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Allen West Called a "Bought Mother F*cker"

By Javier Manjarres

After finishing his recitation of the Declaration of Independence during the city of Delray Beach’s Independence Day festivities, Congressman Allen West was verbally accosted  in front of a small group of constituents and media. West was just about to speak with a local TV station when he was interrupted by the lone detractor that seemed to have had one too many Miller Lites.

The individual flipped West the bird, and told him that he was a  “bought Mother F*cker.” We stopped the guy and asked him why he had to use foul language in front of women and children.

He then proceeding to try to say that conservatism was the root cause of slavery and women’s suffrage.  Towards the end of the impromptu interview, we discovered that he is a ‘Bible Man’, citing the Bible and accusing yours truly of not reading the Bible, all while flipping me the bird. This video is priceless!

Conservatism has its basis in going against women’s suffrage it took the liberals to push that, it took the Liberals to push the anti-slavery…”-Angry Man with the Miller Lite

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Allen West Calls Out Liberal Media

Allen West Refers to Obama as “Coddler-In-Chief”

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Warren

    Scary to know that there are so many others out there who “think” like this guy and get to vote.

    • Luis R Vazquez

      Classic example of what Socialism has done to our society.
      Any one armed with a beer in his hands and two six pacs in his belly
      can denigrate a legitimate American Heroe

      • Frank Zucarella

        Javier, I was listening to the Steve Kane show on 1470 AM and Brian was talking about you reporting on this. I cannot believe how stupid this guy was towards Congressman West and you in front of children! But it’s great how you exposed how the LEFT really is. Great job!

    • Rich

      Look who’s talking!!

      • Kerry

        What does that mean? Are you defending this moron?

      • brunblogger

        @ Rich Allen West is a hero and a great congressman. But most importantly he is a wonderful human being. A quality, among many I’m sure, Rich, that you lack.

    • Ape

      Allen West is a patriot, this man is a pitiful shame, please send him to San Francisco .

  • Valerie Conley

    thank you for posting this — it shows you are unbiased by showing both sides. I am a friend of Allen West and this man and his language and his ideas are way beyond what is polite for public consumption!

    Allen had the integrity not to answer him!

  • Angela Toft

    Just another example of liberals spewing hatred and showing their ignorance. I would suggest this man learn his history – and some manners.

  • momtothreebeagles

    I feel sorry for this poor soul, he is so ignorant! I’d gladly trade places (geographically speaking) with him just to get the chance to cast my vote for Lt. Col. Allen West!

  • Elaine de Valle

    This ought to be on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Please keep doing more videos of unsuspecting fools who you are so much smugly smarter than. You know I love you. Muah!

  • laurencia68

    Wow, what glaring insolence and intolerance for other people and their views….keep telling me again how open minded the leftists are cause this glittering colossal jewel of ignorance is a prime example of what I come up against everyday….

  • Artwork

    What a first class loser. I hope he was drunk because it’s hard to imagine someone being so stupid and getting to vote…

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  • Procket1800

    What a man to flip off and use that kind of language in front of children.

  • Jeff

    Poor guy. He was drunk and unable to express his frustrations in a politically correct manner. He is a great example of the average Joe. Someone who is upset with politicians who vote based on the preferences of the biggest money contributors. Allen West is not corrupt, however his vote is influenced by money and his desire to stay in Congress. Allen West is able to get major contributions to his campaign for many reasons, but the big three are the following; he is able speak well, he is for rich people getting richer, and lastly he is black. There are not many black conservatives, so he is highly regarded as a unique treasure.

    • Allen

      The guy may be drunk, but he can get sober…’re stupid and there’s no cure for that

    • TheRaven

      I’m always fascinated by people who look at economic freedom and portray it as a desire solely for “rich to get richer.”
      Freedom-loving people should be happy when other people do well. But the economic liberty we used to enjoy in America wasn’t just designed to help the “rich” get richer.

      There has never..NEVER…been a country in the history of man where so many poor and middle class citizens have been able to raise themselves through their own labor and sacrifice, out of poverty, and into a higher economic status. In most other countries on earth that’s almost impossible. In America, it happens every day.

      We see liberals decry the fact that the rich sometimes get richer, at the same time they support political candidates who are among those rich, and many of whom spend most of their available time with “the rich.” I don’t see Obama spending his vacations on the beaches of Southern Alabama, or along the Chicago lakeshore, with middle class Americans. Obama, for all that supposed “disgust” of the rich, seems to manage to spend most of his free time, weather vacationing or fundraising for his near continuous political campaign…surrounded by some of the richest people on earth.

      As we watch liberals attempt to portray themselves as supposedly caring about “average Americans,” who might best be categorized as “middle class,” it’s interesting to note that throughout history the socialist movement which is obviously what Obama and the Left are trying to force on America, has always…without fail…destroyed the middle class of every country that has adopted that repeatedly failed ideology.

      It is the rich and upper middle class of America who create the vast majority of private sector jobs. In doing so they are giving millions of Americans the opportunity to gain skills, learn business lessons, enhance their resumes, and become more valuable to future employers. It is the upper middle class and rich who turn good ideas into businesses and inventions that enhance the standard of living for Americans, and in many cases for people all over the world.

      • Rick

        Your regurgitation of “the American Dream” may have rang true decades ago but not today. The banks and corporations have been unleashed upon the poor and middle class leaving very little opportunity for an average Joe to move up. The good paying respectable “middle class” jobs have been shipped overseas. Yes there still is opportunity here in America, but it is few and far between. As the “bought” politicians continue to represent the military/industrial banking establishment and not the people, our debt continues to rise to levels that cannot ever be repaid. I supported Mr. West wholeheartedly and believed his tough guy/Constitutional conservative rhetoric. Sadly, his voting record has been straight line establishment. This protester has more guts than most Americans. He may not have articulated well but he is angry at the political class for not representing him/the people. In bolder times, Mr. West and most other Pols would have been tarred and feathered at minimum.

        • RocketRyder

          His episode was about booze, not bravery. It was about impulse, not protest. No need to put words in his mouth.

          • Rick

            People don’t just have an “episode” for no reason. He is expressing the sentiment of most of the country. Have you checked the approval ratings for Congress lately? There is a great amount of anger and frustration for the elected class and with good reason. Maybe it took an extra beer or two for this guy to allow this guy to say what he wanted to say but if you feel like you are being represented and your interests are being protected, God bless you. Not me.

        • TheRaven

          Nobody shipps American jobs overseas unless the government makes it so costly to keep those jobs that companies move the jobs just to keep afloat. Employers would much rather be able to have employees near the center of economic activity. But since liberalism has made America so unfriendly to job creation employers are forced to move jobs overseas in order to compete with countries where it’s easier and cheaper to maintain a job.

          Since the second year of the Obama Administration America has had the highest taxes on business of any nation on earth. And the Democrats continue to make it more expensive and more difficult to employ Americans.

          The comping implementation of ObamaCare will push a massive tax on employers who will be forced to either spend more to provide an “acceptable” level of healthcare coverage for employees, or shoulder the tax penalty of not doing so. That cost starts at $2,000 per employee in the first year, and gets more expensive over time.

          To implement that regulation the government has already written more than 13,000 pages of new regulations for business. Businesses have to hire experts to read and interpret these new regulations. That costs money…money we can’t spend to hire and train new employees.

          The Democrats have argued for years that we should do away with the “Bush Tax Cuts.” Now, they have their way. Those tax cuts expire on Dec 31 of this year. As a result those business owners will face a far higher income tax rate as of Jan 1, 2013. This leaves employers with less money to continue employing American workers, or to create new jobs in America. AND, those poor employees at the lower end of the middle class wage scale will get with the biggest percentage tax increase of any American group. This will drastically lower the take-home pay for most lower middle class Americans, and force them to either demand higher pay that employers are less able to afford to pay, or do with a lower after-tax income.

          This administration is deliberatly and knowingly killing American jobs and destroying the middle class. More than 6.5Million American families have fallen out of the middle class and into poverty since Obama’s “stimulus” plan was passed into law, and more black families have been pushed out of the middle class and into poverty in the past four years than in any previous 50-year period in US history.

          The more liberalism and liberal ideals are accepted in America the worse our situation will get.

          • Ape

            Raven you rock

        • Paul

          So are you suggesting that Obama admin is doing it right? In one of your responses to RocketRyder you imply that congress is to blame for everything that is wrong or at least thats what I take from it. Correct me if I’m wrong. Not looking to argue about who has screwed our country because I already know the answer to that….The millions of people that re-elected Obama

      • Rich

        Mr. Raven, you have obviously missed out on economics.
        Rich/wealthy Americans ARE NOT the “job creators”.
        The job creators are you and I. Yes, when we spend money, WE create jobs by creating a greater demand for goods and services.
        Businesses respond to this greater demand by expanding, either hiring more people or procuring more products which are created by people.
        You all have fallen for this myth that the wealthiest Americans just sit around and decide that conditions are now favorable, so we’ll create some jobs. Economics 101 teaches you otherwise. Wages for hard working middle class Americans have been stagnant for years which has diminished to pool of disposable income. This is why the economy is slow.
        The wealthy, through their propaganda outlets, Faux News, Rush and the others, have you all convinced that to put more Americans back to work, YOU have to work to help THEM become wealthier so they’ll kindly create jobs for you!!
        It doesn’t work that way and NEVER will.

        • Leslie

          Rich, Please tell me the poor person you work for. What a dolt!They are job creators because they make a product. Going by your logic, workers make the product out of coconuts like the professor. It takes large capital to start a large company that hires large amounts of people. Why don’t you start a company? It sounds real easy!

          • Rich

            Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, where were you in economics?
            You must have missed a lot. Most businesses start out small, in garages, basements, even at the kitchen table.
            What you apparently have no ability to grasp is that no matter what, if you and I and the rest of the consumers don’t have a good income, we, you and I, don’t buy so the businesses don’t add employees.
            When middle class, hard working American salaries begin to rise again, we will create more demand for goods and services and businesses will respond by hiring more employees.
            Do you have this tea party dream that these wealthy Americans just sit around and wait for some kind of favorable situation to hire help? Wrong, when there exists and opportunity to make more money, they will seize it by hiring more employees to keep up with demand.
            This is so simple and you guys don’t get it.
            Also, a basic tenet of business is to use someone else’s money to start a business. That is what Willard did. He was a venture capitalist in that if he and his partners believed a business was worthy, they raised and lent capital to that business.
            This is not to be confused with when his firm engaged in leveraged buyouts which are entirely different in that the sole purpose of these is to make money for the purchasing firm and its’ investors at any and all costs including the screwing of employees.
            Do you get the picture?

        • Ape

          Rich get a life

          • Rich

            I have a fine one, how about you?
            What’s wrong?
            Can’t you grasp the simple concept I put forth in my post?
            It’s really simple and I know it doesn’t jive with what the wealthy Americans want you to believe, but it is true.

      • DoubleC

        Yes, to all of the above, and they also are major contributors to charities, hospitals, parks, etc. that all of us not so rich enjoy. But the entitlement crowd has no idea where so much of that comes from. When they go in the hospital through the emergency room having never acquired insurance through employment or sacrifice they never look up and see the rooms and wings of hospital services donated for their and everyone else’s behalf. I personally have always made a sacrifice to have health insurance instead of illegal drugs, alcohol abuse,cigarette smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Now I have Medicare which I EARNED by paying into the system, and I must assume it will be available to me as needed, but there’s no longer a guarantee, is there? The Gimme Society are not only ruining it for people like me, they are also too stupid to realize it might run out for them too.

        • Rich

          Mr. Double C, the wealthy donate to various causes because their accountants tell them to for the tax write off. They don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. This is how they shelter money and get the free advertising of having their name on a hospital wing, school library, park or whatever.
          I simply cannot believe how people that I assume are hard working, middle class Americans are so willing to take up the causes of the wealthiest among us who have already bought up most of the government and are now trying to buy the rest.
          Don’t you get it?

          • DoubleC

            That would be Ms. DoubleC to you, Rich. Obviously you bought Kool-Aid with your Food Stamps and drank it. Unions and 60’s Liberal Hippies re-distributing the wealth is what’s ruined this country. I hope you never need one of those tax write-offs for yourself or your family. Hospital wings and parks are not given just for name recognition. I hope you don’t really believe that passing out more welfare generates jobs, yes I read between the lines. Give it up…

  • Thurgood Marshall

    Im pretty sure Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. No doubt he was a racist too. This man’s hatred seems to fill the void of any rational capacity.

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  • @5sahandful

    Actually, the Republican Party proposed ending slavery, ending women’s suffrage, and ending racial inequality.

    Unfortunately, Miller Lite is getting aligned with someone who can only spout talking points, not read history.

    Women’s suffrage link:

  • Whats_Up

    Another PRODUCT of Progressive Teachers and Professors …aka, an Educated Illiterate. We really need to turn their hatred and wrath on to the evil educators who instilled their revisionist history and downright out stupidity.

    American literacy tests are at an all time LOW – English, Math, Science, Reading, Writing. WHY? Unions and Progressive Educators.

    • Rich

      Of course, blame unionized workers because you’re jealous of their healthcare and retirement benefits.
      Literacy is at an all time low because too much education money is wasted on programs for non-English speakers.
      Parents must also take the blame, some of them at least, for not creating an environment in the home that stresses the importance of education.

      • AFIraqVet

        Why shouldn’t people be pissed at public employee unionized educators when:

        1) They are paying for that public employee retirement and healthcare, way above and beyond what they themselves can reasonably obtain from their own employers.

        2) They are subject to a non-stop propaganda campaign in which they are told that teachers can never be paid enough, that they need to suck it up and pay more taxes every year to keep the system going, when in truth the money is just going to bloated bureaucracy, palatial central office buildings and exorbitant pay/perks for school administrators who never set foot in a classroom.

        3) The teachers themselves are forced to be part of the union, forced to pay union dues and forced to live by the standard of the lowest common denominator with no consideration to merit or teaching ability.

        Furthermore, any time that the citizenry pushes back when more is demanded, the teachers become political hostages and drastic cuts are threatened while none of the overpaid non-teaching bureaucrats ever face the prospect of layoffs, pay cuts or anything else that the people who pay for their existences have to contend with.

        That’s why you’re foolishly wrong, and it isn’t “jealousy”. It’s righteous anger at being treated like chattel and serfs by a bunch of self-entitled neo-feudalists who have convinced themselves that reality should cease to exist at the entrance to the district office building.

  • Jimbo

    Typical hit and run wussy liberal.

    • Rich

      And, of course, typical ignorant, misinformed teabagger.

  • Lightweight

    Jerry,Jerry,Jerry… The only thing the Shark Tank is missing is the dance pole. I agree women and children and even men don’t need to hear than trash.

  • honeygetoverit


  • G Speed

    Pitiful–or–absorbed–or both. Not an intellectual. Not qualified to participate in debate–but he already knew that.

    Evidently Mr. West knew it too because he gets a lot of this thrown his way–Mr. West gets a lot of practice at deflecting criticism–because Mr. West has chosen to be a lightning rod, for better or worse, and that takes character and commitment.

  • towerclimber37

    ahh, that “new tone” in politics. It just warms the soul doesn’t it?

  • Katherine Coudriet Easlick

    Really good job,Javi.You sure kept your cool!

  • LadyLiberty1885

    Allen West is bought?

    • Jeff

      Who does Allen West represent?

  • Carol

    Well, this idiot, got just what he wanted…a place on the news and a pic of him with his finger hoisted up to Mr. West…anyone with any sense or manners , even if they do not care for Mr.West…would have more cuth than to do things like this…he got his five minutes of fame…and that is all he will get….

  • Margaret W

    Too bad there are people like this out there. The mourh is filthy and he just shows how stupid he is and you juct can’t FIX stupid!!!

    • Rye

      @ Jeff: THANX. The “Shark Tank” is such a joke. Javier Manjarres is a minnow, an Andrew Breitbart/Drudge wannabe, who loves engaging and challenging ordinary folks who might have a sincere, different opinion. Javier has his snarky, inflamatory talking points down pat, knows when to shovel more dung on the flames. He knows better, but also knows that West’s followers slobber over his blog/videos, and he makes his living with lies, pandering to the FOX lemmings and right wing talking heads. BTW, where was Allen West’s goon squad? at age 75, I was thrown out of a public Allen West Town Hall meeting, never uttered a word. Oh yes, an honorable man, that Allen West. Although a military tribunal found Col. West guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and thought that his actions merited a court martial, his admission of guilt and his long record in the Army allowed him to return home to retire with a mere $5,000 fine. HA… the emperor has no clothes, Javier. And thinking people know it.

      • Kerry

        I’m certain you were removed without uttering a word! They just didn’t like the way your hair was combed. Please, let’s be honest.

  • abra k. dab

    Just another member of the lower socio-economic sub-culture group primates who regurgitate mind-numbing talking points. This guy is a pristine example of what the public school systems and the main-stream-media are pumping out — WAKE UP AMERICA! I can only hope that his current and future employers view this video on the Tank, or YouTube. Makes you want to boycott Miller Lite, doesn’t it?

  • TheRaven

    Interesting comments considering that it was the Republicans who not only ended slavery, but they did it using the conservative Christian philosphy that all men are created equal in the eyes of God, which was the foundation for Lincoln’s anti-slavery argument in the Lincol/Douglas debates. I wonder where those slaves would be today if today’s liberal dogma about “separation of Church and state” had been the order of the day in the early 1800s.

    Also, should any of the visitors to this web site happen to know this young “man,” you might want to remind him it was the Democrats who…

    -Fought to save slavery
    -Created segreation
    -Created the Jim Crow laws
    -Created “separte but equal”
    -Created and manned the Ku Klux Klan
    -Voted to elected the only sitting member of Congress to take office as an active member of the Klan (Byrd)
    -Attempted to keep blacks out of state colleges
    -Fought to prevent the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    -Sent paid staffers to travel to a debate where they threw Oreos at Michael Steele (a black Republican)
    -Beat up Kenneth Gladney for daring to express a political opinion not provided to him by the Democrats
    -Portrayed Secretary Condi Rice as a “monkey” in published cartoons
    -Intentionally released Allen West’s personal financial records to the public in an effort to intimidate him

    What do all these events have in common? One word…INTIMIDATION!

    In the “Democrat mind,” blacks have never been enough of a “free man” to be allowed to enjoy liberty to the point of being able to express their own opinion. In America, blacks quickly learn that they parrot what the Democrat “massa” tells them to say, of they will be attacked personally and racially, and if possible, destroyed.

    The Democrats have been using the tactic of intimidation to frighten blacks away from being exercising their hard-won liberties for centuries. Only the Democrats’ techniques have changed.

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  • snapperman

    Did this guy REALLY complain about people being anti-gay and then refer to a “f_g f_cker”? What a prince…

    • huh?

      no, he said that conservatives were bigoted against gays, even though Shark said he could care less, and conservatives pass anti-gay legislation and that he wasn’t a f*g-f*cker. I suspect he is immune to noticing the irony of his comments.

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  • Henry Lancaster

    That guy in a blue shirt is a doucebag. I hope you see this, America is laughing at you.

  • jmar93

    Maybe he wasn’t flipping you and Lt. Col. West off, maybe he’s just proudly displaying his IQ.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Good point

    • Ape

      You said it all, he was displaying his IQ

  • Rosemary Diehl

    At least this guy had the Miller Lite defense. To my knowledge Allen West was not drinking when he declared those like me, but elected to office “Communists”

    • uselogic

      Kudos to Col. West, then. If the shoe fits….

    • AFIraqVet

      Do you believe that you are naturally entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor, and actively push for a government that brings the state into every aspect of someone’s life? Do you believe that a centrally planned, government controlled economy is the only way to make things “fair”? Maybe you aren’t a Communist by the commonly understood textbook definitions, but you are a Statist and that’s the common thread that runs across Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Maoism and the rest of the rotten barrel. If so, the “Communist” label is really just splitting hairs.

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  • michelle

    He probably works for Wasserman….

  • Richard Driskill

    #1: Someone should have had him immediately arrested for public consumption of alchohol. It’s on tape. The nonsense has to stop, the debt has to be paid for one’s actions.

    #2: You C-A-N fix stupid… as a matter of fact, if we don’t put our entire heart and soul into fixing “stupid”, this constant ‘war’ among those who live life under the umbrella of freedom which has been gifted to us time and time again (by people willing to lay down their lives), will in fact vanish. It is our mandate to fix “stupid”; and that can only be done by being very intelligent and committing to talking to “stupid” people all the time. Think of them as your wayward children. If in the end, they are not ‘fixable’ then they are mentally ill. We only need maintain this gift Columbia; but at this time we are failing horribly… we are not a nation of Americans any longer (we’ve been going downhill since about 1962), we are a country of disjointed people, rushing to and fro in trying to stop the myriad of leaks in the dam.

    #3: Martin Luther King, Jr. was indeed a Republican; and Ronald Reagan started off as a Democrat (but he grew to be a full-fledged man).

    #4: I am sick to death of this fake ‘race card’ play. First of all, there are almost no actual racists (this implies you hate a person dependant on their GENETIC CODE; something you can’t even see, taste, touch, or smell). It is one’s ETHNICITY (large groups of people according to their acts or traits) that causes clashes, not the color of their skin. It is the very ‘ethnicity’ of our children being soured by outside influences that must change. Tend to your families; instruct them, mold them, bind them against the path of iniquity that is 50% of our society today. The true strength of any nation on Earth can be instantly judged; not by its military might or personal wealth, but rather the strength of the family unit, as that is the building block of all to come.

    #5: Make judgements, judge others, and judge yourselves… openly and in pure truth. If you don’t, you will always sit on the fence in indecision and sloth; others will strip you of your freedom and run your life. Intellect and morality must be bound together for the greatest strength, a position that will stand the test, a cause that makes the effort worthwhile. Man will never fully relish in the bounty of his table (and find happiness) unless he experiences the blisters of the field (in knowing the effort of his labor).

    #6 We can verbally excoriate the bastards, but if we don’t alter the picture through actions and deeds, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    GO WEST! FIGHT! EXPOSE! CONQUER! REJOICE! Live the life that was meant to be!

  • Mike

    Its really disconcerting to see the way Americans speak in front of children like that, if he’d been in the UK and said “go F yourself” he’d be lying in hospital. Well done reporter for keeping his cool.

  • ReturnofJo

    Ya know A leftys definition of thinking is whining about illegals when they have to face them man to man but calling us nativists.

    NIMBY much?

  • Stan Lee

    The guy’s thoughts are so scattered, he had no point to make except to be confrontational. I’ll bet he was hoping Rep. West would have smacked him down, then he could sue for injuries.

    I think he was looking for attention. If he keeps this up, he’s going to get attention, the kind that’ll require hospitalization. An action begets a reaction.

  • nitro

    Why I Vote Democrat…..

    I vote Democrat because I believe in enforcing the laws of the US, unless I am running for re-election and need the votes of gays, illegal immigrants, and Eric Holder.

    I vote Democrat because of my heroes like Bill Clinton who, while setting a great example for the children of this country, enabled President Bush to be able to go after Osama Bin Laden so Noblame-a could claim credit for it.

    I vote Democrat because I think it’s better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill our own oil (until we develop ALGAE as a fuel source), because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    I vote Democrat because, even though we had as much to do with the killing of Bin Laden as we did Hitler’s suicide and Saddam Hussein’s hanging, we’ll gladly take credit for all.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.

    I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They should lose money and give it to the federal government for redistribution to the GSA.

    I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about the rights of millions of babies being aborted each year so long as we make it easy for irresponsible couples to have sex, keep all of the people who WANT to die from dying, protect gays from haircuts and staying single, and stop dogs from riding on cars, but eat them instead. My solution to abortion and birth control is Gay Marriage.

    I vote Democrat because I believe people who can’t tell us if it will rain on Friday, can tell us the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Chevy Volt (I can’t drive a Cruze because Government Motors recalled them all for Union deficiencies).

    I vote Democrat because I’m way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know my local unproductive, unreactive union police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.

    I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended. I’m only for “Free Speech” when I’m making uninformed comments, but as soon as I’m confronted with the facts, or asked to produce some, I deny that same freedom to others, and run the other way.

    • DoubleC

      I love, love, love your list of why you vote Democrat, I’m sure it’s incomplete and you can continue adding to it. I just wish I could copy it and keep it handy for future reference.

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  • Sandman

    This is the intellectual capability of the typical Obama supporter. Probably thinks healthcare is going to be better and free.

    He didn’t even realize Javier made him look foolish. Thanks enjoyed it.

  • william mcgarry

    What a dumb ass.

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  • The Village Idiot

    I wonder how many life times it would take (if he were granted them) until he comes to realize hoe ignorant his actions and words were? I really hope he was sober enough to remember the name of the website so he can continually relive his idiocy and arrogance over and over, and over. I’m sure his mom is so proud. What really bothers me is that he gives people like me a bad name.

  • Isabella

    I didn’t play the video just because I’ve heard this kind of guy in nearly every conservative gathering. They don’t realize their offense is typical, and consequently make us all the more resolved to move liberalism off the stage.

  • Daniel

    What an absolute idiot. Typical libtard.

  • Cap

    What’s his name?

  • vmontney

    Guy with Fred Flintstone face proves on camera that Fred was smarter. Maybe his name is Barney.

  • Michelle Sedivy

    Wow, what ignorance this man spews from his mouth. That dude should be ashamed of himself. L*O*S*E*R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allen West Is a good man!

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  • Sean

    He shouldn’t open beers before opening his mouth. Women’s suffrage was passed by a Republican majority. See here:

  • LibsLieAlways

    I’ve noticed that liberals never seem to be able to back up their claims with any sort of proof. All they do is acuse conservatives of everything and anything, over and over. This imbecile made a complete fool of himself on camera, and I’ll bet he doesn’t even realize it. Typical clueless, classless liberal.

  • Power 721

    He was WRONG about the SLAVES….. Geesss… what the histroy teacher will not tell you….

    July 1862, the Republican-controlled 37th Congress enacted, despite unanimous Democrat opposition, the second Confiscation Act.

    This law, written by Senator Lyman Trumbull (R-IL), declared that all slaves held by Confederate rebels “shall be forever free.”

    President Abraham Lincoln (R-IL) would cite this law in the provisional Emancipation Proclamation two months later.

  • Rich

    Who here is stupid enough to believe that ANY politician, of either party, is going to deem your opinions and values more important than those of the corporate donors/bribers who fill their campaign coffers with the thousands of dollars necessary to keep their cushy jobs with health and retirement benefits far better than those you would like to take away from teachers, law enforcement and public safety professionals.
    I’m waiting to hear this!!

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  • http://DERP.COM JOE

    I love how none of you can actually prove this ‘loon’ wrong, instead going after his naughty naughty language…oh my he had a beer, what he said cant be true!!! look it up you ignorant douchebags. he actually is stating facts. the guy talking about Abe Lincoln, just like the rest of you retarded revisionists, is omitting the great change of the republican party during the civil rights movement, where all the dixie-crat conservatives switched parties to the GOP. Sure Abe was a Republican, but he was one of those horrible dirty ‘socialist’ liberals…go read a book and turn off fox you dullards.

  • Trail Boss

    It’s really amazing how National Socialists have turned history completely upside down and inside out. Not to mention all the other things they’ve turned upside down. The very meaning of Liberty and Freedom has been lost.

    • http://2y38 Rich

      I don’t believe you.
      YOU should have been smart enough to join a union so you too could enjoy high quality health care and a safe, secure pension.

      None of you will address why there is absolutely NO anger towards the politicians who have an even BETTER pension and health care package.
      How much do you want to bet the your little pet, Rep. West will joyfully double dip both his military and congressional retirements when he retires that YOU AND I will pay for.
      Let’s hear some righteous anger about this or is that not part of the teabag agenda?

    • http://2y38 Rich

      Excuse me there, Trail Boss, but the “National Socialists” was the Nazi Party and something tells me that no one in their right mind could ever consider Adolph Hitler to be either progressive or liberal.

  • Metaflow

    I love how libs portray themselves as such a tolerant bunch!! But the minute they disagree with something or someone, they resort to this sort of thing. I think it’s a mental disorder, I really do.

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  • Rose

    Typical Liberal… This guy does not have a clue in what he believes in. What a Moron!

  • Stan Lee

    That twerp was begging for attention and West didn’t oblige him. The jerk was up against a very disciplined man who can take care of himself.

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  • Cindy

    This fool has been arrested for 2 DUI’s and recently arrested on 7/10/12 for Drug possession, Drug equipment possession, and knowingly driving on a suspended revoked license. He is a complete moron and needs to be locked up, not roaming the streets of Delray at family functions.

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