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***Update-Congressional Candidate Ozzie deFaria Under Criminal Investigation

By Javier Manjarres

***Update below-Embattled Republican congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria, who is best known for the “dog collar”incident is now the focus of a criminal investigation as a result of apparently receiving illegally  information that is only available to current law enforcement officials.

It’s been increasingly alarming to hear about the different Alinskyite tactics that have been used against conservative bloggers and journalists of late. Some of my fellow conservative bloggers have been the target of “Swatting” attacks that have made national news of late, the purpose of which are to terrorize their victims and intimidate them to stop their blogging efforts.

deFaria, who has employed an amateurish campaign staff that has undoubtedly poorly advised him on how to properly do damage control has put up a website about his main opponent in the Republican primary race, Karen Harrington that is nothing less than laughable and libelous. deFaria has been in damage control mode subsequent to the revelation of his 2005 domestic violence issue and his 2006 arrest for repeat violence and battery.

The website contains several misrepresentations of Harrington and even questions her claim to being a small business owner because she only owns part of her family business. This accusation is insulting to all small business owners who have entered into partnerships with their friends and families- no one but deFaria apparently believes that if you only own 1/6 or any fraction of a business then you aren’t really small business owner.

But here’s deFaria’s major no-no that has landed him in hot water- he illegally obtained my Florida driver’s license information and photo and then claimed that it was a ‘mugshot’ of me. Right underneath the picture, deFaria typed my name and the date of a domestic violence issue I had in 2008 in a pathetic attempt to make my license picture look like is was actually a mug shot taken after an arrest.

For the record, back in 2008, my ex-girlfriend and I both filed counter restraining orders on each other for a telephone and email dispute we had. She embellished her story, I embellished mine. The case was dropped two days later. When deFaria posted the ‘mugshot’ I thought to myself that the picture looked eerily familiar-

deFaria is implying that I was arrested for Domestic Violence on 7/10/2008, an outright lie. As a member of the Florida Capitol Police Press Corps, a background check is performed on me and all other members of the press corps every six months in order to renew our identification cards. When deFaria posted the picture, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), who are now actively inquiring into the matter, ran another background check on me. I asked the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to do the same. The result of the background checks were what we expected- I was clean as a whistle.

Broward Sheriff’s detectives as well as FDLE and Fort Lauderdale police officers have confirmed that my 2010 Driver’s License picture was illegally accessed and used in deFaria’s attack website.

What does this say about Ozzie deFaria’s character? You be the judge. deFaria has been completely taken off message, and has focused on Karen Harrington, not Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Long before deFaria entered the race, my friends at FreedomWorks warned that they had heard that the Democrats were planting a candidate to take away from Harrington- we still don’t know if deFaria is the plant or not.

deFaria’s reckless actions are not representative of Republicans or the the GOP as a whole. deFaria’s own conduct and actions have made it very clear in this Republican primary race that he lacks the judgment and character for Congress. It would be interesting to hear what Senator John McCain, Senator Richard Burr, Herman Cain, and J.C. Watts, have to say about deFaria’s actions. All of these men have either endorsed or express support for deFaria’s congressional campaign

Here’s what we reported a few weeks back. Note that Arrest reports and sworn affidavits can be found here- deFaria Battery Arrest

2006 Repeat Violence and Battery Arrest

On July 19, 2006, Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ deFaria was arrested by the Broward Sheriff’s Office(BSO) on three misdemeanor counts of Violence Injunction Against Repeat, Sex, Dating Violence and Touch or Strike/Battery charges.

According to BSO arrest records, deFaria was arrested after slapping Charles Seibold in the face three times, violating the previously court ordered Injunction against him.

Here is what the arresting deputy’s report read-

2005 Domestic Violence

On November 22, 2005, Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ deFaria was accused of Domestic Violence by Charles R. Seibold, III, who at the time was the boyfriend of his wife Elaine-the deFaria’s were separated, and in the process of a divorce.

According to Seibold’s sworn and signed affidavit, during the incident that occurred on 11/20/05, Seibold stated that the Respondent(deFaria) “knocked cup out of my hand and then smashed in my face while I was trying to watch his daughter play soccer.” Seibold then stated that deFaria “chased” him “100 yards across field yelling obscenities,” before he was repeatedly “smacked” in the shoulder by defaria, before he “ripped” the sunglasses of Seibold’s face and broke them. (Affidavit)

In the same sworn affidavit, Seibold describes the event that occurred on 7/23/2005 between Ozzie deFaria and his wife at the time, Elaine deFaria.

“On the above date, the Respondent(deFaria) pushed his way into my girlfriend’s house looking for me. The Respondent grabbed my girlfriend by the arm and pushed her aside…Police arrived and took pictures of my girlfriends arm.”- Charles Seibold, III (11/20/2005)

On 6/17/2006, defendant Osvaldo deFaria arrived at 2478 Poinciana Ct to drop off his children a his ex-wife Elaine’s house. At the time defendant deFaria exited his vehicle during an argument that he initiated with Charles Seibold. Defendant deFaria walked into the garage and did actually and intentionally touch or strike Seibold against his will by slapping him in the face three times.


Defendant DeFaria did cause bodily harm to Seibold in the form of scratch marks located on Seibold’s back, this occurred when defendant deFaria was pulling on Seibold’s shirt. Defendant deFaria did intentionally and unlawfully, after having been served with an Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence, commit an act of Repeat Violence by committing the act of battery against Seibold. Defendant deFaria also was in violation of the protection order by exiting the vehicle which was in violation of the injunction.-Deputy Michael Gelske

**Update-It seems as if Mr.deFaria has folded under pressure.  His lackluster campaign has taken down my  phony’mugshot’ and replaced it was another more flattering picture of me that was taken when I was a guest on Univision’s Sunday morning political TV show, ‘Al Punto.’ This does not excuse dofus-aria for his shameless attack on me. Police investigators have the screen shots from his original posting, and the self-inflicted damage to his campaign has been done. Several members of Congress and their staffers have reached out to me and offered their LOL critique of Mr.dofus-aria’s pathetic campaign by referring to him as an “Idiot” a “Joke” , one even called him a “Dumbass.”

I think as they do, deFaria may have to consider his chances in this race. Even if he manages to win the Republican primary race on August 14, he will not be receiving the support from the powers that be in a general election-he is toxic. Way to go Ozzie!

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Ana Gomez-Mallada

    Some of the nonsense on that site sounds a lot like the lbelous nonsense that the likes of Chad Lincoln (depressingly close to the current BREC (mis)management team) brought up against you before. And for which you can still file suit.

    Ozzie DeFaria is actually rather a bright guy who has worked hard to make quite a lot of himself. I am surprised he didnt spot the great big “L” on some of those foreheads and run the other way.

    • No Slack Jack

      Think about this…if, if Ozzie were to win, the Demonkratz would use this against Republicans in an New York second, retelling the story of Ozzie’s domestics in order to discredit women and the RP in general for supporting such a candidate.

      No candidate should be supported for such behavior, NONE. Just as a domestic battery charge can prevent one from obtaining a concealed weapons permit, all the more it should prevent someone from making or voting on laws. I’m just saying.

      • No Slack Jack

        I meant to say, the DP could use Ozzie’s behavior/background to foster the idea that Republicans support anti-women’s issues, that the RP support wife-beaters.

  • Susan Riley

    you “embellished” a story to the police? hmm..Then why should I trust this article, Javier? Maybe “embellishing” is quite a habit of you.

    • Javier Manjarres

      lol, your candidate just stepped in it

  • Mike Smith

    This type of personal attacks must stop, but if it continues, guess what the next congressional candidate from CD 23 will be Joe Kaufman. This is going to be the final result.
    By the way Karen Harrington can not defend her own words and actions which was the basis of the Ozzie website. His attack on you is the result of your attack on him. You both have problems and should stop it now.

  • Dan

    Mr. Manjarres, you have not even scratched the surface. If you were to dig deeper, you may find much more.

  • Dan

    Look into his financial history. How did he enmass wealth ? Look into it.

    • charlie

      While you are at it, you might also look into his Harvard credentials.
      I did and he never graduated from Harvard. He just took a course that lasted a few weeks and would be awarded a certification.
      Check it out..

      • Dan

        Appears to me that this guy may be a plant and a fake.

  • Perseids

    This fellow is overdue for an up close and personal introduction to the Castle Doctrine.

  • Jennifer

    This guy Ozzie should go to jail for something like that! And this guy wants to be our Congressman?

  • Steve Elliot

    You guys have no idea what goes on with divorces, especially with children involved. What happened with Ozzie was minor, so minor that his ex wife is currently working with Ozzie on his campaign and everyone is getting along. What you guys need to do is to go family court for a day or two and watch what really goes on. Then critize or attack Ozzie on something that is over rated and exagerated at best. As for charactor Shark Tank, i question yours and all those who support you.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Everyone listen up. Steve Elliot is really Joe Goldner. He defends deFaria with out a shred of substance. Why don’t you explain to us how deFaria got a hold of a Driver’s License? How about why he needed to ‘doctor’ up a phony mugshot? Waiting for an answer…

      • glenn H.

        You seem like a phony (R) by constantly smearing Broward (Rs). Why don’t you focus all of your talents on the (Ds)? Cause trouble for their camp. Air their dirty laundry.

        • Javier Manjarres

          Phony? Only phony here is deFaria, who from the looks of it, may have committed a crime. Let’s wait for the Asst. District Attorney to weigh in on this

  • Lamchop

    de faria sounds like a thug of the first degree. I find this “trend” of personally attacking reporters/bloggers (positioned on the FRONT LINES of investigating our legislators who are otherwise not accountable) highly disturbing. Keep up the good work and the savage tan, Mr. Manjarres – you are protecting our free speech, and I for one am grateful.

  • Chelsea

    To defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz we need the most electable candidate and that candidate is Juan Eliel Garcia.

    Vote Juan Eliel Garcia for Congress District 23!

    • Liz

      I have never even hear of that guy – please get real!

      • Chelsea

        Well Liz, let me give you a little bit of information so you are well acquainted with our future Congressman. At the age of 18, Juan Eliel joined the National Guard and served for six years as a 91B combat medic and was recognized for his bravery and courage after risking his own life to save others. His first job was as a dispatcher in 1993 working for Waste Management, a top fortune 500 company. Juan Eliel was rapidly promoted to a supervisor position and by 1998, he was appointed senior operations manager in charge of all operations. There he proved his commitment, dedication and abilities and holds a flawless management track record. He has experienced first hand what it is to be an entrepreneur in this great country of ours. He dealt on a daily basis with the harsh reality of our rough economy and the responsibility of providing the income source for many families.In fact, he was recently recognized by the United States Congress for his outstanding and invaluable service to the community as a successful Hispanic leader.

        As you can see Juan Eliel Garcia is clearly the most qualified and electable Candidate in this race. So you should check your facts.

        • Liz

          If I do not know who he is, no one does and belive me Politics is my hobby, he can Not beat Debbie.
          Having a nice resume is just the tip of the iceberg.

          Let’s get real Karen Harrington, not only got almost 40% of the vote, people all over the country are backing her, not to mention all the National endorsements.

          I just hope when it’s time we all stand together and vote Debbie out!

          • Samantha

            Excuse me, Karen Harrington? Isn’t that the candidate that lost in 2010? I think that’s a clear indication that people do not feel comfortable in electing her as our next Congress women for district 23. Juan Eliel Garcia has not only a brilliant resume, but the ideas and values that we need in a leader.

            Vote Juan Eliel Garcia for Congress!

          • Chelsea

            Liz if you would like to meet Juan Eliel in person, I invite you to do so at the BREC debate that he will be participating in on June 28 . The same debate that your candidate does not feel the need to attend.

            You talk about all of the support for your candidate around the country and her national endorsements, but I hate to break it to you the people who matter in this race are the ones at home in this district.

            Vote Juan Eliel Garcia for Congress

          • Liz

            Actually I am speeding all my time playing with the winning team!


          • Charlie

            Wow!! Karen got 40% last time? Actually she really got 38% but I figure you are rounding up in your favor.
            Now if my math is correct, that means that 62% did not want her as our representative.
            I don’t follow losers.

      • libslyr

        It’s people like you afraid to vote in new blood, who are contributing to the career politicians and their dirty dealings. Vote in some new blood. Anyone is better than any congress person we have their now.
        So let’s get to it, everyone!

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  • Liz

    Is this they type of person we want to send to Congress?? We might as well keep Debbie.

    Karen Harrington is the only with a real chance and everybody else better face the facts. —> Ck out the NATIONAL endorsements!

  • Meg

    Can we Please focus here? This Ozzie guy is a real elitist. He probably is a plant from the left. The nasty unsubstantiated crap he has to say about Karen shows a total lack of anything but the traits of a man with Narcissistic Personality Disorder,just like the POTUS.. He stands up at a meeting with Karen and Joe talk about your trip to Israel with I think he said Larry Thompson.. the pastor of First Baptist Church FT Laud and then lies, cheat and posts FAKE MUG SHOTS????? Never did I hear any confessions of arrests at that meeting. Karen is real, Karen has grown and learned so much. She is well spoken, informed and will be a great addition to Congress. Joe is great when it comes to CAIR and Israel but a guy who sits and says “only a Kaufman can beat a Wasserman” really is no where close to being ready for the big league. If only a Kauffman can beat a Wasserman…we have no prayer to beat Obama unless an Islamic Marxist republican shows up. I think I will copy all this to whoever was conned into endorsing this creep.

    • Dan

      Meg – so true ! How can a violent man that denigrates women, doctors up pictures – first of a sitting congresswoman and then of media, run for congress ? He lies about his education, it’s been pointed out that the wealth he touts may be ill-gained. This guy epitomizes exactly the kind of person that should NOT be anywhere near US Congress or any other elected office.

  • Michael

    Aren’t you supposed to say paid political ad Karen Harrington for congress with a note she approves this ad.

    In any case neither Harrington or DeFaria are likely to defeat Joe Kaufmann. I know he refuses to pay you for articles but you just aren’t very influential

    • Javier Manjarres

      Influential enough for you to keep reading the Shark Tank and salivating over my every post 😉

  • Thomas

    I met Ozzie deFaria once, and it din’t give me any confidence in him. Felt a little phoney. There you have it now. BTW how come we dont hear about Karen’s race ? I haven’t received any flyer from her yet, but Ozzie deFaria, have quite a few.

    With that said, it would be nice if the toxic asset Debbie W Filth can be removed.

    • Liz

      I have been stuffing envelopes with other volunteers, I guess we need to send more to your area.
      Since we got a new district a lot of the of those efforts have been concentrated there but I am sure you will get more soon.
      The primary in August 14th so mark your calendars :-)

      • Samantha

        Liz, you have typos in every single one of your postings, showing your lack of attention to detail. Maybe the reason Thomas hasn’t heard of Karen is because she has incompetent people running her campaign and poor opinions not worthy of public attention.

        Anyways, Thomas the only candidate you need to know about for the primaries ON August 14 is Juan Eliel Garcia. He is the only sincere, qualified, humble and electable candidate there is to defeat Debbie Wasserman.

        • meg

          Wow , Samantha we are just regular people supporting Karen, We believe in her, and are passionate about this country. Volunteers …stuffing envelopes, not getting paid not “running her campaign”. Showing up and doing something about this mess we have on our hands instead of just complaining about it.. Boy the misconceptions run rampant. I don’t want to be rude but Juan’s typo’s are verbal. You want to get all elitist on someone, start with Juan.

        • Liz

          What I do I do from my heart, I might not be perfect but are you?

          I do not get paid, instead of being nasty to other GOP voters I try to do what I do when I can.

          Thanks for reading all my post so pay attention to this:

  • Patricia Campion

    DANG, dude… Looks like YOU’VE been rocking the boat again… and made Ozzie a bit sea-sick……….. GOOD JOB!!!!

    Big fan, by the way. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Javier Manjarres

      haha! Nice hearing from you Patricia, long-time no see. Hope all is well, and thanks for supporting the Shark Tank

  • Tina

    OMG! Ozzie had his x-wife and kids speak for him @ BREC. He forced them to go on stage and say he was a good dad and husband and that he never beat them. This guy is PATHETIC!

  • Sapphire

    We need to fire all the liberals in the WH. We nned to get rid of this woman Debbie. She is so power hungry, like the rest of the 434 who rule the country. People we need to unite. We are slowly giving up our rights. The same way it started in Cuba, now in Venezuela and in the US. We have a dictator in the White House. We need to chose the best local candidate to support us in Washington. Karen is the most qualified to do the job. After she wins in August, everyone should support her by voting for her. Let’s unite and stop all the hen pecking that is going on with the Republican party. Whatever happened to conservatism in this country? I’m in shock what the Chief Justice did to harm this country. He gave Obama and all the other liberals, Democrats and Republicans to do whatever taxes they can impose on the American people. WE NEED TO HAVE TERM LIMTS!!!

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  • samantha

    Ok Meg, guess what I am just a regular person as well; one that is supporting the RIGHT candidate, unlike yourself.I not only believe, but I know that Juan is the only candidate that can defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and take our country in the direction that it needs to go. Perhaps he has made a “verbal typo” before, publicly speaking at an event that Karen didn’t bother to show up at, but no one is claiming to be perfect. I am no elitist, but I will support a candidate that spends his spare time as a youth pastor, rather than one who spends her spare time getting drunk at Ricky’s.

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  • momtothreebeagles

    Two paragraphs in, I thought to myself, “he must be a plant”. Further down, you mentioned that possibility. Looks like he’s doing a great job of digging his own political grave. Hang in there, Javier! Your work, unlike his, is important and appreciated!

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  • Liz

    Again – who?? you are dreaming too.

  • Javier Manjarres

    Oh, so you now give your name? Is that your real name?

  • Javier Manjarres

    Btw, where was your name used, and what are you talking about?