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Phony ‘Hispanic Republican’ Front Group is Outed

by Javier Manjarres

When the spanish-language television network Univision put out a shameful hit piece out on Republican Senator Marco Rubio several weeks back, only one Hispanic organization provided cover for Univision, and that was the upstart organization ‘Somos Republicans’. This group openly states that they are a Republican group, but they have raised flags amongst conservative groups with their over the top pro-amnesty rhetoric and shameless attacks on conservative hispanic leaders like Rubio and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz.

What is so blatantly obvious about this organization’s tactics is the fact that any hispanic politician who does not tow their amnesty line immediately is singled out as a traitor.  Somos Republicans’ own publication – for anyone that actually reads it- only deals with one issue, and that is immigration “reform”, and no other issues matter to this group- regardless if you’re  pro-life, support low taxes, limited government, or the 2nd amendment- issues that the group identifies as its “core principles” don’t matter at all if you oppose their amnesty position- hypocrisy at it’s finest. (Somos Republicans-About us)      

Upon inspecting their website, in the top right corner you will also notice a sponsorship for the left-leaning voter registration movement Rock the Vote.  Here is what Rock the Vote is posting on their website:

“YOU ARE GETTING SCREWED. There is a war on voting going on and your rights are under attack. Politicians are trying to block young people from voting with shady new photo ID and residency laws. They are getting rid of things that make it easier for people to vote, like Election Day registration, early voting and pre-registration laws.

IT IS TIME TO STOP THE BULLS**T. In America, we rock the vote, we don’t block the vote. Join our campaign. We’ll send you updates and get you plugged into the action in your state.” –Rock the Vote

‘Somos Republicans’ is almost certainly a Democrat front group whose purpose is to deceive Hispanics and other voters into believing that they espouse conservative principles and positions on issues except that of the actual conservative stance on illegal immigration.  It’s likely that none of this organization’s members actually holds any conservative positions on issues and exists as an issue-specific advocacy group that is solely concerned with shaming politicians who oppose the group’s pro-amnesty/open borders position.  How long will it be before the Democrat Party and/or Soros takes responsibility for this group?  We shall see soon enough.














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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Elizabeth

    Sorry for those so called “Somos Republicans”. I am also a hispanic from Central America and let me tell you, most of latin people I know, are NOT pro immigration “reform”, including me. I am a proud conservative.

  • Jose

    Good job Javier at outing another front group ! How are they allowed to use the word “Republicans” in their organizations name ???????? Shouldn’t the GOP be going after this ?

  • carlos j. negron

    Que perdida de tiempo!

    Organizations and so called leaders are in reality a waste of time and appeal to those who need to be led like a lemming .

    Both sides of issues deal with half truths and hyperbole in an attempt to convince the know nothings in society of the rightiousness in their cause.

    This is one Puerto Rican of many, who I know personnally , who thinks on the facts and casts emotions to the wayside.
    No amount of nonsense from either side holds weight and it’s high time those supposedly in the know face this reality.

    I and others laugh when we hear or read of how the Hispanic vote went.The truth of the matter is that there is no way a pollster can make that determination , based on the inane polling methods utilized.The reliance on heavily Hispanic areas is skewed, because the Hispanic vote is in reality scattered.
    Let’s not forget that the use of Spanish in advertising, service etc. is in effect stunting the Hispanic person by creating a reliance on others to have needs met.The old adage of “Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for a Lifetime”. is something many folks need to adhere to.

  • Warren

    Yet further evidence of how the left’s inability to provide persuasive arguments for the legitimacy and rationality of their platform and position of the issues typically leaves them to opt for the “low road” of deception and manipulation by praying on their constituency and keeping them in the dark, rather than offer clear, truthful and sound argument.

  • LMW66

    While I can’t comment on whether or not they are a ‘Front” group for Liberals etc; I can say this – their Press Releases are less than honest. Reading the one about Mo Brooks was enough to see that they inflate things to suit their own purpose. I.E. they claim that SB1070 caused a labor shortage for harvesting YUMA’s lettuce crop in 2011 – yet all articles that I found after a google adventure showed only that that shortage was predicted and/or mused about. I found nothing stating that a “flood of immigrants” leaving AZ due to the passage of the law ACTUALLY caused any labor shortage – in fact, bad weather and other factors affected the crop………!

    As with any political group, it pays to use Google to verify what they write. They all have an agenda and will only be printing those things that prop up that agenda.

  • Sylvia

    I am with “Elizabeth” above: a proud latin conservative. Regarding UNIVISION? They are just minding their DINERO (US$ , that is .Not pesos!
    Univision lives EXCLUSIVELY of non english-speaking immigrants. They PROFIT from keeping immigrants ignorant and on the fray.Univision (like Democrats) need lots and lots of SPANISH ONLY immigrants to keep their stronghold viewership and growing audiences that have NO ACCESS to english speaking networks because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND ! Educated, english speaking latinos DO NOT WATCH UNIVISION!!! So, Dems need lots of clueless voters (not US residents but convert them into citizens so they can vote!) and Univision needs lots of illegals that MUST NEVER learn english! Birds of a feather have to pander to illegal immigrants and promote it.Very simple.

  • Sylvia

    In every country in the world ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS can not vote:it is simply a UNIVERSAL RULE OF THUMB as illegal immigrants do not REALLY have command over domestic politics, nor policies and should not participate in their ahrboring’s nation’s political decision making unless and or unitl they do. This includes LEARNING THE LOCAL LANGUAGE=ENGLISH.

    Now, in the US illegal immigrants can become LEGAL immigrants and get a Green Card while keeping their own national identity and citizenship. So why isn’t “la Raza” advocating for Legalizing immigrants turning them inot legal residents/ U.S. GREEN CARD HOLDERS? :
    SIMPLE! GREEN CARD HOLDERS CANNOT VOTE! It is THE ONLY one, remaining privilege for U.S. CITIZENS ONLY! That my friends, is the ONLY reason for the existence of “La Raza”.
    It has little or nothing to do with “helping” the rights of illegals or any other similar BS.
    It is all and only about Political Power and MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!
    Political power for Soros-La Raza -Leftist- Liberal Democrats and Revenues/MONEY for Univision….what a concept!

  • Carlos

    Instead of “Somos Republicanos”, their name should be “Somos Chicanos Reconquistadores”.

  • Jose

    U Gringo’s are gonna b our slaves 1 day! Us LATINOS will take over the U.S. in 5-10 years.

  • McCarthy

    I have noticed a major effort by the left to give the unquestioning voters DISINFORMATION. This comes as Bush bashing and tearing down White Men. It comes as no suprise that they are now targeting hispanics! Why would someone from Cuba brave 90 miles of shark infested water to come to a free land just to vote commie? This disinformation targeted the Black Community and preyed on thier discouragement succesfully! They are nothing more then commie trash and need to leave this Great Nation!

  • http://http// olegario

    I too am Latino and do not agree with illegal immigration. I am a proud Latino conservative. By the way Somos Republicans is a front group for the left. Their name should be Somos Democrats.

  • Dave

    I have news for you blose us gringos and all legal AMERICANS have worked hard to make this country what it is and you and anyone else who thinks they will take it without a fight have a big surprise in store !

  • http://none sally

    I read about the group you are complaining about and it looks like they responded to you and called you old and anal retentive.

    I suppose they are right, they are after the younger generation. Kudos to their strategy. They wrote:

    Javier Manjarres is a tea party extremist from Florida who lives in his own little southeast bubble. He has no clue what is going on in the rest of the nation, nor does he understand what the rest of the Latin demographic views are. He is isolated to Cuban Floridian politics. He is livid that we do not support Marco Rubio’s immigration views because he is another apologist and shill for tea party extremists like Ann Coulter (on the record for referring to Muslims as “towel heads”), Allen West (who wanted to hire a radio show host who said “illegals should be hung”), and so forth.

    Javier’s biggest beef is that we promote a strong Latin get out the vote via “Rock the Vote”. He thinks “Rock the Vote” is left leaning, but loses sight of the fact that we want ALL 21 million eligible Hispanic voters to participate in our political system and be responsible voters. He thinks Hispanic Republicans who register Latinos via Rock the Vote are phony Republicans but yet we don’t see Javier willing to go out to the Latino neighborhoods while rolling up his sleeves to help Latinos empower themselves via the vote.

    Javier is a restrictionist. He doesn’t understand that you have to put People before Party. It’s unfortunate that his need to feel wanted by the Republican party takes priority over getting people involved and politically aware. What he is really concerned about is how we are hell bent on voting out all tea party anti-immigrant extremists — that includes who his hero Senator Marco Rubio.

    News to Javier:

    We support registering eligible voters — ALL OF THEM (especially the younger generation and college youth). And we know that Mexican-Americans account for almost 70% of the Hispanic populatioon that SHOULD be better voters while Cuban-Americans make up only 3% of the entire Hispanic population. It’s unfortunate Javier can’t do the math and learn how to coalition build. Javier Manjarres’ biggest beef comes from our views on legal immigration reform because we believe in a reasonable system. He doesn’t understand that Cubanos have a unique “amnesty” privilege via the Cuban Adjustment Act (wet foot dry foot policy) where they receive one year of entitlements. Arizona Hispanic Republicans are not asking for “entitlements”, we are just asking for a reasonable immigration solution that will benefit the American economy — not drain it via entitlements.

    That said, any of you who read this… sure to ROCK THE VOTE! And if it’s too loud? Then you’re too anal retentive and old. We are 21st century thinkers — not antiquated ones.

  • Wear RED to OUST DeNapoli

    Here is something we can do where even “Chairman MAO” DeNapoli can’t take revenge:

    Every time you go somewhere he is likely to be (BREC meetings, RBN functions, other club functions) wear red. Why red: Red is the Republican color. Ironically, it is also the color of communism which style of leadership seems to have so much appeal for Chairman Q-tip and his Q-ettes.


  • Rich

    This is the first page from the Karl Rove playbook!! How come it is wonderful when the republicans orchestrate something like this but totally evil when done against a republican?
    You guys gotta wake up here!!

    Your efforts at restricting voting are going to come back to haunt you some day!!

  • Jeff

    Legal immigration Yes. Illegal immigration No.
    Amnesty will be the demise of the U.S.A.
    Americans of Spanish heritage think as individuals.
    No group think for us.

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  • Moira

    @ “Sally” and “Rich”

    Change your name to Somos Mentirosos. Javier is correct about it being a front group. In their “about us” section they list several Conservative issues that they say they support. However, a thorough reading of the website, including articles and “press releases,” there isn’t a single one that offers ANY criticism of Democrats or the Leftist agenda. The only people that get criticized are Republicans. Nor are there any articles or press releases that deal with any Conservative issues. The bulk of the material deals with either advocating “comprehensive reform” (the popular Left-wing euphemism for amnesty) or highlighting examples of alleged “anti-Hispanic” rhetoric or actions committed by…wait for it…Republicans! Name another “Republican” website (a real one) that routinely bashes the Tea Party while refusing to even offer faint criticism of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Name another actual Republican/Conservative site that reserves its criticism solely for Republicans/Conservatives and never mentions the opposition party? Name a Conservative site that doesn’t present a variety of articles touching on a variety of issues that are important (to actual Conservatives). How many actual Conservative sites are dictating to Herman Cain to drop out of the presidential primaries and seeking to “discredit” Marco Rubio? Also, have you ever seen a Conservative website that doesn’t provide links to or a blogroll of other Conservative websites?

  • AJE

    This is good and very informative. Keep on their trail.

  • Timmy

    Rich-Karl Rove didn’t race-bait, and he has redeeming qualities.
    To be frank, these guys are not nearly smart enough to compete with Rove.
    They are so pro-illegal, it hurts.

  • GSNP

    to: Jose – U Gringo’s are gonna b our slaves 1 day! Us LATINOS will take over the U.S. in 5-10 years.

    Now that says what La Raza teaches to children and latinos in their street protests. They receive government money for homes welfare and just free everything without responsibility – can they get the same from their President Calderon in Mexico NO that is why they are here.