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Allen West- "Lets Talk About Obama Doing Blow"

By Javier Manjarres

The progressives who attended Congressman Allen West’s town hall meeting managed to drop some choice questions on the good Congressman. One of the questions was about an alleged Article 15 hearing that he supposedly received in the Army-  never mind the fact that West never received an Article 15 hearing before leaving the Army- West left the military with full honors and his pension.

West took a bit of an issue with the question, and posed one of his own to his detractors-

“If you guys want to go back and talk about what happened nine years ago to me, lets talk about the President doing blow.”- Congressman Allen West

[vsw id=”-cLt9bRnldA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Allen West Smacks Down Credo PAC Operative

Allen West Gets Pink Slip, Mocks Hecklers

Leftist Verbally Assaults Allen West Supporter

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Scooby

    Brilliant! Col. West = a TRUE HERO!

    • Rich

      Yeah, and I’ll bet that the good Mr. West has led a perfect life and has never done one thing wrong ever.Never taken a drink, never took the Lord’s Name in vain, never looked twice at another women, never even though of doing any kind of drugs, led the life of an angel.

      I would just love to see Mr. West gain the Vice Presidential nomination so the media would have a real reason to see if he’s as perfect as he seems to feel he is. Could make for an interesting show.

      • AmazedAmerican

        You sound like sour grapes. Got something you want to say?

        • Rich

          What I just told you. Has the good Mr. West led this “perfect life” that he can cast aspersions on anyone he chooses to?
          He still hasn’t had the guts to even attempt to prove his idiotic “communist” allegations.
          He’s just telling you all what you want to hear so you’ll send him money to keep that cushy job he’s got with the kind of benefits you can only dream about and that you want to try to take away from hard working Americans.
          While we’re at it, I’ll bet you that Mr. West will very gladly “double dip” his pensions when he retires, all AT YOUR AND MY EXPENSE!!

          • cutenu2

            You missed his point. If someone wants to dig up his past, let’s dig up everyone’s past. Nobody’s perfect. I understood that, why can’t you?

  • AFIraqVet

    These idiots show a complete lack of knowledge of the military and its justice system by making such an asinine implication. There is no such thing as an Article 15 hearing because an Article 15 is a NON-JUDICIAL action. LTC West wasn’t convicted of anything because there was no trial and no formal charges. What they might have meant, if not trying to play gotcha and looking like jackasses in the process, is an Article 32 hearing (military version of a Grand Jury) that ultimately decided not to send LTC West to a General Court Martial.

    As far as his actions go, nobody can defend them better than he, and I deeply respect his willingness to sacrifice a career for the interests of his troops.

  • Dollyg

    Obama admits he spent most of his high school years doing Blow, so you know he got bad grades, so how in the heck did he get into the best colleges in the USA?

    • Mike Hathaway

      Khalid Al Monsour? Google it.

    • Gustyj

      Is this about the President giving BLOW-JOBS? Or What?

      • don

        No that was later…..

        A F E R M A T I V E — A C T I O N is how he got in or in plain language, legal racism. In that form of it even if your academics were of the highest order but you did not have a dark enough tan, you were not allowed to enter universities that had a “quota” to fill. There are many many stories of people both in and out of academia who suffered at the hands of ne’er-do-wells riding the wave of guilt of the checkered past of our country.
        And to quote a famous Obanana friend/foe, “The chickens have come home to roost”.

      • Rich

        WOW!! How clever of you!! How much deep thought did it take you to come up with your clever remark??
        I’ll bet it took an awful lot of time and effort on your part.

      • cutenu2

        There ya go! I was thinking the same thing. Blow what or whom? LOL!!

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  • JacquelineL

    I applaud the action West took against a terrorist in order to save the lives of his soldiers. I applaud his actions in a stagnant Congress. A Congress that has done little (very little) to move our country forward in the last 3 years. If more people like West and Rubio were sent to Congress the country could be, finally, moving back in the right direction.

  • The United West


    Good job on this report. Could you crank out a 15 minute version of the Q & A with the full questions and answers?

    This is an important video.

    Thank you

    The United West

  • Kenneth Cherevko

    Townhall meeting? My Congressman doesn’t know what those are.

  • Perseids

    When the truth of what West did and why he had done it was made public along with the fate that awaited him for his actions a justified firestorm erupted within the informed members of the public.
    West quickly became one red hot potato and the political beings began running for cover. The path of least resistance was chosen and Allen West was left to just go away. Hindsight determines that was wishful thinking indeed. He’s nobody’s punk.

  • Electric Jack

    First of all an Art 15 is a decision made by a Commander and is not a Court Marshall it is a non-judicial punishment for minor infractions. What the Col did was more than 90% of the officers in the military would have the guts to do. Idiots all. I love it when draft dogging liberals try to say anything about Americas Military its like a chicken ranch having a election an electing Col Sanders as Mayor….

    Further more if a person is given an art 15 he / she has the right to demand a Summary Court Marshall. Maybe if the Army had less politicians wanna bes an had more real men these wars would be done a long time ago……….By the way the only time the US Military goes into action is when diplomats fail
    I personally would go to war with the Col an be damn proud to serve with him.

    These liberals are not smart enough to fight my Col come see me I am a lot smaller and meaner than a junk yard dog.

    Jack Murphy
    TSgt USAF (RET )
    In-Flight Medic

  • Lowie

    Congressman Allen West is a patriot and I thank him for his service.

    I did not vote for this President because I saw his shortcomings as a statesman. He has done nothing to earn the office he holds and I fault the stupid electorate for what they have done to our country. You all can make amends by not awarding him with another 4 years. I pray to God that you all wake up to the reality that this President wants to destroy the system that has lifted many of us from poor to rich. This is an economic coup d etat and the only weapon we have is the ballot box. VOTE PLEASE.

    • steve wilson

      MORE Allen Wests,not less. We need more people acting as he does,
      in and out of uniform.

  • Rich

    Let’s see the good Mr. West provide documentation to prove his statement (misstatement) about the President “doing blow”.
    I’m waiting, just like waiting for his proof of the “communists” in the Congress.

    • BoGo

      Barry admitted it in his own book, Dreams from my Father.

      Do a little homework before disparaging someone telling truths that don’t fit your warped view of reality.

      The commies are the Congressional Progressive Caucus. They may not be official card carrying members of CPUSA, but they’ve been endorsed by them and their platform matches CPUSA’s plank for plank.

      Col. West is 100% correct on this point as well.

      • Perseids

        “Barry admitted it in his own book”
        His name was on it. I guess in a sense that makes it kinda his.
        Didn’t the murdering Weather Underground avowed Marxist Bill Aires sometime back take credit for the actual writing within the book?
        Birds of a feather I always say.

        • BoGo

          You are correct, sir.

          I didn’t want to present too much truth to Dick at one time or his head would expode.

          That’s the same book where the publisher’s promo materials had “born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia” for Obama’s bio (bio’s are supplied directly by the authors) up until 2007.

      • Rich

        You guys see “communists” under your beds.
        Hell, if the republicans/conservatives/teabags win out in November, we’ll be on the road to fascism where practically everything is controlled by the military industrial complex.
        Hopefully enough people will be wise enough to keep that from happening.

    • don

      GAWDS Rich….your embarrassing me. Don’t you read or at least read something other than whats on Media Mutters and the Sunday comics?
      First…read about the thoughts that the communists convey. (hint) look to the past) Then play match the pattern with the “progressives”
      VIOLA!! Hey Rich if you do this, you will be one informed hombre.

    • Walker

      Rich, you idiot, if you want documentation of Obama doing “blow”, just read his book, “Dreams of My Father”. Obama is the one who said he did drugs. Man you are surely ignorant.

      • Rich

        That’s old news. How many of YOU have led perfect lives?’
        I’ll bet the good Mr. West hasn’t led a perfect life.
        Stuff from his books are old news now, all in the past.
        Mr. West just loves to say things to agitate you folks knowing that Mr. Manjarres will print it here so you all can have more fun trashing our President.

        If people had made remarks about President Bush as nasty as you all do about President Obama, you folks would be having fits yet you feel it is OK to denigrate President Obama practically at will. Typical conservative double standard.

  • Rich

    Typical for this site which is nothing more than a print tome B.S. and let the readers bash the President and liberals/progressives in general site.
    Mr. Manjarres, let’s see the proof of Mr. West’s statement.
    Wouldn’t a responsible journalist make sure that Mr. West’s statement was indeed correct and factual before he printed it?

    • BoGo

      Here ya go, Dick. Did your homework for ya.

      Liberalism/Progressivism is truly a mental disorder and I’ll say a prayer for your recovery.

      • Rich

        No prayers needed, pal.
        You idiots believe that you need to shill for the wealthy who are waiting to crush you all while they gain all the advantages and you can’t wait to see it happen.

  • Liz

    West for VP and then President!


  • don

    We all know how are the real men in this country. Men who take a stand for something traditional as well as open enough to explore. Congressman West is such a man.
    With cities and states within our borders electing males like Barny Frank or Keith Ellison and other clowns that mock everything this great country was founded on, I would suggest that those men and women who are reading this, put on your mental armor and fight like a mad dog with William F. Buckley’s mouth, or at least a near equivalent. Shouting and yelling at the sob’s who are destroying this country will do no good. Words and information will do it as Breitbart found out. Maybe to his demise.
    Whats left of this country is worth fighting for. The other side wants it bad. Do we?

    WEST FOR VP!!!

    Considering the “one breath away rule” I would want no one in there but him.

  • Jeff

    Nothing says I am a Patriot then trying to degrade the POTUS. Allen West didn’t do no blow. He only put a gun to someone’s head and threatened their lives. Nothing says American then bullying and intimidation. Just because he relocated further North to avoid a competitive election doesn’t make him a coward. He is a true Patriot, right?

    • Walker

      Yes he is a true Patriot!! Because the man he threatened to shoot had information about a plan to kill West’s me in Iraq. Allen West saved the lives of his men by “threatening” the man . . . he did not harm him.

      And you sir, are an idiot and a coward . . .

  • Bob

    Hey Havy, what a piece of shit you are harassing an old man. If anyone is blowing anyone I’m sure it’s you while taking a crank up your butt. I wish I was there, I would have called you out pussy boy, then what?

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