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Allen West’s Daughter Speaks Out on Personal Attacks

By Javier Manjarres

The latest attacks on Congressman Allen West and his family have sunk to a new low and are already backfiring on his Democrat opponent Patrick Murphy.

A few moments ago, Congressman West’s daughter Aubrey penned a response to these attacks on her mother’s Facebook page condemning the “wrong and false” personal attacks against her family by Murphy and the biased media which is pulling out all the stops to ensure that West either loses his congressional race or has his reputation permanently sullied.

West has endured a barrage of highly questionable attack ads emanating from Murphy’s father as well as a totally tasteless political ad that exploited underage children in an attempt to disparage West.

The Democrat Party is already sensing defeat in this race- they’ve begun to pull their media buys against West, and it seems as if they are preparing to cut their losses in advance of what is looking more and more like a decisive victory for West.

Murphy, on the other hand is essentially a puppet for a group of clowns that lack any semblance of political savviness,  and they continue to prop up Murphy’s empty suit candidacy even though he is completely unprepared for the office he is seeking.

 Hello, my name is Aubrey West and I would like to discuss about something’s that have been occurring in the press today. My parents are good and honorable human beings that have been strong for not only my sister and I but also our new addition to our family Lin who is a Chinese foreign exchange student. The recent attacks on both my mother and fathers character has been downright wrong and false.

This election for this year should be one that is focused in on policies and ethics, not personal attacks on a family that sacrifices so much for their Country. My father has been serving the people of the United States for 22 years. During that time I have had to watch my father leave to go fight wars to protect this Country and now he is still serving his Country and people are spreading false and hurtful things about my parents who continue to this day to sacrifice for this Country.

Here’s a screen capture of the Facebook post-
























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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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Allen West’s Daughter Speaks Out on Personal Attacks

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