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Herman Cain Heckled by Ron Paul Supporters

By Javier Manjarres

The Ron Paulinistas love to heckle candidates when they’re speaking, and today was their opportunity to heckle Herman Cain at one of his South Florida campaign stops. The hecklers, whom we’ll refer to as Bert and Ernie can be heard questioning  Cain’s moral compass, but after (Bert) realized that people in the audience pegged as for the heckler, he reverted to the ol’ ‘tone it down’ approach to heckling.  After Bert’s initial outburst, they both went on to spew more Ron Paulinista talking points, but this time at a mere whisper, compared to their first round of heckling. I took it upon myself to tell Bert and Ernie that if you are going to heckle, do it right or don’t do it at  all. Needless to say, their toned down approach fell on deaf ears, as no one except for me and  a few other people standing directly in front of them could hear what they were saying.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Gabriel Jose Carrera

    Herman is the man!

  • Lou

    The hecklers were most likeley visiting left-wing radicals instead of true Ron Paul supporters. Think about it, the left infiltrates conservative rallies, and induces confusion, chaos, and dysfunction.
    The credit for the unrest being given to alleged “Ron Paul Supporters”, but anyone can claim to be a Ron Paul supporter.

    It sounds like the Saul Alinski and Cloward-Piven playbooks.

    Don’t let these hecklers fool you, remember the Tea-Party events were visited by the left-wing too. These people are there to create upheaval, and to undermine the conservative’s credibility.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Please. I was there and spoke to them-they were Ron Paul supporters

    • AmazedAmerican

      Why don’t we just put a name on these people. Obamaites would be a good one.

      • Rich

        Sure, blame Mr. Obama. It could never be you whacked out conservatives each trying to out conservative the other.
        Herman Cain needs no hecklers, he does a good enough job of embarrassing himself on almost a daily basis.
        Mr. Paul, on the other hand has no business running for president. Why would one want to preside over a government he wants to dismantle?

        • Dagny

          You got it wrong about Ron Paul. He does not want to dismantle the government, he wants to shrink the size of government and eliminate these unconstitutional agencies that are wasting billions of dollars. And, this needs to be done! He also wants to audit the FED and reduced their powers by returning to a sound monetary policy. No other candidate will do this! The FED runs this country! Believe it! If we do not take back our treasury, we are done. Look how the Trilateral Commission is taking over Europe. This will happen here if we do not cut our debt soon. We do not have 10 years to do this. But, you are right about Cain, he embarassed himself royally when he was asked a question about Libya. How can anyone take him seriously is beyond me.

  • Lou

    Ron Paul is an honorable individual anyhow. Check his bio, ex-military flight surgeon, he has delivered over 4000 children, he doesn’t take government money for child deliveries from the poor, he has declined his pension benefits from Congressional service, etc.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and everyone is entitled to question the candidates.

    We need ongoing discussion.

    • Elaine Magliacane

      Ron Paul..still gets those EARMARKS… millions and millions for his district doesn’t he? Ron Paul isn’t as pure as his blind followers think, scratch the surface and he’s JUST LIKE all the other politicians in DC…

      • Dagny

        Ron Paul has never voted unconstitutionally!

        • Sandi Trusso

          He’s “never voted unconstitutionally” only according to his own distorted misinterpretation of the US Constitution!

  • mookie

    The establishment will try to turn Cain supporters against Paul supporters, in an attempt to steer the votes to Romney when he exits the race!

  • clayusmcret

    I was wondering where the crazy-@ss Ron Paul supporters had gone. They were simply lurking off the grid.

  • bloggger

    oh come on!!! where is the RON PAUL signs?? How are we supposed to know that these were Ron Paul supporters. Couldnt they have just been from the TEA PARTY, since the TEA PARTY just said today that Cain was nuts??? QUIT trying to collectivise.

  • Lightweight

    Herman Cain has a Credibility Crisis

    “I don’t even know who this woman is.secondly I didn’t recognize the name at all.”

    “I don’ know what she said,but clearly she had his attention.”

  • Sandman

    I believe Javi because that is typical behavior for Paul bearers. The ironic thing is Paul never climbs above 10% in the polls because of his angry obnoxious supporters. You people will always be losers and Paul won’t even count out a pointless third party run that puts Obama back in and destroys America for good. That alone should tell you enough about Ron Paul and his idiot supporters.

    • Michael

      If Ron Paul is so insignificant why so worried about a third party run. Any one of the other big Gov. , Endless war backing , no budget cutting GOP would be just like re-electing obama anyway.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Heckling is what Ron Paul supporters do best. Here our country is going down for the last count, and it appears that their main concerns are whether or not they can smoke pot legally, whether or not gays can marry and adopt children, whether or not porn is legal, and making sure they never have to defend America. This is how they define liberty.

    • BillieUSA

      WHATTTT? These concerns are the LEAST OF what Paul supporters care about! Where do you get your information? We care about endless war, about spending the USA into oblivion!

      • Sandi Trusso

        People from counties all over America have experienced Paulites! Those of us who have know exactly what they’re after (generally speaking, not all Paulites, but huge numbers). In our area, there was a newspaper put out by these people, they were on radio talk shows debating the issues once their priority goas were discovered. They’re on our college campuses infiltrating student groups with no proof of statements made which are intended to show proof of their positions (and since our kids have received no true education on these matters, they fall for the deception).

        Just one example, check out the group which follows him around (like those who infiltrated C-PAC, pretending that their pro-gay and pro-Pot philosophy is conservative). The group which sat there screaming for legalizing homosexuality (marriage, adoption of children), and for legalized Pot… are the same people who stayed to support Ron Paul when he was announced!

        As for “ending war”… While I believe that many Paulites actually think they’re doing the right thing, I also believe that many more (who have been raised to think only of SELF, just want to guarantee that they never have to stand to defend this country, or give of themselves in any way for anyone else… these are kids, and some adults, who have no idea what it would mean to lose the freedom they’ve always had, and don’t care about those heroes who risked and gave their lives for their freedom… all they care about are themselves).

        And once again, the “constitutional candidate” statement doesn’t hold water. He defines the constitution to fit his philosophy, and those who don’t know/understand how law is actually interpreted believe him. He is not a Constitutionalist. As soon as I hear a candidate say that he/she is a strict conservative Constitutionalist who believes in individual liberty, I immediately want them to define “liberty”, because my radar says that they’re probably libertarian and they’re definition of liberty has nothing to do with the original intent of our US Constitution.

    • Dagny

      You are way off and misinformed! Ron Paul supporters care about our country more than you. We follow Ron Paul because he is the only constitutional candidate running. We have the government we elected and if you haven’t learned by these mistakes then vote for another socialist because nothing will change if anyone other than Ron Paul wins. You can vote for the new world order Fabian socialist progressive Newt, or the socialist Romney, or the war monger, federalist Santorum, or Bachmann who was big on earmarks and has voted plenty times unconstitutionally, or the naive and misinformed insider Cain, or anyone else and see just how much will change. Nothing will because they are all part of the problem and will do very little to cut spending. The problem is that many are still not taking our constitution seriously. You either believe in the U.S. Constitution in its entirety or you are part of the problem. You only have one vote: Ron Paul or another socialist!

  • Barbara Cox

    I listened to the video expecting it to substantiate your headline but it didn’t quite get there. Recognizing fair and balanced, guess I will have to take your word for it 😉

  • 1776Liberal

    I’ve been traveling with work so have attended some Tea Party events in other areas of the country when time permits. As a solid Herman Cain supporter, it’s interesting to see the supporters for all the Republican candidates.

    Most supporters talk up their candidate without bashing the other Republican candidates. I can’t say the same about an estimated 25% of Paulistas. While they solidly support Ron Paul, their tactics to take out the opponent at all costs is more similar to Chicago thug political tactics.

    Just an observation with my own eyes and ears….

    • Michael

      You are full of it! You must be deaf and blind.

  • Texas Liberty

    Ron Paul is Libertarian. He does not heckle people including political opponents. The essence of Libertarian is tolerance. Small government is Libertarian because government is an apparatus of coercion. People who harass in the name of Ron Paul may think they support him but don’t understand his values. Odds are good that the Saul Alinsky actors theory is correct. Next time you see one heckling at an opponents rally go tell them you agree and ask them to help you sign up to help Dr. Paul. I bet they will get evade and finally disappear. Is Sandman another name for Sandi Trusso? I am just wondering because the two posts reflect each other and are posted less than ten minutes apart….

    • Sandi Trusso

      Ron Paul doesn’t have to heckle his opponents. After his seminars on the Revolution, I’m sure his supporters are very well informed as to how to go about it.

      • Sandi Trusso

        1. Sandman is not another name for Sandi Trusso. I always take responsibility for my own statements.
        2. As I said earlier, just one example of Ron Paul supporters harrassment of people is C=PAC. Check out the group who shouted down the one student who disagreed with their views on homosexuality and Pot. Then ask yourself how “tolerant” this group was. Then notice that these were the same people who stayed in the room to support Ron Paul when he was announced immediately afterward!–As I said, how “tolerant” is this? Their #1 goal is to take over anything and anyone who does not support their “SELF” before all else, and “anything goes” philosophy. The most visable of his supporters are ill-informed, rude and sometimes violent people.

        • Sandman

          Since Paul supporters so often stack polls and skew message boards by using multiple screen names of course they accuse others of doing the same.

          All of those paleolibertarians are losers and if the general public knew the radical views they really stood for even their minuscule support would disappear.

  • Lou

    There are extremists on both sides. The far left has it’s marxists and communists, and the far right has it’s anarchists, and isolationists.

    It’s certainly an interesting presidential race.

    We need a good leader that will unify our nation, preserve individual freedoms, reduce big-government, and protect our citizens.

  • Goldbug36

    A lot of ignorance on the issues going on here ..

    • Lou

      Very true Goldbug36.

      The left loves to see chaos on the right.

      As Alinsky said:

      Rule 3) In war, the end justifies almost any means.

      Rule 10) You do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments.

  • Bryan K Donnelly


    A high proportion of Ron Paul supporters are, like their candidate, CRANKS. The Paulistas abound with John Birch Society type nut cases; conspiracy nuts worried about the “international bankers,” “anti Fluoridation activists worried about their “precious bodily fluids,” “America First” 1940’s type isolationists (call themselves “non interventionists” these days,) and various forms of not too heavily disguises anti-Israel anti-Semites.

    It should come as no surprise that they may include brain dead hecklers. “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas!” These are just the sort of boobs who would support a third party, insuring Marxist Obama’s re-election, if they don’t get their way. Many need psychiatric help.

    • Dagny

      You are sick! A vote for another socialist is the same as voting for Obama, or, don’t you get it yet?

  • Al

    If y’all truly believe in the United States Constitution to the letter then you would not make such ridiculous comments against Mr. Paul. He is the true fiscal conservative. He has been more consistent that any other politician. He emulates Thomas Jefferson. You need to learn more about what the Founding Fathers said about being involved in conflicts that do not threaten this great land. Unfortunately Herman Cain believes in the Federal Reserve. Like Dr. Paul, I believe it needs to be abolished. So please spare me the absurdity. Either you believe in the Constitution to the letter based on original intent or not believe in same. You cannot pick and choose parts of the constitution like a buffet menu and call yourselves constitutionalist. If you only pick and choose parts of it then you are not a true believer in this document that limits the power of government. I for one am an American of Cuban birth but in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and not this so called version of conservatiam that is spewed out. Having seen the begginnings of communism, I strongly believe that evry human has a right by our creator to have the maximum liberty possible as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. We have a right to self defense and it is supposed to be that the very limited role of government is to protect us from foreign aggression and only to respond to the aggrssion and not become nation builders in another country.

    • Sandi Trusso

      You’re right that Ron Paul IS a fiscal conservative, but he’s not a Constitutionalist. Here’s a “thank-you” to Ron Paul for his service, but this (as we saw with Kerry) is not necessarily synonomous with “strict constitutionalist”.

      • jibber jabber

        Ron Paul is not a Constitutionalist? Do you just say words arbitrarily?

  • Al

    Here is an intteresting article about Ron Paul

    By the way in case y’all were not aware, 1) Ron Paul served in the United States AirForce as a flight surgeon. So far I have not seen or heard anyone thank him for his service to this country 2) Why is it that Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from both active and retired members of the military then all other candidates combined? See Federal Elections Commission report on campaign contributions. Does anyone really know why he has received such contributions from both active and retired military? Would any of you who have written criticizing him answer that question?

    Here is a quick clue: They believe in Ron Paul’s position in bringing home our military to defend the homeland and not interfere in any part of the world unless we are attacked.

    Here is another tid bit for y’all to chew on: Ron Paul believes the US should be a major world player in international commerce. I guess that shatters the myth of him being an isolationist

  • Bryan K Donnelly


    Like some of his more extreme “libertarian” followers, Ron Paul seems at heart an anarchist. He lives in a fantasy world in which we all could simply pull back to our own borders and all be happy, safe, and prosperous. This is an illusion bordering on dementia that he shares with the brain dead “Occupy Wall Street” morons.

    Absent the US Navy patrolling the world’s sea lanes, there would BE no commerce. All the world’s oceans would resemble the seas off Somalia. We inherited the job from the Royal Navy which, for Britain’s OWN interests, protected US and our trade (along with the entire world’s) for over a century. We live in an economically integrated WORLD and can NOT prosper without one. There is no free trade without military power to defend it.

    The ostrich-like notion that we can simply “defend our shores” is absurd. Our “shores” are the world, like it or not. The USA would relinquish our power and become a second rate nation at the mercy of enemies large and small were we to withdraw to our own frontiers. Fredrick the Great said, “Diplomacy without weapons is like music without instruments.” Impossible.

    Nature abhors a vacuum. Withdraw from the world, defend only ourselves? Our standard of living, along with the world’s would plummet back to pre-industrial poverty. Isolationism (euphemistically now called “non-intervention by the reactionary Paulistas) is, ignorant, absurd, and IMPOSSIBLE.

    Lest you deem this the response of a liberal or UN style “one world” advocate, I’m a long member of the Republican Liberty Caucus (,) the home for SENSIBLE libertarians in the USA. I advocate the least POSSIBLE government, but national defense of our nation and our overseas interests is the PRIMARY function of legitimate constitutional government. Might I remind you that our first “foreign” war was with Islamic terrorists, the Barbary pirates. It was to protect our world trade.

    • trueblues

      Bryan the warmonger, quoting from dictators and conquerors in the past to justify your cynicalism.

    • jibber jabber

      Despite your best attempts, you aren’t scaring anybody…

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  • Dan

    CAIN is Clueless…. He was flavor of last month.!

  • richie evans

    I have listened to some of Ron pauls speaches and interviews and it seems that he has done his best to avoid condeming or criticising his oponents at all costs.He is straight forward with his opinions and plans to bring this nation back on track. This article is the type of nonsence that I believe he would consider a distraction from the main issues. Considering the list of boobs we have to choose from I find him the most honorable candidate.