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Rubio Heads to Iowa, Is a 2016 Run in the Cards?

by Javier Manjarres

Senator Marco Rubio’s scheduled trip to Iowa at the end of this month has the media buzzing about a possible 2016 presidential run. In the wake of Tuesday’s disastrous loss to President Obama and four more years of economic decline and political payback in the offing, many Republicans believe that Rubio represents the Party’s best shot to win the Presidency- or at least be part of a winning ticket. 

But is this trip to Iowa just a big misdirection by Rubio to keep the buzz going about a potential run?  Some believe that it is, but many others seem to believe this is an earnest ‘shot across the bow’ by Rubio to the potential 2016 Republican Presidential field that he will be a candidate and is an early front runner in the race.

Rubio refrained from discussing a possible VP nod throughout the 2012 election cycle, but he did tell some within his inner circle of supporters that he  would take the VP spot if it was offered.  Rubio has also expressed interest in a possible future presidential candidacy to a few of his close surrogates who for obvious reasons do not want to be named.

Because of Rubio superior communications skills and Hispanic heritage, both Republican and Democrat pundits believe that he is not only the likely 2016 Republican nominee, but is someone who can effectively message and win back Hispanics who broke 7-3 against Mitt Romney.

Recent commentary on the current state of the Hispanic vote is troubling, and there are legitimate questions about just how much a Rubio candidacy can do to make inroads within a segment of the electorate that appears to be changing its priorities and values.

Rubio would need to make appreciable gains with Hispanics as well as turn out the Party’s base, which stayed home in increasing numbers on Tuesday.  

Senator Marco Rubio is one of the brightest stars the GOP has right now, and its just a matter of time before he decides to run for President- is Rubio the answer for Republicans with an identity challenged electorate that is trending to the left?

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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • http://shark-tank.net/2011/05/28/15291/ George Fuller

    Rubio is a Naturalized citizen……….his parents were Cubans and the mother dropped the baby on American soil……

    He was not born to US Citizen parents which is a requirement to be President…..

    • Lowie

      Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida May, 28, 1971

      He will make a great President along with a V.P. like Goerge P. Bush,
      who filed campaign papers in Texas. Senator Rubio’s heritage is
      Cuban and Mr. Bush is Mexican. The electorate will love this conservative duo. Open you wallets NOW as the Democrats have plans to
      provide amnesty to 20 million new voters for the 2016 elections.

      Democrats know how to buy votes and there is no stopping them with this win. Here we go again! One last chance to retake our country.

    • SickAndTired

      I hope you are being sarcastic, George. What of Obama? Oh I forgot… Liberals get a pass on ANY DAMN THING!

      • Helena

        You are sooooo right !! They lie ,cheat, and buy off the unions and illegals with promises, watch while 4 brave Americans are slaughtered, and they get away with it. This country is really going to the communists, I don’t consider the two parties Dem . and Rep. anymore. I’ll bet even past Dem. presidents are rolling in their graves seeing what that party has become. If school children are being taught that the USA is at fault with all the wrong in the world it will not change, it will only get worse.

  • http://inthisdimension.com alex scipio

    Rubio not only is not the answer to the problem of why the GOP lost. He, and Ryan, are representative of the major reason the GOP not only lost, but lost the future: the 18-44 cohort.

    And it wasn’t Romney that lost – he was drowned by the anchor of the GOP.

    The GOP lost against this appallingly bad president and his record for one reason and one reason ONLY: Social Conservatives. Both Ryan and Rubio represent this pre-Enlightenment wing of what should be a party based on fiscal conservatism and the Constitution.

    If the GOP does not learn this, it will continue to lose, and deserve to. This cycle brought to the fore several young, energetic players for the future of the GOP. But if they all are SoCon — it really won’t matter. America, and the world, have moved on from the days of using the Bible to set our social strictures. Abortion and homosexuality are not at all dealth with within the Constitution – they are exactly NONE of the government’s business.

    When the GOP figures that out, it will be back in the running as a national party… unless it takes too long, by which time it no longer will matter.

    • Jeff Graham

      Hay Alex you need to join the Democrat party if you want to be happy.

  • Bill Ewing

    It may be a good opportunity for the TEA Party to break out and become the Constitutional Party and gather as many like thinkers like Sen. Rubio and Sen. Cruz to the banner.

    I’m totally willing to support it. I’ve already returned my innefectual Republican Party membeship card ro the RNC.

    • Bill Ewing

      Let’s not forget Rep. Alan West!

      • Lowie

        Allen West for RNC Chariman, Marco Rubio for President and George P. Bush for Vice President. ALL BROWN AND BEAUTIFUL
        FACES who are believers in our Constitution. The Democratic Party could not thrash these honorable men in fear of losing their base.

  • JewFish

    Rubio has got to be the best looking of all possible 2016 contenders

  • http://self Mike Chubre

    SEN Rubio has some explaining to do before he runs for any office again . He needs to give us details on why he approved of the Taj Mahal being built at a cost of 50 million when Fl had a budget shortfall . Judge Hawkes had to resign over the corruption of this building and sen Rubio walks away without a word? The only reason the surpreme court did not go after these guys was because judge Hawkes agreed to resign Every state needs to be aware of his actions on this issue . We are trying to clean up the swamp , not refill it. We dont just need another pretty face in office. Its do as I say with this man , NOT AS I DO Do we really need that ??? I think not

    • Tea Party Voter

      @ Mike, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… VIVA RUBIO!!!

      • Lowie

        Miami/Dade and all of South florida need to educate your young Latinos/Cubans on how America was founded. The GOP is best for our country as it promotes all that America stands for….decency, hard work, God fearing,and are protectors of our Constitution.

    • Walker

      You are absolutely right, George!! I wish some people would look that up and quit yapping about Rubio being Pres. We have a great candidate in Allen West . . .who IS qualified.

      • Rick Bulow

        Those of you say Rubio is not qualified are wrong. Rubio IS qualified.

        Natural born = one born IN AMERICA REGARDLESS OF PARENTAGE

    • Walker

      You are right too, MIke.

  • Kerby Roberson

    Only in Florida! Nationally, I doubt it. Senator Marco Rubio could be given some consideration outside of Florida, only if he could understand the issues in minority communities. As a privileged Cuban-American with early affiliation with the rich Cuban community, Rubio has chosen to turn his head away from the under-privileged.

    As the Speaker of the Florida House, from Miami, he did absolutely NOTHING for the blighted areas of Miami. He completely ignored Democrat Representatives especially the black ones, in the Florida House. Anyone with aspiration to higher office should consider “Liberty City” in Miami, a disgrace. I don’t think Marco Rubio, the highest member of the State delegation in Talahasse, from Miami Dade ever went to Liberty City.

    For him, the Republicans have to “change their anti-immigration language.” He may believe that his watered down version of the “Dream Act” will be a solution. Not a chance. We are way past that. Now it is IMMIGRATION REFORM OR NOTHING. He has 4 years to show that he is not a clone of Rick Santorum or a Cuban American version of him.

  • Sandman

    Half of the comments on this thread are utterly ridiculous. All the rising stars of the Republican party are brought to you thanks to the Tea Party. Now you moderates are telling us that our future stars need to be more like Democrats or the party is doomed? You moderates and your wishy washy middle of the road stances are already doing a great job of destroying the country. Not once but twice has Obama defeated a moderate Republican.

    When Ronald Reagan made the mistake of signing comprehensive immigration reform, did Latinos flock to the party? Hell no they didn’t.

    What a mess this country is in now and all we have is an establishment patsy John Boener as a fire wall. God help us.

    • Helena

      I totally agree with you. I will not change my views or values for any loony liberal party. If we had people with a backbone that could give out the same sh## the communists do we would be a better party. I’m sick to death watching the rep. party bowing to those frauds.

  • Nancy Celano

    Only 3 days after the election and all the armchair experts are doing their analyses. A simple trip to Iowa and you are already predicting and expostulating!

  • BoGo

    Rubio is a distraction.

    The deal has been cut.

    It will be Jeb vs Hitlery.

    Rubio is Jeb’s red herring, Cuomo is Hitlery’s blue herring.

    But if it makes you feel good to cast your primary ballot for Rubio into a Soros/Scytl voting machine – have at it.

    • 5 $ Foot Long

      2 BoGo, Jeb knows his name is soooooo TARNISHED and he would never win a primary! Please…

    • Helena

      NO MORE CLINTONS OR BUSHES , ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Hillary was aware of the libya slaughter and should not even be considered for POTUS.

  • Betty

    looks do not get the job done that is what is wrong now obama smoked pot did his drug thing and may still be using I don’t know. but you see where we stand another 4 years for obama to finish what he started in 08. I voted for Rubio in 10 but not again. wants to work with amisty to much well if every AMERICAN had a job and the country need some help from some where else ok but no they want them to stay. and that is wrong AMERICANS needs jobs we don’t need the working people to keep up every tom dick and harry that comes in this country to feed and we make a living for them. the can go home and stay. AMERICA does not need them

    • VIVA RUBIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Well, if we don’t do a better job and work with the Hispanic community then you can for get the Republican party as it exists! The Democrats will win every election. Rubio can bring a good portion of those people to our party and in time these people will embrace conservatism for decades to co come. This is our last chance to save this country!

      • Helena

        In other words kiss their azz, even though they broke most of our laws . If any kind of amnesty is given it should be with exceptions, like until that border is completely closed no one gets a free ride, No voting in this country for 10 yrs., and no handouts from state or federal government. Wonder if they would go along with that?

  • http://2UPR CraigInFlorida

    I applaud Senator Marco Rubio…he’s truly a bright spot and a beacon of hope for the Republican party. He’s as genuine, articulate, and honest as they come. I’d expect nothing less that the thoughtful interjection of his ideas and legislation proposals. But I don’t believe he will focus on “…four more years of economic decline and political payback in the offing…”

    I find him too much of a gentleman and creative talent to resort to low balled carping and unproductive obstructionist tactics as formerly championed by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner tried last session. It even looks like these two consummate obstructionists have finally seen the light…or should be shown the door!

  • http://TheSharkTank Allan Jacobson

    We need a candidate with the innate ability to avoid speaking about subjects that will alienate all the groups that Romney ignored or irritated. We need a campaign manager capable of addressing the Nation as a whole.
    This means we cannot chase young people out of our party with a firm stand against abortion. We must manage our Presidential Primaries in a manner that will not damage the winner of that primary and destroy his financial ability to compete in the Presidential election. All the mud that was thrown at Romney, damaged and crippled him financially. Obama used to good effect the same barbs used in the Republican primary.

    We must vet all the candidates for the Senate. We had clowns who were unable to discuss issues without a faux pas. They should never have been selected to compete for the office.

  • TroyS

    I like the idea of a Rubio/Ryan or Ryan/Rubio ticket, but I’d like one of them to run for governor or be VP first. Neither have executive experience. Then again, that’s ideal, not reality. We just re-elected a demagogue with no experience running anything but his mouth, so if I had to choose a President simply based on who’s the greatest great speaker (which Rubio certainly is), I’d rather have one with Conservative ideas coming out his mouth than one espousing socialism and class warfare.

  • Carlos

    To all you naybobs, Rubio won huge in FL and can do the same for Pres.
    Romney AND the dysfunctional GOP lost together. I agree tru conservarism, articulated by a young, charismatic latino will win. Ryan’s a nice guy and would be a great Treasury Sec. but still a Congressman from lily white cheese country. If Marco’s going to IA,
    it ain’t for the funnel cakes, corndogs or fried butter.

    • Walker

      Hey Carlos,
      I think you’re going to be surprised at FL’s vote for Rubio in the future. He has deserted his conservative base. He only seems to get fired up when he is doing something for Hispanics. There aren’t enough Hispanics to vote him in, once he loses his base. I for supported him, campaigned for him, and loved it when he won.
      However, I am very disillusioned with his pandering to the Hispanics. I don’t think ANY group should be pandered to. We are ALL Americans . . .we all count. I do not plan to vote for Rubio again.

  • Perseids

    Rubio can go to Iowa, or to hell for that matter, but the Bush brand is and will be for quite some time to come political poison. And, Thankfully it taints all who revolve within its orb.

    The mere thought of Jeb getting close to real power himself or via surrogate is nauseating. As a Conservative it seems to me the Bush clan/dynasty will always be at the ready when it’s even remotely possible to double down on stupid. Want proof, look to daddy and W! Both ushered into the WH neo and bona-fide dyed in the wool marxists. They don’t give a damn how raw an effing they give us as long as they complete their mission. (Daddy refused to enforce the border security measures within the ’86 Amnesty , thus the flood gates opened. W tried to ram a new amnesty down our throats with what can only be viewed as a screw you attitude. Screw you to those who put that Douche in office! Gratitude not being a Bush Clan trait apparently.) They, like Obama, fancy themselves as “agents of change”. I’ve had my fill of Bushism in all its forms, thanks anyway.

    I do hope this doesn’t make Jeb’s wife cry. That would be a shame.

    caveat emptor. Viva Bush rah rah rah … No Mas

  • Dan

    Georg, Dropping a Baby in the U.S. doesn’t make you a Natural Born Citizen. You need to be educated and stop spreading idiocracy and mass ignorance. There are 3 Supreme Court Decisions that defined what a Natural Born Citizen is and they all refer back to The Law of Nations, written by Emmerich de Vattel… A Natural Born citizen is one who’s parents are citizens no matter where you are born. If you are from Cuban citizen parents who over stayed their Visas and born in the U.S., You may be an Anchor Baby, you are a Citizen but you are not a Natural Born Citizen. His parents traveled back to Cuba after the revolution missile crisis and maintained their citizenship until Marco was 4 years old… He is not eligible to be President nor Vice President.

    • Get Real!

      @ Dan, save us the RON PAUL CONSTITUTION CRAZY CRAP! Marco is eligible to be President! http://thepatriotfactor.blogspot.com/2012/04/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-x-none_20.html

    • D. C.

      @Dan…..Then our current POTUS needs to be impeached!

    • Jeff

      Gotta love the hypocrisy when it comes to immigration status, both the mother and father count, yet the issue of abortion is supposedly just the mother’s concern.

    • Walker

      Hey Dan, You mean Lowie, George agrees with you, that Rubio is not qualified.

  • hoffbgon

    It seems to me that republicans keep nominating MODERATES, then we vote against them or just stay home… We need to stop trying to out DEMOCRAT the democrats!!! President Reagan (God rest his soul as it spins)knew how to negotiate not COMPROMISE..
    As a great man once said when good compromises with evil then evil always WINS!

    What is the Republican compromise on abortion!!!!

    What is the Republican compromise on Illegals!! last I knew illegal was just that. I cant just walk in to your house while your not looking, set up house of my own and then tell you that you cant do anything about it. 3 million became 20 million. When we give 20 million amnesty then we will be looking at what 80 million in another 25 years. Come here legally as many as possible. I welcome you with open arms. Come here illegally then your a criminal.

    What is the Republican compromise on health care!!!

    What is the Republican compromise on MORE Government!!!

    What is the Republican compromise on DRUGS!!!

    if we are going to out democrat the democrats then lets all give up. A MODERATE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!

  • Quartermaster

    Rubio has already been co-opted by the GOP establishment. No thanks.

    Sorry Alex, but the problems of the country are basically of a moral nature. You’re limited vision will simply result in a quicker decline of the country. No country can survive institutionalized immorality.