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Republican George LeMieux At Odds with Senator Marco Rubio

by Javier Manjarres

Former U.S. Senator George LeMieux is once again at odds with Senator Marco Rubio, this time the bone of contention is about Rubio’s vote against the Restore Act.

LeMieux stated that he “would have voted for it, in all due respect to Marco, I know that he is a lot closer to it than I was.”

Back during the 2010 Senate primary between Governor Charlie Crist and Rubio, LeMieux and Rubio were at odds with President Obama’s failed Stimulus plan. LeMieux backed Crist’s support of the massive boondoggle as he lobbyied to maximize the dollars that could come into the state at the time.

Rubio famously opposed the Stimulus plan and centered his senatorial campaign against Crist’s full throated endorsement of the President’s so-called “Stimulus Plan.”

LeMieux joins Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson , who along with 76 other U.S. Senators,  voted for the bill that Senator Rubio initially sponsored.

“Today’s vote was a huge step toward making sure any fines against BP end up in the local communities harmed by the company’s oil spill,”…Otherwise, the money would go into the federal treasury – and, there’s no telling where it might go from there.”- Senator Bill Nelson(SP Times)

Rubio was the only Senator from  the Gulf states to vote against the bill, citing that it was a “federal power grab” that it would increase taxes.

“This is no longer a Gulf Coast restoration bill, it’s a federal power grab that exploits the BP spill to pay for special interest projects driven by the usual ‘what’s in it for me’ Washington mentality. I will not support raising taxes to pay for BP’s mess or to pay for new spending projects across the country that have nothing to do with Gulf Coast restoration. It’s unfortunate to see a good idea to help people along the Gulf Coast be turned into another Washington tax-and-spend feeding frenzy.”-Senator Marco Rubio

LeMieux’s current primary opponent, Connie Mack backed the house version of the Restore Act which did not include any of the tax increases, EPA expansions or land grabs that the Democrat-supported Senate version included. Mack said that he  would have voted like Marco Rubio and not like Bill Nelson.

Connie Mack’s campaign chimed in just a few moments ago.

 “Marco Rubio did the right thing in voting against this bill. We need more people in Washington to stand up and do the right thing.”-Mack Campaign

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Here is Senator Rubio’s recent take on this issue,

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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Republican George LeMieux At Odds with Senator Marco Rubio

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