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Rep. Weatherford- Why I Support Romney for President

by Rep.Will Weatherford (R)

No armchair quarterback has ever won a football game. No spectator has ever been the victor in a battle. Contests are decided by the participants; this important truth forms the basis of my appeal to all Floridians to take an active role in the election of our next U.S. President.

America, once widely considered the “shining city on a hill,” is now struggling under the weight of excessive spending, an extended recession and an uncertain future. This has led some to say that America’s best days are behind us: those critics are wrong. The desire for and pursuit of freedom is still alive and well. Yet, many of our government’s policies are stifling the very spirit that has made our country great.

We have all heard that leadership starts at the top.  The President of the United States has an important role in setting a direction for the nation. I believe that our country needs a change of course. For this reason, I have taken an active role in support of Mitt Romney for President.

Mitt Romney believes in the promise of America.

As a former Governor of Massachusetts, a traditionally liberal state, he has a proven record of results.  Governor Romney turned around a state that was mired in fiscal and economic problems. When he came into office, Massachusetts was shedding jobs and running a deficit. By the time he left office, he had balanced the budget, cut taxes 19 times, and generated enough new revenue to create a surplus of $2 billion for a rainy-day fund. The result? Employers once again began hiring. All of this was accomplished in a politically polarizing environment. He didn’t make excuses; he made a difference.

As a presidential candidate, Romney is right on the issues.  Social Security is shaping up to be a central issue for voters, especially in Florida where we have the largest population of seniors. Romney recognizes that Social Security faces a severe financial shortfall, and he has developed well thought-out reforms to fix and strengthen the program so that we can keep our promises to both current seniors and to future generations.  It’s a sensible conservative plan, not a wrecking ball.

Romney also has a very detailed program to turn around the economy. It’s probably the most thoughtful and far-reaching proposals ever put forward by a presidential candidate.  It’s a 150 page plan, along with 59 separate actions, to get the U.S. economy growing again including tax reform, cutting federal spending, and reorganizing the federal government. You can read the plan for yourself at

I have two young daughters, and their future weighs heavily on my wife and me. I am deeply concerned about the way our leaders in Washington, D.C. continue to push off difficult decisions at the expense of my children and our children. America’s spending cannot be sustained. It is not fair to bill the next generation for the excesses of politicians today. We need someone with the courage and conviction to stop making soft decisions, and instead put America’s needs first. Mitt Romney is that kind of leader.

The upcoming election for our next President is a contest of great consequence. We have been given the privilege of making the choice to decide who will lead our nation. For me, that choice is Mitt Romney. I urge all Floridians to step off the sidelines and get involved in this very important election. I urge you to become a part of restoring the promise of America.

The author is a Florida State Representative in District 61

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  • George

    Romney is no conservative. RINO Obama Lite.

    • Sapphire

      You’re so right, Romney, is no conservative. He believes big time in climate change. This will give the EPA more power than they have now. I’m skeptical about him going ahead with Obama care. He is no conservative.

  • Sean O’Neill

    This wet-behind-the-ears FL representative should learn more about a topic before speaking. This is the same young man who sat in a packed room of people at CPAC FL in an Education forum lying to them that Florida is #4 in the country.

    I would suggest if you do not know what you are talking about you are better to not say anything. FL is rated 4th by Education Week Magazine for “ACCOUNTABILITY” which means their “reporting” practices. Anyone who choses to exert a little time will see by the states own FCAT reports (which is all we are given to go by) that Florida Education is failing, flat-lined and 48th in the nation. We are graduating kids who cannot read and NO ONE – NO ONE is really paying attention.

    Passing more bills,setting aside more money, going with virtual schools, allowing international programs without supervision that are teaching socialism is not the answer. Give back the RTTT money, get away from the ruination of our kids standards and get back to basic education.

    Elected officials passing bills in regard to education – something they know nothing about – is a crime!

    • Sapphire

      I totaly agree with your comment! I’m a teacher. I sorrounded by liberals. Money is not the answer to education. I know for a fact that elementary, middle, and high schools get FTE money from the government. ALL THE ADMINISTRATORS spend the money in other areas, except in the classrooms! Gang theft happens every day in the school system.

  • Brian

    Mitt has the credentials and ability to lead America. He has obviously had some less than fully-conservative moments in his past but he has been man enough to admit those errors and do his best to correct them. After it all shakes out, I believe that Mitt will be our man and that he will be a tremendous President. It’s time to send the community organizer back to Chicago!

  • Sy Bonem

    The alternative to Romney or Cain is Obama. That outcome is unthinkable.

  • John Wright

    I am really disappointed in Rep. Weatherford. Mitt Romney is too middle of the road and is very much like McCain and we know how that turned out. Romney is not a real conservative and reminds me too much of Crist and McCain republicanism. They are losers!

  • CaptTurbo

    Romney? No thanks.

  • SharonH

    Sorry this is long, but this article struck a nerve. Please know, my comments are strictly, “In my opinion, ……..”

    Rep. Weatherford doesn’t seem to have done his homework on more than the state of education in Florida.

    Mitt was “for” abortion before he was against abortion. Romneycare funds abortion. Of course, his for-and-against views track with his campaigns to be president.

    Mitt has see-sawed over gay marriage. If you research published articles, you find Gov. Romney worked behind the scenes overseeing the efforts for gay marriage to become law in Mass. Now, he claims to be against gay marriage.

    CBS reported: “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has signed a pledge sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage promising to support a federal constitutional amendment ‘defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.’ It’s also notable because Romney was not always such a strong opponent of gay rights. In 1994, he sent a letter to a gay Republican group saying he would be a stronger advocate for gay rights than his Massachusetts Senate opponent, Sen. Ted Kennedy. ‘We must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern,’ wrote Romney. He also characterized the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy as ‘the first in a number of steps that will ultimately lead to gays’ and lesbians’ being able to serve openly and honestly in our nation’s military.”

    Research Romneycare and the real Mitt Romney will be revealed.
    He refutes the remarks made by Perry, even saying Perry’s comments were lies. In my opinion, Perry nailed Romeny. You have to hunt to find reporting that tells the truth about Romneycare, but it’s on the web if you’re interested.

    I don’t know the man I’ll vote for in the primary, but it will not be a man who vascillates over serious subjects because he so desires to be President of the USA.

    Do you trust a spouse, friend, boss, politician, or so-called leader who makes decisions, solely, with the thought of benefitting himself/herself? Do you trust a person who tells you one thing as he/she speaks to you in your home or office—or—from the TV screen or in written articles, then, does the opposite of what hw/she said?

    I want a president who is honest, moral, logical-thinking, intelligent, insightful, GOD-fearing, pro-Israel, and gets the facts before making decisions. I thought that man was Cain until he attacked Perry—without knowing the facts of the now infamous rock. That day, Cain became just another Jackson or Sharpton for me. And, yes, it still brings tears, because I believed Cain when he said he was an American, first. He got me, big time.

    If Romney is the Republican candidate, I’ll leave the choice for president blank.

    Perhaps Perry will “find his voice” and convince conservatives he deserves our votes—but, thus far, he’s not even close to doing so. Perhaps Cain will apologize to Perry, publicly, and mean it. Both actions are doubtful, making this election season heartbreaking. I was hoping to see a statesman elected, but don’t see such a man in the current field.

    Sorry to sound like a grumpy great-granny. GOD bless you, and GOD bless America!

  • Marine68

    Romney is a CFR directed shill for collectivism, and the support of Mr. Weatherford shows that he too is an establishment Republican that operates to keep the masses in check while advancing the collectivist agenda with their comrades on the other side of the Congressional Floor. Neither Romney nor any of the other Candidates besides Ron Paul, has mentioned a return to Constitutional Government with the promise of dismantling the Beauracries that are bankrupting us beyond redemption. Only The Constitution has preserved us and both parties have been working to destroy it a little at a time for the last Century. Only one candidate offers a return to it and he a Libertarian, had to become a Republican, just as the Communists, had to become Democrats.

  • David Crespo

    With all due respect Rep. Weatherford, I can’t support Mitt Romney knowing that he has a dark past and is inconsistent with what he believes. We need a TEA Party president who will stand up to Washington and refuses to compromise on the principles from the constition, and thats Michele Bachmann.

  • Wayne

    I will vote for Romney if, and only if, it comes down to him or Obama. Romney’s a smart guy with lots of positives, but in no way shape or form is he what this country needs in 2012. Obamacare, as Michele Bachmann rightly stated, needs to be pulled up root-and-branch. Romney is more likely to provide waivers to the 50 states than he is to repeal it. Bottom line – I don’t trust Romney.

    I support Michele Bachmann, though she’s a long shot. Cain looks good, but I need to see how he does over time. Perry’s got a lot of negatives, but I’d rather it be Perry than Romney. Ron Paul – No, not in this lifetime. I wouldn’t vote for him even if that a second Obama term. Why? Paul’s a nut job.

  • Sandy

    Perry and Romney both have some less than conservative moments in their pasts. But let me remind you that Reagan passed an abortion bill and raised taxes in California but is now considered the most conservative president in history. I am sure Representative Weatherford recognizes that Mitt Romney is well suited to handle the economic mess this world finds itself in at the moment. Romney obtained his MBA and Law Degree from Harvard, simultaneously, and graduated top of his class. He has both private and public sector experience and he has always been a registered Republican, not switching parties for political gain. He cut taxes in Massachusetts and left the state with a surplus. Don’t blame Romney for the tinkering of the democrats once he left office. I will certainly stand with him or any of the Republican candidates running at this moment because the alternative is unthinkable.

  • elizabeth dunn

    To highlight:
    “Romney also has a very detailed program to turn around the economy. It’s probably the most thoughtful and far-reaching proposals ever put forward by a presidential candidate. It’s a 150 page plan, along with 59 separate actions, to get the U.S. economy growing again including tax reform, cutting federal spending, and reorganizing the federal government.”

    Excellent post Rep. Weatherford! I would only add that Romney could be the first U.S. president to have earned a net worth of $200 million working for Bain and spinning off his own company Bain & Capital. His experience with a vast diversity of businesses– not to mention that he rescued the 2002 Olympics from a $379 million dollar deficit and turned in a $56 million dollar profit– makes him uniquely qualified to run for the presidency during these particularly critical times.

    Romney’s time is now. He understands– as a successful entrepreneur– that the priority of the next administration is to to de-regulate and remove federal strangulations upon business.

    Keep’em coming Representative!

  • elizabeth dunn

    In response to David Crespo’s post:
    “We need a TEA Party president who will stand up to Washington and refuses to compromise on the principles from the constition, and thats Michele Bachmann.”

    I don’t disagree, David. Bachmann is smart, does her homework, is right on all the conservative issues, has legislative experience, is pretty, and wears fabulous shoes! What’s not to like?

    There should certainly be room on a financial maven’s ticket for a fiscally conservative advocate of limited government.

  • elizabeth dunn

    Wayne: “Ron Paul – No, not in this lifetime. I wouldn’t vote for him even if that (meant) a second Obama term. Why? Paul’s a nut job.”

    Wayne, I can appreciate your point re: Paul, but please remember that a “nut job” libertarian is far less destructive than a sane Marxist!

  • Bob Honiker

    Sorry, my gag reflex won’t allow me to support or vote for Mitt Romney.
    REPUBLICAN is supposed to be more than a letter after a name. On principle Romney only deserves a D.