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Ozzie deFaria's Campaign Spiralling Out of Control

By Javier Manjarres

Embattled Republican congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria and his campaign continue their downward spiral as additional news outlets are catching on to what the Shark Tank first reported back in February- deFaria “doggy” tactic that inadvertently fuel the phony “War on Women” narrative of President Obama and the Democrat Party.  Like a true political amateur, deFaria decided to  photoshop a dog collar around Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s neck, and while being videotaped said that “we need to send her back to the pound.”(VIDEO)

deFaria is not a savvy communicator or politician, and his lack of judgment is proof positive of this. NBC ran a story regarding “Doggy-gate” where they polled South Floridians on whether they believed deFaria crossed the line.  85% voted in favor of deFaria’s actions- proof  that Wasserman Schultz is highly unpopular, but he certainly aided his own cause by pleading with his followers skew the poll result in his favor prior to the newscast.  The poll was put up by NBC6 three hours before the newscast began.

Now deFaria is promoting the poll but not publicizing what was said in the newscast or on NBC’s blog.(NBC Post)

Barry University political science professor Sean Foreman said it doesn’t do much for the Republican effort to woo women voters.

“There’s this so-called war on women. It’s probably made up in the media, and both parties want to exploit it. Little things like this don’t help,” he said.

The frontrunner of the Republican primary race is Karen Harrington, and NBC reached out to her for comment-

“This adds to Obama’s narrative that there is a phony war on women. There is no place for this in the Republican party, and there’s no place for this in politics. America deserves better.” – Karen Harrington

Yes, deFaria sees this as an upside for his campaign.

deFaria ‘fast and loose’ campaign is now trying to capitalize on his disastrous mistake by accusing Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz of using the Huffington post, who picked up the story as well, to attack him.  The HuffPo stated deFaria’s mention of Congressman Allen West as well as his endorsements from Herman Cain, Senators John McCain and Richard Burr.

Each of deFaria’s endorsees were contacted for comment about deFaria’s tactics, and they uniformly expressed complete disbelief at deFaria’s actions and side-stepped the questions.  Cain spokesman Mark Block offered no comment about the dog collar incident. Senator McCain’s office was also surprised but referred the matter to the Senator’s PAC for comment.  Senator Burr’s spokespeople were floored, and judging by the looks on their faces, they were regretful that the Senator had obviously endorsed deFaria without fully vetting him.

Numerous Members of Congress who are now aware of deFaria’s actions have expressed displeasure towards deFaria’s poor judgment, some saying that his candidacy has become a joke that is not exactly hiding its desperation. Senator Marco Rubio scoffed at deFaria’s antics as did Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who has sided with Harrington in saying that there wasn’t room for this kind of behavior in politics- at least not for Republicans.

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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • BoGo

    While I believe Karen Harrington has the best shot to beat DWS, if Ozzie WERE to win the primary will this story have legs come September? Debbie can make an awful lot of gaffes herself between now and then.

    Ozzie needs to quickly back away from this line of attack rather than double down on it. All candidates mis-speak at some point. However, to hold this up as your campaign theme demonstrates a degree of tone deafness in this environment and political naivete.

  • http://maxende.com Max Ende

    This is American politics. Time for Republicans to grow up. We’re being beaten up mercilessly. A shot to the groin once in a while, although unfortunate, happens. Shake it off and move on.

    • Tea Party Tina

      This guy Ozzie is scary looking! He must of spent a fortune on plastic surgery…

  • Dan

    Ozzie’s problem is his tall ego ! I hear some of the people who signed up to work with him are not reconsidering their decision. There are rumblings going around his campaign and it is his tall ego that makes him oblivious to what is going on with his own people. He could be a good candidate for a city commission seat but again his ego comes in the way.

  • Dan


    Ozzie’s problem is his tall ego ! I hear some of the people who signed up to work with him are NOW reconsidering their decision. There are rumblings going around his campaign and it is his tall ego that makes him oblivious to what is going on with his own people. He could be a good candidate for a city commission seat but again his ego comes in the way.

  • The Boyzzzz

    Why is Ozzie talking to Gay clubs in Wilton Manors for?!

  • Jeff

    I like Ozzie DeFaria. He seems to have a good understanding of what needs to be done to get our country back on its feet. Karen Harrington is a great talker, but not much substance. Defaria went to Harvard, Karen went to BCC. Didn’t Ms. Harrington think that an education would be important in her career? Most of those in Congress are not highly educated individuals and that is the problem. We need someone who can think things through to make a decision not just talk and smile for the cameras.

    • Rose

      @ Jeff, if Ozzize is so smart then why does he have repeated domestic violence charges against women for? Harvard eh? Hmmmm? LOL!!!

      • Mario

        Ozzie has charges because the police have to go by the book and be cautious and protective. The boyfriend ran for help for himself. The boyfriend should have ran out of the house and stayed out until the divorce was final. Anybody can press charges for anything.

        The ex wife has a Youtube video posted at ozzieforcongress.com. She supports her former husband in his campaign and states that he is a wonderful father and candidate. In the video, she never mentions any violence against herself.

      • Mario

        Here is a letter from Ozzie and his former wife. At the bottom is an image of Javier’s arrest for burglary with assault.

        • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

          Pathetic. This is why deFaria will lose. Not about his wife, its about him.

  • Mario

    Ozzie’s WIFE did not file charges. The boyfriend filed charges. The boyfriend had no business visiting a married women with children living at home. The affidavid states that the WIFE had her arm photographed. It does not state if there were any injuries.

    The WIFE was pushed while she defended her boyfriend from her HUSBAND. The boyfriend and WIFE should have waited for the divorce to be final.

    Did the boyfriend ignore verbal warnings and go looking for the trouble that he found?

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      This is all about Ozzie. Yes the BF filed charges of battery,not the wife. The BF was at the married womans home because she wanted him there.

  • NOPC

    Ohhh Ozzie , People can see right through you….I love this statement!
    With so many legitimate and significant issues to challange Rep. Wasserman Schultz on, that a candidate (Ozzie deFaria) is lowering himself to the likes of Liberal Talking-Heads, by using personal attacks. The Tea Party, by and large, refuses to delve into personal attacks and focuses instead upon issues…limited Government, the Constitution and Free Markets…In this race, as with any race across the Country, candidates have more than enough issues to differentiate themselves rather than sinking to personal attacks. I can assure you that the Tea Party does not support candidates who do not conduct themselves with respect and decorum.- Tom Gaitens, FreedomWorks State Director

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