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Charlie Crist Getting Ready to Run as a Democrat

By Javier Manjarres

Former Governor Charlie Crist- aka “Charlie Chameleon” has been a man without a Party ever since he abandoned the Republican Party and ran as an Independent candidate as part of his last ditched attempt to win a U.S. Senate Seat- we all know how that turned out.  But now speculation is intensifying that  Crist may take up a new home in the Democrat Party less than two years removed from referring to himself as a “Reagan Conservative” during his ill fated Republican primary bid.

Upon his departure from the Republican Party, the newly minted “Independent” declared that the Republican Party had become “too conservative” and that the Tea Party were just a bunch of crackpot radicals.  But now it appears Crist has lost his crush on being “Independent”- perhaps because the label has become synonymous with “unelectable” here in Florida.  The whispering around the Democrat Party’s water cooler is that Crist has been actively courting Democrat members of the Florida Legislature in an attempt to consolidate support for a Gubernatorial run in 2014 against Republican Governor Rick Scott, a Democrat source close to the Shark Tank has confirmed.

And just by pure coincidence, the Obama Administration is beginning to praise former Governor Charlie Crist as it begins to lay the groundwork for him to run for Governor as a Democrat-

There’s been speculation in Florida that former Gov. Charlie Crist could endorse President Obama for reelection in 2012 as a step toward becoming a Democrat and running for governor again in 2014.

So these comments from David Axelrod to the Tampa Bay Times are eye-catching, in that context:

The president has a very high regard for Gov. Crist. He made a really courageous decision back in 2009 and there’s no doubt that he made it because he thought it was what was best for the state of Florida. He understood the politics were difficult and he made it nonetheless. He deserves enormous credit for that and the courage he showed. You know we all talk about that we want public officials who are willing to put the next generation ahead of the next election and he was willing to make a decision like that. So we admire him.

Crist could be a helpful surrogate for a president hoping to woo independent voters who think the GOP has moved too far to the right.- Politico

While many Floridians bought Charlie Chameleons’ song and dance several years back, he will have a difficult time convincing Republicans and Independents that he would be the better choice than Governor Rick Scott were he to officially run for Governor. Why? The answer is simple- trust.  Which Party or group will be able to trust Charlie Crist on anything?  Jilted Republicans or Independents? Unconvinced Democrats who are all too familiar with his unpredictable instincts and dubious track record?  Crist is the candidate that will inspire confidence and trust in no one except amongst his die-hard followers.

Several Democrat talking heads have told the Shark Tank that they absolutely do not trust Crist either. But if the D’s take a pounding in 2012, desperation may set in for the D’s who will try any gambit to reclaim power and wind up supporting anyone- Crist could very well be the beneficiary of that sentiment in 2014.

It’s yet to be confirmed that after Crist’s tryst with the Democrats is over, Charlie will change that voter registration card one more time and register Libertarian- just in time for Ron Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • Tamarac Talk

    I would support Charlie Crist in 2014. Like many, I am extremely unhappy with Rick Scott. I voted for Crist in the last election and we really need him back.

    • flaflyboy

      I’m guessing prozac and valium? WOW!

      • Cat

        LOL .. must be!

      • Aubrey Johnston

        What shall I do, what shall I do ? My little grey pony has lost a shoe ! Tee Hee, Ho Ho, Ha Ha.

      • For what its worth

        You are kidding aren’t you?? The man has little of no compass and will do whatever it may take to remain on the public payroll and to keep his name out there. We never could figure out what exactly he stood for. Perhaps you can answer that.

    • Patriot

      Obviously, you need a psychiatrist. In my opinion, Crist is a low life, lying, agenda 21 liberal bent on ruining this country, let alone this state.

      • For what its worth

        Agenda 21 liberal…..I think that you are spot on with that assessment. He did seem ready to turn his state over to the UN didn’t he?

    • Luis R Vazquez

      We all know that Charlie never was a Republican. That is why it will not surprise me if all of you voted for him before

      There is another thing that he should clarify with the voters;

      Under what name will he run?

      Will it be Charlie, Charline, or Charlotte

      • Rich

        You people are such nasty pricks.
        Is it impossible for you to discuss anything without being mean and nasty?
        What has gotten into you all?

        I understand the republican of keeping you all scared to death so you’ll follow them like lemmings to the sea and it seems to be working well for them.

        For working Americans to embrace the republican plans, none of which will do a damn thing for working Americans in simply nuts!!

        • For what its worth

          I don’t think that these folks can be nearly the “pricks” that you seem to think that they are. You ought to spend more time on liberal/democrat blogs. There you can find a whole bunch of nasty “pricks” who use only emotion and very little real intellect in framing arguments.

          Incidentally, instead of throwing out Democrat talking points, why don’t you try addressing something tangible and use real, well thought out reasoning instead of invective. Try it, you might actually learn something.

  • Larry

    Charlie Crist made a mistake not running for a second term as Governor in 2010. However, he ran for the US Senate and the conservative wave of 210 overtook him and he lost to Senator Rubio. Charlie Crist was never a radical conservative. He was a moderate and actually a very good Governor during three of his four years. His last year as Governor, he saw the writing on the wall and tried to pander to the liberal left with his decisions. In addition, Crist would have had a better chance against Rubio in the general election, if he did have to contend against Meek.
    Now move the calendar to today. Governor Scott is not popular among many Republicans, most independents and almost every Democrat and unless something really big happens in the time between now and the election in 2014, he will lose. The writing is on the wall.
    Whether it is Charlie Crist or someone else, such as Jermey Ring, the Democrats are going to have to proverbially screw the pooch between now and then to miss getting one of their own elected.

  • Bill_B

    Hey Charlie what happened, can’t catch any of those ambulances you’ve been advertizing yourself to chase on tv? Wife kick you out of the house until you become what she married you for in the first place, a political socialite.

    Good ole’ Charlie, that back stabbing ladder climbing scumbag ex-governor of ours. Hilarious to think that if you indorsed obama AGAIN it would ever put you back in the circus ring. Sorry Charlie, give it up, you been trying to play chess with a checkers mentality for far too long, it’s just not going to work.

    • Rich

      If you can say that about Mr. Crist, what do you say about our current governor whose company led the largest Medicare Fraud in history?

  • Stacie

    Charlie Crist wouldn’t know a principle is one bit him in the A$$. He betrayed the Republicans and he will betray the Democrats.

    • Larry

      Republicans gave up on Charlie Crist when they chose Marco Rubio over him in the Senatorial primary in 2010. I don’t think he signed any contract that he had to remain in a party that nobody wanted him. The Tea Party decided that he was not “Conservative” enough. Without Tea Party support a Republican is unable to win a primary. Therefore they must pander to their inane ideology. I did a lot of Tea Party events 2 years ago. I then came to my senses and I have not returned. The media is wrong to say that all Tea Party activists are wacky, although I would say that in is fair amount of them. The Tea Party should be renamed the Republican Radical Right.

      • Bunky

        what are the tea party’s inane ideologies?
        Do you mean an inane ideology like a balanced federal budget?
        Do you mean an inane ideology like NOT spending a trillion dollars a year borrowed from China?
        Do you mean an inane ideology like having elected officials actually abide by the US constitution.

        Those are several inane ideologies I came up with Larry.
        Maybe you can come up with some other ones and we can compare/contrast and discuss them.

        • Mary

          Very well said Bunky

        • Patriot

          Great response, Bunky!

        • melanie

          I agree. Those folks who have issues with the Tea Party usually end up name calling. When one tries to pin them down on specifics, they run away.

        • Larry

          I’m not running. My point stands. The three points that you noted are not radical, it is the other 90% that comes out of their mouths that is.
          I will agree that I should not say that all Tea Party participants are radical. I would say there is 1% that would be considered regular everyday people. It is the Tea Party’s 99% percent that is going way overboard with their ramblings.

          • Gary

            You still haven’t come up with any radical ramblings of the Tea Party people. In my experience, 99% are regular people and maybe 1% are on the radical side – but that’s debatable. You still haven’t come up with any specifics and my guess is you can’t and never will. You are all about demeaning lots of good folks who are concerned about the rapidly rising national debt and overreaching big government and are trying to do something about it. Stop trying to run down people who are doing what they have every right to do – organize and take part in the political process.

      • For what its worth

        I’m amazed that you know so much about the Tea Party! How many meetings have you been to? Or has this been by the talking point faxes and the articles in the “LameStream” media? Life is experiential so if you want to deal with Truth (capital T) I suggest that you default to first hand experience. After you’ve visited and debated at a number of tea Party organizations, then you can make your “tested” generalities. Until then, for the sake of full disclosure and intellectual integrity, use the term I heard but cannot personally verify this statement. Your credibility will be greatly enhanced and people would actually accept your views accordingly. Just a word to the wise!

  • Jeff

    CharLIE was not rejected or expelled by any political Party. He walked away from the Republican Party when the poll numbers showed that he was not winning the primary.

    That simple.

    Who wants to trust this CharLIE?

    • Larry

      Charlie Crist walked away from the party when the party turned its back on one of their own. He felt rejected. He did not meet the newly determined rigid “Conservative Standard” set up by the Tea Party. He saw the writing on the wall and he decided that he would fit better as a moderate liberal then a moderate conservative and he left.
      Look at the Governor’s race in the state, Rick Scott should never have won. It was the will of the Radical Right, Tea Party. Now look at where we are, we have a scared Florida House passing School Prayer and anti-sharia bills. These types of bills would never have seen the light of day in the past, because it would have alienated to many of the general electorate. However, in today’s voting age if you do not appease the Tea Party you will not survive to get to the general electorate.
      If your a Republican and you say that you think Tea Party is great than your either a radical, a nut job, or just someone with no back bone to stand up and tell them to shut the F up.

      • Kala

        I think Larry is a pen name for Charlie Crist or his campaign manager.

        • Patriot

          Good point – sounds logical to me.

        • For what its worth

          I agree, Charlie would be the only one trying to defend himself the way that Larry has. Especially his attack on the Tea Party…..I love the way people go out of their way to hate something that they have little or no understanding of. Broad generalities were used in Nazis Germany as well as Soviet Russia and we know how that turned out don’t we. Larry, please show a little discretion and look under the hood before you condemn the vehicle to the scrap heap. The Tea Party is nothing like you seem to think it is.

      • Isabella

        Having met Charlie several times I always came away with the impression that Charlie was only out for Charlie. Nothing he has done has changed that!

        • Rich

          ALL politicians are out for themselves, even your tea bag bretheren who have already sold out to big business interest for their campaign contributions/bribes.
          They will do what their corporate masters want, not what YOU want.

  • AmazedAmerican

    Gumby Crist! Just doesn’t hane an honest leg to stand on.

    • cjames007

      At least Crist tried to create jobs for Floridian: “such as the central Fl. elec. train project” He approved the FED fund. The project would create at least 10,000 jobs. What was the FIRST THING MR. Scott has done: He canceled the project; and what is the reason for him doing that – his respond: ” That is best for Floridian” Not wonder he got his nick name ” Job killer” Governor. Can anyone tell me what are the real jobs he has creates so far?

      • For what its worth

        After having spent a number of years on a Transportation council and working for a company that builds advanced transportation systems, I can emphatically say that trains (200 year old technology) are not the answer to our current problems (unless your perspective is that of being a railroad union guy) of transportation for the 21st century. It is ultra expensive, very heavily subsidized and very inefficient to build and to run. The “Rail” heads and the rail unions are the one’s that are pushing that archaic technology and they will not allow anything that can possibly replace it. I will give you however that trains are quaint (that includes these high speed trains that the president is pushing as well). Look at the other forms of Rapid Transit that have been out there for 40 years or more and ask yourself, why haven’t they taken hold? The answer: The Railroad lobby (very powerful and rich). For what its worth!

  • Tpartywarrior

    Crist will do anything to remain a politician.
    He cannopt be trusted. Gov. Rick Scott is doing fine.
    And Senator Marco Rubio is outstanding.

    • cjames007

      Let’s forget about the politic of the parties! Let’s talk about what can we do for our country America as American. Other countries in the World is catching up with us. They are on the verge of surpassing us such as China. If the Rich in this country do not bring their company back home soon. Soon our children and grandchildren will be working for China. Shouldn’t we concern about that people?

  • Bill

    You be sure to tell your wife, or GF, that you support sharia laws. Then, once you explain where that puts her, come back and tell us how she felt. Of course, maybe you have a wife who wants to be subjugated to you. Most of us (Americans) belive in our Constitution, etc, which clearly states we are all created with inalienable rights. Sharia does not recognize anyone’s rights if they are not Muslim, or a woman.
    So support sharia all you want, Larry. Just be honest and tell us how it works out for ya.
    Oh, and school prayer? The SC just ruled that it is OK for a teacher to verbally abuse a child over his religous faith, thus imposing his “athiest” religion on others, so it should also be ok to express a religous belief in school. Or are you hypocritical there as well?

    • Larry

      Hypocritical!!! Let’s talk about hypocritical. Islam is a religion. Shariah law is not an issue in the US. Are we passing this law against their religious beliefs, under the premise of what if? I thought the Radical Tea Party is all for freedom of religion. Why is the Islamic religion any less important than the Christian religion? That screams hypocritical.

      • For what its worth

        You have a judge down there in Florida (I assume that is where you are from) that has enabled the application of Sharia law in I believe Broward(sp?) county. He made a ruling in favor of Sharia law in the case of a local mosque. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Luke Thomas

    The way things are going, America is going to fall. So whoever wins or whoever runs–this is irrelevant. And you are fooling yourself if you believe there is anybody or anything can fix our economy and nation. It’s way too far gone to fix it. We all are DOOMED. Doomed nation, doomed world.

  • Bob Honiker

    I’m so happy Charlie has found his natural calling in life! Maybe he will move to Chicago, where he will really fit in.

  • Bob Honiker

    Larry the Tea Party is not “radical right”. The Tea Party is right in the center, where The Constitution is!

    • Larry

      OK. Keep believing that. Now if you pass me whatever your smoking, I will be happy with the Tea Party as well.

  • John Cahalane

    Charlie is a Rotten hack. How ANYBODY, from both sidws of the aisle, could trust him is beyond me. He should just keep chasing ambulances.

  • Larry Zimmerman

    I guess you people don’t want to get conservative feedback, because every time I write something here there is an error. So if this gets posted, I hope you dummies get buried in debt.

  • Tim

    The quintessential Macavelian politico!

    It is amusing to see comments on this thread associate Crist with the “middle” and the tea party as extremists. So the guy with his political finger in the air and no discernible principles represents populist values and should be the standard bearer.

    It is no wonder, that our state of the union is what it is.

  • flaflyboy

    We’re already trying to un-do the mess caused by that pathetic old queen Barney Frank…We don’t need another! On the other hand,dis ingenuousness and deceit are the tools you need in the DNC…

  • FedUp

    Good Old Charlie Crist “For the People.” Hmmm I wonder about that. He signed a bill that would allow the government to enter your property and inspect your septic tank. Yes good old Charlie Crist. “For the People” or For the Government? Talk about a Flip Flopper.


  • Giles Light

    Charlie needs to get out of politics and keep chasing ambulances at his current law firm job.

  • J. R.

    The reason Charlie got “Chucked” is he’s a graduate of the Arlen Specter School of Dance and Pretzel Twisting. He could probably make a go of it being the “pea” in a Shell Game. “Is “Chuck” under the first (Republican), second (Independent) or third (Democrat) cup?”

  • http://none Emma Ojeda


  • LV

    Crist was a flaming libturd even when he was a ‘Republican’. Now he works for Ostupid’s fundraising butt lickers at Morgan & Morgan…for the libturds. Rick Scott is lowering the unemployment rate here in FL. It’s only the lying libturds that are unhappy with Scott…and we don’t give a rat’s putootie what THEY think!

  • Lowie

    Florida has finally elected a Gov. that is doing what needs to be done in Washington and that is finding ways to bolster employment and cut programs that are either duplicated or don’t work. The center-right Florida voters will work hard to re-elect Rick Scott and show Crist the exit in Florida politics. It’s time to get tough with the leader of the Democratic Party in Florida, John Morgan, of Morgan and Morgan, whose influence is geared to line his pockets with other peoples money. Floridians, join the “radical” right that is fighting for balance budgets and less taxes(conservatives) or follow Crist and Obama that seek more power over individual rights(Leftists). It’s a no brainer.

    • Patriot

      You betcha! But those who are affected do not like the cuts necessary to balance the budget – too many bleeding hearts. Same as what happens in DC – when it comes to balancing the budget by cuts that ARE NECESSARY, the libs/progressives and bleeding hearts storm the portico. We have to be realistic and look at what does need to be cut, then make the cuts. Fed cuts should not ALL come from the military. There are more places than that one budget. We ALL must share and I do mean ALL including politicians, not just a few, to make it right and save our beloved America.

  • http://TheSharkTank Allan Jacobson

    Charlie Crist should stay where he is, on the curb. He cannot hurt himself or the people of this fair state.

  • Carlos

    Crist isn’t just a chameleon, that would be a complement to a talented, adept creature. Crist is a spineless reptile who has no real principles and will do or say whatever to win. Imagine his ire and frustration. He was rating high as Gov. and thought the Sen. was a well deserved step up. During his Gov. term he often clashed with a young upstart Cuban boy he learned to resent but thought Marco was a annoying fly he could swat away. Never mind it was the first time the
    “up yonder in the nawth” yahoos felt comfortable allowing a Cuban to be Speaker, not fearing he’d be hyper-regional and use the Cubano Caucus to abuse power. Marco never did and ran the House like a smiling symphony conductor, baton firmly in hand. Then Marco ran for Sen. and blew Crist and Meek off the map. Crist is unworthy of any further office, has no honor and cannot be trusted. He’s rich and needs to just go away and leave FL alone!

  • BaileyJack

    Do most people not see that Color Change Charlie is not interested in anything other than his own future? I could see that when he was running the first time around.

    He doesn’t care about this state – just what it will do for him. Think about it – when was the last time we had a governor here (or any state for that matter) that did NOT want a second term?

    Charlie wanted to go to DC – because he wanted it for himself, not because he thought he could actually do more for the state. Use your head people. He is nothing more than an opportunist – and always has been.

  • Jeff

    CharLIE only cares about CharLIE.
    He is not an Ind., Dem. or Rep. He is only CharLIE the opportunist.

    He quit service as a governor to seek power. Now, he chases ambulances.


  • Lowie

    How about a Romney-Rubio ticket?

    I love that Cuban Boy!

  • http://www.posterchildrenfortermlimits.com George Blumel

    Gov Scott, the successful businessman is also successful in running the state –getting the budget under control, making the state business friendly and jobs are being created as a result. He also has avoided the big mistakes a Charlie Crist would surely make such as taking FedGov direction on the choo-choo train boondoggle that would indebt the state forever. Jeb was a good governor but Scott is better in one important area: energy. He is willing to allow drilling offshore instead of standing by and watching Cuba take advantage of the oil there. Imagine the prosperity that would bring and will bring if –when–Obama is defeated.
    Crist left the state vulnerable to a hurricane with the state insurance company and chasing the solid companies away leaving taxpayers on the hook. Crist is a loser and a failure in every part of his life. Forget him.

    • roe

      @Geo. Blumel You’ve got that exactly right. I can’t add a thing to what you have to say except. Great job Gov.Scott

    • Larry

      When did Gov. Scott give the OK for drilling offshore? Do you have an article that I can see that? Because this is news to me.

  • roe

    Charlie Crist was never anything but a Democrat. He will be whatever you want him to be. I can’t believe anyone in the State of FL would actually think he would be a better Governor than Rick Scott. All of you who despise Rick Scott are those who don’t like change, who like handouts and mostly have lived your lives taking advantage of the system. It’s time we all try personal responsibility.

    • Larry

      I agree, Charlie Crist was never a hardened Conservative. He was a moderate, that did what was best for the state and the people. When did it become a sin to help those that are less fortunate. I walk around and I see people looking for handouts all of the time. Up until recently I said to myself, they have nerve. Now I fell sorry and I want to help them. You can’t go through life being angry. Your only alive for a short time, try to help others. You will die much happier.

      • roe

        You help others by providing opportunities for them to help themselves. Handing them money, food and housing only makes people dependent on handouts. Instead, educate, train and make people responsible for their own circumstances. Your logic doesn’t make sense. Handouts should be VERY temporay to get someone through a rough time due to circumstances beyond their control.

      • GenEarly

        Penn Teller:
        ” It’s amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion.

        Voting for our government to use guns(coercive taxation)to give money to help poor and suffering people (or campaign donors)is immoral self-righteous bulling laziness.

        People need to be fed,educated,clothed, and sheltered. If we are compassionate we will help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right.

        There is great joy in helping people,but no joy in doing it at gunpoint.”

  • Deecal

    The correct nickname for good ol’ Charlie is:
    It works so well for him.

  • cjames007

    Is cutting back and laying off thousand of teachers a part of Gov. Scott agenda so he can create new jobs? What’s a pathetic lie!

    • roe

      Where do you get your facts? If you are going to print derogatory comments about our Governor, at least get your information from somewhere besides liberal websites who also think Obama is a great leader. Teachers lost their jobs? Really? Where and how many.

  • Joel Molinari

    how do those poor little chameleon’s get lumped in with liars, manipulators and politicians?

  • Joseph

    Crist was the worse thing that ever happened to Florida. He cut lottery winnings and Bright futures scholarships in half. Where did all those millions go Charlie? Scott is good. Some people just don’t like his cuts in government pork. I’ll vote for him again, never Obama loving Crist.

    • roe

      You have that exactly right. Charlie Crist would be the worst thing to happen to Florida. His one hope are the Obama people and the unions of course. Same old brain dead groups.

  • roe

    Anyone who would even consider a vote for Charlie Crist would be part of the same bunch of brain dead non-thinking zombies who believe Barack Obama to be a great leader. This man is the epitome of what a corrupt, dishonest, hypocritical, say anything, do anything politician represents. I thought we were trying to rid ourselves of this kind of scum.

  • schmeppie q. tiddlywinks

    Charlie Crisp epitomizes the kind of two-faced opportunistic piece-o-shiite liberal scum looyah that should really continue chasing ambulances so we can get a real leader in there, and not just someone with nice hair who visits the tanning booth every week.

    Crisp has shown his true colors and has zero loyalty to any of the 3 parties that he has been involved with, and is more than willing to throw all Americans, not just Floridians, under the ‘Obama bus’.

    It’s getting REALLY crowded under here already. Since FL is a ‘swing’ state, expect all hell to break loose, real soon. Maybe the ACORN/union/black panther thugs will come on down and crack some skulls outside of voting booths. It’s probably in the DEM project plan, and people like CC would willingly comply with anything to win elections.


  • GenEarly

    The current “Moderate” path of Gov.Rick Scott should have the Repubs positioned well to meld with an inclusive Demoncat-Independent Suntan Charlie.
    You will not be able to tell the difference as they both rush to the mushy middle. After repeated colossal Repub Failures in the Legislature, why bother anymore?
    They are just two teams vying to win to get the goodies to their vested interests.The commoners are not even considered once the electioneering pandering is finished.
    Don’t forget to get your yard signs and bumper stickers, Yahoo!