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Allen West’s Last Hurrah?

by Javier Manjarres

The recount of early votes in the Allen West/Patrick Murphy congressional race is now complete, but the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections failed to submit the results by the noon certification deadline on Sunday-

St. Lucie County did not meet a noon cutoff to finish processing 37,379 ballots  cast early in the District 18 congressional election. Under Florida law,  previously submitted results favoring Murphy will be certified unless an  emergency exemption is granted by the state.- FOX News

West challenged the  SOE for a recount, and was denied by a judge, but  the SOE itself decided to recount after they found uncounted votes. There election now goes in front of Governor Scott and the state canvassing board for certification, and will for all intents and purposes, declare Murphy as the winner of the race in congressional district 18.

While West may have a few legal options still remaining at his disposal, it doesn’t look good for his campaign.  Historically, legal challenges to elections brought by complainants don’t usually go their way.

The West for Congress campaign made the following statement on Sunday regarding the certification deadline-

“Why is it so hard for Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, to fairly and accurately count the results of an election? Today’s actions cast an even greater cloud of suspicion over the results of St. Lucie County than existed before. Consequently, the highly-suspect results will be submitted to the Secretary of  State today – even though the canvassing board has already admitted they may contain serious errors.

Once again, Gertrude Walker has proven to be absolutely incapable of executing an accurate and fair election. This election is far from over. We will continue to fight on behalf of all voters in District 18 to ensure a fair and accurate count of their votes.

The only thing voters should find more outrageous than the conduct of the Supervisor of Elections is the fact that Patrick Murphy and his father’s high-priced legal team are once again declaring victory, despite knowing full well that the results of this election are highly suspect. It’s clear Patrick Murphy puts his own interests ahead of the people he claims he wishes to represent.”

On Sunday evening, West published the following statement on his Facebook page-

 Since Election Day we have been working for a fair and accurate accounting of the election outcome in which voters can put their full trust.  We will review the results of today’s recount and the other available data to determine how to proceed.  I have been humbled by the support we have received and the hard work of so many to ensure the integrity of this process.

 We look forward to the report which will be issued by the Secretary of State’s auditors this coming week which we hope will shed light on some of the outstanding issues.”

While West has not formally conceded the race, the tone of his statement seems to suggest that he won’t be dragging this process out much longer.

If West bows out of this race, you can bet that he won’t be disappearing from the political scene, and he won’t be tethered, at least for the time being, to the fickle whims of a congressional district that appears to be incapable of discerning of what real character,  leadership, and experience consists of.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Rich

    Sorry, Mr. West lost fair and square.
    Arguments of “voter fraud” don’t hold any water since the voter ID laws the REPUBLICANS touted so much were in place to prevent such fraud.
    Enjoy your cushy pensions that we pay so much for, exactly the same kind of pensions and benefits the teabaggers would take away from other hard working, tax paying Americans.

    • kent

      you are a fine example of a scum sucking pig, sorry did not intend to demean pigs

      • Rich

        and you’re a fine example of why Mr. West LOST.

        Most Americans think people like you are nutty and that you have no business choosing who should run our great country.

    • Morena

      your mind has been distorted and poison by the left wing propaganda

      tea party wants a fiscally responsible government. Period

      because they love this country…unlike all the haters on the left

      • Rich

        Know what, I want a fiscally responsible government,too, but I’m not willing to give the wealthiest Americans a “free pass” on their taxes to get there.
        You have this idiotic notion that people whose opinions differ from yours “hate” American and that is totally nutty and yet you then have the nerve to call other “haters”.

        • Free pass

          Please explain how the wealthiest get a “free pass”? They pay the highest tax rates of Federal Income taxes. They pay the most in Medicare taxes, yet are often denied benefits because of their success.
          Do not jsut spout talking points. Explain how raising $47billion per year in taxes on the “rich” covers Obama’s $1 trillion in spending?
          We are waiting for this math. But we will not hold our breath.

    • SH

      How in the world can you say “fair and square”? If there were over 37,000 early votes and they haven’t all been counted or turned in properly to the state, how is that fair? Sadly, a lot of folks in the whole state of FL voted early, as did people around the country. I voted early. Now, I’m wondering if my vote was actually counted! Were all the early and absentee votes actually counted throughout FLorida??? This means that with selective counting, anyone can skew the election. Maybe there should be no early or absentee voting allowed anymore if they aren’t going to be counted properly.

      • Karen

        I agree totally that early voting opens the process for fraud. Plus we are trusting that a Supervisor of Elections or an employee will protect and count all the votes. When the Republicans agreed to allow early voting I knew then it would open it up for voter fraud in many different ways. We voted on election day for decades and we need to go back to that. Let’s start a movement to go to that. It protects the process plus all they need to do is open up more polling places to shorten the lines.

      • Rich

        Excuse me, but your Governor supposedly took care of the voter fraud, didn’t he?

        Why can’t you all just admit that Mr. West lost, suck it up and go on about your business? Maybe if Mr. West devoted more time to the republican’s 2010 promise of providing jobs for Americans instead of chasing those elusive communists in the Congress, the voters just might have seen fit to keeping him in his job.

        Did you ever think that maybe if he ran where he actually LIVES that the voters might have seen him in a more favorable light? Maybe, just maybe, too, the American voters are sick of the teabagger bu****it. A number of the wackiest Congressmen lost their races and the wackiest Senate candidates lost too, good riddance to Mr. Mourdock and Rep Akin.

        Look at the bright side, after Ms. Harrington’s abject failure as a candidate, you now have Ms. Wasserman-Schultz to beat up on for two more years!! What would you folks do without her to bitch about?

    • Teresa

      Your wrong. I know people who were Republican and were turned away. I lived in Port Saint Lucie it is a very corrupt town. Democrats can only win by cheating and being liars on every front.

      • Jack Murphy

        Dear Teresa: There is a web site in your fair city called the Supervisor of go there as I did an you will see the true numbers and I am a Republican …..There are more Republicans than dems in the county if I read it right……

        We lost simply because the establishment was too busy letting others do the campaign period. If it had not been for the work of the AMERICAN MAJORITY nobody would have heard of Connie Mack 99% of his lawn signs were bought and paid for by them alone certainly not the party……we get exactly what we voted for we insist on not taking local offices and then get mad when they screw things up….Almost every SOE office in Florida is run by the Democrats check it out for yourself…We need the women to take over the leadership in our State Party an let the seniors retire to the beach…….

    • Stan Lee

      The issue isn’t about deficiencies in “Voter ID.” That ruling brings voting one step further towards legitimacy.
      The real issue is trying to have the Democrat Party operate with honor and integrity towards the people’s voting process.
      Bringing the devious, deceitful, Democrats to behave honestly, is like trying to pick up a greased pig.
      The crux of the problem, this time, is right out of the leftist play-book and straight from Marxism. Counting votes dishonestly has been rigged in more venues than St. Lucie County….even in places like Phila.,Chicago, and Cleveland.
      Ask any immigrant from Russia-USSR how honest Socialism can be and that person will laugh in your face.

    • AFIraqVet

      Voter ID can provide a barrier to the most basic forms of fraud, but it’s useless if the people counting the votes are hopelessly incompetent or blatantly corrupt. Which one applies to St. Lucie County, Rich?

      As far as pensions go, listen up oxygen thief. LTC West earned every penny of his retirement by risking his life and health, unlike so many others in the public sector who simply voted their own into existence or bought it with those same politicians. To equate the two is the height of intellectual dishonesty, but at this point I’d expect no less from you, Mr. “Massive amounts of money in politics is a bad thing, except when it’s being done by unions and leftists”.

      • Rich

        OK, and the police and fire professionals who risk their lives don’t deserve their pensions, right? You teabaggers are so quick to want to take them away from the first responders, teachers, nurses, etc., who also earn every damn penny keeping you and yours safe and secure.

        The money needs to be out of politics for BOTH SIDES so the politicians will do the work of the people and not the special interests.

        Oxygen thief, please, such an Earth shattering insult. You’re just a West clone, aren’t you? Thank you for your service to our country, but let’s leave the silliness to Mr. West who is just so good at it, OK?

        • AFIraqVet

          First off, you’re the only one who mentioned cops and firefighters. They risk their lives and health too, so I was also talking about them in that regard. I was a cop for 5 years on top of being a vet, so spare me your outrageous outrage, because most cops in this country have no use for the crap you spew. On that topic, it’s funny that the only context in which you mention cops or firefighters is because of unions. Otherwise, your chosen ideology only finds them useful as political hostages every time your contemporaries drain the treasury and want more tax increases. You knew good and damn well I was talking about bureaucrats and politicians, but bringing actual public safety into the discussion is the only card you have so you’ll wave it high and often. I wore a gun and badge, why don’t you tell me some more about how I don’t want my brethren to be taken care of?

          When that happens, the police and fire jobs are always threatened to scare more money out of the public, yet layers and layers of paper-pushing bureaucracy are never considered for cuts. As far as “Oxygen Thief” goes, it’s more of a description than an insult. It’s also funny that the guy running around shouting “teabagger!” everywhere gets the vapors when someone throws his own garbage right back in his face.


      West doesn’t get the pension he was only in 1 term not vested in congressional pension

    • Define fraud

      Fair and square? Although the ballots cast by people may have been “voter ID” ballots, there are simply too many oddities to call St Lucie “fair and square”. When the administrators do their own recount.
      When they find boxes of ballots in a wharehouse.
      When they recount ballots, in private, and arrive at a 3,000 vote swing in one direction.
      Matters not if the original ballots were correct. Before you call it fair and square, answewr why they could not also meet the re-count deadline? If they are that inept, how can you trust anything else they have done?
      Oh, ya, forgot, your guy won so it does not matter how.

  • ub

    How do the dems get away with stealing elections?

  • Richard Ponce

    The citizens of this district had the opportunity to elect a real patriot, but instead chose to follow the dictates of the liberal media.

  • A Maurer

    He who votes decided nothing; he who counts the votes decides everything — Josef Stalin.

  • http://facebook Elaine Schiff

    i HAVE WATCHED THE COURT PROCESS-AND HAVE BEEN GLUED TO MY PC. Where shall we start?-Palm Beach Post-Ms Walker found a box of ballots in her office as they were looking for 304 missing votes. Prct #93 has 7 registred voters-900 ballots came from that prct. Doors were locked and the public kept out contrary to the Sunshine law. The very last tape that contained the gist of the votes fed into a machine would not unload-this could have been found out the night before, but everything was slowed to a crawl to make sure it was past the noon deadline, therefore everything had to go back to the scantt count from the week before. This is a tragedy, one of the few brave , honest voices in Congress and its been silenced.

    • sportymom

      Allen West will pursue this if he has the support of patriots in this country. The Republican “leadership” Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, are as corrupt as the democrats and gave almost no support to Allen West. He cannot fight this by himself but needs our support to root out corruption coming from the highest levels of our government. May God grant him the strength and citizen support to pursue this until the radicals in government have been exposed and put to pasture. Every state must challenge their election results or the next election will produce even more corruption, coersion, harrassment, intimidation and fraud. WE ARE NOW VENEZUELA IF WE DON’T STAND UP TO THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS AND ROOT THEM OUT. We must demand Boehner’s resignation since he is trying to blame Todd Akin and conservatives for Romney’s defeat! GET LOST BOEHNER! WE NEED BACHMANN OR RYAN TO BE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!

  • Pingback: » Don’t expect long battle in West recount effort - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion()

  • robert

    the country is much better off without the col.

    • AFIraqVet

      When have you risked anything for this country? I’ll take 1 person of West’s quality over 1,000 of you in any circumstance.

  • Denise Study

    Elaine Schiff I appreciate your comments. It is sad some people are so blind to what is going on. Allen West you are welcome in Jacksonville, Florida. We would love to have a true hero like you in our City.

  • Ray

    Suck it X infinity LOSERS. Call a WAAAAAAAAMBULANCE!!!!!

    • AFIraqVet

      Cram it up your Biden, oxygen thief. Go play some games on your Obamaphone and shut your funnel while grown folks are talking.

  • Steven

    Net net – this round is over. Move on…….Allen will for sure!!

  • Morena

    Allen will never give up…he is a true american heroe and I hope he will continue to serve his country.

    I plan to join and support him on whatever he does. He has God and truth on his side.

    Few Americans have his knowledge and mind and hope Allen will continue to educate and change minds and hearts

    We know how the left operates….character assasination…they can not win issues so instead they attack the character of a person, sent the IRS or FBI or CIA after to destroy their oppositionand detest and as usual the party of hate, The Democrats win another election base on the politics of class warfare and division which only further divides and destroy our Nation

    • http://rubio zawill

      I am a fan of neither but all these insults and trying to put the other party down or blame people for the election results is stupid. Let’s go back to 2000 when Florida could not decide the presidency. This year Florida put in all these voter ID Laws and the democrats were screamimg foul play. So sometimes life has a funny way of biting you in the but. The laws that the republicans have supported has came back to roast them. So know everyone is corrupt except the American hero west. Look at all the Army General that are in the press. I think that you should not rush to Judge west character when you truely don’t know who he is. He likes to thump his chest and say he grew up where MLK lived. So I don’t know West so I am not going to defend him or any other. 2100 votes is alot to make up. Maybe Florida needs to fire it elections supervisors and blame delay for these long lines and delays in counting. I voted early and i was told that my vote was received. So move on West and the west wishers. Let’s try and support the people that have been elected but remember the good thing about this election result, in two years you can encourage your party to get out and vote

  • Morena

    why do we all know with accuracy where every past president of the USA was born but this President would not authorize the State of Hawaii and/or Kapi’olani Medical Center to open or release or confirm his place and time of birth??

    During this last election cycle President Obama from the Rose Garden said…to be President of the USA your life should be an open book…well…when are you going to open your book/records???

    I offered to donate a plague to Kapi’olani Medical Center in honor of our President “Our 44th President was born here” I received a letter dated July 14, 2009 “Kapi’olani Medical Center is prohibited by Federal privacy laws from providing the requested information without Mr. Obama’s specific authorization” signed David Fox

    I did not ask for any records, I just asked for them to confirm our President had been born in their facility. The Medical Center would not even confirmed….WHY??

    I believe I and all American citizens have the right to such information from any of our public elected servants or you do not have the right to sit in the highest office of the land. We have the right to know without any doubt or confirm that our President qualifies and complies with our laws, rules and Constitution.

    Mr. President come forward… FORWARD…your favorite slogan…open your records…mean what you say….you owe it to all of us!!!!!!

    • http://rubio zawill

      That is old news, have you been smoking with Donald trump. This is about Allen west not the presidency. Get a life and move on.

  • Chopper

    It is a shame that Mr. West has not been re-elected. However, I can’t help but to think back to this spring when a lot of voices were encouraging Mr. West to run for the U.S. Senate. He could have won in a cake walk against a flawed weak candidate. It would have been a step up for him & he could of well served the people of Florida. His decision cost him.

    • Jack Murphy

      I happen to agree with “CHOPPER” The Col would have been a great candidate an a huge help in the senate…Perhaps as I pray that Sen Nelson recedes into a status of impossible to perform his duties an resigns from office.

      I hope and pray Gov Scott will select Lt Col West to move to the Senate where he really belongs….an then Florida can change its image from hap hazard to collective sense in Washington and around the state……especially the state SOE offices. When do we get smart and fix this mess?

      Maybe then the conservative side of our party and the establishment can meld into a powerful force……for better things for our nation…..

    • http://rubio zawill

      I truely disagree with you. West knew that he did not have the support of true republicans that is why he received no support from his pary leaders. Where was Boehner or any other major republican Romney supporting his cause. This is a sad state of fact but the South has not really change. Can you point to a minority canidate that is in a major office in politics. Remember the longtime minority standing congressman from TN. He tried for Senate and loss. Apparently, Florida is not colorblind nor does it have elections supervisors in order. And by the way I am not a minority.

  • Jerry

    Pack your ruck sacks and get the hell out of South Florida.
    You Tea Party Trolls are not welcome here.
    The People have spoken.

    • Jack Murphy

      Dear Jerry: Do not look now but your Union created edumacation is now apparent for all to see…..You sir are exactly what is wrong with your party no common sense single issue voter……..gimme free stuff…

    • AFIraqVet

      So ~2,000 votes, with a great number likely fraudulent, means you’re gonna run us out? Fat chance, parasite. Round 2 isn’t far away, and you better pack a lunch because we aren’t going anywhere. Anyhow, if we did, you’d have nothing to pack because your free government goodies would dry up pretty damn quick.

  • Carlos

    Thank you, FL GOP, for screwing West on his dist. and giving DWS the most Jewish dist. possible. As outspoken as West is, he needs to move. West will win big in a part of FL not infested with NE wimps who flee the liberal tax hellholes they voted for then come here to crap on our red state.

  • http://rubio zawill

    I am a fan of neither but all these insults and trying to put the other party down or blame people for the election results is stupid. Let’s go back to 2000 when Florida could not decide the presidency. This year Florida put in all these voter ID Laws and the democrats were screamimg foul play. So sometimes life has a funny way of biting you in the but. The laws that the republicans have supported has came back to roast them. So know everyone is corrupt except the American hero west. Look at all the Army General that are in the press. I think that you should not rush to Judge west character when you truely don’t know who he is. He likes to thump his chest and say he grew up where MLK lived. So I don’t know West so I am not going to defend him or any other. 2100 votes is alot to make up. Maybe Florida needs to fire it elections supervisors and blame delay for these long lines and delays in counting. I voted early and i was told that my vote was received. So move on West and the west wishers. Let’s try and support the people that have been elected but remember the good thing about this election result, in two years you can encourage your party to get out and vote.

  • Roy 357

    Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections
    MUST SEE NOW !!! Nov. 7, 2012

    The below URL is video testimony of computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testifying how easy it is to program voting machines to rig an election to come out with the results you want.

  • Ray



    • AFIraqVet

      No tears here, dirtbag. Bayonets.

  • echo177

    Dear Congressman Col. West,
    I have been procrastinating about writing this letter. But here goes. I feel very, very used as a pawn in your attempt at grandstanding, or some may call it “theatre”. For two weeks, myself and many, many others have made the trip from South Florida to PSL or to WPB paying for our own gas, motel, or just sleeping in our cars, to stand with you and support you in “our” fight for honesty and voter integrity. But as we find out, to no avail. We gathered the proof you needed to expose the voter fraud. If you feel the fraud will go away because of your short stand, it will not. You had the opportunity to expose it, and you did not. You folded like a wet noodle because of what?………….Pressure. This I do not believe. Everyday for two weeks we, (your supporters) were asked to come together and rally. We did. I took a week off from my job to support you, as did many. The fraud we uncovered in WPB and PSL alone, I feel could have given you a strong case, as did your attorneys and the attorneys from the RNC. How many votes were missed in PBC, even though we stayed at the SOE office until 4:00am watching the votes being transferred to ballots. Sleeping in chairs, on tables. I am not asking for thanks or appreciation for what I did. You stated you would see this out to the end. Now we hear you do not want to waste the taxpayers money. Are we to believe “lets not waste the taxpayers money on rooting out voter fraud”, but lets waste it on free phone, free internet, free housing, foodstamps, green companies, automobile bailouts, treadmills for shrimp, I could fill up this page on what we are wasting money on, and voter fraud is not one of them! I am so dissapointed in you Col. West. Not necessarily for me personally, but for the voters who know they voted for you and their votes did not count. The military votes were never counted in any of the counties mentioned, much less in any of the other states. Is this fair to our military? I think not.

  • E. Borja

    I do not have a doubt, that there is something wrong with count and votes, and should be cleared. For the good of our country.