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Why is Joe Biden Coming to Tampa During the GOP Convention?

by Lone Shark

Now that it’s been confirmed that Vice President Joe Biden will be in Tampa on Monday and Tuesday of next week- the first two days of the GOP Convention, we really have to scratch our heads and ask what Biden’s and the Obama administration’s motives are for pulling this kind of classless publicity stunt. Of course, it’s not as if this administration has in any way carried itself with class for the past three and a half years, but I digress.

Of all the 57 states that Biden could have chosen to visit next week, Biden is now set to host a campaign rally in Tampa on Monday, and no doubt DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will also have a prominent role in the “counter-convention” that will be going on throughout next week.  But aside from wantonly attempting to steal some of the spotlight and attention from Republicans during convention week, was this move by Biden intended to be a provocative one?

Given the violence that’s already occurred with #OWS, suspicious activity within the vicinity of the Republican convention and the recent threats made by the New Black Panther Party against Republicans who will be attending the convention, is it really so far flung to believe that the atmosphere will now be even more ripe than it already was for ugly confrontations and incidents of violence?  And gee, doesn’t the possibility exist that the ensuing media coverage of such incidents could be distorted and framed to make Republicans/conservatives/tea parties look bad?

I’m just sayin’.


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  • saveflorida

    Come on down Joe – let us show you what God thinks of you. Be here Monday and Tuesday.

    Hope you have a lot of outside events planned.

  • jjkrjw

    Mr. Biden, I’m sure you’ll get more media attention than Ann Romney’s speech, which the press say they won’t cover. Feel free to put your foot in your mouth over and over. But look out for assassins. We know obama would love to dump you before the election. If you should get shot, obama will blame it on the RNC. P.S. — I hope you live a long life and continue to embarrass yourself for years to come.

    • Elsa


  • Pat

    God works in mysterious ways… sending Isaac to rain on the Dems and the occupy protesters…they may need a rain slicker or two…

  • Isabella1709

    Exactly what I have come to expect from the Obama bunch. Lie, cheat, steal and behave like the bad mannered socialist they are.