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Ann Coulter Takes Swipe at Sarah Palin?

By Javier Manjarres

Outspoken author, Fox News contributor, and all around pain in the arse to the Liberal movement Ann Coulter brought her punditry to the Republican Party of Indian River’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Vero Beach, Florida. Coulter was her ever loving-snarky self during her addressed to the room of about 250 of Vero Beach’s Republican faithful, and she even opened up the floor to a quick Q&A session after her remarks. When Coulter was asked her thoughts about a possible brokered Republican convention, Coulter immediately took a not so subtle swipe at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by saying that she (Palin) had “suggested herself as the choice” to be the possible candidate during her recent remarks about a possible brokered convention in August.

Coulter has been stumping for Mitt Romney, and firmly believes that Romney is the only viable and electable Republican Presidental candidate. In attendance at the Ann Coulter event were Congressman Bill Posey(R), Florida State GOP Chairman Lenny Curry, and Karen Harrington, who is running for Congress against Congresswoman and DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Listen to Coulter’s closing statement about the pledge she would support- does it take another shot at Sarah Palin for getting a gig on Fox News and writing a book? You be the judge.

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Jan

    Ann Coulter loves Joy Behar. Ann should be a host on THE VIEW. I would not go to a function to hear Ann Coulter speak if I was paid $1,000 to go.

    • TeaPartyMojo

      I’ve purchased at least 4 Ann Coulter hard covers going back to the early days before she started cavorting with Bill Maher. What a shame and what a waste of a talent. She’s off the reservation big time and I won’t be shocked when Ann loses her support among conservatives.

      She’s a natural for the left look at Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. What the hell is happening to them.

      • Cherieo

        I agree with you TeaParty. I am also a Tea Party Patriot and I think Ann Coulter does need to join The View. I bought a couple of her books in the past; but I wouldn’t walk across the street to see her now. Something has gone wrong with her ‘upstairs’…or maybe it’s her ego that has gotten in the way.

      • Miriam

        I agree with you 100%. I’m not longer care about her & everytime she shows in any of the Foxnews programs, I immediately switch to another channel & wait until she is over.

      • Miriam

        Agree with you 100%. Ann doesn’t longer deserve my time. Every time she appears in any of the Foxnews programs, I switch channel immediately. She hates Palin and envy her too. In addition, her support for a MODERATE LIBERAL like Romney makes me sick.

        • Luis R Vazquez

          I have been trying to point out that the problem with Ann Coulter is that Sarah does not want to redistribute THE MEAT.
          Ann is only hair, bone and tongue.

    • Linda Peterson

      I complete respect Ann Coulter. SWhether you agree with her or not, she tells it like it is.

      • Miriam

        She doesn’t deserve my respect!

      • NotPropagandized

        Allow me to remind everyone that it was less than 2 years ago that I heard Coulter repeat for the umpteenth time that, “if you just nominate a real conservative, then voters will turn out in droves to vote for him/her”.

        My view since her transformation is that she should share her epiphany with us just in case there’s something that would counter-influence our desire for a more constitutional, deferential Federal government.

        But maybe there’s more money in being a moderate or center-right-lite pundit, eh?

    • Flintlock

      I couldn’t agree more. Ann Coulter and Dick Morris are both opportunists that churn out self promoting books quicker that Obama can run up the national debt. Neither is a conservative; they just mouth the RINO official party line. Conservatives aren’t welcome in today’s Republican Party.

    • steve wilson

      I too,like Joy Behar. I cant stand her,but I like her,somehow.
      I understand why Ann is friends with Joy. I have many liberal,
      idiot,misguided friends. Maybe,Ann and I and people like us
      are trying to save them,or maybe we are just human.
      Joy is a moron,and I find her funny and very human when she is
      not talking politics,something she is totally unqualified to do.
      She is still worth loving.
      Ann should run The View.
      Youre dead on,there

      • Rich55

        Hey buddy just because someone looks at things differently from you doesn’t make them an “idiot”.
        Who do you think you are anyway?
        If we all thought and acted the same life would not be very interesting at all.
        Please grasp this concept: No one is always right and NO ONE is always right. You may THINK you’re always right but you’re just fooling yourself.

        • James Tiberious

          Ok it makes them ignorant and idiotic(not an idiot just act like one) is that better??..happy now?

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  • Steve K.

    I saw a piece a few weeks back entitled, “Who castrated Ann Coulter?” over Coulter’s bizarre defense of Romneycare. I’d like to see confirmation of Coulter’s assertion that Palin would like to be the Republican nominee if there were a brokered convention. I’m not saying it isn’t true, yet Palin chose not to enter the race. That was her choice. It would be very unfair, it seems to me, if it isn’t one of these three (Santorum, Romney or Gingrich), these men who hung in there and persevered through a difficult and lengthy contest. Maybe Coulter is irritated at Palin’s support for Newt Gingrich.

    • MiBones

      People have taken what she says out of context. 1.A brokered convention is nothing to fear. 2.The Republican Party would not ask her to run at the convention. 3.If someone put her name into the hat, at the convention, she would not stop them. 4.She believes that it will be one of the three candidates that are running. 5.She also said that she will be at the convention and would help in anyway.

  • Linda

    It is very obvious to me that Ann Coulter is extremely jealous of Sarah Palin. I agree with Jan, Ann Coulter belongs on The View as is about as conservative and those hags. I wouldn’t pay two cents…no make that one penny to go listen to her dribble. How anyone can say Ann Coulter is conservative is beyond me….she does after all support Nitt Romney, the king of RINOism.

    • Cherieo

      Agree with you Linda. She is jealous of Sarah and she doesn’t like it that she supports MY choice, Newt! Romney will just be ‘another’ John McCain if he does win the nomination. I am sick of the Elite Republicans in the Republican Party and they are turning more and more Conservatives off because of their egos.

  • Rhonda Barrett

    Ann should really have that brain tumor looked at

  • Learman

    Ann is completely off the reservation. She has backed two Rino’s lately, Christie and Romney. She even wrote a column defending Romney care???? She has no credibility with me anymore!

  • http://sharktank Norma Brown

    Go, Ann! The smartest woman in politics (and that certainly includes Hillary).

    • Linda Peterson

      Agreed!!! She tells it like it is. Too bad there are some who are so closed minded they can’t look at the other side of things.

  • Linda Marie

    I have lost all respect for Coulter. Seems she is just a RINO hack and not really a conservative, after all.
    I have purchased all but won’t be buying anymore of her books!
    I turn off the radio when she comes on as a guest.
    She has killed her BRAND!

  • Jan M.

    Sarah Palin didn’t actually “run” because it’s a lot of work. She simply wants to be “coronated” at the convention or by Newt Gingrich. Fat chance of that!

    As for Ann Coulter, yes, she’s brash. But there’s a reason people pay her big bucks for her appearances. I have trouble with her presentation, but I have been challenged to think when I have had the patience to listen to her.

  • Perseids

    I don’t want her to go away mad, just please go away.
    Maybe Mittens can find useful something for her to do aside from continuing to sell what is now a completely worn out shtick.
    The squishy Moderates deserve her.

  • Linda Peterson

    Those who are stuck on RomneyCare are blindly regurgitating the Democrat Spin. Did you know Romney vetoed the Employer Mandate Portion? Did you know Romney allowed an opt-out for the Inidividual Mandate? Furthermore, did you know Santorum crafted a NATIONAL (as opposed to state) Healthcare Mandate in 1994? … and Gingrich has been promoting a NATIONAL health care mandate for 20 years!!!

    • Rich55

      Maybe it’s because we’re the only advanced country that doesn’t have some form of government health care program?
      That’s one of the reasons we have trouble competing internationally with businesses/manufacturers whose countries pay the employees health care. Understand? That’s the Japanese auto manufacturer’s competitive advantage.

  • Marilyn

    I’ve lost all respect for Ann. Wonder if her boyfriend is a liberal and influencing her actions at the present? Umm.

  • Trent

    You gotta admit, in a Romney administration, Press Secretary Ann Coulter would drive the MSM nutso.

  • KatC

    Yes, from my perspective, it certainly looks as if something has changed with Ann. I have several of her books, but can’t see myself buying another at this point.

  • John

    With so many to throw barbs at on the other side of the net, why would Ann waste time tossing them at those, which I think, are on our team. Even the prez has that much sense though totally misdirected. Someone ought tell him Sarah’s not running!

  • Charles Schmidt

    Self centered egotist that does more harm to the party than good. FOX puts up with her because she is contriversial. sHE GOES ON fox TO SELL BOOKS.


  • Carlos

    Anne Coulter is telling Palin only the enlightened glitterati (like her) deserve to get a book published and have it do well. She probably feels anyone who says “you betcha” and shops at Wal-Mart is an embarassment and shouldn’t be a desirable TV personality, let alone be able to draw big crowds wherever she goes. But what most likely bugs Anne the most is the fact Palin is only 3 yrs. younger than her but has a far better body, despite 5 kids, and hasn’t needed to be “stretched” a few times or botoxed. Palin also has a long standing marriage while Coulter is still “going steady”.

  • Bonnie Lesando

    Ann Coulter, if you look in the dictionary under turncoat you will see her picture.

  • Bob

    I’ve got to agree with most of the comments listed prior to mine. What is it with some women & Sarah Palin? Are they that insecure in themselves? A friend of mine voted for Obama during the 08 election because his wife convinced him that McCain wouldn’t live through his term and Palin would become President. You have to understand here, that his wife is built like an M-1 Abrahms Tank and is very jelous for Palins’ looks and popularity. NUFF SAID!!!!!

    • Small Gov Girl

      Bob, why can’t you stick with the battle of ideas? Instead, you have to make it a woman vs. woman and jealousy/looks thing. Typical male. Always looking to stir up a good cat fight.

      • Rick Bogart

        When men enter the political arena, it’s purely an advantage to be taller, to be handsome and some physical charisma. That’s true of corporate exec’s and it’s true in politics.

        However, when you put out equivalent characteristics for female politicians, it doesn’t work quite the same way. Men will be called clods, sexists or other pejorative terms for discussing the looks and carriage of a woman. When women start to digress about women in this manner, it’s often a real catfight. So you have “that part” correct. Women don’t get equal measure in this regard. And that’s quite unfair. There are some very attractive women in the Republican Party, and they’re frequently denigrated for their attractiveness, often called bimbo’s or other nasty terms. Sarah Palin is very attractive, so she is a frequent target. So is Michelle Bachman attacked for her appearance.

        On the other hand, if you’re a Democrat, you’re must be an elite intellectual, because it’s just totally unfair to discuss that aspect of a Dem candidate. They are usually the ones throwing mean barbs at Republican women, when they say it’s wrong to talk about Dem vermin, I mean women, in this manner. We could spend lots of time talking about Bella Abzug-ly, or Madelaine Dimlight…I mean Albright, but I’m getting nauseous just having them in my mind for the moment. Suffice to say, it’s just not the same for men or women, regardless of party…but it’s perfectly okay to attack Republican women during any occasion.

    • Cherieo

      Yes, Bob…that is exactly the problem with SOME women. She’s good looking, smart, hard working, and many women have such ‘low-self-esteem’ they just couldn’t vote for Sarah. But if she were from OUT EAST…and rolled her ‘r’ and had a drawl; that would be just fine. Apparently not enough women have been to Alaska so Sarah’s speaking concerns them and they think she is dumb! She is a college grad and much more intelligent than many other women. You have it right, Bob. Glad you put this comment out here!

  • Isabella

    Love Ann, though sometimes she grates on me even though I am one of your MODERATE Republicans so demonized and unpure. That is probably why I also love Mitt Romney and will keep working for his election because I am sure he will beat Obama, and put our fiscal house in order. I also love that he has remained loyal in his personal life and has raised a wonderful family and he has the strength to admit he was wrong and grow ethically. He has just enough political experience to know what things work and what doesn’t, and believes in states rights. Certainly he knows how to save and grow businesses and I don’t see either Santorum or Gingrich having any experience in what it takes to create jobs. Santorum voted for every spending bill while he was in congress, yet touts himself the big conservative? I don’t think so. Gingrich does know how the balance the national budget…stop spending! Rick has whined his way onto the national stage after losing his Senate seat by 18% in 2006. So of the 3 I’ll support Mitt Romney hands down.

  • Small Gov Girl

    If you read Coulter’s columns (website), she lays out a rational, not-so-crazy foundation for what she is saying and why she is backing Romney. I happen to agree with her assessment of the brokered convention theory–including that the media and commentators (e.g., Fox commentators, Rush, Palin, et. al.) benefit from a prolonged primary and brokered convention, as even Bret Baer gushed about. Oh, the drama and the ratings! Unfortunately, our country is at a tipping point and this election is critically important–more so than ever.

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  • dorothy

    Sarah Palin has dedicated her working career to public service. She
    certainly was not making the big pay checks that Ann Coulter collects. Through Sarah’s hard work she is now able to command some decent fees. What has Ann ever done to warrant her fees except write books about history? Sarah has MADE HISTORY.

    I will never buy another Coulter book. I’m sick of being taken in by RINOS.


    • Eric

      Never thought I’d see the day someone labeled A/C a RINO. lol

    • Angelo

      Yes, let us give Ann Coultier a taste of her own medicine by not voting on the upcoming PoTUS election, or else, let us just blindly vote for Obama.

  • Shane`


  • Bella

    Ann is mad at Sarah Palin because she voted for Newt. Ann hates Newt. Simple!!!

  • MikeF

    Coulter is one of the sharpest, most astute political pundits in America – period. She is absolutely right about Sarah Palin, who is an ego-driven opportunist, and the idea of a brokered convention, which would expose the nomination to candidates we don’t know well. Palin was also early to see Romney as the conservative movement’s most viable and effective candidate for presidency.

    Sorry all you Palin supporters, but if you can’t see what Palin is by now, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Angelo

      I respect your comment. Anyway, let us just see what will be the outcome on the upcoming 2012 POTUS election. I respect your opinion but respect our decision also. I am a conservative and a strong supporter of Sarah Palin. Since Sarah is not running and the GOP nominees are just back-stabbing with each other and I would say all are hungry for power, we will just blindly vote for Obama. Why? Show me the difference between Obama and Romney, in terms of HC issue. I would say let Obama get another 4 years so that he can finish the unfinish business

  • Linda Teetz

    Ann Coulter is a brilliant woman who is also a conservative. If it were not for the popularity of Ann Coulter, many college students would not hear the conservative viewpoint. She is able to destroy weak liberal arguments and passionately converts young students to our conservative cause. Ann is a vital warrior in reaching the hearts and minds of college students who are getting only the liberal view on campuses. I don’t think Ann is jealous of anyone. She has had an accomplished legal career both in private and public service–for those of you who have not bothered to check out her biography. Her books are well researched. She sets the record straight on liberal lies.

  • PatR

    I’m glad I read the comments. For some time now, I have not been impressed with Ms Coulter. I have also followed her and purchased a couple of her books. Why, when and how she became a member of the republican establishment that gave us McCain last election and pushing Romney for this election are some questions I would like answers for. I thought it was just me who was developing a dislike for her.

  • Jimbo

    I think Ann has lost it. She is a romney kiss ass.

  • Wake up america

    Bill Mahr lover! Of course she would go after Sarah!

  • PhilipJames

    Just a question…. when Coulter talks about a FOX gig and writing a book…. isn’t she talking about herself? skanky broad… I guess she has her testicles in a knot over the fact that Sarah Palin has a lot more influence with Conservatives than she does.

  • dkelliott

    Ann don’t back down! Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to conservatives! It’s time for her to go! Mitt Romney is the most conservative person in this race.

  • Steve

    Why does Ann look to liberals as our examples of what a conservative should act like? She is hanging around extreme liberals too much and this is having a bad effect on her. Her pride is blinding her, and this is why she is picking Romney and lambasting conservatives to boot. Interesting….another Romney supporter that takes digs at a true conservatives…..

  • Jonah

    Makes me think that she wants to be the White House Press Secretary…just a thought.In my opinion she has sold her readers and herself out. I’ve lost a lot of respect for her.

  • SCLiberty

    If it is true that she dated Pig maher, then she’s only as good as the co. she keeps.

  • Anne

    Used to be a big Coulter fan. Now I find it difficult to listen to her. She is too arrogant, condescending, and adamant that it’s her way or not way. She isn’t a big fan of conservative females….unless it’s her! A very jealous woman I fear!

    • Small Gov Girl

      That’s not true. Coulter was supportive of Bachmann, with the exception that Bachmann, unlike Romney, had no executive experience. (Big difference being a congressman vs. running a state). Stop playing to the stereotype.

      • Eric

        Yeah, God knows how screwed up America gets when someone from congress gets elected President.

  • Colonel Haiku

    I used to be a Palin fan and would argue with anyone who disparaged her. Not anymore. It has been apparent for some months now that she is all about promoting herself. She is just this side of Obama in her ability to grate on my nerves. I hear her start with the “He who blankety-blank-blank” and I’m turning to look for a Buster Brown to throw at the TV.

    Coulter is right about Romney and there will come a time when all who want to see Barack “Big Zero” Obama dethroned have that “Road to Damascus” moment.

    • dkelliott

      I completely agree!

  • Chuck Long

    Yeah, you tell ’em Ann! Why should Palin be allowed to comment on the GOP Primary like she’s some sort of American citizen with 1st Amendment rights? Who the hell does she think she is?

  • Quitter Queen

    Careful what you say about Palin, Coulter. You are celebrity no. 769 on Palin’s hate list now. You should be getting death threats from her flying monkeys via fax, phone calls and having your personal home address and telephone number published in 3…2…1…

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  • EBL

    This just make me outraged and frustrated by the double standard of the media and the left. And Establishment Republicans play along with it too.

    I recognize Ann Coulter’s criticisms of Sarah Palin are not in the category above. Ann is just in the bag for Mitt and will attack anyone attacking Mitt. But still, I highly doubt a brokered convention with Sarah Palin being the candidate, so Ann can take a breath.

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  • BRyan Wendorf

    This is the first time Ann Coulter has ever said anything that made sense “The conservative movement does have more of a problem with conmen and charlatans”. Yep, Palin is certainly one of these and so is Coulter. Gingrich and Romney too. I wish Santorum was a conman. He’s just an idiot. The Republican party is doomed. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

  • Eric

    I don’t understand A/C’s need to throw a punch at S/P. Seems totally unnecessary to me. Still, A/C’s got the sharpest tongue around when it comes to showing the world just how silly liberal thought can be. I also suspect S/P will be working hard on the little races come November, not just the POTUS replacement. Much harder than A/C will be.

    • Angelo

      I am sorry for Ann Coultier. I must admit that I dislike the way she commented against Sarah Palin. As a conservative, I am Sarah Palin supporter and I wish she is among the choices for the GOP POTUS nomination. I will support the GOP senate and congress whoever are supported by Palin, but as of this time, I am leaning for Obama’s re-election bid. Why? Do I have a choice? Romney is a GOP establishment preferred. I am not stupid to vote for GOP insider elites, as much as Nicole is a destruction to GOP.

  • Shellie

    Ann Coulter has betrayed her own mind by her “slobbering” over Chris Christy who supports Romney. I used to think she had Conservative ideas. Now she has “mush”. Christy is not running.
    Romney appears to be a
    ‘presidential looking” and probably nice guy, with a lot of money. However, he is widely sensed as a rich businessman, more than a conservative Massachusett’s Governor. He is consisered as a non Conservative by most Conservatives despite his highter delegate count so far.
    Unfortunately, many people believe that “BIG” money, equates with power. But when used in NEGATIVE MONEY BOMB ads AGAINST other GOP candidates rather than to convice people of his own accomplishments, it does NOT indicate a strong Concervataive path. Romney is NOT a true conservataive no matter how many times he says it. Examine his Conservative record in Massachusetts as Governor. Not there!! Remember, he’s been actively, non-stop campaigning for over 5 years. He has “well-rehearsed” his speeches and responses to many questions that he knew he would be asked.
    It’s so transparent! Not very good. I hope the GOP vetting process continues all the way to the GOP convention.
    Whoever is chosen to be the GOP candidate will and should be totally supported because it is the Obama administration that needs to be defeated. Remember to VOTE on November 6,2012. The present and future of all Americans is at stake

    • dkelliott

      If you think we can win in November after taking this to the convention you are insane! It has never happened and this year isn’t a good time to be trying new experiments. Everything is on the line and Republicans will be broke by August. Are you willing to risk that? I’m not! GET A CLUE!

  • elizabeth dunn

    She is a wonderfully pragmatic Republican! Thanks for this post, Javier.

  • Angelo

    This is my 2012 prophecy for GOP and Republican: for as long as Ann Coultier continue to ridicule a conservative like Sarah, and as long the ex-advisers of McCain continue to be a GOP insiders, the GOP is doomed…Obama will still win… I am sorry for Romney and Santorum…The Democrats will get another 4 years of leadership. Romney cannot unite the conservatives and the GOP, and this is factual…

  • John Gavin

    The better title should be “Javier Manjarres takes a swipe at Ann Coulter?”
    We all say that we are conservative but, if we have no true conservatives who can both win and fix our monstrous debt problem, then we are faced with the need to consider who is the more capable, more electable candidate for the situation, not just who is more conservative.
    What good is a winning cadidate if he is no more able to fix our problems, bring back the economy and rid us of a giant tax-eating system than the current ineligible occupier we elected in 2008?

    We don’t need more hope-n-hype, we need a president and Congress who understand the real problems and have the know-how to do it immediately, not after more on-the-job indoctrination by the established corruption we let create this mess.

    Conservatism alone is worth nothing if we don’t know the real answers.

  • Bruce

    Ann Coulter is correct in supporting Romney. Neither Santorium or Gingrich can win the election in November. Our best bet to stop Obama and his out of control spending is Romney.

    Here in Jacksonville, we nominated a Tea Party candidate for mayor. In the end we ended up with a Democrat. Luckily he was fiscally conservative Democrat. However, if the voters would have thought out the process, we would have had a Republician who is moderate with the same type of leadership.

    The stakes in November are much greater. We have a president who spends like a drunken sailor. Our first priority is to support someone who can beat him. Hopefully someone with the business credientials of Mitt Romney who can rein in government will be elected.

  • Boomerbaby

    Ann reminds me of a catty school girl who needs to be taken down a few pegs. I drove an hour to hear her speak at USF a few years back. Even though much of her message was conservative, she read her sound bites with an uppity attitude which gives conservatism a bad image. I was disappointed and wasted my time.