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Harrington Calls Out Wasserman Schultz To Release Her Tax Returns

By Javier Manjarres

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has just bet the house, again. Wasserman Schultz  is again calling on Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to release his tax returns. The Weekly Standard and Fox News picked up on this yesterday, citing Wasserman Schultz’s first request of Romney to release his tax returns back in April.

In the article, Wasseman Schultz’s Republican opponent in the November general election, Karen Harrington, calls out Wasserman Schultz, asking her to release her tax returns. (Source-Fox News)

WCVB-BOS: Are you the best attack dog on this particular issue considering you’ve never released your income taxes?
REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Absolutely. I’m not running for president. Mitt Romney is running for president.
WCVB-BOS: You are a public official, though, are you not?
WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I file full financial disclosure required under the law. Mitt Romney is actually the first candidate in modern history to only release one year of a tax return.


Here is Harrington’s press release from April 15 (Tax Day)-

 Karen Harrington Calls On Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz to Release Her Tax Returns

This week millions of taxpaying Americans will fulfill their requirement of filing their tax returns by paying any and all taxes due to the federal government. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been asking Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release his 2011 tax return even after Governor Romney released his 2010 tax return.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s request of Governor Romney to release his tax returns screams of hypocrisy, because to the best of our knowledge, Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz has never released a single tax return of her own.  As a Member of Congress, she is required to release a yearly ‘financial disclosure,’ this yearly disclosure is not a tax return.

While asking for Governor Romney to release his past tax returns, and in keeping with the spirit of President Obama’s call for ‘full transparency,’ we ask Congressman Wasserman Schultz to release her own tax returns. 

Karen Harrington will release her tax returns upon  media requests and ask that Congressman Wasserman Schultz do the same.-Karen Harrington

Now in light of Wasserman Schultz’s recent request of Governor Mitt Romney, Harrington reaffirms her call for Wasserman Schultz to release her tax returns-

Will Rep.Wasserman Schultz Release Her Tax Returns?

Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues to ignore our request for her to release her tax returns. While she continues to harangue Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, Debbie doesn’t believe that full transparency applies to herself, as she has dodged our request to release her own tax returns by stating that she is “not running for President.” 

Debbie may not be not running for President, but she is running for federal office.  We believe that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander- if you are repeatedly calling for your political opponents to fully disclose their tax returns, Debbie should be prepared to do the same.

To this point, Debbie continues to dodge our request for her tax returns. The question now arises- just what is the Congresswoman hiding?

In the interests of full disclosure, we once again call on Congressman Wasserman Schultz to release her most recently filed tax returns. Karen Harrington has already pledged to immediately disclose her tax returns once Congressman Wasserman Schultz decides to disclose her own.-Karen Harrington(Source)

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Harrington Calls Out Wasserman Schultz To Release Her Tax Returns

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