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Marco Rubio, The Republican Party’s Last Hope?

by Javier Manjarres

Senator Marco Rubio opens up a possible Presidential candidacy with a post-election release that positions himself as the Republican frontrunner for President in 2016. In his own subtle way, Rubio comes out of the gate and directly challenges the disenfranchised hispanic vote by stating, “I am committed to working on upward mobility policies that will ensure people who work hard and play by the rules can rise above the circumstances of their birth and leave their children better off.”

A statement directly targets the controversial ‘Dream Act’ debate, which will sure to come up for discussion and consideration now that Obama has been re-elected. Rubio’s message resonates with all Americans, and his overall appeal to the key voting demographics (Hispanics, Women) is unquestionable.

Many have said that the junior Senator from Miami has what it takes to be President, but that it was too early for him to run in 2012. Those same politicos say that a 2016 run for President would be more realistic and achievable for Rubio, once he was able to put four more years of Senatorial experience under his belt.

Expect Rubio to frequently challenge the President and his failed policies, and push for a realistic and comprehensive immigration policy, as well as move away from the failed Republican talking points and strategies that have proven to be failing propositions. Rubio broke the mold as a Senator, expect him to take the reigns from the  establishment Republican as he will be the face of the National Republican party.

Here is Senator Rubio’s release-

  “It has been a privilege campaigning for Mitt Romney, getting to know him and traveling throughout the country on his behalf. When future generations look back on this election, I am proud they will count me among those who chose a path of limited government and free enterprise at a critical crossroads in our history. I am proud to have cast my vote for Mitt Romney.

“Now comes the hard part. America faces monumental challenges in putting people back to work, reducing our crushing debt and advancing our interests around the world.

“In the next Congress, I am committed to working on upward mobility policies that will ensure people who work hard and play by the rules can rise above the circumstances of their birth and leave their children better off. The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them. I look forward to working on these goals with my new and returning colleagues in Congress and hope the President will get behind our efforts.”-Senator Marco Rubio

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Laughing at you

    Javier, Who looks like the complete idiot now? Harrington is down by 4.5%, right? Patrick Murphy has no shot, right? You are a joke, and this website is a joke. Very successful night you had last night!

    Laughing my ass off at you and all the SFL Repubs!

    • OneConservative

      RE: Laughing At You You can always count on liberals and Democrats to be SO gracious…Do you realize how shallow you look?
      I expect you’ll keep laughing until you read your next couple of W-4s under this administration if if succeeds.
      And then you’ll probably blame Bush.

      • elizabeth forte

        Right On!!

    • Carlos

      What’s really a joke is the amount of stupid f***ing voters we have and how deluded they are. But the math can’t be forever ignored, we will run outta other people’s $ eventually. I think we have a Hunger Games nation and it’s all glitz and messenger, rather than message.
      What the parasites who think they voted themselves a perpetual gravy train don’t realize is they will always be losers and those who work for a living will always prevail. States like CA and NY are losing people by the ton and, with it, electoral votes. Obama got 50%, not a mandate by any means, and the GOP still has the House. Americans are NOT better off and in 4 yrs. will be even WORSE off.
      This country still needs to hit rock bottom and 4 yrs. of Obama will do it. Then all the morons will come crawling for forgiveness and Rubio will win big for Pres.

      • Barbara Raffaelli

        I could not have said it better. I cannot believe how many uninformed voters that are out there. I worked the polls and I was left shaking my head in disbelief!

      • Rich

        Excuse me, but what, exactly, makes you believe that absolutely no one who supports President Obama WORKS FOR A LIVING?

    • Susan Vogel

      Keep laughing. We’ll talk again when gas and milk are both $10/gallon.

    • LessWeCan

      Laughing at You is a shining example of the feeble minded drones that are drawn to the Obama fantasy and the Bigger Govt. will Save Us All Lunacy.

      We should not waste much time with folks like this and just smile and maybe feel a little pity for them as they try to understand and process the work with their infantile minds…

      Let’s focus on folks that are still able to reason and think logically and how care about the United States of America.

    • Luis R Vazquez

      Right; You are laughing so hard and so loud, that your laugh sounds exactly like the Roaring of a Cow.
      Can I call you THE LAUGHING COW from now on?

    • Oh Please

      Ah, the new post partisan, post racial, gentle tone of the Obama Administration….pathetic hypocrite.

  • George Fuller

    If Rubio was running for the presidency of Cuba he might be eligible…….

    In the USA he is not a NBC….his parents were Cuban citizens when he was born…

    • Miriam

      What about OBAMA…His so-called father wasn’t an American. He was an anti-colonialist/communist from Kenya.

    • elizabeth forte

      You are such an idiot. The country is going down hill and this is all you can come up with, at this time. You are full of it. Soon they will have YOU deported.


      @ George Fuller, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Isabella1709

      Perhaps you should check the law. Everyone born in America are accorded automatic citizenship.

  • RR

    2016 Forecast: 20% unemployment, $30 Trillion in debt, Sharia courts in USA.

    • Rich

      Right wing paranoia.

  • Pam

    Marco Rubio is ineligible to hold the presidency of the US. He is not a natural born citizen. Do we allow the Constitution to be bent for what we wish? Does that not make us the same as the corrupt government that is in power?

    There is no one man who can fix America. We the People must rise up and work for solutions to fix the decay that we are faced with. America is in our hands as she always has been.

    • Miriam

      Wake Up…After last night American isn’t longer under our hands. Barack Obama who’s father wasn’t an American got himself the best gift of his miserable life last night. Now he will finish the job and your America will not longer be that America. He will join the movement for One World Order where in his sick mind every body should be the same. Of course he will continue enjoying a good and rich life like all the Corrupt dictators that are around the world.

      • Barbara Raffaelli

        Yes, everyone but the elite class will be the same!

    • elizabeth forte

      You have a very strong opinion. Of course only in writing, get your ass in front of the white house and say the same thing in the face of BARACK HOSSEIN OBAMA. We tea partiers were on the streets here in Miami, in the heat, for our country, every weekend, in front of peoples faces, being threatened sometimes. Please, you make no sense anymore. The Constitution has been trashed by your present government who has been re elected. Start a new plan of action. I have found people who are not born in the US that have more feelings for this country than those born here. GIVE ME A FRICKING BRAKE!!!

    • Cora Cashman

      OMG I can’t believe how stupid you are. Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba. Marco was born here. Put a couple of your brain cells to work will ya?

    • Tea Party Voter

      @ Pam, I was with you at one time but I can care less about Marco’s parents not being citizens when Marco was born anymore! If we let the Dem’s keep winning we will have no constitution! RUBIO 2016!!!!!

    • Isabella1709

      Everyone born in America is accorded citizenship regardless of where their parents came from. Marco Rubio was born in America.

      Why ever do you people try to discredit these facts? Do you think like Obama that repeating lies often enough will make them facts. That make work for you stupid leftists, but not for the rest of us.

  • Orlando Llenza

    Mitt Romney and the GOP failed to court the Puerto Rican vote in the I-4 corridor even though that block of voters elected Bush and later voted for Obama in 2008 and again this time around.

    Romney never said a word about statehood for Puerto Rico even though the electors in PR voted overwhelmingly for statehood yesterday.

    It is not all looking for the Cuban votes, Puerto Ricans are the second hispanic voting group in Florida and we are born US Citizens with a right to vote if we reside in any of the 50 states.

    • Isabella1709

      Being a Romney supporter and worker I tell you we tried in every way to bring his message to Puerto Rican voters in Tampa. We even had a Puerto Rican candidate for the US House, EJ Otero, who is just about one of the finest men running for office. Kathy Castor still prevailed 2 to 1, so why do you suppose that happened. As she is MY rep of the new District 14 I can attest to the fact that she is an Obama clone and riding her Mothers coat tails. She can not think on her own, and she has NO conservative values of strengths. But then, EJ believes everyone should be self sufficient or at least trying. That seems to separate the “wheat from the chafe”.

    • deannn

      But will Rubio’s position be on Puerto Rican statehood now that they have voted for it? Can he possibly be against? If he is, will he be able to attract many latino votes Republican?

  • Dumbed-Down Dems

    Laughing at you — “…this website is a joke.”

    Only fools disparage diversity of views in a democracy. Maybe you’re the star pupil of our dumbed-down educational system. By the way, keep laughing your butt off but don’t shake your head. You have no gray matter to spare.

    • Luis R Vazquez

      He has no gray matter, but has a lot brown matter.
      And it stinks too, like the LAUGHING COW DUNG.

  • Blackwater

    Are you HIGH? Rubio is an amnesty shill and Jeb Bush’s hand picked boy. He’s just another establishment hack. Washington, nor anyone in it is the answer. They are the problem.

    We’ve always chosen GOVERNORS to lead us for a very good reason.

    Honestly the Republican Party is beyond hope. It’s full of corrupt, timid, and inept weasels.

    Our hope is in the states in TRUE leaders.

    Honestly, our real hope is in Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney’s people started attacking her before the 2008 election was even finished, and the GOP “elite” happily joined in. Millions of us wanted her to run, but the corrupt GOP was afraid they’d end up like the corrupt Republicans she helped send to prison in Alaska! They did everything to help the communist left and their media partners attack her.

    Even if they didn’t want her to run, she was the only REAL team player in the party and would have been a valuable asset to Romney and everyone else. If they had worked with her, embraced her, she’d been on their side and her wisdom invaluable.

    I think she sensed that America wasn’t ready for a true reformer and set back instead of running. By 2016 America will be begging for her.

    At this point I hope the GOP goes the way of the Whigs. That said, if there is to be a GOP SHE is it’s only hope. Not some Bush lackey like Rubio.

  • Miriam

    I’m wondering what Senator Rubio or any other conservative really can do against the “Evil” that the Democratic Party has put inside of so many people & particular in Hispanics. Hispanics that call them self pro-live & then go and vote for the biggest PRO-ABORTION President in the history of America. What can they do when there are so many Hispanics (except for a big % of the Hispanics of Cuban background)that are presently receiving free stuff. They have never work in this country & they are getting a free check & free food stamps. They don’t want to work they want YOU work so that YOU can share with them the product of your hard work. What about single woman that voted for their vagina with the FALSE notion that Gov Romney will prevent them from contraceptives and free right to get an abortion. The whole thing is so shameful that gives me the shills.

    • elizabeth forte

      Sorry Miriam, but cuban americans went to Obama 47% this time. I think those of us of cuban background better look at the universities professors who are teaching these kids their liberal agenda. This is what I have been able to detect in the past years. Little by little we are fighting with our kids over ideas and the left is winning big time. It is unfortunate. Our fight must go on!!

  • Glenda Laser

    Our culture has changed in the past few years. White people are the minority. We have blacks, hispanics and asians making up most of the voting population. They have no bond with our founding fathers, not in love with our country. They came to get as much as they could from our wonderful generous country, and from here on will bring Democracy as we know it to an end. We have no control. It is so true that we will be destroyed from within and it is happening right now.

    • Miriam

      Agree 100%

  • Dagny

    Rubio will further ruin our country with neo-conservative policies of amnesty and war. Please send him back to Cuba. We have enough traitors in Washington, we do not need another one. Remember that this creep voted for the indefinite detention of Americans when he voted for the NDAA among other unconstitutional bills. If Americans don’t wake up soon we will be another third world country. Get rid of all of these traitors or America is going down on their watch while stupid Americans continue to believe what the media says we need. Remember they are all bought and paid for by the same handlers.

  • Perseids

    If Jeb’s boy is our last hope, I’ve got a really good idea what that hope looks like. Maybe a Martinez not so stealth amnesty redux? Beat the dems at their own game?

    If that’s what our hope is, you’d better start buying your ammunition by the case, in multiples. Highpower and pistol. While you still can. It’s gonna get ugly out there.

    • Rich

      Do any of you know who could beat the crap out of a Democrat right now or in 2016?
      A level headed, wise, sane republican like Gen/Pres. Eisenhower.

  • Fran

    Lets be real, the winners last night were the 47 million people in need (that voted for Obama)and under the food stamps and welfare programs and they have no choice. You dont bite the hands that feed you. Did u know that? They paid back Obama for this. More to come for sure,this is a serious serious problem in America and I dont think will be resolve in the next 10+ yrs it is going to get friends we have to keep working to help out…hahahaha

  • http://self Mike Chubre

    Does sen Rubio and the Republican party think we will forget what happened with the building of the Taj Mahal? The new courthouse that Sen Rubio helped build at a cost of 50 million dollars . It was so full of corruption that Judge Hawkes had to resign over it all and go away before the surpreme court got involved and had them all locked up . Florida had a budget shortfall and sen Rubio helped get it done anyway . Other republicans and judges could not get their air conditioners fixed or rodents removed from other courthouses but some how they found the money for this Taj Mahal ??? Sen Rubio refuses to discuss this issue , meanwhile judge Hawkes had to resign ?? It smells big time Maybe in 2016 he can explain it away ?? I know we wont forget about this one example of why the republicans lost . Its always do as I say NOT as I do with the reps

    • http://self Mike Chubre

      Does sen Rubio and the Republican party think we will forget what happened with the building of the Taj Mahal? The new courthouse that Sen Rubio helped build at a cost of 50 million dollars . It was so full of corruption that Judge Hawkes had to resign over it all and go away before the surpreme court got involved and had them all locked up . Florida had a budget shortfall and sen Rubio helped get it done anyway . Other republicans and judges could not get their air conditioners fixed or rodents removed from other courthouses but some how they found the money for this Taj Mahal ??? Sen Rubio refuses to discuss this issue , meanwhile judge Hawkes had to resign ?? It smells big time Maybe in 2016 he can explain it away ?? I know we wont forget about this one example of why the republicans lost . Its always do as I say NOT as I do with the reps


  • Craig in Florida

    I don’t envy the untenable position Senator Mario Rubio found himself in. Clearly, he had little choice but to be supportive of a host of uninspiring and basically inept candidates. I certainly pray Mr. Rubio isn’t the Republican Party’s ONLY upcoming hope… Will the really honest and talented candidates speak up, speak out, and speak their minds! We are NOT a collective KOCH Borge! Or Tea Party Twits! Nor the party of NO! In this next congressional session, our legislators have the opportunity to PROVE THEIR WORTH…so let’s get to it!

  • http://rubio zawill

    This maybe a long post. Please read the post entirely and pause and reflect before you respond. The United States of America is the Greatest nation on this earth and i would not want to live anywhere else. I am total shocked with all these ill will or hateful comments. We have a multiple party system where we are fortunate to select our leaders. We chose the future or next leaders of this world on Tuesday. So the results are in, so lets support the results and now focus on help leading this great nation out of the global recession. Did anyone watch the British or world networks. They were glued to our election. People were up at 4 in the morning in London watching the elections. People believe in America now we have to be the leaders. We can not spread hate and disconnect, we are not going back to the 50 and 60’s. Every country is hurting eceonomically. We as Americans are greedy for instance college football coaches are making 7 figure salaries and high school coaches are making more than the schools superintendents. people paid 50,000 dollars a palte to sit with the presidential canidates. Poverty level in America is 15,000. These elections raised about 3 million dollars. Is that not strange. I have military friends that are worried if they wii get a pay raise. I am like are you serious there are people that are jobless, you have all your needs meet. Let’s unite as the country states ( United) and support this great nation. We did this for Sandy, Katrina and 911.
    God Bless America!

  • Nancy Celano

    Marco Rubio should have been on the ticket with Romney from the beginning. Repubs. would have won and Marco could have had 8 years to be groomed for the presidency. No matter, in the next four years we can accomplish a lot. Whether we like the immigration issue or not, it is here to stay. Marco is young, intelligent, fair, fluent, and a true patriot (unlike Obama whose background is still suspect). Marco should begin immediately to do whatever needs to be done to put himself in the forefront to run for the presidency, and, we would do whatever we could to help him. We need someone to save this country. As for all you cruel, nasty liberals, all your disgusting remarks go to prove how little class you have.


  • Rob Schellinger

    Better yet, let’s run Jindal/Rubio (or vice versa). That’ll make lib’s heads explode.

  • Lightweight

    Mitt Romney got less votes than McCain did in 2008.The People rejected Romney 2 times because the Republican Media would not share Mitts Record.Obama is more conservative than Romney. It’s all trash. This site host does not view the record of the politicians,he must be tild whoat to do and he does it.

  • Jeff Willis

    I think Rubio would have been a stronger candidate than Romney this year! There are a lot of people who voted for Obama who would have voted for him. The Republican party needs to get off this stigma of “it’s my turn.” That worked for Romney this year. It worked for McCain in ’08. It worked for Dole in ’96. All three elections were lost. Moving forward, Rubio would be an excellent option. And, he will likely face Hillary Clinton, who will be pushing 70 years of age. But, even that will not guarantee victory. The media is heavily biased in favor of the Democrat party. America has fundalmental problems that won’t be fixed by a president in one election.

  • Nancy Celano

    I always think I have heard and read everything and then I discover how naive I have been. There has never been such a batch of nasty, cruel, uninformed liberals as during this last election process. We conservatives MUST start immediately to work on the next election. Maybe we should teach ourselves to be liars, cheats, murderers like Obama. It didn’t keep him from getting elected. But, them, conservatives, by nature, are kind and refined and have a thousand times the class that Democrates do NOT possess.

  • Mary

    You think so.. no, Rubio isn’t the GOP’s, “last hope”. Look, I know that Hispanics tend to inflate their importance, but here’s some basic facts. 4% of the population isn’t a higher number than 86%, and that 4% is the percentage of US citizens who are US citizens who are Hispanic. You aren’t the new majority, and in fact whether it’s democrats, independents or republicans the vast majority want an Arizona type immigration laws, with e-verify, fully enforced, with deportations. Rubio’s record in Florida government is one of corruption, and I don’t care what the Hispanderers are saying, the majority are rejecting it. Not only wouldn’t we vote for Rubio, or Jeb Bush, or Jeb’s idiotic son, we’ll campaign against them, get it? I love my country, and my constitution to allow it to be destroyed by the culture that still embraces human trafficking, including child trafficking into prostitution, a culture that is corrupt, bribery laden, and still embraces slavery and racism.

    The republican party ended slavery (and I know that went up Hispanic countries noses as it took them 60 years longer to end slavery) gave women and black Americans the right to vote, and pushed civil rights laws. That is a big tent party. THere will be no affirmative action for Hispanics, they won’t be rubber stamped so they can impose their corrupt junta governments in the US, we’ve seen what they’ve done when they’ve had the chance. We reject them. We now know that Rubio and Jeb didn’t want Romney elected, and in fact Jeb Bush got Chris Christie to pull that bowing to Obama stunt, thinking that after another Obama term we’d be desperate enough to embrace him, we won’t.

  • MM from Georgia

    LIVs : low information voters prevailed.
    ” Some folks are dissatisfied with free enterprise if it doesn’t work perfectly and satisfied with government if it works at all.”
    – Economics professor Daniel B. Klein, Ph.D

  • mascmen7

    Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya, was a CIA agent in the foreign student program of Columbia Univ run by CIA professor Zbiegniew Brzezinski and educated 1981-83 at Patrice Lumumba Univ in Moscow USSR. Obama never attended Columbia U in New York City. In 1992 the Russian Academy of Sciences bragged that they had trained Obama to be a communist and atheist and that America will fall in love with him and make easier the triumph of communism. Rubio was born in Miami so is a citizen unlike Obama who is an illegal alien.

  • Rick Burgett

    It is my opinion that the working class in this country needs a conservative party of their own since the democratic party supposedly is for the Poor, including some who are parasites. Then there is the Republican party for the wealthy. I am an aircraft Mechanic and do not feel adequately represented. we need to elevate another party to an equal level to the dems and repubs.

  • Saltnvinegar

    Obama’s presidency will go down in history as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. All the comments here that say Rubeo isn’t a NBC are sadly misinformed. Obama, however, has yet to verify his citizenship using original, unaltered documents. That will be Chapter 1 of the book on Obama.