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New Rasmussen Poll- More Fear ObamaCare than Ryan’s Medicare Plan

by Lone Shark

The latest Rasmussen presidential poll of Florida has Mitt Romney up two over President Barack Obama 45%-43%, but perhaps the real news coming from the poll is the question posed to those surveyed about who scares you more- President Obama’s health care law or Paul Ryan’s proposal?”

So how’s that “Medi-Scare” strategy working out for Democrats thus far?  Not very well at all, even after yet another “third-rail” of American politics has been touched.

Fox News reports-

Florida voters are more afraid of President Obama’s health care overhaul than Paul Ryan’s budget plan when it comes to Medicare’s future, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday. 

The poll of 500 likely Florida voters asked which plan “scares” them more. 

Forty-eight percent chose the health care law. Forty-one percent chose Ryan’s plan – while 11 percent weren’t sure. 

The results come as both campaigns elevate the issue of Medicare in their ads, interviews and stump speeches — particularly in Florida, with its large senior population. Ryan is the author of the controversial budget plan that would, 10 years from now, give seniors the option of using a government payment to buy private insurance. Obama’s campaign says the plan would “end Medicare as we know it.” 

But Ryan and Mitt Romney are firing back, claiming that “ObamaCare” is the one that guts Medicare by “raiding” the entitlement to pay for the health care law. Ryan repeated that line in Ohio Thursday, saying “he raided $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. This will lead to fewer services for seniors.” 

The Rasmussen poll results were within the margin of error. The poll from Aug. 15 had a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points. 

The poll also asked Floridians whether they prefer Obama or Romney. The results were roughly even, with 45 percent choosing Romney and 43 percent choosing Obama.

Here’s the link to the questions the Rasmussen poll surveyed-

Florida Survey of 500 Likely Voters

Conducted August 15, 2012

By Rasmussen Reports

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence

When it comes to the future of Medicare, which scares you more….President Obama’s health care law or Paul Ryan’s proposal?

48% President Obama’s health care law

41% Paul’s Ryan’s proposal

11% Not sure

These are very favorable numbers for Ryan/Romney on Medicare at this stage of the game, and it’s likely a winning issue for Republicans in spite of the forthcoming tsunami of spin on the airwaves that Floridians will soon be subjected to. 

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New Rasmussen Poll- More Fear ObamaCare than Ryan’s Medicare Plan

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