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Will Ozzie deFaria's Past Battery Arrest and Domestic Violence Issue Hamper His Congressional Campaign?

By Javier Manjarres

Republican congressional candidate Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ deFaria continues to raise  doubts as to the credibility of his candidacy as the details of his 2005 domestic violence case and his 2006 Repeat Violence and Battery arrest come to light.

deFaria, who has been trying to gain traction in the Republican  congressional primary has already received criticism from  several national media outlets as well as from members of Congress for his controversial depiction of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz,which featured her with a photo-shopped a dog collar around her neck.  To add insult to injury, deFaria then stated that Wasserman Schultz “needed to be sent back to the pound.”  deFaria has taken pot shots at both Karen Harrington and Joe Kaufman the other candidates who have officially qualified for the Republican primary ballot. (deFaria-Send DWS Back to Pound Video)

deFaria has recently announced that he has received the endorsements of Senators John  McCain(R-AZ) and Richard Burr (R-NC), in addition to J.C. Watts, and being named by Herman Cain as a member of his ‘Army of Davids”.

Now court records from his 2005 Domestic Violence case and his 2006 Arrest for Repeat Domestic Violence and Battery are painting a very disturbing pattern of domestic violence and perhaps some serious anger management issues.

2005 Domestic Violence

On November 22, 2005, Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ deFaria  was accused of Domestic Violence by Charles R. Seibold, III, who at the time was the boyfriend of his wife Elaine-the deFaria’s were separated, and in the process of a divorce.

According to Seibold’s sworn and signed affidavit, during the incident that occurred on 11/20/05, Seibold stated that the Respondent(deFaria) “knocked cup out of my hand and then smashed in my face while I was trying to watch his daughter play soccer.” Seibold then stated that deFaria “chased” him “100 yards across field yelling obscenities,” before he was repeatedly “smacked” in the shoulder by defaria, before he “ripped” the sunglasses of Seibold’s face and broke them. (Affidavit)

In the same sworn affidavit, Seibold describes the event that occurred on 7/23/2005 between Ozzie deFaria and his wife at the time, Elaine deFaria.

“On the above date, the Respondent(deFaria) pushed his way into my girlfriend’s house looking for me. The Respondent grabbed my girlfriend by the arm and pushed her aside…Police arrived and took pictures of my girlfriends arm.”- Charles Seibold, III (11/20/2005)

In addition to these two incidents, Mr. Seibold address a third incident that occurred in June 2005-

The Respondent said over the phone that he was going to kill me. The Respondent has told me 4-5 times that he was going to kill me. The Respondent also told my girlfriend and my former girlfriend that he is going to kill me. The Respondent also said that if I every go around his kids, he will kill me.-Charles Seibold (07/23/2005)

In a letter to Elaine deFaria by Asst. State Attorney Stacy Robbins, Robbins stated that due to the “domestic violence crime that occurred on July 23, 2005, and “based on the evidence obtained, I have decided to file charges”.

A temporary injunction (Restraining Order) for Protection Against Repeat Violence was filed against Ozzie deFaria, prohibiting  from going to or within 500ft of his wife Elaine’s home at 2673 Riviera Manor, Weston, Florida 33332. deFaria was also prohibited from coming with 100 ft of the Petitioner’s (Seibold) motor vehicle.(Read the report)

2006 Repeat Violence and Battery Arrest

 On July 19, 2006, Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ deFaria was arrested by the Broward Sheriff’s Office(BSO) on three  misdemeanor counts of Violence Injunction Against Repeat, Sex, Dating Violence and Touch or Strike/Battery charges.

According to BSO arrest records, deFaria was arrested after slapping Charles Seibold in the face three times, violating the previously court ordered Injunction against him.

Here is what the arresting deputy’s report read-

On 6/17/2006, defendant Osvaldo deFaria arrived at 2478 Poinciana Ct to drop off his children a his ex-wife Elaine’s house. At the time defendant deFaria exited his vehicle during an argument that he initiated with Charles Seibold. Defendant deFaria walked into the garage and did actually and intentionally touch or strike Seibold against his will by slapping him in the face three times.

Defendant DeFaria did cause bodily harm to Seibold in the form of scratch marks located on Seibold’s back, this occurred when defendant deFaria was pulling on Seibold’s shirt. Defendant deFaria did intentionally and unlawfully, after having been served with an Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence, commit an act of Repeat Violence by committing the act of battery against Seibold. Defendant deFaria also was in violation of the protection order by exiting the vehicle which was in violation of the injunction.-Deputy Michael Gelske

A couple of months back, the Shark Tank approached deFaria about his past Domestic Violence issue, and he indicated that while these incidents were in his past, he now has established a very amicable relationship with his ex-wife. (Read the Arrest report)

deFaria’s run-ins with law enforcement and pattern of violent and questionable behavior stemming from the initial domestic violence claim to the 2006 repeat Violence and Battery arrest could very turn off voters and call into question whether or not he has the character and temperament that is expected of a member of Congress.  deFaria recently gave a somewhat less than inspirational reason as to why he is  running for Congress-

If the economy was strong and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was not the head of the DNC, I wouldn’t be running.” -Ozzie deFaria (News Press)

June 8th marks the last day for candidates to either qualify for the ballot or to detract a candidacy from consideration.

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About author

Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • Rose

    OMG! I had no idea about him. I met Ozzie @ Wings Plus and I told him he was a very nice man & that I would vote for him. Not now. My ex husband abused me for years and I can’t stand a bully!

    • TheRightMixx

      These “battery and violence” stories tend to appear a little one-sided. Have you seen the video with his ex-wife?

      • Jan

        Yes, I did see that video and word is that his x-wife is scared silly of Ozzie and she was pressured to do that video. Besides, Ozzie hit a women and once a PUNK always a PUNK!

  • Sammy

    Is this guy serious? Why would anyone run for elected office with this hanging around his neck? It is people like this that make it hard for Republicans win

    • Tea Party Tina


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  • TT

    This is very scary. who would vote for this guy? Certainly not a woman! I’m telling everyone I know…..I live in this district!

  • Antoinette

    Great story,thanks for exposing Ozzie? Plus, I am not even a Ozzie fan..go Joe.

  • Jen

    Any man that hits a woman is not a man! Ozzie is a punk.

  • Antoinette

    Interesting enough, Joe Kaufman is a long shot to win, and I am just another troll for deFaria. Thanks for honest reporting Javier.

  • Chad

    Karen Harrington is the only candidate that can beat Blabbermouth Schultz. We now have a criminal, an extremist and a some other woman that is probably a Democrat plant.

    • nono

      Chad you are so wrong about the other candidates. It is Ozzie
      we don’t trust.

  • Alex B

    @Chad…LMAO…Time to do your homework! Karen Harrington is the only lifelong Democrat in this race, who switched parties and became an Independent for a few years, and just in the last several years became a Republican when she decided to run for Congress the first time and lost! Ask her if Debbie Wasserman Schultz & her are personal friends & if she voted for Clinton and Debbie herself in the past. You have been misead and misinformed. The Democrat Plant IS YOUR CANDIDATE Chad, not the “other woman!”

    • Chad

      Another baseless accusation. Karen is the favorite to win,she expects these kinds of baseless attacks. The other woman is Bresso, who is a lifetime Washington Insider

      • Ron Smith

        Actually she did become a republican only a few weeks before she ran last time. KArena already lost why should you give her another chance

        • Chad

          Yes, but she was never a Democrat. She has the name ID already in place, very popular.

          • Alex B

            @Chad-Wrong again. Ask Karen herself if she was a life-long Democrat…She has never denied it and the election records prove it. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid Chad!

          • Jeff

            Does anyone know the educational backgrounds of the candidates? I know that Mr. DeFaria attended Harvard. Did Ms. Harrington even graduate High School?

        • Tea Party Voter in Fl.

          Ozzie’s recluse driving KILLED an innocent women and left a young boy motherless. This guy has a DANGEROUS pattern! And this guy wants to be my Congressman?!

  • Alex B

    @Chad-Nothing baseless in the truth. The Broward Supervisor of Election’s voter records for Karen Harrington show the truth about her party affiliations. Do your homework Chad. You clearly don’t know what you speak about regarding Harrington or Bresso. Bresso is as much a Washington Insider, as Harrington is a Republican! You have been severely mislead and misinformed.

  • Ron Smith

    Everyone go to Ozzie’s website and you can see a video of his ex wife talking about him and she seems to think he is a very good man. I believe this is in his past and that he is the best candidate. His business experience cannot be overlooked, but I’m sure Javier won’t show this post because Karen is paying/sleeping with him.

    • Chad

      How ignorant is this comment? Sleeping with him? Doesnt the post already say that his wife and he are on good terms?

      • Lisa

        She was paid off! Dah!

  • Weinstein

    You state in this article that Ozzie, Joe and Karen are the only candidates that have officially qualified for the Republican Primary ballot… Let me point out that Juan Eliel Garcia has also qualified.

    • Women against Ozzie deFaria for Congress

      Have you seen how much plastic surgery Ozzie has done to his eyes and face? This guy is a weirdo. First he beats a women now he tries to look like one. Wow…

  • sbohne

    Ron, you are just as much of a pig as Defaria for your last comment regarding Karen Harrington. Men like the two of you cannot resist showing your true feelings of superiority and power over women. Now it is much easier to understand Ozzie’s repeated calls to put DSW in a dog collar and send her back to the pound. This is just one illustration of how he generally views all women. Come on Republican women !!!!! Get these abusive idiots out of our party!!!!!

  • Chad

    To the two ignorant ozzie defarai supporters @Alex B and @Ron Smith Harrington has denied every being a Democrat,she hhas said that she was an Independent all her life. Nice try to try to deflect from Ozzie’s pathetic mistakes.

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  • http://DodgeCountyNews.com MM from Georgia

    Ozzie should change his last name to Clinton. He would then be a hit with women instead of trying to hit them. Clinton did that and now he’s the face of the Demoleft Party. He always was popular with women generally for some odd reason. I never understood his popularity.

  • Alex B

    @Chad-So she admitted to not being a Republican the vast majority of her life and somehow yet you still believe she deserves to be the Republican nominee for Congress? Don’t you see what is happening here??? By Karen becoming the Republican nominee, she guarantees her friend Debbie has a job for another 2 years, just like she did two years ago & your support and voting for her helps them achieve their goals yet again. They’re laughing at all you Harrington supporters righ now Chad. And for the record, I am not an Ozzie fan or one of his supporters, sorry.

  • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

    I am going to chime in only this one time. Alex B, or whomever you really are, say whatever you want to say, just be honest about it. You claim that Harrington is friends with Wasserman Schultz, yet you don’t provide proof.
    Are you telling us that in 2010 Robert Lowry would have done better against Wasserman Schultz?

    Let’s all get one thing straight. Wasserman Schultz is a hard target to beat. deFaria’s actions work against him and the Republican party as a whole. Just like Lowry’s did two years ago, remember all of his baggage and missteps?

    The truth is Harrington was an Independent,now a Republican. So what? Reagan was once a Democrat. A lot of upstanding Republicans use to be Democrats, what is your point.

    Even people that you yourself deal with use to be Democrats.

  • Alex B

    @Chad-I know you will ask, so I will volunteer the info. I am supporting the only real life-long Republican, who has worked in politics from grassroots campaigns, to a Presidential appointment as a Federal Election Assistance Commissioner…The only candidate for CD-23 who has ever worked in Washington DC and just testified in Congress last year against her own agency’s budget & worked to curtail wasteful government spending. The only one who is an attorney and understands how to read, draft, and interpret amendments, was General Counsel for the Young Republican organization and clearly the only one who has any chance to taking out DWS is Gineen Bresso. Wake up people (and you Chad!). Do some research on each of the candidates and if you are truly objective in your reviews, you will all come to the same, very logical conclusion. If we Republicans want a fighting chance to take out DWS, Bresso is really the ONLY one who could even have a snowball’s chance in hell of making that happen! And no, I’m not a staff member of her campaign, not a political worker of any kind, and not being compensated in any way. I am a lifelong Republican who doesn’t cast support to anyone, in any race, without first doing my homework. Debbie is vulnerable this time around, due to changes in the district demographics, and the right person (Bresso) could potenitally take her out. I WANT DEBBIE OUT of our country’s decision making and our direction! It is critical to our Nation’s survival! She & Obama are Socialists.

  • Mike Henry

    Javier makes the most sense here. Yes Reagan was once a democrat as so many others who have been mislead by democrats when they became too far out. Oy Dios mio !

    • Alex B

      So you will indirectly re-elect Debbie then too? Wow, she thanks you all!

  • Weinstein

    Ladies and gentlemen… Please do your homework… Don’t discount people so easily, and don’t always focus on the ones screaming the loudest… Due diligence is key before deciding to endorse any one candidate… It’s our duty… On that note… one more comment, not only did Juan Eliel Garcia qualify, but have you seen how?  He didn’t have to go all around FL, voters from within the counties that he is running to represent qualified him… Impressive if you ask me…

    • Charlie

      I agree.

  • Jeff

    It would be a shame for Ms. Harrington to win the primary and lose the General Election again. Does she have what it takes to win a Republican primary? Yes. Does she have what it takes to win a General Election? No. Why waste your vote for a previous loser, give someone with qualifications a chance.

    • Alex B

      Right on Jeff!

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      So Harrington is not qualified? Who, do I dare ask, is the only one qualified? I think all the candidates are qualified, just a few have sunk their campaigns with really stupid things said and done.

  • Lightweight

    Shark Tank will drop the Rap Shhet on one politician but will avoid another.What was the results of the public funds investigation on Marco Rubio before he ran in 2010 that dropped out of mind ? What was the verdict of the charges ? Why is Romney and his son who has charges pending for financial fraud not being discussed right now ? I can send you info on it if are interested in reporting on it. This is not news nor journalism,it is propaganda.

  • Vince

    Every citizen has the right to his/her opinion to claim their candidate is the only one that can win, but making things up and character assassination of a fellow American is unacceptable. Karen Harrington is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister and a successful business woman and the list goes on….. Lets not allow people that are incapable of having an intelligent discourse hijack this very serious discussion about Mr. defaria’s violent nature and his disdain for women. These are troubling personality traits that are unbecoming of a people’s representative. Mr. defaria – if you are reading this, please spare us any more embarassment and rethink your decision to run. Ms. Bresso – testifying in Congress against your own agency is not an achievement but evidence of your – ineptness, lack of ability to fix problems and inability to lead. If you have already demonstrated your failure to lead, why then would the American people promote you to an office that deals with issues that are much more complex ?

    • Alex B

      @Vince-Your off-color, uneducated comments show your lack of professionalism and ethics towards the only other woman in the race. As everyone knows, you can’t change Washington as a Federal employee. You can only change it as an Elected Official, which is why Bresso is running.

      • Charlie

        Did Bresso qualify?
        I don’t think so.

        • Alex B

          Again Charlie, as we all know, there are two ways to qualify to be on the election ballot. So yes, she did qualify and her name will be on the ballot in the primary, and God willing if the voters get it right, again in the general election to eliminate DWS, for the sake of our Country and its future!

  • JeremyScott

    I am rolling on the floor here Javier with your let me chime in once here. Who are you kidding? You are editing and tailoring any post that you see not fit if it is not in a good light with your travel partner Karen Harrington So stop your nonsensical crap, grow a pair of balls and be an ethical so called blogger. You are a joke, a scam and worry about your own criminal record.

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      What/who is a joke here is you and your support for Ozzie deFaria’s lackluster campaign. All you and he can do is allege,allege, allege-no beef,just lies. My criminal record of 18yrs ago, not worried about it. ozzie is running for Congress and he threatened to kill a man, later hitting him,later getting arrested.But when? Just 5 years ago…hmmmm I was 22, he was 43years old. Ouch!

  • Carlos

    They call that assuault & battery? He bitch slapped the guy a few times and tore his BVD, LOL. The important question is did he force a dog collar on him? You’re gonna go to jail you might as well beat the s**t outta the dude. This guy does seem unstable and I’m not at all surprised by the old incident. The GOP often fields mostly wimps but
    a candidate who’s that hot headed is a liability and would be baited by the opposition to get a reaction. This is no Ozzie & Harriet, folks. This guy’s Mr. Bill’s Sluggo.

  • http://aol Lenny

    LOL I have to agree with Javier, all the candidates are qualified. Anyone of us can run for congress if your 35 years of age and a citizen of United States.

    As far as pocessing a Harvard degree, Washington DC if full of them and where have they gotten us? Deep into debt!!

    • Bridget

      Right on Lenny? HARVARD? Who cares? LOL! I’m tired of these so called elitist that think they are so much smarter then the rest of us or thinks they are above the law! Plus, this guy Ozzie hit a women. That is nothing to brag about and he has a violent past. Repeated domestic violence charges, assault and battery and a recluse driving record that killed an innocent women who was a mother. Do you want some one like that representing us republicans in Congress? And do you all really think that Ozzie would get independents and some Democrats to vote for him in a General Election to defeat DWS after he put a DOG COLLAR around her neck? I like you cant stand DWS But this is stupid for a candidate to do. Ozzie just gives LIBERALS like DWS an excuse to call us Republicans EXTREMIST! This guy is not smart. HARVARD eh? lol!!

      • Charlie

        Check his credentials.
        He is not a Harvard graduate. That is the impression he wants to make. He took a course at Harvard. There is a difference.

        • BoGo

          Any 30 Rock fans?

          Liz: I don’t know if he’s mentioned this to you a hundred times, but he went to Harvard.

          Jack: So we know he’s smart and superb at masturbation.

  • http://www.prlog.org/11887167-javier-manjarres-mugshot-now-available-online-is-karen-harrington-paying-javier.html Sheila Jackson

    Javier, are you getting paid by Karen Harrington to write this stuff against Ozzie? I think I found your own mugshot online, from 2008.

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      Ummm, not a mugshot.never arrested. But you just libeled yourself..LOL

      • Your Worse Nightmare

        I have the evidence in a print screen of your own posting that you wrote you have a criminal record, if you are going to lie, don’t get caught, be very scared, you and Karen are done, watch slowly how your lives will be drowned in your own lies. Exposed for all your fraud. I don’t threat just reveal everything to everyone, one by one. Stay tuned you piece of garbage. By the way in this dysfunctional relationship between you and Karen, who is the pimp and who is the prostitute. Getting even is so sweet. Even if you scrub this post, it will appear everywhere else…LOL : )-

        • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

          You are such a joke. You still waiting for the bus?

      • J. Warren

        Really? Never arrested? According to the plaintiff Mr Konkie, Manjarres forcibly broke into his home and beat him, in front of two witnesses. Manjarres tells Bob Norman of then New Times (The Daily Pulp Blog) “it was just a stupid mistake in his youth”.

        • J. Warren

          And it would appear Sharkie-boy has a little domestic violence in his closet as well. Except he hit a girl.

        • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

          Dummy, never arrested for Domestic Violence.In addition, at least I have the stones to put my face and name behind everything I say or do.

          • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

            And that is libel-never hit a girl. Thanks for adding to our case, keep reading and commenting, you only make deFaria look worse.LOL

  • glenn H.

    doesnt Javier have a DV charge on his criminal record also?

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      Nope. You guys are fools. Don’t you get it? No one cares about what you are saying.Your little libelous article is full of typos and lies.

  • glenn H.

    Why are you concerned about a “little libelous article”? I still dont “get it”.

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      Put something up completely truthful about me and I will let it stay. But you can’t. You can’t even get the names right. Totally pathetic

  • Sam

    Javier, have you ever received cash from Nick Bustamente to help promote Karen Harrington through social media or blogging? Do you split it with Patrick Castronovo?

    I just saw the mugshot of you Javier. It’s going viral on facebook.

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      Ummm..Not a mugshot. Mugshots are for those who have been arrested. I was not arrest for DV, deFaria was. Btw, to you not understand how you/deFaria are damaging your campaign? Put whatever you want out there about me, it wont matter. You will still read the Shark Tank, and I am not running for office.LOL

  • Christina Schultz

    Will you guys stop commenting about Javier’s “domestic abuse” violations? He’s not running for office!! He’s not getting paid directly by Karen Harrington either. It would show up Karen’s campaign report if that were so!!! http://www.prlog.org/11887167-javier-manjarres-mugshot-now-available-online-is-karen-harrington-paying-javier.html <- I've just read this from the posting above, and I'm skeptical. Anybody can blog about whatever. That's why they're called "bloggers" and not journalists.

  • Liz

    I knew that DeFaria is running for his own self interests such as business deals perhaps.

    Karen Harrington is the only Tea Party candidate (Tea Party= The People) and is the radar of the whole country to send Debbie home.


    Do you research, do not throw your vote away.

    • Alex B

      Laughable…Karen Harrington is NOT a conservative or a Republican. Karen is nothing more than a PLANT, who will ensure Debbie 2 more years in office, just like her last LOSING CAMPAIGN.

      Please, let her take your chicken wing order instead! She will be right with you, as soon as she is done helping Debbie! ;0

  • Charlie

    Here are your choices;
    1. Ozzie Defaria – Wife beater
    2. Karen Harrington – Loser
    3. Joe Kaufman – Fanatic
    4. Gineen Bresso – Could not even get 2300 signatures
    5. Juan Eliel Garcia – Only candidate that can get the necessary votes to beat DWS.

    If all republican voters in district 23 go out and vote, candidates #1 to #4 still lose.

    • Bill_B

      6.Charlie – the idiot

    • Alex B

      Comparing candidate resumes, Miss Bresso makes everyone else in the game look like they’re still in pre-school! Juice & cookies anyone?? Nappy time for the kids…Harrington, DeFaria, Kaufmann, and Garcia.

    • Alex B

      Funny that before this election many elected officials never even tried to qualify by petition, including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Karen Harrington’s last lost attempt to run, and many, many numerous public officials elected to public office. So tell me then, at the end of the day, if their name gets on the ballot, by payment or petition, who really gives a rat’s arse as to how they did it?? The petition thing is totally overrated and means squat!

      • charlie

        AlexB: The petition thing is totally overrated and means squat!

        Wow! If the petition thing is totally overrated, then why did Gineen get 2187 of them?
        Just wondering! Is it overrated because you were 111 short?
        Or because your experts did not know that you need to get more petitions because of the rejection rate?

      • charlie

        The petition thing is totally overrated and means squat!

        Wow! If the petition thing is totally overrated, then why did Gineen get 2187 of them?
        Just wondering! Is it overrated because you were 111 short?
        Or because your experts did not know that you need to get more petitions because of the rejection rate?

        • Alex B

          Charlie, your math is a little fuzzy, but nonetheless, to answer your question, Miss Bresso, as a Presidentially Appointed Federal Commissioner, could not just quit her job to come back and start collecting petition signatures back when everyone else got in the race. She explained all that. She actually lived up to her responsibilities to the citizens she served, rather than being self-serving like most other politicians. As I mentioned previously, she will be on the ballot and for those who haven’t met her, heard her speak, or read her resume’ yet, this woman Gineen Bresso is coming to our rescue to finally save us all from Debbie Wasserman Schultz!!

          • charlie

            My math is a little fuzzy? I think your answer is a little fuzzy. You claim she was so busy living up to her responsibilities and that is the reason she did not collect the necessary petitions.
            That is typical politician talk.
            She collected 2187 of them. Just 111 short of the requirements. If she was not going to get petitions, First, why did she sent the note to the state notifying them that she was going to qualify by petitions? Second, Why did she have a table at every BREC and other meetings requesting signatures? By the way, I filled one for her. Alex, admit the truth, somebody screwed up.I respect that more then a person trying to defend with BS what cannot be defended. Or is it maybe that you are the person that screwed up?

  • Sarah Biggs

    I didn’t hear much about Karen Harrington in the General election last time.. Remember she won the primary and then didn’t do anything in the General? I didn’t hear a peep from her on radio or t.v. It seems like she’s just paying off her debts from the 2010, because she spent so much money trying to defeat Lowry. She’s just trying to pay off her debts and then go against DWS 1 million dollar campaign budget. Ozzie does have a financial war chest it seems.

    • Mikey

      This is dumb. According to the most recent FEC reports Ozzie owes over 270K way more than what Karen owes. Ozzie has only raised 121K compared to Karens 240K it seems like Karen has the larger war chest and Ozzie is all smoke and mirrors.

      • Alex B

        War chest??? Per the FEC reports, both Karen Harrington and Ozzie D. are both so far under water, they could drown in their own debt! Let’s face it…neither has a chance in hell of winning. Karen’s so-called “war chest” consists of $40K in credit debt for over two years! Living La Vida Loca!

  • District 23 Voters

    Ozzie has a war chest? LOL! Ozzie the women beater has been scamming everyone with his so called #’s.Plus he has no ground game. http://www.redstate.com/javiermanjarres/2012/04/26/ozzie-defaria-misrepresents-his-campaign-again/ Juan Eliel Garcia? Nobody knows who the hell he is? Gineen Bresso? Nice lady but no money and no grassroots. Joe Kaufman? Has a somewhat of a ground game and some money but is known as a WACO! Now Karen Harrington… Ran last time with only 5 months of campaigning and got close to 40% of the vote. This year she has over a whole year of campaigning, she is a well known name in the district, she has Marco Rubio staffers working for her, she has a ton of endorsements the likes of Mark Levin & Michelle Bachmann etc, she is raising a ton of money and has the best grassroots ground game by far! Plus she is one tough cookie and is a women that can go after DWS in likes no man can because they would look like a bully. No brainier… Karen Harrington has our vote! http://www.firedebbie.com

    • Alex B

      Ozzie is self-funding and Harrington has $40K in credit card debt and is living off her campaign. Neither of them have a “war chest!”

  • Steve

    I met Ozzie a few weeks back and my girlfriend asked me if he was gay. That shouldnt matter, but it was just her observation. I have not made up my mind in this race, but am leaning towards Harrington, or possibly Bresso. Kaufman comes across as a whiny lightweight, and DEFaria ihas just got too many issues.

    The Democrats would eat him for lunch, were he to win the primary.

  • amazzzzed

    People do change, but they need a life altering experience to do that. Its hard to believe that a person that has that kind of background can change. I would believe it only if he can explain what mayor experience led him through the transformation. I have no reason to believe his wife since she would benefit from having an ex-husband that can offer her more child support and her children the political support of a father with contacts (not just a police record). But honestly, our society forgives too much in terms of bad conduct; how about Clinton, Schwarzenegger, Sanford, Edwards, Spitzer, Craig, Giuliani, McGreevey, Gingrich and Weiner. Its really sad when our leaders can’t even lead themselves, yet we continue to vote them in. And of course…..we know the list is even larger, they just haven’t reached the media, but we ALL know who they are and continue to support them. Who is worse? The morally corrupt politician? Or the irresponsibly naive voter? I think its the voter.

    • Tina

      Anyone who votes for this moron Ozzie guy is a moron themselves…

  • The Boyzzzz

    I heard that Ozzie likes to go both ways? Is that true?

    • Ron Smith


  • Ron Smith

    Ozzie has the best credentials by far. He has created jobs and worked with high budgets. He wants to fix the path that America is following. He is the best thing for our country and has the business credentials to take on Debbie.

  • Michael Williams

    Ozzie is the only person in this race who has a remote shot at beating DWS. He is the only true conservative with a near flawless business record in this race. Karen had her chance and lost to DWS. Insanity: repeating something over and over and expecting the same result, i.e. re-nominating Karen Harrington. Its time to nominate a candidate with the right credentials and ideas for this country. Besides, I’m pretty sick of hearing from javier manjarres and all of his pro-karen stories. Its pretty obvious she’s paying him to write this bull, even though I cannot offer a shred of proof…….a pretty low tactic by a campaign and famous blogger if you ask me. I wonder what else they have going on. If he actually payed attention to the race he would notice that most of his “claims” are false, except for the part that Ozzie has a criminal record for all to see. People need to focus on the facts. Oh and one more thing…….Rickey’s restaurant is pretty gross and dirty. Poorly managed by Mrs. Harrington.

    • Kathy

      Ozzie = women beater! Any man that beats on a women is a sissy! This guy is damage goods.


      It’s disgusting that this guy Ozzie would pressure his x-wife to make a video to say nice things about him now just because he is running for Congress. Once a man hits a women never will that so called man have my respect. What a WIMP!

  • Joe Stein

    He didn’t even hit a woman. He hit the boyfriend.

    • Jennifer

      Nope, Ozzie garbed and twist his x-wife’s arm and threw her against the wall. read the report. Ozzie is a wife beater!

  • Jen

    Ozzie is a sissy. We own u! Just keep wasting your money. Who’s your MOMMAAAAAAAA! LOL!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Ozzie is a sissy! Just keep wasting your money foo! Who’s your MOMMA?! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Javier, did you know that Ozzie was a Democrat last year?!

  • Pingback: Ozzie deFaria Assaults Wife, Leaves Her Bruised | RedState

  • District 23 Voters

    Gineen Bresso is a typical Washington insider. Not for me. Plus she has no money and no grassroots. The best shot to defeat DWS? Ya Riiiiiiiiiiiight! LOL! Nice try though…

  • Emilio

    Bresso is another typical DC insider, the same type that we have campaigned against, the same type that got us into this problem.

    defaria is just another arrogant wannabee politician that is running for all the wrong reason.

    Harrington still has a lot to prove

    Garcia is running because he is latin? Is that like Kaufman running because he is a Jew?

    I see DWS winning this,but lets go done with integrity. Vote for Harrington or Garcia

  • Emilio

    True. Bresso is just another pretty face, but a typical Washington insider. Isn’t she the type that got us into this mess to begin with?

  • Emilio

    Bresso is a DC insider. Does she have the business experience that seems to be a prereq to voters now, no she doesnt. I agree she is smart, a lawyer, public servant all her life. This is DWS exact background.