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Mike McCalister Answers Abortion Question, Denies Stating He Testified Before Congress

by Javier Manjarres

Orlando-  At the Florida Family Policy Council’s highly anticipated U.S. Republican Senate forum, Senate candidate and retired Col. Mike McCalister took the time to articulate his Pro-Life position on abortion in attempt to quell concerns about some of his prior statements on abortion which called into question his pro-life credentials.  After the forum, McCalister took questions from reporters about his abortion position as well as whether or not he previously testified before Congress, a claim that McCalister has made in the past but which Miami Herald reporter Mark Caputo claims is not the case. 

The Herald’s wiley political reporter questioned candidate Colonel Mike McCalister about his record, but McCalister did not appreciate his line of questioning and scurried out of the building.  True to form, Marc gave chase with his “Caputo Cam” and in the process earned himself another feature appearance in a “Shark  Cam” clip, again. Watch the video below. Also along for the ride was Sarah ‘Rumpfshaker’ Rumpf from Sunshine State Sarah- read her post on the forum here- “The Colonel Has To Use the Restroom”

[vsw id=”oaUDWYrcfk4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Ed

    This is what we have been telling you and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Lily

    To make things worse for McCalister, he is being helped by @consrvativediva, Ellen Snyder. What is he stupid or something? Snyder is a fat nasty troll

  • Tea Party Voter in Fl.

    It looks like we got a LIAR on our hands! I’m no longer supporting McCalister. The Col lied about his service in the military and now I find out he is weak on Abortion?! I’m no longer supporting him.

    • InRussetShadows

      Did you watch the video? Sure, he stumbled around a bit — but I think we all do sometimes. He stated clearly that he wouldn’t push anti-abortion laws at the federal level, that he would rescind Roe V. Wade there first, and that he would push pro-life laws at the state level. That’s not being weak.

  • Sandi Trusso

    State laws are superceded by Federal laws. Abortion cannot be reversed at a state level, because it’s a federal issue.

  • http://TeaPartyManatee Letha

    They are doing a great job of twisting his words. Listen again.

  • Chopper

    Please, Allen West, run for U.S. Senate against Space Cadet Nelson.

  • McCalister got BUSTED!

    I want my donations back! McCalister is a fraud!

  • Not a clue

    What did this idiot say? McCalister… “I’d like to reverse the Roe. The Wade Roe?” LOL! This guy does not have a clue! It’s Roe vs Wade MORON! LOL!

    • InRussetShadows

      You are making a logical error. Because someone stammers or fumbles with their words does not mean they are unintelligent. It also doesn’t mean that they are ignorant or lying. You are not only illogical, but you are also ignorant.

  • gailmarie

    This is why it is hard to find good people to run for office and why we have the mess we have… I would have rather you sat down and had an interview not chase him out the door like a 3ed rate reporter. Get the facts and stick to the facts.. he has addressed this military issue on his web site. ALso as for Abortion…. We will not find any candidate out there who everyone agrees with 100% so pick you poision… God shall judge all in the end. For now give the man a fair chance to address the questions… You people had nothing to add to edify the situation. Judge not that you not be judged. Stick to facts….

  • Jasmine

    This is harassment pure and simple. The Colonel issued a detailed press release which explains everything. This geeky nerd with a camera is known to be with the Hasner campaign. I have never seen such slime, word twisting and disrespect targeted at a candidate. It is shameful and disgusting that you are attacking a FULL COLONEL, who gave 33 years of service to our country. I can promise you one thing. I will vote for Bill Nelson before I will ever vote for Hasner. Hasner’s desparation is pathetic and he is clearly on a sinking ship. Even Craig Miller quickly kicked his butt in the polls. Take your crybaby self out of the race, Hasner, you’ve got no game and frankly you are tainting the Republican party.

    • Sunshine State Sarah


      Who’s the “geeky nerd?” The guy in the red shirt with the camera is a Miami Herald reporter. He’s not with a campaign. Manjarres is not with any campaign.

      Are you talking about me? I’m ok being called a nerd. Fine with me. I got some great academic scholarships when I went to college. 😉 Now, I’m not currently working for the campaign but I have endorsed Adam Hasner. I’ve looked at all the candidates and he is the strongest to go against Bill Nelson. I am proud to support him.

      Reality check: No other candidate forced McCalister to say what he said in all those speeches. No other candidate forced McCalister to write what he wrote in his book or on his website. If he’s having to issue “corrections” or “clarifications” now, it’s his own darn fault.

      I gave McCalister a fair shot and read all the releases from the Stolen Valor Task Force and all of McCalister’s responses. The fact is that he still has not answered all of their questions and he has admitted that he did not actually testify before Congress. Again, no one forced him to say that in his stump speech that he gave all over the state.

      Serving in the military is a wonderful, noble thing, but it does not mean that you are exempt from any and all criticism…especially if it appears that you are exaggerating or misrepresenting that service.

      • TadM

        Sarah, Your sarcastic cynicism is on full display, here. see my comment below.

  • Jasmine

    I don’t know who you are, but if you got scholarships to produce that sort of “journalism,” it is no wonder our country wound up with a President like Obama. Thank you for assuring that Nelson will get in again. You and your partners in bullying and harassment should be real proud of yourselves. You are great representatives for Hasner and his ethics.

    • Sunshine State Sarah

      I’m not a journalist. Never claimed to be. But I was there and had a front row seat to see McCalister talk calmly to the Palm Beach Post reporter and then immediately head for the exits when Caputo asked his question.

      I didn’t say a word to McCalister the whole time. Just followed along as he ducked the questions and Jason Sager kept yelling “thank you thank you thank you.” For goodness sakes, we have three separate videos of it (Caputo’s, Manjarres’, and mine), so making false accusations about what happened is really funny.

      Again, the only ones to blame for McCalister’s words are McCalister himself and those who are advising him. Don’t like people pointing out when your words don’t add up? Be more careful about what you say.

    • InRussetShadows

      You are reasoning emotionally which makes you look like a rabid mental patient. If you don’t know who they are, then why don’t you look around and/or read their blogs? So no-one is allowed to question a candidate? Why are you afraid of curious people asking questions with cameras? It’s bullying and harassment to ask questions?

      God help us all, if we’re not allowed to ask questions of candidates. The establishment has spoken. Now all you peons get on your knees and give fulsome praise.

  • Daniel

    Very well said Jasmine. I do not see how the uninformed nutcases in here can try to call this a lie or turn it into anything other than McCallister saying he is pro-life. As far as the Miami Herald ? Ya right, now theres a real rathole of a gossip rag! MSNBC South should be their motto.

    Jasmine is also right about the point of real Journalism, and it sure as heck can’t be found at the Miami herald. This is a pathetic attempt at a hack job/gotcha question that apparently has the mob mentality fruitcakes jumping with glee in here for nothing more than a misguided smear campaign. I,m voting for the Colonel, nutcases comments won’t change that fact.

    • InRussetShadows

      The issue isn’t his pro-life creds (did you read the article?) The issue is that he ducks and runs — to be fair, ushered out by his manager — right when Caputo asks the question. The military experience is the issue.

  • Sam

    Sorry Sarah but I have had just about enough of you. Your dirty little laundry will be coming out soon. You are more than just a supporter of Hasbeen, you are a groupie. You ain’t the only one who knows how to work a camera sista! I’m no McCalister supporter for other reasons, but the attack on this man is sick. If this is how you treat a veteran I would hate to be an actual bad guy in your sites. Believe what you all want about what this guy said, but he is a 33 year military man for our GD country and he deserves more repect then what he is getting from you bunch of fake conservatives. Don’t like him, don’t vote for him. Do not smear the man for your own twisted poltical pleasure.

  • Jasmine

    Let’s see…You write articles for your own blog, claiming to be truthful. That is called journalism. Own your words and take responsibility for the FACT that you have resorted to attacking a full Colonel who gave 33 years of service to our country. This is who you are. Own it.

    BTW, why don’t you write about how your candidate, Adam Hasner invited himself to an event honoring WWII veterans in Sarasota. He was told he could attend only as a spectator and that NO CAMPAIGNING was allowed. So Hasner shows up with his campaign manager and wife and starts handing out his cards to the veterans and then leaves before the ceremony honoring the Vets took place. He pissed off the Vets so badly that they sent him a scathing letter telling him what they thought about his exploiting of the Veterans for campaign photo ops. Speaking of journalism, I think those Vets should send a copy of their letter to the AP. Now this would be truth in journalism. You can fact check this and it is 100% TRUE. I witnessed it myself and also saw his photo posted on Facebook the next day with the Vets. So, since you are so proud of your endorsement of opporunistic Hasner, why don’t you give equal time to Hasner’s military DISservice to the Vets, a far more serious offense than an issue of bullying and semantics. What is it you said?…”Don’t like it when your words don’t add up? Be more careful what you say.”

  • Marion Barrett

    When it’s all added up, you will find COL. MIKE McCALISER a fiscal conservative of sterling character. He has given his life to serving others in the military and I know he will represent them fairly WHEN (not if) elected. He definitely gets my vote!

  • Interloper

    I used to be against abortion until I gave birth to this thing that looked kind of like a lizard. When it got older we enrolled it in school but it kept eating his classmates until the school kicked it out. We loved it so until one night we did not give it dessart so it ate our cat thats when my husband shot it.

  • Louise DeRenero

    Good job at twisting his words Sharky! What about looking into your pal Hasners record! Cap & Trade and High Speed Rail! He is a flip flopper and a fraud!

  • TadM

    I have uploaded a 30 second clip from Mike’s speech at the NOVA Republican Club, which I filmed, in Nokomis, FL, on July 19th, BEFORE all the noise started:

    Note that he very clearly states that he was part of a team. It would be VERY easy to edit that clip to make it look as though he was claiming to have been the one testifying.

    Supposedly there’s all these other videos out there that show him claiming to have personally testified… Show me the whole, unedited speech. I’ve looked at a bunch of you tube stuff over the last couple months, old and new, uploaded by various people, and never seen him make that claim outside of the same context he used at the NOVA meeting.

    I read his full resume’ last July, before the Gubernatorial primary because I didn’t know who he was. He made no such claim in it and at no time have I ever been under the impression that he, personally, had done any testimony.

    I don’t think Hasner, Miller or LeMieux had anything to do with it, ahead of time, but, since your sarcasm and cynicism is pretty clearly on full display, Hasner’s/Miller’s silence and LeMieux’s VERY fast denunciation can all be viewed as conciliations (or, in LeMieux’s case, even conspiratorial if one is cynical enough to disbelieve LeMieux’s sincerity).

    It’s a political hack job, by Winn and his group, for whomever and The Miami Herald and the St. Pete Times just love it. The guy asking Caputo who he was summed it up very nicely, ” Miami Herald… that explains it!”

  • Support our troops

    The man is a LIAR and he got caught on tape and he needs to man up! Plus the Col was an office pencil pusher and never fought on the battle field or was involved in any war against any American enemy! I respect the Col’s 33 years in the reserves but please don’t try and fool the public that you were on the battle field like Allen West did. Stop using the U.S. military that I love so much just for you political gain! Please…

    • Jasmine

      I know Colonel McCalister personally and he is probably the most blatantly honest person I have ever met. Edited videos don’t count as proof of anything and even if there were an issue of semantics; George Bush and Joe Biden and Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin and Obama have certainly taken the gold medal in those events. The miscommunication occurring is that of your pea brain trying to understand the intellect of someone intelligent. By the way, intelligent people are promoted – hence the title, Colonel. Someone has to sit at a desk and write down intel for others to follow or to use for his Pentagon committee’s testimony before Congress. It sounds to me like you need a counselor for your “Authority figure” issues.

      It was your beloved candidate, Hasner that USED OUR VETS FOR HIS OWN POLITICAL GAIN. I DARE you and “Sunshine” to investigate and publish the validity of what he did to the Vets because you all know it is true. Go take your camera phone videos and call yourself reputable and harass our Vets for the truth about your wimpy – doesn’t even know how to hold a gun – candidate, Adam Hasner. Gutless wonders you all are and you think people believe this crap you put into writing. I hope your get slapped with a libel suit.

  • Sunshine State Sarah

    …Mike McCalister owes Floridians answers about his ties to Doug Guetzloe and his true intentions in the the 2012 Senate race.

    He also owes the many people who have worked hard to support the tea party movement in Florida an explanation why he would have anything to do with a man who has worked so hard to undermine their efforts.

  • 15 minutes of FAME!

    Thanks for the info. I no longer support McCalister. I had no idea that this guy lied about his military service and is weak on abortion and Gay marriage. Why do some of you still support this putz for? The video don’t lie. Plus McCalister only raised $14,000 for his campaign last quarter! Don’t get so crazy over a candidate just because he or she served in the military some how! This guy never fought on a battle field like Allen West did. McCalister only uses his military experience just to get cheap votes. McCalister was only in the reserves and was a pencil pusher all of his military career. I respect anyone’s service no matter what he or she does but DON’T BLOW SUNSHINE UP MY BUT! The guy is done! Go LeMieux!!!

  • Lisa

    I’m not familiar with Mike McAllister’s stand on issues, or whether he testified before Congress or not. I do know that military leaders have said he violated standards for officers, or retired officers, by wearing his uniform to a political dinner. Come on people! Are we a third world country looking for a military dictatorship? I want to know what ideas a candidate has, not whether they have served in the military. Candidates should not be using the uniform for cheap campaign points.

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