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Connie Mack Officially Launches U.S. Senate Campaign, Boehner Happy He’s Leaving

By Javier Manjarres

Congressman Connie Mack officially launched his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign in Estero, FL.  The event marked the end of a 2-day campaign road trip that covered Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Miami, and finished off in Naples.  The well attended event brought out Mack’s father, former Senator Connie Mack III, who arrived fashionably late, as well as other politicos who are currently running for political office.

Mack has caught significant criticism from conservatives in Florida for being ‘not-so-conservative,’ some even going as far as calling him a ‘moderate’ Republican Congressman. When asked about this perception about being a moderate, Mack forcefully stated,” I am one of the most conservative members of Congress, and I have a very conservative voting record.”

“Senator Nelson has been a lock-step liberal with President Obama, voted with him 98% of the time, we cant’ afford that in Washington, D.C., we are going to expose Nelson for what he is, a big liberal government supporter”-Congressman Connie Mack

Mack also added that there were a couple of D.C. insiders that would not miss him when he leaves the House of Representatives, including House Speaker John Boehner.  Mack said that Boehner is “The happiest person in Washington, D.C. because I am running for the U.S. Senate – John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, because I have consistently opposed his big government ideas.”

Congressman Connie Mack is the clear Republican front runner in U.S. Senate race in what is now a two man race between him and  former U.S. Senator George LeMieux. Former House Majority Leader Adam Hasner dropped out of the Senate race earlier this week and is now running for Congress in Allen West’s  soon-to-be vacated seat. West announced that he will seek re-election in another congressional district.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Jim

    “Two man race”? Complete the sentence. And one woman. MARIELENA STUART is the only conservative in the U.S. Senate race. Her speeches available on You Tube are amazing and one is only nine minutes long. Don’t miss the ending! Her website full of information is Connie Mack is an election year pretend conservative who’s in full blown support of human embryonic stem cell research and is steeped in earmarks! If you want your next U.S. Senator to be a career politician who has never had a real job then he’ll be your candidate but thinking voters will contrast his life of privilege with the life of MARIELENA STUART. You’ll find her background of resisting communism in Cuba and fighting socialism and taxpayer funded bailouts in Florida to be inspiring. Her conservative columns in http://www.renew about China and the middle east are brilliant and don’t miss her columns about Barack Obama.

  • Jim

    “Two man race”? The sentence should actually read “two person race” between him and MARIELENA STUART. She is the conservative alternative to Connie Mack who is an election year pretend conservative who is supportive of human embryonic stem cell research and steeped in earmarks which cost you the taxpayers billions of dollars. The contrast between Marielena and him is stark. Connie Mack has led a privileged life in Florida and has never had a real job. MARIELENA and her family resisted communism in Cuba which resulted in imprisonments and executions. She has fought socialism and taxpayer funded bailouts in Florida which helped save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. If you want a career politician with no accomplishments then Connie Mack is your candidate. If you are tired of politics as usual then MARIELENA STUART is your candidate. Her nine minute video on YouTube is amazing. Don’t miss the ending! Her columns on about China, the mideast and Obama are masterful.

  • http://BC87 Rick Caird

    I was happy with LeMieux as our Senator. I see no reason not to vote for him this time around. He also honored his commitment not to run in 2010. Fancy that, a politician who honors his commitments.

    • http://google Rick

      You are RIGHT!! George LeMieux has been an outstanding representative for Conservatism from the Great State of Florida!! Please don’t come up with these “conservatives” from Cuba that represent their beliefs! I grew up & was born in Fla. & I remember these Cubans flocking to Florida and being paid by US $$ to “step foot” on American soil and getting $$ thrown at them and I saw them given $$ to buy a home from the FHA235 plan and we,as returning veterans from Viet Nam were not given the opportunity of $$ for the schools, the businesses, the everything for FREE! Just because their parents were NOT capable of standing up to Castro, because they were scared of him. They could not fight for their rights on their own soil. Why? They could come to the USA & have $$ thrown at them!! No way are you going to tell me they are “Conservative”!Sen. Rubio is a fine example, so open your eyes America. NO Cuban- Americans for the Senate or “President”!!
      A Viet Nam Vet from Florida

  • facts please

    I keep reading on this site that Connie Mack is a moderate, so I googled him. Well I was shocked when I found that he has a lifetime conservative score of 93% from the America Conservative Union. This was one of the highest scores in the State. Shouldn’t we do a little reaserch before we start throwing terms around? I know he’s pretty new to the race, but it took about 2 minutes to find the facts.

    • noczars

      @facts please. I’m sorry but anything with UNION in the title, I stay away from. In searching “american conservative union” I found an AD to DONATE to the FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. I think I will search un Jim DeMint’s “Conservative Fund”.

      • Facts please

        This is the group that puts on CPAC…

        America’s Oldest and Largest Grassroots Conservative Organization
        Founded in 1964, ACU represents the views of Americans who are concerned with economic growth through lower taxes and reduced government spending and the issues of liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values and national security.

        As America’s conservative voice, ACU is the leading entity in providing conservative positions on issues to Congress, Administration Officials, State Governments, the media, political candidates and the public.

        The American Conservative Union Foundation, ACUF, a 501(c)(3) educational foundation, provides critical research and background information on issues helping fund various aspects of conservative education.

        The ACU Ratings of Congress have been the definitive guide for decades on where Members of Congress stand on conservative issues. Published by the ACUF, it provides the public and the news media a yearly score for each Member of the United States House and Senate.

        CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Conference is the nation’s largest gathering of conservatives annually. It is a project of ACUF and its largest
        annual conference.

        Taking place in Washington, DC each year, CPAC brings together nearly 10,000 attendees and all of the leading conservative organizations and speakers who impact conservative thought in the nation. Regularly seen on C-SPAN and other national news networks, CPAC has been the premiere event for any major elected official or public personality seeking to discuss issues of the day with conservatives. From Presidents of the United States to college student leaders, CPAC has become the place to find our nation’s current and future leaders.

        The American Conservative Union Political Action Committee, ACU PAC, supports candidates for office who reflect the conservative principles on which ACU was founded.


  • Abigail Adams


    You are so right about Marielena! Our house was a McCalister house but that is changing on several notes. I find his agressive nature expecially toward anyone who opposes him to be “unacceptable.” In addition he has shown a certain amount of agression toward Marielena – why because she is a woman, because he is afraid of her intelligence or both?

    She is certainly nothing like Marco Rubio and she has a very strong backbone and needs our support aginst career politicians like Connie Mack (crook) or LeMueix.

  • Charles Schmidt

    What the hell does favoring stem cell research got to do with fixing all the problems we have in Washington. Do you really think that someone that opposes stem cell research can represent us in these trying times.

    Oh by the way.most stem cell research is not using human cells.
    Maybe if someone had done this research previously my trrn aged daughter could have been cured of cancer.

    We are going to lose the whitehouse if voting is controlled by social conservitives.

    • Jim

      Charles, you are going to have to educate yourself on the difference between adult stem cell research which has been shown to be a success and HUMAN EMBRYONIC stem cell research which is the killing of HUMAN BEINGS. HUMAN EMBRYONIC stem cell research has been shown to be a failure. CONNIE MACK voted for TAXPAYER FUNDING OF HUMAN EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH! That puts CONNIE MACK alongside OBAMA and PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

      In contrast to Connie Mack——— MARIELENA STUART has fought against taxpayer funding of companies involved in human embryonic stem cell research.

  • Charles Schmidt

    Where can I donate to Mack’s campaign. I’m sure all Jim is going to do is post untrue info but not give a dollar to what’s her name..

    • noczars

      @ Charles Schmidt = “JIM” is the one that brought Marco Rubio to The Senate,and many more “true” Constitutional Conservatives. And by “what’s her name” I take it you are talking about Michele Bachmann. If so then you are not a Constitutional Conservative.

  • Marco

    I know for a fact that Mike McCalister likes Marielena. I have heard him say so. However, it does’t mean that he thinks she is the best person for the Senate seat. Marielena will need to toughen up if she has ANY hope of making it to the Senate. MIke McCalister won’t put up with any BS from anyone and will challenge the entire Senate to pass legislation because he is a man who is determined to get things done – and he succeeds at it!

    • Jim

      MARCO, “Marielena needs to toughen up”? Marielena survived her family executions and imprisonments in Cuba Since 2008 she has fought against billionaire developers and government officials who are immersed in Sustainable Development (Agenda 21), and keeps them on the run. These billionaire developers involved in Sustainable Development are the Socialist elite in Florida who parade themselves in Republican circles.

      Mccalister is a bully who’s found someone in Marielena who won’t put up with his crap. If he likes her as you say then he can endorse her when he drops out of the Senate race. This U.S. Senate race is between MARIELENA STUART and Connie Mack. MARIELENA will turn Connie Mack on his head when his handlers allow him on the same stage with her, which they will eventually have to do.

      • Patrick Henry

        Thank you Jim for the information on Marielena. I wasn’t aware of her and from her website I see she is aware of Agenda 21 and against it. This is EXACTLY the type of candidate we need. I’m going to read more and it looks like there’s a good chance of her receiving my support.

      • Marco

        Clearly, you are on Marielena’s campaign. BTW the way, I was addressing Abigail, not you. McCalister consistently polls either first or second place, so he won’t be dropping out.

  • Onslow

    Calling Connie Mack a moderate is just more, easy to say, political B.S. – Don’t buy it.

  • Eljay

    ANYBODY but Nelson!

  • Julie

    I am very disappointed the GOP establishment forced Hasner to leave just to put a RINO like Mack in. The Mack name did nothing for Florida years ago. Mack will never have my vote.