a ‘one-stop’ mini-mall style facility for employees who work 24 hours a day.

The facility included a chiropractor’s office and a full gym, complete with treadmills and free weights.  Because Governor Scott wakes up bright and early every morning to get in his workout, we tried to get the good Governor to do some push-ups and a few sets on the bench press, but he opted to curl a few dumbbells for us.

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  • interloper

    Yeh, he is gonna need his strength to pack up and leave the governors mansion in 2014. When Alex Sink wins because of the state employees all voting Democrat. rick scott is so hostile toward the poor most of which work for the state, that he probably is a democrat disguised as a republican to make republicans look bad! You could not have given a worse showing then this. If this is the “tea party” you can go to hell! This is only the beginning of the defeats for the republicans, by the next election republicans will be unelectable you might as well end the party now.