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Allen West Drops the Hammer on Ron Paul

by Javier Manjarres

Just a few nights ago, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul stated that he did not have a problem with Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon because ‘everyone else already has one’ at the Presidential Debate in Iowa.  This assertion did not sit well with Congressman Allen West (R-FL), as he expressed his strong disagreement with Paul’s statement during a Tea Party social event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Paul’s McGovernite-inspired foreign policy signals just how disconnected he is to the reality of Iran the mortal threat it poses to the United States and the world. 

“That’s not the kind of guy you need to be sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”– Congressman Allen West


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  • AGM

    I am not a Ron Paul supporter, but what Paul may have been referring to is the fact that history shows that once a weapon is invented, eventually everybody gets it. Trying to put the genie back in the bottle just doesn’t work, so why waste the energy?

    • Rob Hoey (@RobHoey)

      good point but West’s is better–we cannot allow Iran to get nukes; they are willing to die for the caliphate and would likely not hesitate to use them in the service of jihad. Rob Paul seems naive thinking that we should do nothing.

      • Dave

        Maybe you’re missing the point again that they’re going to eventually get them anyway if they really want them. Us trying to strong-arm them and making threats at them will only incite them more to use them against us.

        Also, don’t believe everything your TV tells you or some whack-job neo-con tells you. Iranians (or Muslims in general) really aren’t much different than your average American.

        How can we have the audacity to bomb the hell out of everyone around the world than say that others only want to destroy us?

        • AGM

          My point ws about the inevitability of everyone eventually obtaining a weapon once it is invented. Iran is a political enemy of ours and danger to the international community. Why? Because it is 1) virtually a theocracy 2) controlled by a segment of their faith which very much WOULD like to bring back the “glory days” of Islam when they controlled the Iberiam peninsula and were at the gates of Vienna. They DO see us as very different from each other. They are right and we are “infidels” with limited rights. In other words, lesses people.

          REGIME CHANGE in Iran would be politically advantageous. If pressing for nuclear disarmament accomplishes that goal, so be it.

          In other words, keeping Iran non-nuclear is not an end of itself, but it is a means to an end: getting rid of the “Mullaocracy” in charge there.

          • g2825m

            Many on here are naive about Iran. Allen West speaks from experience of fighting a proxy war against Iran as I have been doing over here since 2005. When I Iran sent across their borders the first EFP that killed our troops in Iraq we should have placed a JDAM right through the ceiling of their Ministry of Defense building and said If we see one more of those in Iraq then we will continue to destroy your military capabilities. What was the our response…crickets…while our guys, my friends, have continued to come home horizontally. So, NO, HELL NO, should Iran have a nuclear weapon. When they say they want to wipe Israel off the map this is not just rhetoric that Americans are used to from our politicians, they mean it!

          • Nancy

            You people commenting on here need to listen to “g2825m”. He knows what he is talking about. Iran’s dictator (I cannot spell his name) is as insane as Castro, and a MAJOR sponsor of terrorism. You CANNOT allow an insane person to obtain a nuclear bomb, or Israel and the US are GONE. Do you understand, GONE! It worked with Russai because their leaders might have been fierce, but they WEREN’T INSANE! Wake up America, before it is too late.

        • Jack

          I am not worried about the average Iranian. I am worried about the nutjobs that are running the country. In the end, it is not the average Iranian that will launch a nuclear attack against Israel or the US. It is the nutjob ayatollahs and president that will.

          • Ron

            what about the nutjobs running this country? don’t ever worry about them? if not,you will

        • Henry

          Well, if the argument is that we might as well give in, since everybody will get them eventually, why not just sell nukes to them? We could pay down some of the debt that way.

          It is not the same as everybody getting guns, cannons, tanks, or even conventional missiles. The destruction nukes cause makes it worth any effort to try to keep them out of the hands of terrorist states.

          Ron Paul is out of his mind.

        • JB

          Muslims in the middle East aren’t that different than your average American, huh? Funny, I don’t ever remember Americans flying planes into skyscrapers or pledging to wipe out infidel Muslims in the name of Jesus…

          I’d love to know what you’re basing your experience of “Muslims being just like your average American” on, because my 3 tours in Afghanistan and 2 in Iraq say otherwise.

          Sure, some are “average people” but the fact remains there is an extremely violent majority, at least in the Middle East.

          • Mike

            You must not be paying attention then, because Americans are bombing just about everybody in the middle east right now.

        • Kelly Kafir

          Yeah, my hous is gonna get dirty eventually so why clean it.. my ass is gonna get crappy so why bother wiping it? STUPID, STUPID STUPID PHILOSPHY!!!

          You obviously do not know the difference between the people of Iran and the crazy, fanatical mullahs and Ahmadinejad. You need to study this a lot more there, ronbot…

        • Paul Kotik

          Well, Dave, even if you’re too arrogant, obtuse or inexperienced to perceive the profound differences between the Islamic consciousness and our Western one, you ought to be able to understand that the bottom-line reason we get to bomb the hell out of everyone around the world is the THEY ARE THEM, AND WE ARE US.

          Unless, of course, you’re indifferent to whether it’s them or us that gets the hell bombed out of them.

          You’re the kind of guy I’d like to push out of a car in the middle of downtown Peshawar. See whether you think they’re just like us after that experience. If you survive it.

        • Tricia

          Have you read anything in the Koran. It says anyone that doesn’t believe is an infidel and is subject to DEATH. I have a feeling that if the Christians said Jesus is the only way to heaven and if you don’t believe then your DEAD.
          You would be singing a different tune. If this insane leader of an extremist country gets a nuke I hope you are already dead, because you will be by the time he’s done.
          Anyone that doesn’t think that way is just fooling themselves or is extremely naive. Just look at what’s happening with them blowing up there own people.

        • bill

          You need to reeducate yourself on their idealogy. Pick up a copy and read what it says and then you can go try and live there as a Christian.

      • RPTwentyTwelve

        Iran as a nation has the right to defend itself with arms, just as US citizens do as ensured by the 2nd Amendment; it is none of our business to dictate how others live

        PS it is RON Paul

        • Mulch

          Dude put down yer bong and take a shower.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            ..Ineffective presumption

        • Jaymickdee

          To equate a nation’s right to defend itself against other nations with our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves from other individuals shows what a political nimrod you are. Ron Paul is an ideological absolutist, so far out on his limb that people with any sense of reality have to reject his fitness for the presidency.

          You and the rest of his supporters are living in cloud cuckoo land. Look it up.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            1) ‘(equating) a nation’s right to defend itself against other nations with our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves from other individuals’

            The principle remains: an individual, fraternal entity, chartered organization or governmental chapter shall not infringe upon another’s rights, including one’s property/agency (ex. currency)/corporality (body)/sovereignty (travel)/philosophy and/or spirituality; if violated, one is entitled to a just trial and if convicted, associated prerogatives are forfeited until duly absolved

            2) ‘ideological absolutist/so far out’

            Inconsistent position
            [absolute ~ zero; far ~ some]

            3) ‘Look it up’

            Sorry, please specify which informative argument

        • Marilyn

          None of our business! No concern about a crazy leader of Iran who wants to wipe Israel off the map!
          Ahmedinejad is not only a dictator but a crazy man and should not be allowed nukes. These crazy dictators are a menace to all countries. And if you think your digging your head in the sand will make any difference to him, wake up. It won’t! He’d rather kill you than deal with you. Obama’s kind gestures have done nothing to make any of these dictators our friends – just the contrary.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            1) ‘wipe Israel off the map’

            Iran has issued no statement of belligerence to Israel (or the US) while every entity has the right to criticize other political ideologies

            2) ‘dictator’

            Duplicitous bias: in a republic, all individuals (including you if falsely accused of being a terrorist) are given a fair trial so as to prove their innocence/guilt as opposed to a dictatorship, where a man can be killed on the word alone of a ruler (ex. Obama and Osama bin Laden); Candidate Paul leads by espousing the former virtue

            3) ‘should not be allowed nukes’

            Iran has the right to defend itself with arms and function economically with its own industry.
            To otherwise conflate foreign intelligence with offensive operations (ie. American forces surrounding a sovereign state
            particularly after having encroached within their internal affairs by deposing an elected representative ~ Mosaddegh in 1953)
            while alleging that a whole nation of individuals imparts the same incrimination as that of a party of immoral militants is irrational and reckless

      • BettyLiberty

        We are not being told the real story on Iran and the Middle East by mainstream media. The same media who drummed it into our heads that Iraq had ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and Afghanistan was harboring Bin Laden. It’s all b.s. None of them are a threat to us. Other than OUR borders being wide open to let them in of course.

        Iran has no Air Force. Iran has no Navy. Iran has no Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. They can’t even produce all the gasoline they need for their own country.

        And if you believe that PRE-EMPTIVELY attacking people because we ‘think’ they might be up to something is barbaric, wrong, and so not what America stands for, doesn’t incite hatred, YOU are the Naive One.

        We give Israel $3 Billion Dollars each year – but we give her surrounding enemies $12 Billion combined. Ummm?

        • Deena

          Iran does indeed have a navy, they just went through the Suez Canal recently into the Mediterranean, and they keep harassing our vessels in the Persian Gulf. It is small but growing with purchases from other countries. They have an air force as well. They are working very hard on an ICBM too.

          They have practically openly advertised that they are building nuclear weapons. Do a little research.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            ‘harassing our vessels in the Persian Gulf’

            1) American forces do not have the right to patrol the Persian Gulf when infringing on the boundaries of another sovereign nation

            2) Does the Golden Rule not apply where the American military would be agitated by if Iranian naval forces were patrolling the Gulf of Mexico?

      • Tom Struller

        Ron Paul is right about these issues. All “Wars” since WWII have been undeclared and unconstitutional. Read Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural speech about “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” George Washington was of the same mindset. were they both puss’s too? I contend that they were right, and so is Paul! Go to wikipedia, and type in “United States non-interventionism” for a brief history of our founders views of Warfare, and alliances. I’m sure Dr. Paul knows far more than wikipedia does!

        With as much respect I have for Mr. West, he is wrong on this, and Paul stands with our founders, and our Constitution!

        • Deena

          Washington and Jefferson never conceived of nuclear weapons meant for US.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            The principle remains: I don’t believe offensive belligerence transcends irrational hate, while Candidate Paul leads by exercising good will, self-discipline and respectful dialogue

        • BS61

          Thomas Jefferson sent the first marines to battle with Muslim pirates. From this great article:

          During the meeting Jefferson and Adams asked the Dey’s ambassador why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.

          In a later meeting with the American Congress, the two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            ‘Muslim pirates’

            The unethical infringement in this incident was the act of piracy rather than committing to a religious creed. The Barbary Wars likewise historically proved to be a failing enterprise until Mohammad III prioritized the negotiation of international trade, a policy which Candidate Paul readily endorses


            “(Mohammad III) actively began seeking one with the United States.. in 1784, and warmly welcomed Thomas Barclay’s arrival to negotiate in 1786. The treaty signed by Barclay and the sultan, and then by Jefferson and Adams, was ratified by the Confederation Congress in July of 1787.[4] It has withstood transatlantic stresses and strains for more than 220 years, making it the keystone of the longest unbroken treaty relationship in United States history.”


      • 1luckyduck

        Look, anyone else you will be voting for is for the status quo. So, if you vote for anyone else, you are voting to have more of what is happening right now. There is a huge conspiracy to cover up Ron Paul because the Feds are scared and he is the front runner. You have to go and see his videos on you tube. He is the only one who has been saying the truth, the real truth for 30 years and we havent been listening until now. He predicted everything. The Richest People in the world like the Rothchilds and Rockefellars own the Fed. They also own mainstream media and newspapers. Your going to have to stop watching because we have and are being deceived and Ron Paul Supporers know and were Pissed. Please, go watch ‘the real story’! Not what CBS, NBC, CNN. etc. Wake up sheeples.

      • RINOHunter

        The problem I see, is that Allen West is attacking on a statement he didn’t make. I had to review the debate and Ron Paul clearly stated he did not want the Iranians to have nuclear weapons but understands why they want them. Since Cheney & Kissenger sold them to Pakistan, USSR gave them to India, Clinton sold them to China and the Massad stole (or bought) them for Isreal…. I understand the premise also. However, how often does the media twist a statement to say something that is never said? The CIA said they are a generation (20 yrs.) away, so MY premise is that we should NOT allow our politicians (even the CIA to unstablize the area) to sell them any weapons. It always costs us more in lives & money in the end.

    • rjschwarz

      We spend a lot of time and energy keeping guns out of the hands of felons and crazy people. Should we give up on that?

      • 1luckyduck

        Hell no, wake us and smell deception.

    • Freedomfrank

      And the blood?

  • Chris

    Allen West (R-Pentagon) should probably just leave Ron Paul alone. I don’t know where West thinks we are going to get the money to enforce his imperial whims, but he’s going to have to learn, like the rest of us, to live under the new rules of the “Great Correction” – which is this – what Iran does is Iran’s business.

    Iran has learned an important lesson; if it doesn’t want to get attacked by the US, it should get a nuke. Look at Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan – no nukes, we’ll invade. Get a nuke (North Korea) and you can play games for YEARS.

    Allen West wants to keep spending money we don’t have to finance an empire we don’t need.

    • gatormom

      “What Iran does is Iran’s business.” Right up until the time they drop a nuke on us (or Israel) and then it’s our business just like when terrorists flew planes into our buildings and killed thousands of innocents. Then it doesn’t matter how much it costs.

      • RPTwentyTwelve

        I don’t believe offensive belligerence transcends irrational hate; Candidate Paul likewise leads by exercising good will and self-discipline, and setting an example when striving for virtue

        • tuffone3

          Would it be offensive belligerence for you to avoid an angry rattlesnake? You may well exercise good will and self-discipline toward the snake and you may remain virtuous, but you will die anyway.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            ‘angry rattlesnake’

            This animal aptly demonstrates the principle of self defense whereby
            “The most widely accepted hypothesis for the evolution of the rattle is that (it) is a warning device.. (producing) a signal to drive (threats) away.”

            Hence, I would agree with Candidate Paul’s position of not intruding between neighborly disputes abroad while withdrawing subsidization so as to restore our own domestic economy and discourage foreign dependency


        • InRussetShadows

          How many people must die for you to change your mind? Apparently more than 3000 (you do remember 9/11, right?). That’s the thing about you Ronbots — no amount of innocent blood slakes your thirst.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            ‘innocent blood’

            Liberty oriented philosophy declares that an individual’s rights comes from our creator, hence those accused of a crime are entitled to a fair trial to prove innocence/guilt; without such measures, conspiracy theories persist.

            Similarly, undeclared wars such as the occupation of Vietnam and bombing of Pakistan are typified by confused objectives and the unjustified murder of innocents while inviting the abdication of national sovereignty (ex. Libyan occupation ‘authorized’ by the UN)

          • Mike

            But you expect “them” to ignore the thousands upon thousands that have died at the hands of the US? Think for just a second about how you thought on 9/11. Now imagine that you live through that every day. How would you feel about those who were attacking you?

      • Mark

        That’s the position we want the President to take? Wait until thousands are dead then we can defend ourselves? Really?

        • RPTwentyTwelve

          There is a distinction between vigilant self-defense and offensive belligerence

      • James

        Israel has over 300 nukes. Dont you think that the Iranians are smart enough to figure out what would happen should they try to nuke Israel. Also Iran has stated many times that it would not use a nuke on Israel due to all the Arabs that live in Israel. Keep up with current events and get you news from somewhere other than the MSM.

        • InRussetShadows

          You have ignored the PM’s call to “wipe Israel off the map”. Why? And it’s not a matter of intelligence. Do you understand what motivates the mullahs? Do you know about the 12th imam? Iran’s leaders view all non-Shiite Muslims as not being “true Muslims”. You are ignorant.

          • RPTwentyTwelve

            1) call to “wipe Israel off the map”

            Although perhaps a poor use of language, I believe it more accurate among the debate surrounding this notorious quote’s translation and context that Iran’s President was criticizing and calling for the dissolution of bigoted ideology (ie. the military occupation of land in Palestine owing to prejudicial Zionism), moreso than a belligerent statement of international confrontation

            2) ‘motivates the mullahs’

            To my understanding, Mullahs are Islamic clerics who provide religious leadership (including prayers in mosques, delivering religious sermons and performing religious ceremonies such as birth rites and funeral services), while frequently teaching in an Islamic school. I see no issue with the freedom to practice one’s own religious creed

            3) ‘12th imam’

            To my understanding, Imams are Islamic scholars or leaders in worship, while the 12th are consummate examples of divinity who will return to earth with Christ, establishing justice and peace

            I personally do not adhere to religious prophecy or claims of superiority, however I do see justice and peace as virtuous ideals when exercised volitionally between free parties

    • Casey92

      Neville Chamberlain was remembered for appeasing Germany, not his progressive social programs.

      There are several ways in which Iran could use nuclear weapons. The first is by dropping an atomic bomb on Israel, as its leaders have repeatedly threatened to do. Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former president of Iran, boasted in 2004 that an Iranian attack would kill as many as five million Jews. Mr. Rafsanjani estimated that even if Israel retaliated with its own nuclear bombs, Iran would probably lose about 15 million people, which he said would be a small “sacrifice” of the billion Muslims in the world.

      This is not “his imperial whims.” The question for you Chris is, Do you want Israel to be bombed with Irianian nuclear waepons, Remember Chris, they said they would do it, or do you think America should spend money on want ever it takes to stop Irian from getting nuclear weapons?

      • Marcello

        Why not just nuke Iran now? That’s the real answer isn’t it? The Bush doctrine justifies pre-emptive war for just about any reason.

        I think we should be allowed to wipe any country off the face of the earth on a whim. It’s our manifest destiny American exceptionalism that gives us sole purview over who is right and who is wrong.

        • InRussetShadows

          No-one but you is arguing that, but you have revealed something endemic in Ron Paul supporters — a reflexive, vitriolic hatred of America, a “blame America first” mentality.

          • Marine

            It’s not a hate for America but a live for it that motivates Ron Paul supporters. We just think outside of the box that fox news has built for you to live in. We want this country to live with compassion for the third world not fear of it. We want our money to be worth what we need it to be. We want the world to see us as a nation who is for them not looking to invade them.
            We do not believe that America is perfect no – especially our reps in DC – but we do love this nation and the men who serve us – who by the way are coming home and killing themselves at a rate of 17 veterans a day. Look it up and open your eyes.

    • me

      What a really IGNORANT statement….we have ignored communism since the ‘wall’ went down and look at it rearing its ugly head in our country and worse yet in our WH! Please…wise up!

    • eeyore

      The difference between North Korea and Iran is that NK wants to survive. If the person with the finger on the nuclear button in Iran is a “Twelver” (as is Ahmadinejad), a believer in the return from “occultation” of the 12th Imam, then the chaos (Armageddon) necessary to bring the Imam’s return will not necessarily occur in God’s time, but can rather be hastened by man’s actions.

      Thus Mahmoud + nukes = Guaranteed *BOOM*

      • Jonathan

        Well by that train of thought we need to be nuking the hell out of Pakistan…after all there is direct evidence that they are equiping and supporting Al Queda and the Taliban.

        They are:

        1. Muslim
        2. Nuclear Capable
        3. Sponsors of terror

        Bush Doctrine…Game On!

        Oh but wait, their natural resources aren’t worth the effort. Bush Doctrine…Game Off!

        • InRussetShadows

          No, because the PM of Pakistan has not threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

          Corruption within the Pakistani government is quite a bit different than repeated calls to foment genocide.

          Do try to understand *something* about foreign policy.

    • Mike V.

      It is Ron Paul who ought to leave foreign policy up to those who know it best. He tends to blame America for troubles we have overseas, this is not the kind of person we need in the White House.

      • James

        What we need is to keep our boys out of “overseas.”

        Why are we making it easier to kill us by being over there? If Iran so much as touches Israel, they’ll carpet nuke the entire country. Israel can whoop Iran’s butt in a second and a half flat. We don’t need to hold her hand like a small child.

        Why are we overseas? Does Canada have “problems overseas” or Mexico? We have enough damned problems here at home on our own border! Bring our troops home and set them defending our border from the cartels in Mexico. I don’t think you guys have any idea how bad it is down there.

        • InRussetShadows

          Look up “honeypot”. How can you be so ignorant?

          And as for Israel, is that how you treat your friends? “Oh, gee, I’m sorry that you had your house trashed and all your family members killed. I knew you were tough, so I went out on vacation when I knew you were in danger.” Israel has no missile defense shield that I know of, so all they can do is play MAD games with an irrational adversary (in other words, that doesn’t work).

  • Steven

    Just keep saying what your puppet handlers tell you to say. Ron Paul just placed 2nd (less than 160 votes) in today’s Ames Iowa Straw Poll. So you can eat a fat one. Michelle Bachman who spent millions of dollars for her win today is a former tax lawyer that went after Americans. Dumb ass.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    • Beaver

      How many votes did the straw get?

    • Henry

      It doesn’t matter where Ron Paul places in any straw vote. He has a small, dedicated and fanatic group of followers, but so does Howard Stern. Neither one will ever be the Republican nominee, let alone president.

      It is a non-issue how many votes Ron Paul gets in a straw vote that nobody will remember in a month.

      • Marcello

        Howard Stern likes Ron Paul too.

        Maybe their “small dedicated band of fanatic followers” can join together and form a majority? I bet that would really chap your neoconn ass.

        • InRussetShadows

          You are ignorant. Ron Paul did not place well in 2008, and if history is any predictor, he will place as well in 2012. The reason for this is what he has said and what West refutes.

          The problem with Ron Paul is 1) Ron Paul and 2) you.

    • Jim Meyer

      Second place in the Iowa Straw Poll and a quarter will buy Wrong Paul a gumball.

      In the unlikely event that Wrong Paul ever pulls as much as ten percent in a contest that actually counts (read, a state primary or caucus), then you obnoxious Pauliewogs can sound off.

    • Edwin

      And Ron Paul had to bus in his own supporters to get even a single vote. Like he does for every event.

      • Marcello

        Yeah right. Bachmann and Pawlenty didn’t bus anyone in to the straw poll. Bachmann didn’t have country music artist Randy Travis playing at her tent to try and draw more votes.

        Question: What’s the difference between a Tim Pawlenty bus to the straw poll and a Ron Paul bus?

        Answer: Pawlenty’s bus has 5 people on it while the Ron Paul bus is full.

        Face it. Your ideas are losing and the smears aren’t working anymore.

        • InRussetShadows

          Smears? No smears needed here. Ron Paul’s words alone will suffice. Rational people do not vote to put nukes into the hands of mullahs. But Ron Paul, who purposefully knows nothing of Islam and thinks that Iran is some kind of representative government, is not rational. Neither are you.

    • 1luckyduck

      Ron Paul 2012 without a doubt. Wake up Sheeples. Start by going to you tube and watch the Ron Paul videos. He’s been saying the same thing, telling truth for 30 years. Nobody was listening, BUT WE ARE NOW AND WERE SCREAMING!

  • Jill Pyeatt

    Who cares what Allen West says? Dr. Paul is right about foreign policy.

    • The War Planner

      ..oh well, then, that settles it. Your lucid and cogent argument has swayed me. Where do I line up to become a RonBot?

      Dr Paul is NOT correct about foreign policy. (I know whereof I speak because I earned a living in SAC helping to write and implement the SIOP during the cold war) The MAD principle kept us from nuclear conflict because the USSR knew we had the strength and will to stand up to them. They, at least, were a rational enemy.

      Iran — the Mullahs, at least — are NOT rational and will become belligerent unless they know they will have their asss handed to them. Isolationism did not work for the U.S. during the first world war, it almost caused us to lose the second world war, and would have doomed us during the cold war.

      • James

        Really? You wrote all that without knowing the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism?

        Were you able to copy off the guy next to you?

      • Marcello

        Isolationism was not followed during the first world war. Our oil embargo against Japan got us into the second world war. As far as the third world war, we have the capability and reserve the right to hand the Mullahs their “asss” at any time.

        I’m glad you know wherof you speak because you wrote a SAC plan for psychological operations.

        The MAD principle does not even need to apply to Iran. We can have the doctrine of unilaterally assured destruction. We can destroy their country with no loss of life in our country. Why do we insist on bullying?

        Wouldn’t setting a good example be a better way to spread Democracy?

        • InRussetShadows

          Logic does not apply when dealing with Islam. The Iranian government is on the record of being willing to sacrifice 15 million of their own people for the honor of striking the infidel. Our threats; our capacity; our outnumbering them — none of that matters.

      • 1luckyduck

        Come on, Ron Paul IS VERY CORRECT ON FOREIGN POLICY. He doesn’t want war, other countries don’t like us because we are in their countries. Do like Paul says; Bring all the troops home, stop the wars and lets take care of our people here at home first. Go and watch Ron Paul Videos on you tube and you will see you are being deceived by the status quo as it is. Nobody understood what he was talking about until now. Obama made us wake up and smell deception.

    • DRH

      Naw, DR Paul is a foreign policy quack. “The patient will die *someday* why remove his tumor?”

    • Mike V.

      I think since Ron Paul used to be a physician, he ought to go back to practicing medicine. Unless he did something stupid while he was practicing medicine, which is why he quit practicing.

    • DrEvil

      Dr Paul has his head so far up his ass that he has athlete’s foot on his tongue. The US does not need to be the world’s policeman but neither do we need to wait for hostiles to attack us in order to defend ourselves. Anyone who believes as Paul does that the US essentially invited and deserved what happened on 9-11 is not qualified to pick up the trash let alone serve as President.

      Have an Evil day

      • TomSawyer

        Chicken Hawks like Allan West! Never in combat, always in interrogations! I wish those who have experienced friends getting lost in the heat of the moment have shot back, however after a while every body asks why? and why we are here? ( Iraq, All the Stans, Yemen, Libya) and the answers is for the whores that we have in DC, excepts for his Ron Paul and few others! Enough is enough, you cannot make fools of us!

        • Marcello

          While West may have never been in combat…
          he did discharge his firearm next to the head of a bound prisoner. War isn’t pretty and neither is Mr. West.

  • JoseCanYouSee

    It’s too bad Ron Paul is such a profound ignoramus with a capital P when it comes to foreign policy. While he makes many good points about monetary policy and the Fed, he’ll never be a serious candidate because a President’s chief responsibility is to protect the country from its sworn enemies. His constitutional ignorance shows as well whenever he gives his take on what exactly “entangling alliances” means- good thing he wasn’t around at the founding, Lafayette would have gotten the cold shoulder.

    • TheWhitedSepulchre

      Jose, please allow me to clarify one of Dr. Paul’s positions for you. You are correct in stating that the President’s job is to protect America from its sworn enemies. Ron Paul thinks that if we had a smaller military footprint all over the world (we have almost 1/2 of the earth’s military) we would have fewer sworn enemies.

      • InRussetShadows

        And let me clarify something for you. Ron Paul assumes — like you do — that American military presence causes hatred. I.e. that other people do not have reasons of their own besides that; that other people always tell the truth (and do not engage in taqiyya); and that the existence of the infidel is not enough reason for the irrational, inbred, 7th-century Islamists to hate.

        If only people who supported Ron Paul would learn something about Islam and its expansionary nature (always spread by the sword)!

    • RPTwentyTwelve

      1) ‘foreign policy’

      Prosperity stems from trust and trade, both of which Candidate Paul readily promotes above sanctions (ex. Cuba) and tariffs

      2) ‘never be a serious candidate’

      The field is different today since 2008, Candidate Paul’s base has grown considerab­ly and the current President has failed or reneged on numerous issues. Additional­ly many points that Candidate Paul introduced and notably critiqued have been confirmed (for example the violation of civil liberties, the continuing wars and the economic crash of 2008)

      3) ‘President’s chief responsibility’

      The Executive’s primary responsibilities are to set a good example of striving for virtue and excellence while articulating the cause of liberty, all of which Paul has succeeded in for decades

      4) ‘“entangling alliances”’

      Undeclared wars such as the occupation of Vietnam and bombing of Pakistan are typified by confused objectives and the unjustified murder of innocents while inviting the abdication of national sovereignty (ex. Libyan occupation ‘authorized’ by the UN)

  • Josh

    Iran has no capacity to attack the United States. They have no missles which can reach our shores. They have an antique airforce.

    Iran fought Iraq for 8 years and it ended in a stalemate. The USA decimated the Iraqi army within DAYS in the early 90s and once again in the early 2000s. Iran poses us no threat.

    Ron Paul 2012! Freedom and Liberty for all!

    • Kinikia

      Please read this article about Iranian missiles in Venezuela. Do you still think that they pose no threat to us in the U.S.?

    • The War Planner

      “Iran has no capacity to attack the United States..”


    • Don

      Do any of you ron paul supporters read the news or is it to hard for you? Iran in conjunction with chavez is buiding right now a base for intermediate range missiles in chavez little socialist workers paradise which will put iranian missiles within range of the southern US
      I for one dont want madmen to have the bomb ,wheater they use it against us or israel doesnt matter as I beleive the will use it if they get it.MAD wont work on them as those idiots think that by causing a holocost they can bring back their majical 12th imman.

    • Jack

      Josh – You need to look up the technique of launching a nuc 100 miles up and detonating. EMP will destroy most electronics. Iranian missles were exploding at 100 to 120 miles above the ground, and people were laughing about their lousy tech until they were informed of the results of an EMP detonation. The missles the Iranians have now could launch from a tramp freighter just off the coast and push our economy back 100 years. What part of “sworn enemy” don’t you understand. They want to come here and kill you by any means necessary.

    • Susan

      Iran doesn’t need to attack the US. They have the capability of launching warheads right into Israel. That’s all they care about at this point and it gives them the flashpoint they seek.

      Somewhere in America, an attic is missing it’s crazy uncle. And that’s Ron Paul.

  • Cato Younger

    Allen West: Fear mongering propagandist who would make Goebbles proud. WE ARE BROKE! Let’s fix our country before trying to fix others. It’s not inevitable that Iran will a) get a nuke, b) use a nuke if they get one, just like both of these weren’t inevitable with respect to Iraq. Anyone who pretends otherwise or that Iran is obsessed with destroying us isn’t looking into a mirror to try and figure out just who happens to really be obsessed with demogoguing and destruction. This is a made up issue like, Iraq and the bank bailouts were made up as well. If we hadn’t saved the banks they said we’d all be in the $hit. Well we saved the banks and we’re in the $hit.

    When are we going to learn NOT TO TRUST POLITICIANS! Stop being sheep people.

    You’re Wrong West. I love how you go off on socialists btw.

  • Cato Younger

    that’s not sarcasm btw. I really do not like socialists.

  • Tea Party Voter in Fl.


    • James

      You are a DUFUS.You wanna fight Iran. Pick up a weapon and have at it. As for the rest of us we would like to fix our country.

  • Fred

    Paul is out of his mind on defense and the war on drugs.

    • James

      Portugal decriminalized drugs YEARS ago. Have they descended into anarchy yet? Yeah I thought not neo con.

    • RPTwentyTwelve

      Please explain.

      Otherwise there is an assumed distinction between offensive belligerence and vigilant self-defense, while the point of legalizing drugs is that this candidate espouses your own self-judgment and maturity to endure the consequences of your own actions

    • http://K8W5 TomSawyer

      2 million people a year incarcerated because of moral crusaders, lawyers and prison industry! No more BS! how about the million of people who depend on those incarcerated! Compassionate conservatism my A$$!

  • American Pride

    Ron Paul just proved that he’s a senile old fool by defending Iran.

    • RPTwentyTwelve

      1) ‘old’

      I prefer wisdom and self-discipline with age. Additionally, Dr. Paul has stated that among his favorite pastimes is to cycle several miles a day

      2) ‘defending Iran’

      Candidate Paul did not assume responsibility for another nation; rather he upheld the principle that any entity has the right to defend itself

  • David


    • BettyLiberty

      No, Ron Paul is not a moron, or crazy – he is the most Pro-Israel candidate we have.

      With hundreds of nuclear weapons in her possession, Israel has become the most powerful state in the Middle East. She could easily take on her neighbors and eliminate any and all threats to her existence.

      Ron Paul would not stop Israel from defending her interests in any way she saw fit. When Israel attacked a nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981, almost the entire U.S. Congress voted to condemn the act. Ron Paul was one of the few dissenters: he voted against the condemnation and in favor of Israel’s right to self-determination.

      Ron Paul has also been criticized for wanting to “end foreign aid to Israel.” He had in fact called for an end to all foreign aid in general. Foreign aid is like an entitlement: eventually the recipient grows dependent on it and will do everything in his power to continue the flow of funds. This might even include spending some of the already-received payments to “lobby” for more money.

      Ron Paul believes this is a bad thing. Not only does foreign aid lead to corruption; it is inherently immoral. Ron Paul said that “foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country.”

      If foreign aid to all countries were stopped immediately, Israel would be the biggest net beneficiary. This is because the U.S. pays much more foreign aid to Israel’s enemies combined than to Israel.

      Like a discouraged unemployed person whose welfare payments are about to run out, Israel would finally have the motivation to take care of herself, for example by ending socialist domestic policies within Israel. This in turn would make Israel much stronger and more independent. Ending all foreign aid would indeed set Israel free.

      Iran is a large country, but from a military point of view they are a big nobody. They are surrounded by nuclear powers, they have no air force, no navy, and they are even incapable of producing as much gasoline as they need. Iranian officials are relegated to grudgingly hoping that “the Zionist regime will collapse”, which is the real meaning of Ahmadinejad’s infamous phrase frequently mistranslated as “we will wipe Israel off the map”.

      Is is understandable that Iran wants to gain the international respect they believe they deserve as a country of 75 million people. However, according to U.S. intelligence reports there are no indications whatsoever that Iran is actively working on creating or obtaining a nuclear weapon.

    • James

      Since you like Israel so much why dont you move there? Ron Paul has forgotten more about foreign policy than you have in your SMALL brain.

    • TomSawyer

      Ron Paul hates giving 7(seven) times more military aid to Israel Enemies than to Israel. Israel can take care of Israel very well! 200-300 nukes are very good deterrent! Send your own kid in Fallujah and die in vain and then come and talk again about invading another country! When you own only a hammer all the problems looks like a nail!
      Short sighted FASCIST! Being ripped off from banks and you want to add more injury to insult of being ripped more than we are by the war dogs and Pentagon! American People WANT NONE OF THIS ANY MORE!

    • RPTwentyTwelve

      False: Candidate Paul has stated that we should enjoy friendship with Israel while refraining from intruding in neighborly disputes and withdrawing subsidization so as to restore or own domestic economy and discourage foreign dependency



    • James

      You are not a conservative. You are a neo con wannabe.

  • brad

    Yes the genie is out of the bottle and thanks to Russia who stole our secrets”They back enginnered our B-29 in ww2 instead of leaving the secrets alone”Plus now they are selling parts to anyone just about.So we have to always try to control it.Ron Paul is very wrong.That is the Jimmy Carter type of mind set.We are a very strong country so let us solve our problems also.

    • RPTwentyTwelve

      ‘control it’

      Please explain and its assumed reference to Candidate Paul

  • Revolution

    How dare Mr. West attack Ron Paul! I bet Mr. West won’t tell that to Ron Paul’s face…

    • Ninny Goat

      OH YEAH!


  • Byron Stinson

    I think we shoud let Iran have Nukes. Lets start dropping them today!

  • Byron Stinson

    And one more follow up, didn’t Cuba try to get a few nukes into the county back in 1961? Stoping that has worked for a while Mr. Paul. : )

    • James

      No Cuba didnt try to get nukes in the day. the USSR TRIED to give them nukes but we stopped it WITHOUT using force.

    • Kerry R Jennings

      Sorry to tell you but they did have Nuke’s in Cuba how did that work out in the 60’s short range one’s and Castro told Nikita Khrushchev to use them if the US invaded to bomb them on Cuban beach’s that why nikita madethe deal he knew old boy castro was crazyer than a bedbug

    • RPTwentyTwelve

      Please explain (assuming ‘country’ rather than ‘county’ while acknowledging the incident known as the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in October 1962)?

  • kozanne

    Until the U.S. becomes energy independent of the Middle East, what goes on in the sandbox is VERY important to us.

    There’s Israel, recently the site of a huge offshore energy find that could place them in a net exporter position of natural gas. In time, and until we fully develop our own resources here, we could be buying energy from Israel instead of the Saudis, et al. And more than likely get a better deal in the bargain.

    And lest anyone pooh pooh’s the Israel find, remember that within days of the announcement of the find, certain ‘factions’ within Lebanon and Syria were already trying to lay claim to it. So this is not a little puddle we are talking about.

    Unless and until we get a STATESMAN who will fully develop our existing energy resources while working on non fossil fuel technology in the background, what happens in the Middle East is vitally important to us.

  • Edward

    Congratulations Allen West.

    You have just earned the wrath of teh Ron Paul Revolution.

    Ask Sue Lowden about how that goes.

  • Jason A

    West is just another neocon. I agree with some of his stuff but he is just a war monger. The USA can’t be the world policeman anymore. We are going bankrupt because of these wars, and entitlements. All major powers fail because of their foreign policy and its effect on their economy.

  • Jerry M

    Ron Paul is a nut plain and simple. He is an embarassment to himself and the Republican party. It’s a good thing he has no chance of being nominated. He would be a disaster in the general election.

  • Robert Herman

    Re: Iran being no threat… They have also been working the bugs out on putting shorter range missile launchers on cargo vessels so in order to make no where “out of range”. With GPS for pinpoint location of the launch site, this is not such a hard thing to get right. To use this method with conventional weapons would be pretty stupid. With nukes, not so stupid. Don’t kid yourself. If Iran gets nukes, we are most assuredly at risk as a country.

    I agree with Ron Paul on many issues, and admire that he has the guts to speak clearly and strongly about them. However, I can say the same about Allan West, and without the various issues where I believe that Mr. Paul is certifiable…

  • Jason A

    @ Bryon. Uh…Cuba allowed the USSR to deply short range missiles on their shores – shores that were 90 miles from the United States. That is a direct threat against as opposed to these middle-east wars. Just like Santorum, Bryon isn’t very knowledgeable on the actual facts.

  • eaglewingz08

    Congrats Allen West. You are spot on.

  • SCforG

    Herman Cain stated that the United States should drill more here. Its in the best interests of our national security. He’s right! By doing so, we can become independent of foreign manipulation AND by producing here we can drive the price of oil down. The economics of this to Iran, e.g. driving down the cost of a barrel of oil, would hamper Iran’s ability to develop and buy the materials to have nuclear ability. I don’t think Ron Paul’s approach is sound, but at the same time better judgement form the Commander in Chief needs to prevail as far as how committed the United States needs to be. We certainly have all the technology and power to obliterate Iran should the whack job leadership attempt to do something. Our presence in the Middle East needs to be there, but with less boots on the ground. How do we get there? Drill now and drill often.

  • Lothar the Magnificent

    Ron Paul lives in a fantasy world.

  • David

    I I held my nose and voted for this turd in 2008, thinking he would be better for my district. I have made a grave mistake. The Tea-Party put you in power Ron Paul stated the Tea-Party. Allen West is an embarrassment to me and I cannot support him again. I want him to go away, and will do every thing in my power to make sure he never sees political office again. Sorry America it was him or a Democrat, the lesser of two evils trap.

  • Old Country Boy

    It is not a good arguement that we might as well let Iran have Nukes, since they will get them anyway. In the same vein, since we are all going to die anyway, why not go ahead and die. As the visier once said – “The horse may die, the calif may die, or maybe the horse will learn how to sing.” Don’t concede anything to your enemy. Your enemy may eventually grow up and all your fears would have been for nothing.

  • Robert

    Alan West is pro-Israeli neo-con jewbagger.

    • InRussetShadows

      You have given the most succinct statement of Ron Paul’s positions that I have ever read. The only thing you left out was “nigger” (see Ron Paul’s race-baiting newsletters for that).

  • TerribleTroy

    Iran and Nukes? No problem! After all its not like they haven’t been the single greatest source of instability in the Mid East for the past 20 yrs. Its not like they don’t supply terrorists with weapons and safe haven. Its not like they openly deny the holocaust and advocate the genocide of the Israelis. Its not like they are trying to gain long range ballistic missiles. Its not like they supported the Sadrists in Iraq and provided training and weapons which killed American soldiers and Iraqis civilians in Iraq. Naaaaaw. After all they are just going to get nukes anyway. Why resist at all?

    You have a neighbor. Every time you see this neighbor they tell you they hate your guts and they want to burn down your house with you in it. They tell your other neighbors that they will pay them to vandalize your house and give those other neighbors spray paint, and rocks. You have had to repaint your home and replace your windows constantly since they moved in. Would you give that neighbor 5 gallons of gasoline and matches? Because hey..they are going to get it from somewhere eventually…..

    Ron Paul is like a idiot savant, he gets one (maybe two) things right but in the majority of other areas he is retarded (or should I have said mentally challenged).

  • Tab Cocovillea

    Iran will never deploy a nuke. It would be a small insurance policy for them to protect them against US invasion and their neighbors. Big deal. No one within their power structure would be insane enough to loose one on Israel, man. They would be instantly vaporized by one or more of Israel’s hundreds of nukes. Wake up, junior.

    • InRussetShadows

      There you go again, assuming that the 12ers are logical, because why, they’re just like us! Of course they are not. Go and learn what they say about themselves and how many of their own citizens they are willing to sacrifice to nuke Israel.

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan

    America where are you now?
    Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
    Don’t you know we need you now
    We can’t fight alone against the monster
    Monster Suicide America

  • Paulturd

    I love Ron paul. I’d suck him off if I could. I hate Jews, therefore I like Iran. I hope they use their nukes Wisely!

    Hands off our money, you greedy jewz!

    Revolushun 2012!

  • Pookiecaru

    You Perot, I mean Paul followers are going to get the muslum re-elected if you don’t get with the program.

  • Mammaduck7

    Constitutionally speaking, where does the United States get it’s authority to tell any nation they can or can’t have something?! We’re not the world’s police and can’t afford to do it, anyway.

  • TomSawyer


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  • http://awest noboma2012

    you dumb ass sheeple of amerika the land of the stupidist sheep that are brain washed by fox do you want to be controlled by the super rich the biuldaburg group to all that realt think iran is gana shoot us down with nuk are so god dam stupid i cant take it any more toy all that want amerika to police the world you all are gana be so broke wen uor econamy crashes cause you all want to controll cia controlled terrorist that are responsible for the 911 atacks it was the bushs and chanie and rumsfield you sheeple are the ones that are gana desrot america and turn it in to a natzi neo-con amerika run by the unted nations that want to depopulate the planet by 80% just cause your white you all think its kool to go kill a bunch of brown people that dont want anything to do with us. to all you dam stupid sheeple you will wake up one day to see your natzi neo-con goverment takeing your privet property and killing your family and crashing your predshish fiat dollar that is gana crash after the election of barry satorom oboma or even the fake ass dog shit on my sho rick perry. so good luck to all you stupid ass neo-con fuks oh ya go die

  • amazing

    Conservatives don’t trust the govt. when it comes to the economy, but they buy hook line and sinker everything the govt. tells them about foreign policy no matter how distorted and unbelievable the logic.

  • FFT

    Ron Paul is a nut without a mission, and Allen West is absolutely right on that. Mr. Paul is doing a deservice to the American people by staying in the race. He should get out now, and save himself the misery and further embarrassment of his illogical and incoherent perspectives. He is simply a tool of the same incompetence that has plaqued Obama. Surely, he is a laughing stock for serious Americans that care about the security of this nation. He should follow after Pawlenty and get out, so that we can focus on the real issues. No real conservative, would ever consider voting for this joker. But then again, we’ve not completely extracted all you RINO supporters from this battle. You people are the reason why the incompetent Democrats keep winning. Wolves in Sheep’s clothing!

  • docpearce

    Iran is not much of a threat. They are Years if not decades away from developing a bomb. That are not able to enrich the uranium to weapons grade and that won’t happen any time soon.

    To spend a trillion dollars+ year after year, you have to keep the people scared.

    For all of you warmongers on here, I invite you to sign up and go fight. Send your kids too. It’s easy to send someone else’s kid to a meaningless death. If there were a draft, you’d probably have a little different view

  • Pomai

    Ron Paul has some good idea’s but this is not one of them. Do you really think that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon that they would not use it. They may think twice before trying to use it on the US but they would not for using it on Israel, Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Also once they have the capability of nuclear weaponry it is not much of a stretch to think that they would give such a weapon to a terrorist group which would try and use it in the US.

  • Brett83188

    As a completely neutral person in these debates, after listening to Ron Paul state that America should worry about itself and let other countries do the same, how is this anti-semetic? By the same logic, would that not also allow Israil the same authority to handle there business without our intervention. I don’t see the danger
    As everyone else seems to. But what do I know. I do get a kick out of how angry
    Everyone is getting.

  • Steven Orrange

    Typical NEO con talking points like false flags before invading Iraq. Mr. West, we are flat out BROKE, the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, and there is no end to the wars you want to fight. Ron Paul has said IF Iran were to even attempt to use a nuke, they would be WIPED off the face of th earth. Israel alone could do this if the USA gets out of the way. 9/11 was not caused by the Iraqis, yet we waste trillions of $$, and many lives fighting a phantom. I agree totally with Ron Paul. Bring the troops home, DEFEND America. Declare war and annihilate the enemy. If we are unwilling to do that, stay home……period. I am really tired of these chicken hawks like Obama, Bush, Cheney, Biden, Limbaugh, Hannity, Clinton, Levin and the list goes on, sending our kids to DIE in some third world S***hole.

    • Jack

      Steve – I agree with your premise on the use of war. The Dems were the ones who stopped us from winning in Vietnam with their wish to control everything and not look bad in the press. I forget who said it, but war is the last resort of politics. Wilson got us into WW1, FDR got us into WW2, Kennedy got us into Vietnam and tried for Cuba, so your list requires more Democrats to spread the blame evenly. The government of Iran has stated repeatedly that we are their mortal enemy. Are we to ignore that until they kill many of us with a nuc? How would you solve this problem?

  • Doug

    Allen West is great. Ron Paul is right on many topics but Col West is right on this. Allen West is a true conservative and American hero. While I like Ron Paul he has been a politician his whole life.

    • TomSawyer

      Hero! In combat or paper-pusher! Oh yeah close to dishonorably discharged- close to a war criminal-sadist!

  • Gem Burke

    I take bits of information from where ever I can get it. I have a page from the Socialists WEB site on mine, for example. I like most of what Ron Paul has to say but when it comes to Islam he is an idiot. Ron Paul is a very religious person and thinks this ideology that flew a passenger jet into the twin towers is harmless, “just a few radicals.” Read the G D quam you dopes! It says in there 126 times “convert or die!” Just how more implicit dose one need to be. RP can’t see it because he has this holy cross stuck in his eyes. If you think god is going to protect you by your doing nothing than say “Thank God for 9/11”, “thank god for Katrina,” “thank god for the wild fires in the West,” and “thank god for that idiot lying bas***d in the White house!”
    Ron Paul is a ticket on the Titanic. It will be great until you realize how stupid it was to ignore radical ideologies.

  • Chris

    Allen West is pro-life… except when it comes to anyone who isn’t an infant and/or still in the womb. Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army (and I sincerely thank him for his service to our nation), and he might be a CENTCOM expert… from the military standpoint. But the sad thing is that it seems none of the intervention proponents made it to kindergarten on the day we learned to do unto others as we would have done unto us, and that’s apparent because there is no questioning our justification for the death we’ve caused in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. We don’t need justification: we’re Uhmurrkuh. Hell if we want to commit an act of war, like invading another country’s sovereign air space, we just do it because…who the hell are THEY to tell us we can’t go into their sovereign air space? Of course, if China did that to us, we’d blow the Chinese aircraft out of the sky. No one else has the right to do that to us because… well, we’re Uhmurrkuh by God.

    I bet if I went and set fires all outside my neighbors house, and then invaded him and occupied his home, jailed, beat or killed his family members if they got “out of line” etc, that every person alive in that home would hate me to their core and be willing to do most anything to kill and destroy me. I’m sorry, but that idea just makes too much sense for me to believe thatwe’re not a GREAT part of the cause of all the problems we have in the middle east today. Oh, and BTW… your pal Glenn Beck would agree with that statement at least.

  • DaMav

    Allen West is just flat out outstanding. About time someone stood up to the Kumbaya hippies of Ron Paul and Barrack Obama.

  • Ken James

    It doesn’t always take a missile to use nuclear weapons.

  • ChickontheRight

    If indeed we have a “World Economy” then tell me why Ron Paul wants us to bring all our military home and hunker down and only protect American borders? Do we have an economic interest to have peace in certain regions or not? His vision is that America should only be concerned about America and we should mind our own business. His answer to every question is either “states rights” or “bring our military home and we’ll have more money” is simplistic. Furthermore, it is naive to believe that if America were to operate with it’s blinders on that we would see a coalition of enemies rise up, both current and old, Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil all come to mind. Furthermore, since Ron Paul is a Libertarian then he should run as a Libertarian.

  • dunce

    Actually all any country need do to launch a missile strike on the USA is load it on a freighter, and launch it when they are 250 miles off shore. The damage done will depend on the type of war head. What amazes me is how blase’ the Europeans are as they are an even easier target though they are fully aware of the potential threat. Remember that the only city that has any missile defense is DC thanks to democrat obstructionism.

  • Kat

    Not a Ron Paul fan, so this is not for or against his statements, but I want to offer a differing view: Iran is full of idiots that can’t get rid of one little Members-Only-jacket-wearing tyrant and would probably blow themselves up with any nukes they might develop…pundits give them far too much credit for capabilities they don’t possess…Let them develop the means to their own end…North Korea has nukes and they have Kim…case rested.

  • Ron Paul

    I think ol’ Sambo here had better watch what he says about me. I happen to have enough dirt on this negro to put his sorry black butt in jail for years.

    I happen to know about his personal life and it is less than stellar, unlike mine. Kinda like his mentor’s, you know MLK?

    Anyhow, keep you mouth shut boy; because 50 years ago, you’d be lucky if you would be able to mow my lawn.

  • elbuggo

    I still remember this WMD in Iraq problem. Had to invade, had to invade, simply had to. No more of these lies. Just leave Iran alone or leave the problem to someone else that is not bankrupt. If a cruise around the world costs $50, and you do not have $50, you cannot go on the cruise around the world for $50. Wars are part of the economy too.

  • wyllo sanders



  • Kyla carbert

    Talking tough… Makes people feel good… Appealing to your fears when were bankrupt and need radical economic change…. A great military is only as good as one’s economic firepower… What skills does Allen west have in terms of economic liberty and creating jobs? There are always going to be military threats”……always…..

  • Shane

    Allen West is clearly a shill for the establishment. Look at how he called the tea party ‘schizophrenic’ because they didn’t want to saddle more debt onto the American people. This guy’s opinion shouldn’t be taken seriously. Ron Paul’s credibility is immense, and West won’t be the first goon that is used in an attempt to slander him.

  • ExDem

    Obama could beat ‘crazy old uncle’ Ron Paul so easily. We have to make sure whoever gets the GOP nomination has at least this as qualification #1: This person can and will beat Obama. Don’t take your eyes off the target, folks.

  • 330treehugger

    Many of these comments seem to reflect Ron Paul’s belief that if we just leave Iran alone things will be ok and they’ll be happy with the newfound respect they earn from having WMDs. I voted for Ron Paul in 1988 but do not agree with this naive belief that does not pass a three second history test: was Eastern Europe ok when they left the Soviets alone? was Poland ok in 1939 when they left Germany alone? was China ok when they left Imperial Japan alone? was Kuwait ok when they left Saddam Huseein alone? It could be said that all of those regimes just wanted to be respected.

    Gary Johnson shares many of Mr. Paul’s libertarian beliefs and principles but rejects the notion of a benign world.

    • ryan

      Iran doesn’t even have a navy or airforce. If china was fighting wars in canada and mexico wouldn’t you want a nuclear weapon? If you watch any interviews on al-jazeera you will see that they want nuclear power. WAKE UP

  • Beverly Nuckols, MD

    Ron Paul is wrong. Rep. West is right.
    Ron Paul should look at airplanes, note the research and production of long-range missiles in Iran and listen to what Representative West says in this video.
    The legitimate purpose of government is to protect the unalienable rights, primarily the right to life — everything else is secondary. If we are broke, cut spending on everything except good defense and offense when appropriate.
    In the case of an Iran armed with nuclear weapons and/or long range missiles, offense is appropriate – the only decision is how imminent must the threat be?

  • Leonie Alemann

    Ron Paul is stuck in the 1950’s Cold War: Col. West is right. “Mutually Assured Destruction” kept the US and the USSR glaring at one another for a long time but neither was willing to push the button.

    The Iranians are seeking nuclear weapons IN ORDER TO PUSH THE BUTTON. They believe that their Second Coming cannot happen until Islam destroys Israel and the rest of its enemies (= US & Europe). Nuclear weapons make that mass destruction easier.

    And it’s silly to assume that they are totally incapable of learning; ICBMs are not high-tech (by today’s standards) so why couldn’t they have them? OTOH, they could use an old steamship to send over a bunch of terrorists with briefcase nukes; set them off downtown in our top 20 cities and the US would be decapitated and fairly incapacitated. Plus, they are buddying-up with Venezuela, which does have missiles that can reach the US… and Chavez just met the Reaper with his cancer diagnosis. Who’s to say he would care if he destroyed the world…?

    • ryan

      Stop drinking the FOX NEWS kool aid. THey are not even building a weapon according to our own CIA. They want us out of the middle east, why are we there? To protect us from 19 men with boxcutters who flew 2 planes and brought down 3 buildings? Are you serious that you fall for that fairy tale! Wake up and research facts for yourself and don’t believe everything you see on tv.

      • InRussetShadows

        Iran is certainly pursuing nuclear power and missile technology. Not only that, but they are much further along the Uranium enrichment than people thought they were. Only you and other Paulbots can’t put two and two together.

  • Former Paul Fan

    I used to love Ron Paul, I even worked for 2 of his political orgs, but once I got involved with the military I really looked into these issues and all I can say now is PAUL IS DANGEROUSLY WRONG. He’s very right on most domestic issues, but he is extremely wrong on foreign policy. Iran is a massive threat, and they WILL nuke us at the earliest chance regardless of our actions. Paul has no idea what he’s talking about concerning foreign policy. He applies noninterventionist political theory before fact. He lives in a fantasy world where he assumes that if we leave certain people alone, they’ll leave us alone, but it does not work that way when the enemy is motivated by more than our intervention. Iran is ultra-dangerous, and what Ron Paul says makes me cringe now that I know better. Also, Paul, extremely intelligent on economic matters, is poorly versed when it comes to Cuban-American relations as evidenced by the last debate, and he does not understand the value of Israel as an ally. I can’t vote for Paul. I feel like I was an airhead for supporting him throughout college and I take solace in the fact that outside of his fiercely loyal supporters who zerg Internet posts and straw polls for him, his ideas and candidacy cannot gain traction. He would make an excellent Treasury Secretary.

  • Americathebeautiful

    There’s something about the Ron Paul “fan club” that’s scary!!!!!

    • GUY

      lol, you listening to your T.V.?

  • ChrisK

    I think they’re both wingnuts. One has a socialist foreign policy and
    The other has a socialist economic policy. We need a conservative
    leader not a McGovern squish and Boehner’s faithful servant.

  • TomSawyer

    How come Ron Paul, raises more money by active serving troops that all the NEO-Cons combined! Answer that light-weight West! Smearing as you did it reveals the shallowness of your logic and mind! True Conservatives deserve better!

  • Pingback: Allen West: Ron Paul should not be president | The Right Scoop()

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Ten years of lies.
    signed, USN vets

  • Jive Dadson

    I am no more afraid of being nuked by an Iranian than I am scared of falling asteroids, or than I was afraid of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. Mr. West is afraid, but not of some third world state half way around the world. He is afraid of the nascent revival of the campaign for Liberty.

    The USA has by far the most powerful military the world has ever seen. It spends more on its military than all the other governments of the world combined. No army can challenge it with conventional weapons or nukes.

    Iran, despite controlling vast amounts of oil, cannot provide its subjects with gasoline. It has no money to build refineries. Tyranny is expensive. Iran has no navy, no air force carriers, no long-range missiles. It is geographically near two nuclear powers either of which could obliterate it in an afternoon.

    Iran will not even build one nuclear bomb. It cannot afford it. Iran will attempt to show that it could build one, and let it go at that. Even if Iran had a bomb, it would dare not use it.

    THE ONLY WAY IRAN CAN DAMAGE AMERICA is by bogging the USA down in yet another quagmire. That is what the Honorable Mr. West would have.

    • InRussetShadows

      False bravado doesn’t cut it. When a nation is refining Uranium, is pursuing long-range missile technology, and has stated that it wishes to wipe Israel off the map, only a fool laughs.

  • ryan

    How much longer are people gonna fall for the warmongering. It’s fact that the CIA stated Iran is not even building a bomb only the MSM is propping it up so the corporate owned military industrial complex can continue raking in trillions of US dollars for themselves and promoting war and killing millions of civilians and thousands of US troops. How stupid can people be to fall for this. So let’s say Iran is building a bomb just for giggles, WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO BE THE POLICEMEN OF THE WORLD! Gold is at 1,800 dollars an ounce and food is high, inflation is here and will get worse. The fed is printing money (Qe1,2, and sooon to be 3). WAKE UP! Allen West is just another NEO-CON establishment republican controlled by the new world order hell bent on destroying the USA’s sovereignty so we will all accept the One world gov’t. Paul predicted the housing bubble in 07, when will people wake up and start listening to him. I don’t think one man can save the republic but electing him president would be a great start. END THE FED, RON PAUL 2012!

  • bill.

    Ron Paul has foreseen and forewarned us and has been right about everything. If you think we can afford another war and you don’t mind killing a lot of people and having a lot of us killed then don’t vote for Ron Paul. But remember the blood is on your hands.

    • InRussetShadows

      Your logic is circular. I could just as easily say that if Iran gets the bomb and nukes Israel (or us), then the blood is on his hands. But saying sorry just doesn’t cut it, you know?

  • Tea Party Voter in Fl.

    Ron Paul is a FREAK NUT JOB and so is his FOLLOWERS! Allen West just smacked that MORON Ron Paul right in his dentures! Go West!!!

    • GUY

      your an idiot. Ron Paul is the reason why the tea party started…LULZ. Your the reason why the tea party has a bad name. I want you to cut spending.. but not from anything I use….

  • Hozee

    Ron Paul was 100% correct. How many here even know what the 3 demands of the “fanatical” Iranians were during the 1979 hostage crisis? How many here are stupid enough to think the leaders and those in positions of power in Iran would actually assure their own destruction by launching a nuclear weapon? For that matter, how many of these same people have EVER strapped a bomb on their backs and committed suicide? And yet you honestly believe they would be glad to die to take a shot at us? How pathetic it is to see how easily herded Americans are while at the same time they feel suicide bombers are pathetically stupid for being used by their leaders. Here are the facts of US Iranian relations….please look them up for yourselves. The US, through the CIA, interfered with a sovereign nations affairs in 1953 by instigating and physically participating in a coup of that countries leader simply because Iran was nationalizing the oil that belonged to them. In 1979 Iranian students took Americans hostage with the demands that the US return the Shah to stand trial, admit that they had interfered in 1953, and finally to pledge that they would never again interfere in the affairs of Iran. We couldn’t do that, we couldn’t admit that we were not the promoters of freedom, that we were in fact the promoters of GREED. I wonder what would happen if you take this scenario and exchange places….IE….Iran did what we did? Yet, even after this fact, Allen West and nearly all the GOP candidates still insist that interference in other sovereign nations affairs makes us so much more secure and Ron Paul is a loon, even though history paints the opposite picture of their rhetoric.

    • InRussetShadows

      You act as though the leaders of Iran were logical. That is your first mistake. Your second mistake is taking Islamists at their word (look up “taqqiya”). Your third mistake is knowing nothing about Islam, how it spreads, and how it motivates people, especially the Twelvers.

      Go and learn.

  • Marcello

    Poor Allen West. He is so insecure.

    Yes Allen. Mutually assured destruction is out the window. The situation we have here is unilaterally assured destruction. If Iran was to detonate a (non-existent) nuke in Israel, Israel would use a few of its 200 nuclear weapons to wipe Iran off the map.

    Neocons like West like to drum up the fear and keep people scared. Maybe it stems from their own insecurities, or maybe they are just stupid, but war mongers like Allen West seem hell bent on death and destruction.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate offering real answers and solutions. They brand him as a nutcase, crackpot, kook. One post above said that West smacked the Moron Ron Paul right in the dentures. That’s the kind of playground bully mentality that that these people have to resort to because their ideas are losing. The American people are waking up to this game of never ending wars to line the pockets of the war profiteers.

  • GUY

    LoL, Neo-con’s, If Iraq gets weapons of mass distruction we are all doomed. If Iran gets weapons of mass distructions we are all doomed. If somollia gets weapons of mass distruction we are all doomed. If Mickey Mouse gets weapons of mass distruction we are all doomed. We need to declare war on chuck norris because he has become to powerfull. If new zealand gets weapons of mass distruction we are all doomed. LOL. Its like the smoking gun being a mushroom cloud thing. HOW THE HELL DO YOU SUPPORT SMALL GOVERNMENT AND SUPPORT AN EMPRIRE.. just to let you know, an empire is defined as a big thing. you can’t do it, im sorry. thats why neo-cons fail. I’m sorry I dont see Iran surviving as a country if they launch a nuke. Nobody likes neo-cons.

  • Alex Snitker

    West and the rest who think like him are the ones who do not live in reality.

    Let’s for the sake of argument say that they are right about Iran. Where are you going to get the troops for another war? Where are we going to get the money for another war?

    Ok, Ok we can print some more money and we can find a way to move forces around and bring enough for another conflict wouldn’t you think that this would spread out forces out so thin that the United States would be less safe and vulnerable to an attack.

    Going after Iran like this we better be ready to also defend ourselves from countries who will come and aid Iran. Russia, China and Venezuela come to mind. Not to mention OPEC will be pissed and since we don’t produce enough domestic energy at home if some of those countries cut us off we will be screwed here at home with $6 a gallon gas. How do you think the economy will react to that? The economy will crash and plunge us into a greater depression than we are already in.

    What about the dollar? Since there will not be a country that will take that added debt we will just have to print more money. This will add to our already out of control inflation that stands at 6% right now. How do you think that the economy will react?

    Because we do not adhere to a non-interventionist foreign policy we have troops all over the country and have spent trillions to maintain our global presence. We have given hundreds of billions to countries all over the world who really don’t like us.

    At some point reality has to hit you in the face. Let’s hope it happens before you get us into another war. We are already in 5 right now that I can think of off the top of my head: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen.

  • Alex Snitker

    And for the record the foreign policy of Allen West is far closer to Obama than Ron Paul is. It is simple because both Allen West and Barak Obama have a socialist foreign policy.

  • Michael

    Lets be clear.

    Ron Paul want Iran to get nuclear weapons because as a Jew hater he wants them to kill as many Jews as possible by attacking Israel. And if they follow that up by attacking the US and dropping a nuclear bomb on New York City, its worth losing a US city as long as a lot of Jews get killed.

  • Sonja

    I would suggest to Allen West to go to his local army office and enlist then, if it is war they are obviously pushing on us, be my guest to go over and fight it.


    Ron Paul is against the 2nd amendment! If he gets to be President he will take our guns away.

  • Dan M.

    Gun rights supporters believe we have an inherent right to self-defense, only forfeited by committing acts of aggression.

    As the only nation to have used a nuclear weapon as an act of aggression against civilians, who are we to tell any other nation that it may not protect itself with nuclear weapons?

    Leave Iran alone; they are no threat to us.

  • Neal

    Fox is owned by a jewish man. The network caters to Israeli interests and all of the establishment republicans appear to be licking the boots of fox. I stand for America. If you want to stand for Israel, then move there. My statement is as anti-Semitic as it would be to call me a racist for wanting to end affirmative action. Allen West is entitled to his opinion, but he has cooked his goose by supporting the new super congress, the debt ceiling increase and the extension of the patriot act.

    • harry houdini

      Neal, please at least state the facts, not your trumped up version of the truth. Murdock is not Jewish. Neither his mother or father are,or were Jewish. I guess Hannity and O’Reilly are Jewish too! How about Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham must be Jewish as well, RIGHT! They are all on FOX, the network you say is owned by a Jew. They must be licking the boots of Fox, right! I fought for this country and am proud to be an American but the issue of supporting Israel or Palestine or Egypt is a political issue, not religious. Even if Murdock was Jewish( actually, I think he is Catholic, does that mean he automatically favors the support of Israel.? How absurd! There are many Jews in Israel and the United States who support the creation of a Palestinian state. So I guess , according to your logic, those Americans and Israelis , being Jewish, must support Israel’s interests as well.

      You may be correct about West cooking his own goose ( I agree), but your goose was cooked in your first sentence. Enjoy your dinner!

  • Michael

    Ron Paul has my vote and no other Republican for sureually took the time to study his record.

  • Sam

    And where will Allen West get the money to fight the entire Middle East?

    Our massive welfare/warfare expenditures will inevitably bankrupt our country and destroy the value of our dollar rendering our military incapable of protecting us whatsoever…

    Bottom line: Our governments self-inflicted bankruptcy is a MUCH MUCH MUCH greater threat to our security than the third-world government of Iran.

    Ron Paul is correct, if you want a strong country and a safe country you can’t be fighting un-winnable trillion dollar wars overseas. Period.

  • Chris

    Make no mistake the Colonial has completly sold his soul on the military industrial complex. This is how he has made his living for his entire professional life and he fully intends on helping to retain the full strength of the military at any cost. When Allen West ran for congress he stated that he WOULD honor his oath to support and defend the CONSTITUTION which very clearly states that standing armies are for war purposes only and no appropriation shall EXCEED 2 years! This souless, gutless and lawless thug will use any manner of propaganda to promote fear into the minds of people and will promote the idea of preventative war given any opportunity. Quite frankly the younger generation has never had peace and never will get peace so long as the Allen Wests of the world are in public office. The idea of preventative war flies in the face of the philosophy of the founders and the Constitution.

    Former US Marine

  • JoJo

    Ron Paul & Howard Dean need to stick to medicine. It’s apparent these physicians do not have a rat’s ass about politics.

  • M Rotondo

    Don’t you just love all these armchair admirals? Just exactly how do you stop a country from developing an A bomb? How about we borrow more money from China in order to buy the bombs we’ll use to drop on civilians in Iran. Hey, didn’t that work splendidly in Iraq? Remember the definition of insane Einstein stated? And Ron Paul’s humane solution makes HIM loony??? Personally, I’m a LOT more concerned about the idiocy of Americans than I am of some caliphate.

  • pblumel

    The question is not whether or not we will let Iran have nukes, it is what lengths will we go to prevent it. Would Col. West send our kids to war to prevent Iran from getting nukes, when Iran’s neighbors already have them?

    Ron Paul made excellent points about how our policy toward Iran has contributed to this situation. We have been intervening in Iran since the 1950s when we helped overthrow their government and install a U.S.-firendly dictator. The resentment about this event, forgotten by Americans but known to every Iranian schoolboy, helped fuel the rise of the militant Islamicists and to the 1979 revolution and taking of American hostages. This is called Blowback and Ron Paul is the only candidate who is willing to talk about how our costly hyper-interventionist foreign policy has injured our national security.

    The fact is that big government cannot solve every problem on earth and often — usually — makes things worse in the attempt.

  • Jim

    Nukes don’t kill People! People with Nukes kill People!

  • g speed

    I get it–lets make sure that the religious muslums don’t get nukes but lets put Chicken Hawk psycopath Allen West’s finger on the button— some poeple are beyond belief.

    Allen West talks a lot about WAR– he loves WAR– he wants to be a Warrior and lead an army– He loves to ride on the big prancing horse–every situation has a war story to prove his point.

    Allen West is a very scary nut job– don’t be fooled–

  • Jack is Back!

    Amazing how the mention of America’s Wingnut (Ron Paul) brings out the Paulista keyboard cowards and verbal charlatans. I can’t believe there are so many people who live under rocks.

    • InRussetShadows

      It’s probably not that many people: look at Paul’s pathetic showing in 2008. What you’re seeing here is a few Paulbots (probably the same 5-10 people) posting under different names, the same way that they fake/flood online polls.

      Ron Paul is a nutjob and his followers are unprincipled.

  • Bruce Reichert

    Another perspective on the issue. We accept that a major purpose of a Federal government is to prevent attacks. To this end a Department of Defense exists and Foreign Policy is established. Neither are working. I think Ron Paul’s position is that the rest of the world has the same sovereign rights as we do and unless they attack us, we should not be involved. Allen West’s position, as I see it, is that we need to do something to prevent the attack from happening. The main difference, I believe, is the point at which there is imminent danger. That is at which of these points; hatefulness for our culture, threats against us, the expressed intent to attack us, the acquisition of the beginnings of the means to work on that intent, further along the path of development of those means, the actual construction of a delivery system, the pointing of a missile at us, the launch of that missile, the recognition that the missile is coming our way, or when it hits us?

    The other side believes it is all our fault, we should apologize, and talk very evil people out of hurting us. War is not an option unless the helpless citizens of another country are at risk from their own people.

    My take is that we no longer need a Department of Defense or it’s supporting agencies. How incompetent is it that the most powerful nation that ever existed with the most high tech capabilities took 10 years to get Ben Laden and still cannot get the rest? We need to rethink, We need a Department of Offense. We need to establish at what point we determine there is imminent danger. We need to eliminate those behind that attempt. We do not need troops all over the world. We do not need to waste lives under an archaic system of defending ourselves. We need people, technology, competence, and leadership that can react swiftly to the point at which there is imminent danger by getting rid of the source.

  • pissedrepub

    Ron Paul is right, you cant stop Iran from getting a nuke. Romney or Rick I will stick your 6th grader with Gardasil vaccine without your consent Perry will talk a big talk but in the end he will just sell our country out to China as he has done with Texas. Job creator my azz. Ron Pual is wrong on his view of islamization and does not get the threat apperantly. But for anyone to think Iran wont have nukes in the near future because of what some presidential hopeful says is moronic. At least paul is telling it like it is.

    Gov. Rick Perry – China Loves Him

    Besides I would rather shoot a nuke out of the sky to fall back and detonate on the country that shot it than send our children to certain death and try to prevent Iran from building it.
    China has the tech and we dont, please, who do you think they stole it from/

    Didnt everyone a few years ago talk about how we can allow Iran to build the cetrifuges, how did that work out?

    face it, all those who voted for McAmnesty now realize they were wrong and should have supported Ron Paul, think of how much better the country would be right now if you had voted for the constitution instead of party affiliation and Rino Juan. Dont make the same mistake again. Allen West is wrong on this and his voting record is showing he supports the establishment more so than the people with his debt ceiling vote and others recently.

    I still love the guy and have high hopes for him, personally I want a Ron PAUL ALLEN WEST ticket. Ying meets Yang. Together the two most beholden to the constitution public officials would do our country good. The last thing this coutnry needs is Rick Chinafication Perry.

    U.S. Governors-The Great American Sell Out

  • g speed

    Ok so if RP is a wingnut–that means he’s a fastener of some type and holds things together and with out him the whole business falls apart– seems like a good analogy–
    “If we don’t get that wingnut on the bolt really quickly the Nation will fold like a house of cards”– great slogan “Jack is Back”– just love a quick mind.

  • g speed

    Years ago there was a heavy weight prize fighter that had a gimmick that took the crown– “Rope A Dope” worked well against a big slugger– actually it was a muslum “MA” that used it against a majority (the betting line) backed Sonny Liston. History says it all.

    The US is the mirror of the Sonny Liston mind set– and everytime we use “great force” and “shock and awe” and any other “big push” bs– we end up getting jabbed till the lights go out.

    We will lose the war in the middle east until we stop using our bully tactics and start using our finese.

    How do you think we got the advantage over the Soviets–and how do you think we are losing that advantage–think people–think!

  • Matt
    • Matt

      reply to Mulch above

  • triper57

    All those people that have used the term NEOCON here had better look the term up before you use it again. I know of no TP follower that was ever a NEOCON. As far as Ron Paul, has some good ideas, even some in the foreign policy area. However his views on Nuclear Proliferation, he’s sadly mistaken.

    If you think North Korean nukes drive our foreign policy toward that country you are sadly mistaken. China drives those decisions. Why do you think that NK still exists. We had beaten the N Koreans and Mac Arthur refused to believe that the Chinese were a people of their word when they told us to stay away from the China Border.

    During the cold war we provided nuclear weapons to all our NATO Allies. If we hadn’t, the probability of a WW III would have been greater. Since then we have recovered all of these weapons. Except one country, That I know of.

    Israel, beside what has been speculated, name one report based on fact, that can put any nuclear weapons in Israel. Its all speculation. So those of you that claim 200-300 weapons had better read up on your “facts”. You are willing to believe this rumor but claim that we willing misinterpreted the intelligence concerning Iraqui WMD.

  • Francisco

    Saudia Arabia – The country where 16 of the 19 9-11. Osama Bin Laden was from this country
    Why don’t we take all of our military force against Saudia Arabia?

    China – Generals Published “Unrestricted Warefare” where they talk about how to defeat the US without shooting a bullet or a single nuclear weapon. Why don’t attack China and take away all of their internet capabilities or financial prowess or something else?

    There are countless countries that hate us and that are much more powerful than Iran. Should we attack them?

    The idea of pre-emptive war on someone who is a potential threat was never used for over 150 years of US history. Our Founders had great relationships with many countries and we traded with many countries.

    Allen West’s idea of “remove their weapons before they attack us” is by far the most disasterous strategy for a practical US Defense policy and is the antithesis of what the Founders intended regarding the US Constitution when they allow only Congress as the declarer of war.

    It seems that West is willing to violate the US Constitutution without recommending a change to it. Very unpatriotic and unAmerican!

  • Jonathan

    The arguments here are all straw men.

    Consider what he has said and not what you’ve perceived he said. He’s stated that our isolationist stance of refusing to engage in dialoge and placing sanctions does nothing to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. If it does anything thing it makes the situation worse.

    What Ron Paul is trying to tell people is that Iran is the way it is because of our intervention.

    You decry that Iran is a theocracy that hates the west, and you are mostly correct, the government is a theocracy and hates how they are treated by the west. However the large majority of people in Iran enjoy western cultrue and after everything are cautiously friendly to the US. Neither the Ayatollah nor President of Iran are very popular, but the people lack a voice.

    Iran is only a theocracy because the US overthrew their democratically elected government and installed a puppet dictator which lead to the Iranian revolution in 1979. Once in power from the 1979 revolution the Ayatollah never surrendered power as promised. Thus we can credit the Iranian theocracy to Eisnehower and the CIA.

    Take a moment to put what the US has done to Iran in perspective:

    Imagine if China had overthrown the popularly elected US government and installed a pro-China dictator in order to gain access to our resources. Then after we had reclaimed our government in revolution, China armed and encouraged Mexico to invade us, unprovoked, and start a seven year war in which chemical weapons were used against us. Then fifteen years later China were to invade and occupy both Canada and Mexico and start beating the war drums about the US. Saying that we were not allowed to research advanced weapons, placing sanctions against us, and threatening a premptive nuclear first strike against us to ensure we did not aqcuire this advanced technology. Would the CIA/NSA/US Military not equip the insurgents in Canada/Mexico? (I mean we’re already sending weapons to the drug lords to use against US Border agents)

    It’s a classic “wolf by the ears” argument. We’ve been such A-holes for the past half century that we’ve got ourselves in quite a mess. Maybe a bit of calm talking would be better than head butting it.

    Our militarism has consequences, I would think my brothers in arms who’ve seen this first hand could relate.

    CPT US Army

  • GSNP

    By Allen West voting for Debt bill he voted for Unconstitutional “Supper Committee”. He claims to be for our Constitution but his vote says differently. I’ll not vote for him again.

    Allen West is turning out to be another McCann RINO – SAD that we couldn’t get a respectable republican in 2008 Election – Because we got RINO McCann, Obama became president…….. do we want it to happen again? We need a candidate who truly believes in our Constitution….. we need Ron Paul.

    Our election system is broken. And these debates should not turn into “my religion is better than your religion” rhetoric. Only Ron Paul is keeping on TOPICS important to our country: Debt, Economy, Taxes, End Wars based on Lies of War, bring our Troops HOME, Audit FED or dismantle FED, Audit Pentagon, Rep/Dems stop stealing from Social Security [first as “loans” now they just steal], Social Security was not meant for immigrants & illegal immigrants & non-citizen immigrants to take billions from Social Security w/o paying a dime into it.
    STOP wars – USA use Depleted Uranium [WMD component] to destroy water supply & contaminate soils giving carcinogens[Cancer] and birth defects [how does allen west like this?.
    Big Business wants Mitt Romney [job killer] whose Bain Capital [Romney = co-founder] mostly funds his campaign. Big Job Killer in 23 states – where is MSM [billionaire owners] on this???

    Who is Mitt Romney? [is that who allen west would support instead of Ron Paul?]
    Mitt Romney:
    “Romney also co-founder and head of the spin-off company Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm which became highly profitable and one of the largest such firms in the nation, and the wealth Romney accumulated there would help fund all of his future political campaigns.”
    Bain Capital:
    “The company, with over 2,000 customers across 23 states, revolutionizes how employers manage their employee benefits programs.”

    Obama has the ACORN people [under different names] out in full force again – “O” gives them millions.

    Ron Paul is ONLY candidate who supports our Constitution.
    Obama bosses don’t care who gets in – as long as it is not Ron Paul.
    Any honest person and journalist would admit to that [if only quietly & behind closed doors].
    While our country is being destroyed with debt & wars & now unconstitutional “super committee” we need courageous honest voters to stand behind Ron Paul.

  • GSNP

    America needs to understand just what Off-Shore Investments are doing to America – even Ben Bernanke [FED] is predicting the possible 50% unemployment in USA. And Bain Capital [big business] is very lucrative for Mitt Romney. Romney is Gordon Gekko [movie Wall Street 1987] of 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 — and wants to be president???

    Off-Shore Investment Tax Laws created by Charlie Rangel when he was w/Ways & Means Committee [corporation friend] until a Whistleblower reported he hadn’t paid taxes on his off-shore investment for 17 years – then “wrist-slap” and made to pay taxes BUT NOT PENALTIES FOR THOSE 17 YEARS]. How can these people be allowed to stay in congress — corruption is how.

    Mitt Romney who tried to portray himself as “Job Creator” is corporations best friend and employees worst enemy. Romney takes corporations money out of the country right under SEC noses and no taxes paid. As long as their future profits don’t return to USA they will never pay taxes. Americans don’t need Mitt Romney – it’s only Big Corporations who want him & will pay him millions to do their “dirty work”.

    Mitt Romney:
    “Romney also co-founder and head of the spin-off company Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm which became highly profitable and one of the largest such firms in the nation, and the wealth Romney accumulated there would help fund all of his future political campaigns.”

    Bain Capital:
    “The company, with over 2,000 customers across 23 states, revolutionizes how employers manage their employee benefits programs.”

    Monsanto “killer seed” included:
    “With a record of success with clients such as the Monsanto Company,…”
    [Monsanto GMO w/”terminator seed” for nations – now controls Food Safety Act by Obama 1/4/11].

    Mitt Romney’s ‘Jobs Record’ Is A Sham 6/2/2011
    [a must read]
    “Mitt Romney is attempting to establish himself as the Republican presidential candidate with the most credibility on job creation,….”
    [but worst in the nation]

    Video: Off Shore Investment Tax Laws created by Ways & Means Committee CHIEF Charlie Rangel – you can check it out – Charlie is Corp CEO’s Hero.
    Offshore Banking and Tax Havens Have Become Heart of Global Economy 4/15/2011
    “look at how corporations and the wealthy use offshore banks and tax havens to avoid paying taxes and other governmental regulations. “Tax havens have grown so fast in the era of globalization, since the 1970s, that they are now right at the heart of the global economy and are absolutely huge,”

    Above is more reasons why Americans need Ron Paul as President. JOBS JOBS JOBS
    A country that does not produce products will go bankrupt.
    Americans need a president to bring JOBS back……. not war spending our billions and USA borrows the billions now to pay for these illegal wars.

    Why are candidates focusing on whose religion is best – when they should be discussing Debt, Economy, Jobs, IRS taxes to people who now losing homes, Balance Budget, Audit FED & Pentagon, End Wars, Stop creating countries to HATE us, Bring our courageous Troops HOME. More Troops give donations to Paul than all combined – AND this 2012 Election MUST count the votes of Troops – NO excuses this time.
    Remember last election – they wouldn’t count the TROOPS votes [who defend our country with their lives] because those votes did not get here ON TIME – WHO was it that made sure their votes wouldn’t get here on time???

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  • Mr. RLC

    Allan West is a freshman Congressman, not a GOD. I’m tired of his pronouncements already. He’s a “Tea-O-Con” who voted for the debt ceiling bill. Israel has 300 nukes. They will be fine.

  • Andy Rariden

    Amen Col West. I love Ron Paul on the economy and his regard for the constitution. But he is utterly niave on matters of foriegn policy and, sadly, as a consequence he is not qualified to be president. Paul’s foriegn policy delusions are the flip side of the coin to the far left hate america crowd: The left claims we can placate those who want our destruction and enslavement through “engagement”, “dialogue” and “rational” appeals to “our common interests”; Paul and the isolationsit libertarians think we can placate them by simply withdrawing behind our own borders. Both blame America for the hatred of us by islamo-fascists. Paul et al. ignore the unrefutable evidence that adherents to islam have been seeking our enslavement since the first days of our republic: It is a historical fact that when Adams (abassador to England) and Jefferson (ambassador to France) asked the Barbery pirate emissary in 1787 why they attacked us the muslim emissary told them it was “bc the Koran commanded it”. They hate us not bc we built Guantanamo. They hate us bc we built the statue of liberty!I’m sending another $100 bucks to Alan West and praying to god he runs for the Senate.

  • Dave

    Allen West is an establishment neocon douchebag. If you fall for his stupidity you must also believe in the tooth fairy. It’s time to end the United States’ interventionist, policeman of the world foreign policy. Ron Paul for president 2012!

  • Barbara

    Dr. Paul is right.

  • Jonathan

    Here is what Ron Paul meant and not some misinterpreted flim flam. Anyone that knows Ron Paul’s policy is to let Israel take the gloves off. If West would bother to pay attention to our own policy he would see that the U.S. is the only one who holds Israel back. While Iran is sifting through the Russian scraps in the desert, the U.S. suppplies Israel FIRST with all of our secondary intelligence and equipment. Come on Allen, I thought you were smarter than that.

  • Jonathan

    Does anyone know how weapons work? This is insane. Just because you have a nuke doesn’t mean it is instantly armed and it time teleport travels to the image you come up with in your mind. Good Lord! You have to launch it or send it by aircraft, arm it, get it across state of the art defences and then detinate it which Iran has no means of executing. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Stop all this fear mongering already. China is not our friend, Russia is not our friend, Pakistan is not our friend, but none of them nuke us! Why because we have superior firepower and countermeasures! Holy Jesus Joseph and Mary. Get a clue people. You are comparing a third world countries arsenal with a 21st century state of the art one and your scared of it. Riddle me this. Israel’s not even scared of it so why are you?

  • matt

    don’t buy what west is saying. when saddam was in charge, the u.s. gave him chemical weapons to use on the iranians. iraq invaded iran and the war killed over 500,000 iranians. paul is right. they can’t hit the u.s.. they don’t have an airforce. it’s not our business to attack and replace every government in the middle east; however, i’m sure isreal would love this…..

    • harry houdini

      There you go again! What the F K does Israel have to do with the conversation? If you want them destroyed have the balls to sate it, not pussy foot around.

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  • Miaja Diane Ast

    This is the third time I’ve tried to enter a comment and the third I’ve had to retype the whole thing because of all the things that have to be filled in (government bureaucracy?) and the stupid way they have it set up so that you have to start all over again every time (government bureaucracy)?

    Is this site run by a bunch of Obama staffers?

  • Sarasota John

    Mr. Paul is correct and Mr. West’s actions on this issue bear a closer watch. This action is one of several that give pause of Mr. West ideology. I supported Mr. West early on and keep my veterans network informed in support of him. However, now it sounds like he is being overtaken by the DC crowd and their thinking.

    Mr. Paul has a steady record on the issues that no other US Congressman brings to the US Congress; Mr. West should be mindful of that and better still follow Mr. Paul’s example.

  • Dave Russell

    I have only read a few of the previous comments, but it seems to me that many have missed the point. Too many rant about America being the cause of the hatred against us, or about our troops going around the world fighting wars. As a retired military veteran I can tell you there is a solid reason why we are engaging the enemy on so many frontes, because we do not want to engage them here on American soil. It is far better to fight our enemies (and believe me, we are engaged in a war against a religious fanatical movement that wishes all non-believers were dead)before they are fully organized, trained and equiped, than wait until they come after us. I have served more than 2 years in Libya, and I think I understand the average Muslim mind, it is “convert to Islam or die by beheading.” There is no middle ground, and their own Quaran orders them to “conduct constant Jihad until all nations bow before Islam.” People Like the Mullahs and the President of Iran fear nothing but force. They would have no compunction about ordering an A-Bomb dropped on Israel or even the United states, and don’t think they couldn’t do so. They have rockets already that can reach all of Europe and some cities in the U.S. They are also working hand in glove with the President of Venezuela to establish a base there. So for Ron Paul or anyone else to say the Iranians having a nuclear bomb is no threat, is pure insanity.

  • Andrew

    OK, so if anyone has a clue we need to go to the root of this whole Iran getting the bomb problem. The U.S. has always been a leader when it comes to technology and developing state of the art weaponry. Most of the weapons that we have developed and produced have ended up in the hands or enemies or we have supplied them to them. How many times have we done that? Look at what the results have always been. (Ex: at home “Fast and Furious” gun running in mexico, which gun ended up killing our own border patrol agent).

    I am a Ron Paul supporter and I can see why some people are having a problem with what he said concerning Iran. So yes, we have these nut jobs ruling countries around the world and no mention about our biggest who our biggest threat should be. Where are these weapons coming from? Who is suppling Iran? Who has been obtaining our weapon technology for the last 3 to 4 decades, China! We just cancelled an order of jet fighters to Taiwan, why because China wanted us to.

    China has had an agenda against the United States for many, many years. While America judges is progress in quarters, their philosophy has been a work for decades. Thanks to President Clinton who sold what technology that was’t stolen from us for campaign funds in the 90’s, we now find China capable of shooting out a satelite in orbit, building state of the art aircraft carriers, etc,etc.

    Come on, we don’t produce anything. We are lazy and we want everything to fall onto our lap. I had to laugh the other day because I bought a pack of new socks and behold it said it was made in the U.S.A. I bet the material came from somewhere else though. America needs to get off its butt and get back to work. We need to live within our means and instill, honor, values, dignity and respect to our children.

    Our economy should be the number one picture. We need to get back to what we use to do. Produce and manufactor right here at home. If we all really look at the big picture, maybe just many we are the cause for many of the problems around the world. Im not saying to ignore any major threats but come we need to get back to the roots of what this country was built on.

    I refuse to have the media force feed me another political puppet. The social conservatives are not happy with the supposed top three. Let me just ask these questions. If one was sincere in seeking the Presidency, don’t you feel they would have come forward by now? Why the concern about if Palin will enter the race, why are Christie and Pual Ryan being talked about? If they wanted to enter the race they would or maybe they are just waiting to see how sweet of a deal the establishment can come up with in exchange for them tossing their name in the hat.

    Thank you for your time,

    Hard working American that is tired of sitting back and letting others control my life.

  • Liz

    Ron Paul is not a Republican!

  • Donald Berrian

    Anyone who thinks Iran can be stopped from getting a nuclear weapon is a complete fool. The only two dictators who gave up their nuclear programs under pressure from the US were Husein and Gadhafi. We invaded and hung Husein and are about to do the same to Gadhafi. The lesson hasn’t been lost on the North Koreans and Iranians. Pakistan was the main backer of the Taliban but we didn’t invade them because they have the bomb and are too dangerous. You can thank Bush for speeding up Iran’s bomb developments and ensuring that North Korea finished theirs.

    Stalin and Mao both had the bomb and, while we considered attacking China’s nuclear sites, saner heads prevailed.

    The cold war stayed that way because few leaders want to die regardless of how many other people they are willing to kill. If Nuclear bombs scare you, try peaceful coexistence.

  • andy

    allen west should listen to ron paul,but he needs to unwrap himself from the american flag first so he can hear.

  • mikey michaels(mikeymike143)

    here is why ron paul has ZERO chance to win the republican presidential primary

    1. His foreign policy ideas are simply the same recycled bad ideas that Jimmy Carter had. A foreign policy of ”let’s hide our head in the sand like an ostrich and blame big bad America and hope that everyone leaves us alone” is not only ignorant, but also dangerous for our country. And the big winners in last November’s elections were the ones who espoused ”american exceptionalism”, not the ones who espoused ”anti-american apologism”. Now I will admit Ron Paul’s foreign policy message would go over well with the Code Pink/Dennis Kucinich voters, but those type of people tend to be Democrats, not Republicans. One of my facebook friends put it best when he said ”if Ron Paul had been president during World War 2, we would all be speaking German now”.

    2. He has no real political power. And this was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in 2008. Yes, he can win any ONLINE presidential poll. So what. In 2007 the paulbots hijacked the same online polls and Ron Paul won them all. His followers then posed articles all over the internet touting his candidacy. He then suckered his gullible followers telling them that the ”polls showed he could win” and send to him money. Then came the 2008 primaries. Out of the 50 states that were availible for Ron Paul to win, guess how many he won? ZERO. And that is spelled Z-E-R-O. Now let’s go to the present day. His internet saavy paulbots are again winning all the online and straw polls for their idol. His followers are again posting articles about him like he actually has a legitimate chance to win. Next is going to come the annual ”moneybomb” when Ron Paul once again fleeces his followers by pointing out that he is ahead in the polls and has a chance to win this time. But their delusional fantasy is going to run into a buzzsaw called Republican primary voters. Paul got absolutely destroyed when he ran in 1988, got whipped by John McCain in 2008, and he will be a three time loser in 2012.

    3. There are plenty of people who are ”one issue voters” in politics. And in the Republican party there are plenty of people that ”opposition to islam” is the one issue they feel strongly about. You can go to any anti islam or conservative jewish site and see that the two politicians that are diliked the most are Obama and Ron Paul. Ron Paul has said ”I don’t believe for one minute the religion of islam is our enemy”. And Paul also attacked tea partiers for their oppostion to the ground zero mosque. And Ron Paul is also ok with Iran having nuclear weapons. Now i am not going to debate the muslim issue here, but the fact that a decent sized voting group in your own party considers you one of their main foes is certainly not good news for your campaign. Now to be fair, you will get the idiots who think Israel is unfairly oppressing Palestine and the pro muslim agenda voters will also be on Paul’s side. The only problem with that is almost all of that crowd are Democrats who support Obama.

    4. Let’s look at Ron Paul’s position on crack cocaine and heroin. Now I am totally fine with legalizing pot and prostitution in any state if the voters want it. If somebody wants to get laid or smoke a joint it sure isn’t any of my business. But we are talking about legalizing hard drugs because Ron Paul says that the government is unconstitutionally sticking its nose in peoples business by not allowing it. I say once it becomes legal, who is going to cover the costs of the people that get addicted to it to go to rehab or treatment centers. And please don’t say the addict. Probably the government will have to. Great, now here comes a great big expansion of government to fight the drug war that was ”caused by the tea party candidate”. Which by the way, I as a taxpayer will have to cover. Increased police and court costs etc, etc. But the issue isn’t what I think or Ron Paul thinks, the issue is what does the Republican primary voter think of this policy. The ”religious right” will certainly oppose it full force. And I would think that anyone that has had a family member suffer through the addiction process will be opposed to it. That’s two groups opposed. Of course, Paul will pick up the ”left wing hippie” vote and the anarchists vote. Except the left wing hippies are already card carrying members of the Democratic party. And all the anarchists who want to overthrow big bad America are already his supporters.

    5. If he were alive today, Ronald Reagan would strongly oppose him. Reagan believed in spending generously on our national defense and certainly had an interventionist foreign policy. And according to the Ron Paul playbook, that would make the greatest president of my era ”a neocon”. Their policies and beliefs are totally and completely different. Naturally Ron Paul’s followers will attempt to hide that fact by showing you an old video of Ronald Reagan praising Ron Paul as a candidate and using that as proof that Ronald Reagan would support Ron Paul in 2012. Now watch me dismantle that silly argument!!! Does anyone remember Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania? Arlen was the senator that everyone on tea party and conservative sites called a liberal RINO. He was challenged by a tea party backed conservative in the primary named Pat Toomey and when Specter saw how opposed conservatives were to his candidacy he changed parties to Democrat. He voted for TARP, Obama’s socialized health care plan, and was pro affirmative action and amnesty. Yet, Reagan praised him as a true conservative back in the 1980’s and even cut a campaign ad for him. But go ask a Pennsylvania tea partier what they think of Specter today. LOL. If you were a House or Senate member, and of course running as a Republican, Ronald Reagan would praise you as a candidate for office. That’s part of what a sitting president does for members of his party.

    But rather than look at a 30 year old video let’s look at Ron Paul has to say about Ronald Reagan. In 1987, Ron Paul wrote a letter to Frank Fahrenkopf, chairman of the Republican National Committee, stating that he wanted to totally publically disassociate himself with the policies of Ronald Reagan(funny but he yet to publically disassociate with the 9-11 truther movement or Code Pink). He later told the Dallas Morning News that the presidency of Ronald Reagan was a ”dramatic failure”. OK, let’s take a look at the political success of both politicians and decide if that is true. In 2008 Ron Paul ran in the Republican primary for president. He got 5% of the vote. In other words, 19 OUT OF 20 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY VOTERS REJECTED RON PAUL IN THE LAST ELECTION. In 1984, Ronald Reagan was reelected as the president of the United States in a landslide, winning 49 out of 50 states, and his 525 electoral votes were the the most of any candidate in American history. Hmmm, I think we have to score this one for the Gipper.

    6. Illegal Immigration. According to the highly respected anti immigation group NUMBERS USA, Ron Paul has the lowest grade of any Republican presidential candidate out there, coming in with an F. Naturally, his paulbots try to put a spin on this by saying ”welfare and benefit programs should be unconsititutional so illegal immigrants wont come here”. If Ron Paul threw puppies off a tall building his hynoptized followers would be applauding and yelling it was ”constitutional”. That argument wont cut it with the voters. Polls overwhelmingly show that Americans are in favor of closing our borders and against all forms of amnesty. And that really holds true with Republican voters. April has posted articles by former Ron Paul allies like Tom Tancrdeo that blast Paul on the immigration issue. Yet again, Ron Paul thinks like a liberal Democrat, and in fact even has the same ”F” grade that NUMBERS USA gave Obama.

    7. Paul’s pork problem. One thing career politicians learn to do is talk conservative while picking the taxpayers pocket for money. And ”Porkulus Paul” has this shady routine down pat. First of all, let’s go back to last November’s elections to get the proper perspective on this issue. The Republicans destroyed the Democrats on November 3 due to the energy and votes of the tea party!!!!! Now the tea party came in and deservedly wanted to flex it muscles. And decided to take a principled stand against the unethical practice of pork(earmarks). The fight against earmarks was led by the Tea Party Patriots(TPP) and other tea party and conservative groups against the pork loving Democrats. In fact, TPP leader Mark Meckler considered this such an important issue that he promised to run a tea party challenger against any Republican that accepted them.

    “We’ll do what we always do,” said Meckler. “Our members will put immense pressure on every senator to vote against earmarks. This is a fundamental issue — it’s both substantive and symbolic. Will they vote against the politics of the past or are they still stuck in it? This is a vote that will never go away, like TARP. Tea Partiers have long memories. Politicians have always taken advantage of the fact that voters have short memories, but we’ll know, we’ll remember, and in 2012 when they have aggressive, well-funded primary challengers, they’ll know why.”

    Then it came out that a Republican asked for 150 MILLION DOLLARS IN PORK FOR HIS DISTRICT!!! Surely this was a RINO. Maybe Olympia Snowe or Scott Brown? No, it was actually Ron Paul.

    U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was one of only four House Republicans to break rank from the party and request earmarks despite a Republican Conference earmark moratorium. Paul sent 41 earmark requests totaling $157,093,544 for the 2011 Fiscal Year.

    Ron Paul is to the far left of the tea party on just about every major issue. Actually he looks just like a liberal Democrat to me.


    • RP Is a NUT

      Thank you.

    • Jim

      Mr. Michaels,

      I appreciate the time you spent on your arguments. Perhaps you will consider the following:

      1. Non-interventionism is a far cry from “hiding our head in the sand.” Our founders gave us good advice on avoiding entangling alliances. If our government would have taken this advice seriously over the past 50 years, we wouldn’t be in such great debt and would, no doubt have a much stronger national defense. We are to talk and trade with countries. You are advocating the same policies that have gotten our military stretched thinly around the world, while the American taxpayer funds the defense of other nations. We can afford it, except by borrowing or printing money, which greatly devalues the currency. Our militarism makes America poorer and less safe. Your friends comment about speaking German is absurd to apply to Dr. Paul, as he states that when our national security is threatened, the President should identify a clear enemy, clear goals, take it to the congress, get a declaration of war, win it without relent, and get out! WWII was a declared war with which Ron Paul does not take issue. Under your advice, things like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya happen. It is unconstitutional and the wars never end. I would like to point out that Ron Paul receives more donations from active military than all of the other candidates combined. When the people risking their lives for foreign mis-adventurism are donating their money to a candidate with Dr. Paul’s message, it suggests we might reconsider our foreign policy practices

      2. If Ron Paul had no political power, I wonder why all of the sudden the other republican candidates have started talking about the Federal Reserve. He has also proposed 1 Trillion dollars of cuts in the first year of his presidency and a balanced budget by his third year. The other candidates have been forced to start talking seriously about cuts, though they are still hesitant. Paul has begun to reshape the debate, and the other candidates will ignore these issues at their own peril. Ron Paul’s supporters staunchly believe in his message of limited government, sound money, and personal liberty. He is the last politician that should be accused of fleecing supporters. The money bombs weren’t his idea, nor did they come from his campaign. They came from the grass roots. Dr. Paul is one of the few in congress advocating for pay cuts of congressmen and he does not participate in the lucrative pension plan. He is consistent and principled, which cannot be said of his peers.

      3. It is rather obvious we have been taking the wrong approach to the middle east. Terrorism attacks have increased dramatically since we entered Afghanistan and Iraq. The work of terrorism scholar Robert Pape may be of interest to you. We have been over there swatting at the hornets nest for about 60 years now, and then we deny any wrongdoing when we get stung. In addition to supporting Saddam and bin Laden before they were our enemies, our CIA overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953 and installed the Shah so we could have our way with their oil (Britain and France involved, too). We then proceeded to give him weapons, which he used against his own people. This was scarcely reported in our media, as you might imagine. A good and sobering read on how our CIA operates is “Legacy of Ashes.” Our government does not always act on behalf of its citizens. You misrepresent Paul’s position by saying that he has no problem with Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Also, it is flat out wrong to portray Dr. Paul as anti-Israeli or pro-Islam. We haven’t been able to solve their problems and we never will be able to. Paul advocates non-interventionism. It is true that Israel would not receive foreign aid in a Paul administration, but neither would Israel’s enemies, who receive about three times as much aid from the US. Our aid to Israel undermines their sovereignty. With an arsenal of over 100 nuclear weapons, they are more than capable of defending themselves. Currently, whenever they are attacked, they have to call us and get our permission to defend themselves. That’s no good for them!

      4. Dr. Paul’s position on illegal drugs certainly does take the position that if we are entitled to our life and our liberty as American citizens, the government ought not to be telling us what we can and cannot put in our bodies. However, that’s only part of the point. The other part is that the war on drugs is a total failure. As the Prohibition should have taught us, whenever you criminalize something like this, you not only create disrespect for the rule of law, you empower the worst kind of criminals. Prohibition gave us the mafia while withdrawing significant amounts of revenue from the government. In order to account for this revenue, we got the income tax. Al Capone was pretty happy about it. Morality can influence laws, but it does not work in reverse. Our drug policies have created powerful and violent cartels and has destroyed our inner cities. Our drug policies racist. Drugs themselves do not cause the violence. It is their criminalization that causes it. Further, we have imprisoned many non-violent offenders and great expense to the taxpayer. Cocaine wasn’t illegal until 1914. What happened before then? There is no question that drugs are very bad for people, and that’s why most people don’t do drugs. If heroin was legalized tomorrow, would you start using it? We don’t need the government involved in it. All they do is mess things up for political gain. Our laws are also a barrier to addicts receiving treatment. Further, it should be noted that current policies DON’T prevent drug use. These policies are failed policies. Alcohol is a drug that causes more harm than any other. Shall we make that illegal again?

      5. Reagan greatly regretted his interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East and is on record saying so. Reagan also campaigned on sound money before he began spending like crazy, making him hypocritical on that issue. There is an important difference between National Defense and militarism. We should not cut one cent from defense, but we can cut a whole lot of money from empire-building. Regardless of whether or not our country decides to come to its senses on our endless militarism and bring our troops home, Ron Paul will be proven right in the end. If we continue as we have been, our dollar will see its destruction and we will have to come home by default. All empires end for economic reasons. The Soviets demonstrated this in the not too distant past. Britain before that. Rome before that. Paul withdrew his support of Reagan when Reagan abandoned his principles. Paul does not abandon his principles and has the record to show it. Paul predicted the housing bubble, the endless wars, the bailouts, and the dollar bubble. He predicted them with specificity and there are videos of his speeches on the house floor to prove it. His fellow candidates were cheerleaders for TARP, save possibly one. He is the only conservative on stage. As to your arguments from 2008, when he was completely ignored by a corporatist media, they bear no relevance in 2012. The issues that Paul has been preaching since the 1970’s have never been more important than they are now as the situation has never been so dire.

      6. Ron Paul does not support amnesty. He does not support automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants simply because they may have been born here. People that want to live here need to do so legally. Paul doesn’t want to build a fence because such things can be used to inhibit the liberties of American citizens. Overturning years of bad policies on the drug war would do a lot to stem illegal immigration, as would reconsidering the welfare system. Paul states that you can’t have open immigration and a welfare state at the same time. He also suggests that our military, currently largely overseas, has a role to play in this. They have to come home first, of course. You may not like his idea, but I haven’t heard any better to this point.

      7. It sounds like you have acquired your information on pork from talking points of the 2008 McCain campaign. It is the duty of congress to decide how money gets spent — not the president. I think you would agree that citizens are greatly over-taxed. Paul earmarks money to bring it back to his congressional district, where it should never have left in the first place! If more congressmen operated on principle instead of vacillating party dogma, we would all be better off. Further, Ron Paul is the intellectual godfather of the Tea Party, which was then hijacked by the status quo. There are none with more serious about limited constitutional government, the rule of law, sound money, and personal liberty. At one time, those used to be ideas republicans held dear. With the rise of the destructive and intellectually devoid neo-conservative agenda, republicans have forgotten their roots. Likening Dr. Paul to a liberal democrat is absurd. He has never voted for a tax increase or deficit spending in his life. He opposed the income tax, stating the the money is better spent by the people and that more money for government means more bureaucracy and less liberty. He rails against the bureaucracy that is our government, noting that he proposed to eliminate five departments. Not only does this not sound like something a liberal democrat would not do, none of the neo-cons would do it either. They are big spenders, just like the democrats. Paul is the exception. The so-called “right” in this country have expanded the government dramatically and voted for bailouts.

      I hope you will reconsider some of your arguments.

  • You Want The Truth?

    Top Secret. Here’s how it works. The Ron Paul supporters are a “small” but VERY dedicated group nationwide. To make up for their “small” numbers, they have to work a little harder and be much more devious than the rest of the campaigns. They have a network list nationwide, even though “small”, that goes to work jointly after receiving an e-mail from somebody in another area. Example, when polls became available, their area leaders e-mail others nationwide who then e-mail others, etc. Hence, what is a VERY “small” group looks much larger. Most of these people don’t have a life. How do I know this? I used to be one of them. Lucky I saw the light and got a life! You want the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

  • RP Is a NUT

    Ron Paul will not get the nomination.Period.He’s too much of a whackjob.

  • RP Is a NUT

    …and,by the way,that’s not an insult directed at any of his supporters.Support whomever you like…but RP is a nut and will not be nominated.

  • Robert Fallin

    Allen West is a tool. Ron Paul has the concurrence of at least several of the Middle East experts at the CIA as well as Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski (USAF, Ret.) Tell me, WHO is more likely to use a nuke in anger in the Middle East? Iran with one nuclear weapon, Pakistan with 100+ nuclear weapons, Israel with 200 nuclear weapons or the US with THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons and a history of using them in anger against civilians?

  • Voice of Reason

    Nobody on here seems to understand Dr. Paul’s position on the matter. He’s been very clear on this, but I think most of you get your news from Fox and the likes of Beck and Hannity and haven’t taken the time to listen to Dr. Paul and consider what he’s saying. 1. He has said cut ALL foreign aid. Yes, this includes Israel. Believe it or not, this is a net BONUS to Israel because her enemies receive much more aid from the US than does she.
    2. After cutting aid to Israel, Paul would respect her sovereignty and allow Israel to once again enjoy self-determination. This is the Constitutional position and the advice of the founders.
    3. Here’s where most of you haven’t followed Paul’s statements to their natural conclusion. With no aid from the US flowing to her enemies and no more intrusions into her internal affairs, Israel is now free to do as she pleases. Israel will DEFINITELY bomb Iran and keep them in check and President Paul would not want to interfere with her sovereignty or ability to deal with perceived threats as she feels necessary.
    So anyone with half a brain can see that Paul’s plan accomplishes EVERYONE’s goals: we save money, mind our own business, Israel has a net gain in terms of aid she receives vs. her enemies in the region, she is free to go to war with Iran, and Iran is prevented from having a nuke.
    Want proof that this is really how Paul feels? He has said many times that he thought it was fine when Iraq bombed Iran’s nuclear reactor many years ago and said he wouldn’t have intervened. Now will you vote for Dr. Paul in the GOP primary?