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DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Getting Booted

By Javier Manjarres

Back in April, the Shark Tank floated the likelihood that Democratic National Committee Chairwoman (DNC) Debbie Wasserman Schultz was perhaps on her way out as DNC Chairwoman. We now have learned that Wasserman Schultz will not be back as DNC Chairwoman after the November elections.

According to our source within the Democratic Party, who is also a close associate of Wasserman Schultz, the arrangements have already been made for her to leave DNC  regardless if President Obama wins re-election or not.

This same source believes that Wasserman Schultz will be forced to resign behind closed doors and then stage a press event in which she tells Americans that her job as the DNC chair was a temporary one and that she is moving on with her congressional career.

  The National Journal has also picked up on the fact that she is indeed getting the boot from Obama-

 When Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida was tapped last year to lead the Democratic National Committee, it seemed like the latest ascension for a fast-rising star destined for even higher positions. Some stumbles and an apparent falling out of favor with the White House had changed that calculus. Now it looks like it could be changing again. -National Journal

In the same National Journal article it also states that Wasserman Schultz could eventually wind up as Speaker of the House were the Democrats ever to regain control and if former Speaker Pelosi were not to seek the position again.  The Shark Tank first joked about this possibility back on May 3rd when several members of Congress and their staffers divulged that there were whispers coming out from the Democrat side of the aisle pertaining to this.

 Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi could very well regain the helm as Speaker of the House.  But what about the possibility of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz becoming the next Speaker?   -(Source-DWS or Pelosi, The Next Probable Speaker of the U.S. House)

But Obama’s reelection chances are hanging by a thread and Wasserman Schultz’s polarizing demeanor has turned into more of  a liability for the President than an asset.

Wasserman Schultz was recently cancelled from speaking about U.S.-Israeli relations at the Temple Israel Synagogue in North Miami  after the backlash she and the Temple received for shunning the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Mr. Stanley Tate. Tate, who coincidentally endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s Republican opponent, Karen Harrington, was going to address the congregation after Wasserman Schultz spoke, but Temple officials squashed Tate’s plans. (Source-Temple Israel)

The controversy dragged on for a long week, as the Temple was temporarily forced to shut down their phones due to the amount of angry phone calls they received about the controversial speaking engagement. One interesting point about the incident is that Temple Israel’s President Ben Kuehne, who was at the center of this controversy did not run for reelection to the post.  Temple Israel will be installing a newly elected President next month. Tate, who subsequently resigned from the Temple said that he is “not going back until the Rabbi is gone.”

 The problem here for ‘DWS’ is that she lobbied the President to pick her as the DNC Chair on then notion that he needed her to shore up his flagging Jewish support.  This bad week of  press for Wasserman Schultz coupled with the now infamous ‘Jew bag-gate’ Facebook incident could very well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Democrat power brokers within the Obama Administration.

Back in May our source told the Shark Tank that the relationship between DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz and the Obama Administration was fractured and that the President “does not want her in the DNC anymore”-

 It seems as if the relationship has soured to the point that according to the source, “He does not want her in the DNC anymore.”

 Apparently, President Obama had discussions with the DNC Chairwoman regarding her approach, even telling her, “Don’t forget you work for me.”

 It’s not about you, its about me. – attributed to President Barack Obama to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as per our source

 The problem that the President has is this- he can’t fire her, at least at this juncture.  If President Obama were to remove Wasserman Schultz from her post he would be weakening his own position, as it would be very hard to find someone that is both in lock-step with his agenda and willing to run cover for him as she has done.

Second, this would be a clear indication to the public that there are real problems within the hierarchy of the Democratic Party.

It’s no secret that Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the most polarizing politicians in  the country. Wasserman Schultz is also a member of Congress who represents the 20thcongressional district in Florida.(Source-Obama to DWS,”Don’t Forget, You Work For Me) (Fox News)


Karen Harrington Slams Wasserman Schultz, Asked to Release Tax Returns  

DWS Asked to Release Travel Records

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Bay

    “Back at the helm???” ..Pelosi?? lol

    Liberals really -DO- think this is the Titanic; and they haven’t finished that one, last, fateful mission..

    • Rose

      Ozzie is blowing money on google ads to try to hurt Karen? I was thinking of supporting Ozzie when I met him @ wings plus but now that I see how dirty he is by attacking another women I find it pathetic! My support is now for Karen. Ozzie is damaged goods!

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  • SandyLester

    I am still trying to figure out why Deb hasn’t been locked away. The woman is delusional, irrational, and just plains stupid.

    • Jonas Salk

      Just remember, the name of the test for syphilis is called the Wassermann test; it’s so relevant for that vicious harpy.

    • June

      I am still trying to figure out why Deb hasn’t been locked away. The woman is delusional, irrational, just like former Speaker Pelosi they are both nut balls and should be on medication not in the House.

  • EBL
  • Spanky McFarland

    I think the name she prefers to be called is

    Dee Wasserman Snyder.

    • Keith in Seattle

      I prefer the name “Debbie WASAMAN Schultz” Goes along with her large hands and adam’s apple…

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  • Judy

    I will never understand the Jewish people blindly following a man (Obama) whose hate for Isreal comes out everytime he speaks. And Shultz is just an arm of Obama.

    • Isabella

      They are far more liberal than they are Jewish if the only explanation I can think of. Ironically Israeli’s despise Obama, et al.,and acknowledge they have more support from Evangelical Christians in America than Jewish Americans.

  • SSMcDonald

    What a pity. Wasserman Shultz was the very best representative of the Democrat Party that could be installed. Though she postured, she failed to reflect intelligence, honesty, compassion, graciousness and integrity…..qualities sorely lacking in the rest of the Democrat Party.

    • DemVoter

      Wasserman Schultz is a disgrace!

      • Lee

        Democrat Party IS a disgrace!

        • Adam

          I have more respect for fish fingers and custard than I do the Democratic party at this point.

  • Orlando Llenza

    She is being canned because she will lose her congressional seat, we are all fed up with her ;poor character and iies

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  • Whats_Up

    Bummer. I shall miss Poodlehead Schultz’s lunatic rants …always good for a laugh. And let us HOPE for CHANGE – may Poodlehead lose her re-election bid for the House.

    • Bonnie Lesando

      She will be going the way of Anthony Weiner of NY. Remember the guy who sent racey pictures of himself via his cell phone. Hey, have we checked Wasserman’s phone?

      • napensnake

        You go ahead and look. There won’t be anything on that phone that I want to see.

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  • Sam Haddock

    The fact that the DNC hasn’t gotten rid of her already tells me that they don’t think that even if they did change out the chairperson of the DNC that they don’t think he is going to win the election. GOOD! Leave her there, let her open her big mouth and shut the gate this November.

    • Elliott L. Kipp

      I thoroughly agree with your statement, Sam. Ms. Wasserman makes great cannon fodder for the main stream conservative troops. I hope they keep her there and wave her like a flag! God bless America. Elliott L. Kipp

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  • A Maurer

    Let’s go the rest of the way and voter her out. Go Harrington!

  • Marauder

    Why do the Democrats always elect the most radical and polarizing people to head their national committee? This woman makes Howard Dean almost seem rational by comparison.

    I swear, if the Captain of the Titanic had been of the same mind as these people, he’d have backed up and rammed the iceberg a second time.

    • dshevlin

      @ Marauder – LOL! Good point, and while he was backing up for a second hit he would be saying, “There is no hole in the ship. The ship is doing just fine!” LOL…….

  • Judyann J

    Too bad, between Weiner and Schultz (male counterpart of Weiner)they were both perfect poster children for just how howling at the moon crazy the Radical Left has become. Oh well, guess there are plenty more lunatics waiting in the wings.

    • http://yahoo david mays

      Democrates never fear.After Debbie W Shultz is gone Pelosi&Reid are warming up in the Loneytoon Bine.What a group. One dummy trying to out dumb the other.Just think Dems make the News (FUN!!) again.It’s like watching Stinfeld,You wander what Kramer and George are going to do this week?

  • Rose Marie Starce

    DWS was hand-picked for Chairman of the DNC by Pelosi. She trained the outrageous woman. Both of them make ridiculous statements and I don’t think it’s part of an act. They are “kindred spirits”. Together them make “dumb and dumber” look like brain surgeons.

  • Rose Marie Starce

    To make a slight correction. All by myself I joined the ranks of “dumb”. I should read before I post. Meant to say Together they make “dumb and dumber” look like brain surgeons.

  • Mari Upthegrove

    The only way one could be a committed, Obama butt kissing, RABID democrat is to be irrational, delusional, and plain stupid, like Debbie Whatshernameslut. She always looks nutty, doesn’t she?

  • henryKnox

    “Wasserman Schultz is one of the most polarizing politicians in the country”, Ya think? She is definitely in the running with the Commander in Chief :0 Imagine these two narcisists in a room argueing over who ‘it is about’. It would be wise for the Dems to find someone that puts the country before self. They look really really bad with the current spokespeople.

  • Don Surber

    Isn’t it normal for a DNCC chairman to serve just one term?

  • Mari

    Regarding the quote from the Democratic source about Obama telling DWS not to forget she works for him,
    is a disgrace to our political system. I thought the three branches of government are to work separately,
    what do we have a monarchy? She is responsible to her constituents, not to a party of corrupt politicians who think they can manipulate senators and representatives to go their way regardless of what they were voted in office to do for the people. She is definitely a puppet of the democrats, and an embarrassment to our legislative system. Bye Bye Debbie W Shultz

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  • Mike

    I’m not sure who is more of a loon–Pelosi or DWS. They’re both out of their minds. Thankfully we only have DWS in our state; so the sooner we can also launch her from office the better for the great state of Florida!!

  • Shmuggy

    Can’t they hurry this up?
    Btw…..Grayson and Wasserman Shultz, are a pair for the ages…..I cringe at the thought of either continuing their political careers in Congress, but Ted Kennedy had 50 years, so why not these two losers?

    • Superinfidel

      I think they spawned the original space aliens all those years ago.

    • jetstream

      So glad to hear the DNC will keep DWS through the November election. Since every time she starts ranting at least two committed Dems defect to the Rep party, she’s an asset the GOP can’t afford to lose.

  • Jude1229

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!

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  • Al Sheeber

    She is one nasty piece of work representing the state of mind of he Democratic part and this presidency, what ever hey touch turns into a fiasco. For Jews who are not sworn leftist she is a big disappointment, for Jewish women, she is a disgrace and for voters of Florida, she is a big time distraction. She is not articulate, nor witty, not well educated. if the barometer is how loud and crass one can be, spewing lies and half truth, she is right there at the top, all republican can do now is keep their trap shut and see her resetting herself destructbutton on which she pressed the moment she became party Chairperson.

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  • Joe

    Two geat Double Headers Yankees beeting Red Sox in both games and Frizzy Debbie losing both the RNC Chair and being swamped in the election in November

  • Vickie Lee

    President Obama is an anti-Semite…and ALWAYS has been. Israel knows it; they scratch their head in wonderment of the American Jew (I have been personally told as such!) The Democrat Party uses airheads like Weiner and DWS to go around making “Shout Out” lies and distortion of truths in attempt to make sure the Jewish “Block vote” stays intact. I hope hope they wake up or I’m afraid we WILL have a 21st century version of Kristallnacht!

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  • DemVoter

    Every day I just shake my head wondering what happened to the Democrat Party. People like DWS, Grayson, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, among others have turned it into a bunch of anti-American lawless crazies.

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  • ReaganTeaPartyConservative

    Whether it’s Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, or whomever is in charge of the DNC Obamacratic Party, or in Congress, or in the White House, it doesn’t matter as they are all the same.. Only the degree to which they are radical, delusional, subversive, thus dangerous to the U.S. Constitution, Individual Freedom and Liberty, Democracy and America itself is the only difference.

    This is why we must defeat them at every level of elected govt office, period, no matter who it is.

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  • DebraP

    Wasserman Schultz; ANOTHER mind-numbingly stupid Democrat.

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  • Stan Lee

    So, she’ll be out with the DNC….so what?
    She’s still a big-mouth elected from a Florida congressional district as its congressional representative!
    The best possible news would be that DWS lost her reelection bid!
    WTH is wrong with the voters in her district? Are they nuts?
    I cannot believe they don’t realize that they could do better than sending her to the U.S. Congress.

  • Superinfidel

    Debbie Wasserman Test-Schultz is a walking, talking freak show. She’s totally nuts and as such would be a FINE choice to head up democrats in the confines of a loony bin, but certainly not in any non-institutionaized situation such as the public sector.

  • peterike

    This woman is twenty miles of bad road.

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  • matt aronson

    Gabriella Giffords was a dynamic supporter state’s rights during her tenure as a senator from Arizona and even packed ‘heat; while she and Wasserman are both Jewish, their cultural differences are extreme opposites; while most Jews are liberal and support Obama, there are many who despise him due to his innate hatred of Israel and his near socialistic position on domestic affairs.

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  • Dan on the Left Coast

    So President Obama approved her ascension because he thought she could deliver the Jewish vote as well as present a young female face for the Dem Party. She failed so Obama starts up the bus to take her out. Once again when things go wrong it’s never Obama’s fault even though he, Valerie, Axelrod and Michelle approved it. Where are the rising stars in the Dem Party? I read lots of columns that claim Hillary and Rahm are the next in line. Really? How pathetic!

  • seestraight

    I got a boot for her. And would like to place all 13 sizes right in her arse.

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  • Women against wife beaters!

    I see Ozzie is spending money on google ads against Karen. It’s sad that this guy would go so low to lie about a great American like Karen. This guy Ozzie is a BULLY! There is a bad pattern with this guy, no wonder why this guy has been arrested for repeated domestic violence…

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  • Cbinflux

    Like millions of other Conservatives. I wish that she would keep her appointed position and lose her seat in Congress. Shouldn’t her consticheruhnts take the no confidence vote from The Won as a cue to dump her?!

    • FLgeezer

      I love the critiques of DWS that have been expressed so well on this blog. She is all those odious things and more. What I personally hold against her is that she is a rabid Israel-Firster. But sadly, candidates for office in once beautiful south Florida must be that in order to have a chance at election.

      Read the entire archive of Phil Giraldi, a CIA lifer with impeccable foreign policy credentials. He is a genuine AMERICAN HERO who would make a great POTUS.

  • Steve Elliot

    How close are you to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the democrats?

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  • Christopher Popham Smith

    We seldom read about any ‘good’ news, but the expulsion of
    Debbie Wasserman Shultz as DNC chair…..really makes our day.
    Good riddance.

  • marvs2

    I will be ecstatic at not having to see or hear either Wasserman or Pelosi any more! On the other hand, I hate to see them go, because I believe they’ve done the conservatives more good than anyone else (except Obama), so far as vividly demonstrating the character and mentality of the radical left!

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  • chuck

    Who does this demented woman’s hair? Al Sharpton.

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  • fibromyalgia

    I see how dirty he is by attacking another women I find it pathetic! My support is now for Karen. Ozzie is damaged goods!

  • kwkrnu

    I am very sorry to hear this news. Primarily, she is always good for a laugh. Secondarily, she is extremely talented. Have you ever known anyone that can talk out of both sides of their mouth AND their butt; at the same time?

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  • rachel

    Ugly, unpleasant AND stupid

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  • Henry

    Thank God we will not be seeing that skunkass smelling haint C*NT on the TV afer November. Does Mr. Shultz have to taste all of obama’s creamt DNA in his wife’s skanky love holes at night? Someone should shove a ham down the Byche’s skunk hole mouth. Perhaps that day could become a yearly celebration!

    • Floridian

      ^^This comment made it past the “moderator”? Is this a hate site, under the guise of “free speech”? Of course you have the right to speak like this, but what kind of a person does? What kind of a news site condones this vile talk.

  • Floridian

    I was just checking out this website for information. What I discovered is this: Articles come with unnamed sources (some statements don’t even have quotes around them), by the end of reading comments, speculation has become fact, and lastly (and sadly)the comments are just name-calling, like bullies in high school (and just as immature). I may disagree with someone, but does it really have to come to this? Please read up on cyberbullying, and think if you would want someone who dissagreed with your wife or daughter to act like this. Please don’t justify it be saying someone else acts that way, because we are all responsible for our own behavior and ethics.