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Wasserman Schultz Violates Yet Another Campaign Finance Law

by Javier Manjarres

Fresh off of her police altercation this past weekend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz again finds herself surrounded by questions concerning what appear to be clear violations of Federal Election/Campaign Finance law by her campaign for Congress.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s latest mailer yet again overtly exploits her past battle with breast cancer, but it also contains a picture of the congresswoman talking to students in the courtyard of Florida International University’s North Dade Campus.

In addition, Wasserman Schultz has released a TV commercial using the same FIU courtyard which was used to film some ‘B-roll’ found in the ad.  In both the commercial and the mail piece, ‘DWS’ for Congress staged the shots using college age students wearing apparel which advertises the school, Florida International University.

But here’s the rub- in order to use FIU’s taxpayer-funded campus or use their school’s logos/slogans, past congressional campaigns have been charged a ‘usage fee’ of anywhere between two and ten thousand dollars.  One south Florida congressional campaign was charged five thousand dollars to use the FIU campus to film a campaign commercial.

Upon inspection of  Wasserman Schultz’s campaign finance reports, there are no campaign fund distributions directly made out to the school.  There is however the possibility that DWS for Congress hired a media company who in turn paid that school the usage fee.

We then contacted the FIU’s Media Relations department, and according to the school’s head of Media Relations Maydel Santana-Bravo, and mum’s the word.  At first, Ms. Santana-Bravo asked us to send her the TV commercial, which we did.  When we followed up with her for comment, Ms. Santana-Bravo stated, “We are doing some research internally to make sure we have our facts. I will get back to you tomorrow.”

Now Mrs. Santana-Bravo has responded by saying that,” she will have something for me by the end of today (Friday).”

Corporations and non-profit organizations, to include taxpayer funded state schools, are not allowed to donate or ‘in-kind’ any donations or services to congressional candidates. So if, the school allowed ‘DWS’ to use their school to film the commercial without a usage fee, then it clearly violated FEC law, and the ‘DWS’ for Congress campaign did as well by not reporting this disbursement.

We called the FEC for clarification on this matter and were told that whether the school in question was either a for-profit or non-profit, and if the facilities were used to film a commercial, the campaign in question needed to “pay rent” to the corporation (FIU).

The only exception for not “paying rent” to FIU, who is clearly a corporation, per the Division of Corporations of the state of Florida, was if the commercial was used for a  “learning activity” with “no reference to the campaign.”

As you can see below, the ‘DWS’ for Congress clearly used the school for campaigning, not for any “learning activity.”

Here are a few other possible campaign finance law violations of the ‘DWS’ for Congress campaign:

DWS Violates Campaign Finance Laws

Wasserman Schultz’s ‘Mile-High’ Dilemma

Wasserman Schultz’s Involved in Police Altercation

Here’s a screen capture of the TV commercial in question-

Second screen capture of the DWSforCongress TV ad -

Here is the mailer in question. Check out the bottom image of ‘DWS’ in the school courtyard with students- notice that the girl is wearing an FIU t-shirt.


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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • Susan Benton

    Please, please pin her down ASAP. DWS is a disgrace and ought to be held accountable. I fantasize about running into her and confronting this vile woman about her lies.

  • Whats_Up

    Democrats don’t follow the laws and rules. They are the Party of NO ethical morals, values or principles. And quite honestly, they promote unethical morals, values and principles.

    So, Ms. Debbie is just doing what they always do: Lie, Cheat, Break the Law, etc. And it is NO big deal …at least when it is a Democrat.

  • kerijay

    She’s a democrat and will get by with it just like Obama is getting a pass from the press on Benghazi attack.

  • kerijay

    The only media you can trust that doesn’t have to answer to the White House is The Blaze TV or TheBlaze.com

    Check out Amber Lyon’s page and see how the media lies to the people. Shame other so called journalists from the main stream media aren’t brave enough to expose them.

    Abby Martin interviews Amber about how CNN is being paid by governments worldwide to produce and air sponsored programs disguised as news with minimal to no disclosure to viewers.


  • http://2UPR CraigInFlorida

    I guess it’s really difficult to conceal your “hardon” for Debbie, while ignoring the blatant distortions and lies contained in the latest Romney/Ryan campaign targeted at South Florida Latinos…featuring Castro’s daughter, and the newly re-elected buffoon from Venezuela. Now let’s also consider all the mega money attack adds fostered by secret corporation donors. So tell me, which is the greater problem…which is more egregious infraction? Personally I can’t wait for next Tuesday to be over. One thing’s for certain, the vitriol, bitterness, and political “hardons” will undoubtedly continue…and our expense! It’s just too bad you can’t focus on the real issues!

    • Sandman

      The real issue is you Democrats have wrecked our economy with your borrowing and spending and redistributive keynesian economic policies. EPIC FAIL. We can’t wait for Tuesday either to put an end to your statism train wreck.

  • http://www.barringersystems.com Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.

    I am always struck by the apparent “disregard” of our laws and constitution by the “democrat” party. They appear to truly believe that they are “above the law”…or rather that they are “the law”.

    The epitome of arrogance and hubris from the top down. We need to really change this on Election Day…or this is only going to get worse!

  • howardfrombroward

    obviously, in durty cheating donk debbie’s dark world of corruption, the rules of proper conduct and civility do not apply to her. what an a##hole.

  • Jen KC

    Yet another example of how Liberals are brainwashing our college youth with their lies. DWS needs to be fined and also pay the respective fees. As a parent of a college student the Florida University System always makes sure I pay my fees in a timely manner. DWS must!! I just wish I lived in her district so I can vote her out!

  • Luis R Vazquez

    Where are the denouncing articles of the CORRUPT MIAMI HERALD?
    How Much did she pay to Mr. Cabuto for his silence?

  • Lowie

    Floridians voting for DWS or any Democrat Party candidate in this election will be deemed ignorant. Being an uniformed voter is dangerous in our system as we have experienced the most ugly campaign in our history. It does not surprise me that this is common practice to “fool” the electorate. Well, not this time. She should be fined heavily. Don’t wait for the media to call this out as they too should be fired. We should all boycott these publications and media outlets that do not tell us the truth about this administration. The British publicaton, THE ECNONOMIST, endorsed Obama who was the “ONE” that wss supposed change America into a socialist country so redistribution of it’s wealth could continue to nations we do not like and do not like us.

  • Mike Swat

    I hate to say this, but the only reason she is still around is that the Republicans make deals to not gerrymander her out of a seat. Just like they gerrymandered Allen West’s district because he didn’t tow the line. She plays the game…even being in the minority. So she doesn’t get gerrymandered out of a district. Instead, she’s given a heavily Dem district to run in.

    The RINO party has no backbone at all.

  • Jack Murphy

    Dear Mike:

    The RINOS do exist we know that but your facts due not bear out reality.

    fact 1 in that CD the real totals are as follows
    Democrats 162,221
    Republicans 86,138
    No Party affiliation 80,442

    They npa usually vote Republican in Florida so our total is 166,580 to there 162,221…….I would say thats a Horse Race sir it numbers sir not talk that really counts……

    Broward County is D= 595,849 R = 260,004 so no matter what you do with a Demoncrat you are always in a horse race.

    Karen knows that an she is nobodys fool by any stretch of your imagination…..an by the way if you think the numbers are wrong I invite you to go to Broward SOE.ORG as that is my source sir…..

    Now state wide the magic numbers according to the Sec of State are:
    D= 4,803,763
    R= 4,257,046
    others 2,924,527
    Total Florida Voters 11,985,336

    So I believe that since the GOP controls all branches of govt it is safe to say the others do vote Republican so as I told the 2500 screaming Obama Fans Sunday in Pembroke Pines who waited from 10AM to 5 PM for the annointed 1 to show up several with 3-4 kids drug along to roast in the sun waiting for the annointed one……HAVE A NICE DAY

  • FLgeezer

    As if further proof were needed, here you can read where DWS’s first allegiance lies: