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FL Senate Fails to Pass Immigration Reform

by Javier Manjarres

Florida’s much anticipated illegal immigration law is dead on arrival- there won’t be an immigration law. The so-called ” Most Conservative Senate” ever failed to pass an E-Verify amendment penned by Senator John Thrasher (R), and will submit the weak SB2040 bill that Senator Anitere Flores (R) has been pushing all along.  Without the necessary leadership support to push the bill forward, Senators voted individually, and not in block like they do many times to help pass a bill that has been identified as ‘important’.  The Florida House’s bill does include an E-Verify provision for government and private hiring and is overall much stronger, but it will most likely not see the light of day or come to a vote.

The reasoning is this- if the Senate were to pass such a weak immigration bill, what makes you think that they will adopt the stronger House bill?  They in all likelihood wouldn’t, and the House would most likely feel compelled to adopt the weaker and squishier SB2040.  If the House decides not to compromise and adopt the Senate bill, that means that there will not be an immigration reform bill to vote on.  Recall that it was Senate President Mike Haridopolos who took the immigration reigns away from Flores after recieving backlash from constituents regarding her SB2040 bill and handed matters over to Senator J.D. Alexander- wrong move.

Alexander turned out to be one of a handful of Republicans that voted against the measure. Proponents of E-Verify can thank the Hispanic Caucus Republican Senators Anitere Flores, Rene Garcia and Miguel Diaz de La Portilla for voting against the E-Verify amendment. One Senator who also inexplicably voted against E-Verify is Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff (R) – this has me scratching my head.

It is now even more obvious what put the kibbosh on this needed legislation- not only did certain espanol-speaking Senators pander to their Hispanic base by voting against a strong immigration reform bill, but there were also several other Republicans that bowed down to the ‘Big Business’ lobby who have been adamantly against the E-Verify provision since the notion of an immigration reform bill first came to light.

Governor Rick Scott must be proud of the incompetence and Democrat-lite leanings of this so-called ‘Most Conservative Senate’ which he hoped would help him fulfill a campaign promise to bring a very strong and reasonable illegal immigration reform law to the State of Florida.  Who’ll be willing to stand up and take responsibility the next time we read about crimes perpetrated by illegals who should have been long ago deported? Way to go, Florida Senate!!

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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • Jack Gillies

    United State Senate race for Mike Haridopolos has just ended… I guarantee it! Watch out for all the other RINO’s to fall in 2012. Shame on them… or shame on us for electing them. 3 out 4 people in Florida feel that illegal immigration is a serious problem and these gutless politicians went against us… VOTE THEM OUT!

  • True Conservative “not” BREC

    What do Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum, and Mike Haridopolos have in common? BREC supported them! When are they going to stand up and be conservative? Well as long as “fossil” Ed Kennedy continues to sit at the table they are in trouble. Is this the same Ed Kennedy that said that Rick Scott reminded him of Barack Obama? Did the powers to be throw Kennedy out? Why not? Unfortunately BREC is killing the Republicans in Broward County. When are they going to take a stand and throw the rift-raft out?

  • BREC Member

    Why are the Miami-Dade politicians “hispanic” before Americans?

  • Rich

    Forget about any leadership from Scott. It is part of his plan to put the costs both socially and ecomonically on the backs of the Florida hard working taxpayers for his business buddies. They are all hypocrites that hide under the consevative repbulican ticket. I hope the Tea Party remembers this. Please don’t ever talk about democrats until they clean up the jackals in our state’s capitol. Miami Dade is the capitol of Medicare Fraud that costs us 100 billion dollars a year so why wouldn’t the Hispanic Caucus promote more fraud and crime?

  • Sandman

    (Quote Rich)
    “Please don’t ever talk about democrats until they clean up the jackals in our state’s capitol”

    Excuse me Rich, did Javier in this piece or any poster complain about Democrats on this subject? NO! They’re talking about state senate members who masquerade as Republicans who vote like Democrats.

    I’m confused, since these RINOs in the state capitol who act and vote like Democrats are “jackals” according to you, I can assume you agree with us on the subject? No of course you don’t, just proving that all your posts are partisan hyperbole full of empty rhetoric.

    At least the conservative posters on the ST have the backbone to complain about our own party when it is warranted.

  • Rich

    I am not partisan, I am just as disgusted as you with the hypocracy. I was a Perot supporter. We know the democrats are tax and spend but I hate to hear our republican legislators talking about conservative spending, watching the budget and national security when this illegal situation is a financial and security time bomb.

  • Sandman

    Are you the same Rich I’ve been debating with the past few days? If not I apologize for improperly addressing you. If you are, I think your starting to come around.

  • Rich the original one

    Do any of you really believe that the republicans/tea partiers will ever end illegal immigration and take away all of that great cheap labor from their bribers/supporters in big business? Scott will never do any one thing that might cose some of his business buddies money.
    Why do you think they are pushing to de-license interior designers? If a designer has public complaints against his or her license, that license will not be renewed and he or she can no longer work as a licensed designer. No license, no problem!!

  • Janet

    This is outrageous. These people would bow down to anyone who will promise to vote for them. This reform would have protected everyone in this state including the immigrants who came to this country the legal way. Why give in to a bunch of people who are bleeding our economy dry. I am very disappointed in our legislature and not very proud of Florida right now. Join the traitor states Florida….you now qualify for membership!

  • G Speed

    Leader Mike may well have lost some hard core support–not a good thing for him.

    Politicians from “hispanic” districts vote pro “hispanic” issues–its called representation.

    IMHO “hispanic” is a very broad brush and is hardly synonymous with “illegal” which is another very broad brush. Its a problem when “hispanics” apply the notion to themselves and knee jerk in the anti illegal imigant legistation direction. The American “hispanic” has much to loose if illegal imigration is allowed to progress unchecked.

  • Sandman

    Original Rich,
    I think your missing the whole point here. Did you read Javier’s article? The reason there are Republican state legislators not passing a tough immigration reform law is not to keep providing “cheap” labor for big businesses. It’s to pander to their mostly Hispanic constituents who would rather provide amnesty to their brotherhood here illegally from their motherlands. Geez. In essence, their acting like Democrats, your people.

    One of Rick Scott’s main campaign platforms was passing a tough illegal immigration reform law. He’s not the one holding up the process here. When and if a proper bill ever gets to his desk and he refuses to sign it, well then maybe you won’t sound like suck a crackpot.

  • Amos

    Haridopolos isn’t half as stupid as he looks. He knows a Senate run is fueled by truckloads of Cash.

    Why did he pick Alexander? Ask Haridopolos if he was surprised by Alexander’s vote. Anyone who knows Alexander’s roots isn’t surprised at all by the choice or the vote. Haridopolos can now look at the voters with a straight face and say he tried.

    Alexander = Big Ag. He and Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam are soul mates on killing anything that will restrict the use of illegal labor. Putnam, when in congress, voted for the very first attempt at real Amnesty in the so called Ag Jobs Bill, of which he was a cosponsor. Alexander, I believe, would vote for Amnesty in a heartbeat given the opportunity and the position. Agriculture thrives and prospers via the illegal workforce. These illegals do two things, they will do the work, and, their presence keeps the rate down. Rate down = profit up.

    Kind and benevolent Mr. Haridopolos must at least go begging for his funding in order to convince the voters he is honest. Alexander could, if he desired, self fund such an endeavor. Don’t worry, he didn’t earn all that swag, he got it the honest way, he inherited it. Accident of birth.

    Quite a long time ago I came to the conclusion that no source of income was worth the ultimate destruction of the birthright of my children. They deserve to inherit the very same Country I grew up in. That’s worth just a bit more than a slightly higher profit.

  • Derek

    I can’t say I am surprised. The writing was on the wall for a while. Again the Florida republicans have miserably failed. Then again only in the eyes of their constituents. Those whose pockets these Senators live in are no doubt quite pleased. After all, they got exactly what they paid for.
    You know, The Dept. Of Homeland Security, headed by our precious Obama appointee Janet Incompetano, was running radio ads here in Broward urging businesses to use E-Verify. The ads touted the high, and ever increasing efficiency of the system, as well as its ease of use. So here is the truth. These feckless Florida republicans are TO THE LEFT OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION on this issue. Just think about that!
    Congratulations Senators on your utter failure.
    If any of them think they will get support from people like me in future campaigns they can forget it. A special message to my Rep Bogdanoff. Ellyn, don’t even consider ever addressing any Tea Party groups here in Broward. We will boo you off the stage and turn our backs on you as you walk away. You have again proven to be gutless. Do not expect any support from us, financial or otherwise. Haridopolous also has higher office aspirations………FORGET IT. The support you enjoyed has now turned to contempt for you as well.
    Hope you are all quite pleased with your shameless game of three card monty. I hope it was worth it. It will probably cost you your political careers.

  • http://alouiv.wordpress.com Arnon Louiv

    First, let me start by saying that I do NOT condone any criminal act done by “illegals“ nor by anyone else from white to black groups and all others in between. But, the article I just read by Javier Manjarres is certainly loaded with xenophobic feelings all around it. How can he be so naive to believe that, in Florida, they would pass any sort of immigration lesgilation without any sort of compromise from all the political spectrum? Democrats, Republicans, should discuss and pass legislation based on the truth, not because of ideology. Yes, you could say I am the Don Quixote of the poor and the unjustly treated, which in most cases, is what happens to most “illegals“. They are just slave tools used up by businessmen and politicians. I have seen with my all eyes the conditions where most illegals work, just to scrape a few dollars to send back home. Sometimes, to homes that politicians helped wreck with their own failed international policies. Criminals that are in jail, are a minority of the total population, and they will always be. The majority of legals and illegals, citizens and non-citizens are just trying to survive and make a descent living. Let us be fair in our reporting the truth! – Arnon Louiv – alouiv.wordpress.com

  • John Connley

    Do bank robbers and other criminals also have lobbyist and members of senate to vote in their favor?
    How is voting in favor of criminal activity (illegal immigration) not aiding and abettiing a criminal?
    Legal Definition-
    A criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps in the commission of a crime, though legal distinctions vary by state. A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support. Depending on the degree of involvement, the offender’s participation in the crime may rise to the level of conspiracy.

  • GenEarly

    Disgusting RINO’s in the State Senate! Goodbye Hardopolous ! Go join suntan Charlie!
    And NO Tax Cuts from this bunch of ner-do-wells either!
    We need some vetoes from Gov. Scott. Hold their feet to the fire, make them go back into session and get it right!

  • Neil Rice

    this is why we are going to do a 2012 election website for Florida, list all their names, bills, how they voted, AND CLEAN HOUSE IN 2012!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Rich

    Well, Mr. Sandman, you still can’t write a picec in here without insulting someone. I, sir, am not a crackpot. I am starting to believe that your are since you are so devoid of true itelligence that you still fail to write an insightful piece here without insulting someone.
    Now, the way big business fuels the republican party and the tea party organization, do you ever thing you will see any kind of real immigration reform that closes our southern border and gets the illegals out? NEVER, they might lose some campaign cash!! See, I see that there is something good on both sides of things even though you probably never will. Bottom lines, illegal aliens cost our country dearly and they need to go NOW!!
    Someone also needs to explain why it seems that so often Hispanics don’t really believe themselves to be Americans. Not necessarily all of them, but it sure seems that a lot of them are not all that concerned with what is best for America.

  • grandmaof5

    Time to ditch the RINOs and replace them with the will of the people. This “status quo” has gone on far too long and too many people are comfortable (and this goes for Bill Nelson too). Drilling off shore is vital for the health of our country and the immigration bill is vital for the health of FL. For those not familiar with the Allen West site : http://www.allenwest2012.ning.com
    I would suggest that you study this site as many believe Allen West has the values, integrity, honesty, and the best shot at winning in 2012. God bless.

  • Lamarre Notargiacomo


  • Lamarre Notargiacomo

    Thanks Grandma of 5! I am one of those calling on Allen West to run for POTUS! He is a man of courage, integrity, Godly character. In the senate race to replace Bill Nelson, the only true conservative right now is Adam Hasner. I am very impressed with what I know about him thus far. I will NOT support Mike Haridopolos unless he grows a backbone between now and campaign season! IF YOU’RE OUT OF A JOB, CONSIDER THAT 750,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE NOW EMPLOYED IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. NOW CONTRAST THAT WITH THE 1.1 MILLION LEGAL RESIDENTS WHO ARE OUT OF WORK!!! CAN WE AFFORD TO SUPPORT LEGISLATORS WHO ARE FOLLOWING THE MONEY TRAIL (LA RAZA OR OTHER OUTSIDE GROUPS)??? WE MUST GIVE OUR ALL TO HELP TRUE CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS TO RUN FOR OFFICE, NOT RINOS!

  • Thomas Sullivan

    We need to kick the Chamber’s butt for killing this one. Hispanic politicians apparently are hispanic first, Americans second. But for the Senate to cower before the immigration law breakers represented by the Chamber is sickening.

    Call or write your local Chamber and give ‘em hell.

  • Jose


  • ~JL

    Everyone should write their Representatives and Senators in Tallahassee and inform them that they wanted a strong illegal alien bill passed. I would not even dignify a person illegally in our country or state with the honorable immigrants who came here legally. It should be a ILLEGAL ALIEN LAW.

    Adam Hasner a true constitutional conservative who C.A.I.R. is trying to destroy is a great choice for Senator in 2012, a honorable man of his word and a person who stands up on TRUTH, HONOR, PRINCIPLES, VALUES and he does have a MORAL COMPASS unlike many in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C..

  • Jacqueline L.

    There is NO ONE in the FL Senate I will not be working to unseat in the next election. These turncoats bought and paid for by special interest groups betrayed the legal citizens of our state! They deserve to feel what lost jobs feel like.
    Shame on every one of the traitors. Putting the interests of illegals and those criminals who employ them puts them beneath contempt.

  • tom wing

    There was no strong support from Repub leaders in the Senate. Get Rid of them in the next election.

  • T

    When will we ever get representatives to REPRESENT “we the people” ? All they care about is their next election & political favors . Shame on them for caring more about the illegals in this state.
    BYE BYE Ellen Bogdanoff. This is strike 2 for you !!! You won’t get a 3 chance !!!

  • Lightweight

    You’ll aint gigured out what the end result is going to be on Immigration yet ? It’s the hot potato for winning election votes and doing nothing after in office,have you any guess what the policy of both parties are yet ? You are going to loose America because you continue to listen to the GOP promise the same lie never fulffilled.

    Notice the Right Talk Media never holds Palin and Rubio down on this issue nor question thier policy on record ? America you lost.

    Legislate the 24th Amendment

  • Carlos

    This is more proof that we need Scott to be a 1-termer as well as these Cuban RINOs. It’s bad enough they’re running scared, but of what-aside from their own shadow? First of all these are Cuban born legislators. Their key voting base are also Cubans who are US citizens-not illegals from Central & S. America. Thanks to the Cuban Adj. Act (which I’d repeal in a heartbeat) these Cubanos are legal. Even the lowest class, ginetera-chasing new Cuban refugees dislike illegals. Why? Because the illegals actually work, something these Castroites often don’t do. So what is the so-called Hispanic base these chickens are pandering to? Is it business owners who want cheap illegal labor and fear E-verify? Must be, because even guys like JD are in the tank, too. Someone please educate me on that conundrum. I once asked a staffer for Licoln Diaz Balart about this and the reply was “pure demagoguery”.The only thing we real conservatives can do is boot their asses out in 2012. If we keep removing the cowards those who follow may get the message. Adam Hasner for US Senate in 2012.

  • Doyle

    WOW, are you really surprised, our government sucks, what a crappy bunch of representatives, its time we the people step it up, take back our government, kick thier ass’s out of office, stop pandering to the freakin illegals, wake up already

  • Rodney T Rigby

    It makes no difference if it is a Democrat or Republican; again the politicians are working for the special interests. They do not care about the thousands of unemployed U.S. citizens in the state of Florida. The easiest and most efficient way to reduce Unemployment in the state is to have mandatory use of the Federal E-verify system for all employees in the State. If an illegal alien cannot get a job they will go back to where they came from their own. If a company hires an illegal alien they should be fined a substantial amount of money. The politicians always add exceptions to all laws which pander to special interests. The Democrats want the illegal’s to become citizens for more votes, the Republicans want cheap labor and the U.S. worker be damned.

  • Brittanicus

    Do Americans remember the promise of Teddy Kennedy regarding the 1986 amnesty bill?

    No other personage in American politics carries as much accountability as this Democrat/Liberal Ted Kennedy for the contemporary wretched state of U.S. immigration chaos. In his words:

    “This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forth an amnesty bill like this.”

    Over five million foreign nationals suddenly materialized demanding—Mass AMNESTY. This was the first lie to the American people on immigration, as lie upon lie ever since has been piled on top of this original lie that relating to amnesty, border fences and interior enforcement. Our country has been slowly turned into a third world toilet, brought upon us by this original lie Kennedy response to his critics on enactment of the 1965 immigration bill, “The charges I have mentioned are highly emotional, irrational and with little foundation in fact. They are out of line with the obligations of responsible citizenship. They breed hate of our heritage. …” Kennedy promised, “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.” However Ted Kennedy’s immigration policies have ejected hundreds of thousands of Americans out of the middle class as their occupations have been crippled by wages declining because of the deluge with Kennedy’s preferential treatment to foreign national’s workers, streaming into every niche of our society and because they have directly lost their jobs to illegal border and overseas competitors.

    Well, the sick joke is on us.

    In the years previous to 1965 United States was well serviced by the immigration laws of 1924 which had shaped an unwavering middle class social order. Then along came the Democratic social manipulators as Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts who ideology entirely wrecked American populace with “Hart-Seller” Act of 1965. The Hart-Cellar Act abolished the national origins quota system that had controlled US immigration policy since the 1920s, replacing it with a preference system that focused on immigrants’ skills and family relationships with citizens or residents in this nation. It was tantamount to opening the floodgates to unskilled labor from Mexico, Central and South America; its inception was a policy of wide open borders that has attracted to this country a wide variety of criminals, which includes drug cartels and their human transporters. A day doesn’t go by without a television channel reporting another pedestrian killed by an illegal alien drunk while driving. Our courts a crammed solid with cases of criminal aliens killing, or the latest innovations of home invasions, kidnappings and Americans becoming the pray of heinous crimes committed by foreign nationals.These crime incidents are constantly rising, thats why every police precinct, needs to operate a fingerprinting and processing center according to the Secure Communities, 287 (G) laws.We are also need to ensure that E-Verify is installed as a mandated policy across America, that can displace illegal nationals stealing jobs from US workers.

    In 1965, the American people were guaranteed that immigration would never exceed its then low level of 250,000 annually. Currently, it is at an all-time high of over a million a year and still rising. Six stealth amnesties have been overlooked by the public, with intentional results, such as larger numbers of unemployment of legitimate workers, being replaced by unscrupulous business owners whose only concern is higher profits. Because of importunate congressional mismanagement immigrants and their descendants will fuel a massive increase in the population of the United States for the foreseeable future, creating irreversible overpopulation growth, with large monetary rewards for criminal companies. American workers must exact a criminal penalty on these companies; not the lower management, but the penthouse people, who must see the inside of a jail cell. If illegal Immigration continues unabated, without relating to the change in American labor markets, conditions in the inner cities, or the mounting expenses to state and local taxpayers will be inexcusable Ted Kennedy’s function in creating this situation has been enormous to US taxpayers and the State of our communities. Neighborhoods are crammed with the impoverished of foreign lands, confusing our own language, bringing dangerous religions and tearing the fabric of the real American culture apart.

    Another program enacted at the order of the late Senator Kennedy was a Seasonal Agricultural Worker (SAW) amnesty. This was another option to the temporary-worker program SAW, promoted by California Growers. The SAW amnesty was projected by a New York newspaper to have fraud rates as high as 70 per cent, and the number of people who took advantage of the amnesty was estimated to be at least three times the number that was qualified given the size of America’s agricultural labor force. All they needed to be eligible for the amnesty was a document saying they had worked for the specified number of days in harvesting crops, and those documents were simple to forge. An (INS) Immigration and Naturalization (prior to a merger and becoming (ICE) Immigration and Customs service) study found that after ten years in the United States, the average amnestied illegal alien had only a seventh grade education and an annual salary of less than $9,000 a year. Unlike immigrants who are sponsored and guaranteed they will not become a burden on the welfare state. When Washington enacts an amnesty, it makes the American public monetarily obligated for those amnestied. So According to a report from the (CIS) Center for Immigration Studies, the entire net cost of the 1986 IRCA amnesty (the direct and indirect costs of services and benefits to the ex-illegal aliens, minus their tax contributions) after ten years comes to over $78 billion.


    You do not have to calculate to hard that current and previous governments, have been stealing hundreds of billions of dollars each year, to support this illegal immigrant occupation in education and health care and other financial programs. While $40 billion dollars a year of these illegal immigrant hires are transferred out the country to foreign banks.

    Prior to Kennedy’s 1986 bill, L.B. Johnson had signed his own immigration policy into law, with most immigrants to the United States coming from Europe; 70 percent coming from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. European immigrants easily assimilated, as they were culturally and economically analogous to America’s population. Immigrants were educated with higher skill rates. Nowadays poorly educated, non-skilled illegal migrants and immigrants arrive and are supported by taxpayer-funded entitlements and social services, ensuing in increased use of emergency rooms, increased welfare rolls, increased registration in free public schools for their children and increased cost of law enforcement and unparalleled increase in prison occupancy. As most illegal aliens are hired on a under-the-table cash payment, so they avoid taxes and therefore middle-class taxpayers pay even more to cover the increased use of public services. As taxes increase and wages decline, America’s working middle class is being exploited by the IRS.

    Ted Kennedy who is not here today lied and is joined by others, that includes The White House, and other open borders pushers. What really is amnesty is called “comprehensive immigration reform” and treasonous. It is unmerited support for illegal aliens, open borders policy, and free citizenship (small fine) to millions who have no allegiance to sovereign country and to our civilization. The 1986 bill has overall been a washout and mockery, because the downright intention not fulfills the requirements of big business intervention. If you as a patriotic Americans want to stop the President Obama and his minions in both parties, passing another volatile Amnesty? Then you must join tens of millions of honest legal birthright citizens, naturalized citizens and legal residents in the TEA PARTY. The call is already going out across the world, which they can procure an AMNESTY and take advantage of the US welfare and social service system. ONLY AMERICANS CAN STOP THE OBAMA GOVERNMENT , BY BOMBARDING YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVES TO HALT IT. INFORMATION. From Outside Dial:Senate—202-224–3121/House—202-225–3121

  • Dave

    The Republican Party of Florida is Totally and Fundamentally Corrupt.

    This was all planned ahead of time by the Republican Party Leadership, Cannon and Hairy.

    Wake Up folks – this is the third year in a row.

  • Alice

    Please re-post your comments on Facebook: Florida Legislature Tea Party Caucus

    They need to hear “we the pepople” and then call them!

  • Florida Native

    Arnon Louiv must not live in Coral Springs or Coconut Creek.

    The “immigrants”, be they legal or illegal, that live in the Trailer Park on Johnson Rd just east of 441 in Coconut Creek are doing quite well actually. How do I know? Because I’ve had the pleasure of standing behind them many times in Publix as they pay for their food, the best food that money can buy I might add, with the food stamp card that I go to work every day to pay for. The most recent transgression was a young immigrant woman paying for NY Strip Steak at $12.99 a pound. When I first saw her, her two anchor children, and the high-end steaks on the conveyor belt I thought “please, say it isn’t so”, but so it was. The icing in the cake was when the anchors grabbed a couple of candy bars by the checkout stand. Since the taxpayers aren’t on the hook for the candy bars, she paid for them, all 5 of them, with her debit card, $9.50 to be exact. Think that was the first time I’ve seen such a grotesque abuse of the system? Think again…Even the cashiers complain about it.

    Arnon should go visit Pediatric Associates in Coral Springs one of these days also. There is no sight like that of a young, able-bodied male escorting his “baby momma” and baby to the Pediatricians office in the middle of the day on a Thursday. It tugs at my heartstrings to see a man so devoted to his family that he will forego earning an honest living to support them in order to go to the Dr’s office with them. And to see them get all of that assistance from the office staff in how to properly file for Medicaid, and in their native language no less, now that’s a real tear-jerker. I had to bring tissues to wipe my eyes the last time that I went in, as I counted no less than 5 such devoted family men sitting in the office. I mean who cares that I had to take a sick day off of work to take my kids to the Dr. It made my day to see that my taxpayers dollars are making such a difference in the lives of those who choose to sit at home all day and do nothing but breed…

    As for the young woman in paragraph one, she probably has a husband and is getting aid in spite of it, as the illegals can claim food stamps in the name of the anchors and lie about marital status because nobody can prove whether she’s married. Come to think of it she would qualify for Section 8 also. And I would imagine that hubby is working under the table…

    Yes, Arnon, those are some downright HORRIFIC living conditions that those poor illegals are living in…

  • April

    Once again, the sellout RINO’s in Tallahassee have let down the residents (LEGAL ones!) of Florida! I’m so fed up with it, I can’t stand it.

    Year after year, I call and urge passage of E-Verify, and everey year, the do nothing GOP sells out to the pro amnesty/pro business lobbyists and special interest groups.

    I hope you’ll all remember this for next years election. Please check out the floor vote on this bill and every senator who voed NO, please make sure you vote them out of office and elect a truE CONSERVATIVE!

    I watched part of the senate floor debate the other day and was disgusted. The recurring theme was “the federal gov’t has dropped the ball” and “it’s too much of a financial burden for employers to use E-Verify.” What a bunch of bull! Some of these elected officials, one of them being Sen. Arthenia Joyner did not impress me at all. Also, another liberal stood up and said “as HOSTS we should support these people who come here to work (meaning the ILLEGALS), to “support” their efforts. What the hell is wrong with people and why do we keep voting these bleeding heart idiots into office?!? Please do your research of a candidates VOtiNG RECORD if they’ve held office. Stop believing the media, and things you hear. There are too many lazy voters who are ill informed voting and this is what we get: do nothing bleeding heart liberals and sellout RINO’s who cave! Tea partiers — are we going to do something about this in next year’s election?!?

  • Lauren

    Florida Native — funny post, but so sad in reality, isn’t it? These illegals are abusing our system and we have politicians in both parties who enable them to do just that!

    I urge EVERYONE to rat out employers who hire illegals.
    Call ICE: 1-866-347-2423 You may report them anonymously.

    Also, check out: we.hirealiens.com You can also file an anonymous complaint on this patriotic website. You don’t have to have proof, but just a suspicion and why you’re reporting it. You can also check to see if a particular company has been reported on their site. Once you report a company for hiring illegals, Wehirealiens.com (FIRE Coalition) will forward the info to ICE, FBI and SSA. They have aided in the numerous raids by ICE that have resulted in a lot of fines for these companies and lots of illegals being fired, and Americans being hired. :-)

    Please do your part as a consumer — VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! Tell every business you hire or do business with, every restaurant you eat it, etc. that you would like to know if they use E-Verify. Most of them will say, “What’s E-Verify?!?” (Glad you asked…) E-Verify is a federal data base that employers can check to see if their employees or new hire is LEGALLY in the country! Many illegals use fake id’s and steal identities (shocking, I know), and they catch many of them this way. I tell every business I hire, I do not do business with people who use illegals. Of course every single business owner lies and says “they’d never hire illegals” yet Juan and Jesus can’t speak basic English! Once again, they know they can get away with hiring them as they play the “I-9 filing game” (see, we checked their identity) and it’s all a charade. I-9 doesn’t do jack. E-Verify is over 97% effective and the ones that don’t match (or errors) are quickly corrected. Don’t believe the media and the liberals. They’ll always distort facts to suit their agenda.

    Lastly, get creative — we all know where the illegals live in a particular part of town. Drive through the area during the day with a friend and note the addresses with cars parked in lawns, tall lawns, cars without registrations, etc. Most of these are zoning/health code violations. REPORT THEM ANONYMOUSLY! NOTE TO FLORIDIANS: Make sure you report them anonymously as all records are open to the public and you don’t want any retaliation. Use *67 (call block) on your phone before calling as most dept’s will have caller ID and may write your name and phone number down even if you tell them it’s an anonymous complaint! Make it very difficult and uncomfortable for them to live, work, BE in the US so they self deport. For too long, we’ve all looked the other way, allowed them to live comfortably and anonymously, and look where it’s gotten us!

    So, we can ALL personally do something about the illegals in the US if we just take action. Spread the word! If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…

  • Lauren

    Correction: check out: http://www.wehirealiens.com

    Report employers who hire illegals anonymously! No fee. This patriotic website will forward your info to ICE, the FBI and SSA. They have provided info that aided in the raids of many large employers who hire illegals.

  • Sick of illegals!

    Google: FLIMEN, Floridians for Immigration Enforcement. They need support as a non profit group working to push for E-Verify and cracking down on illegals.


    You all have no ideal what you are talking about. You should all sit back and think. Who built your house, who are working on our roads, and who picked the food that is own your table? For your information “illegals ” can not recive food stamps or any nfederal help. You have to be a citizen or a legal resident alien for atleast 5 years to be able to qualify. Check your laws you claim to know. The problem is not the hard working “illegals” it is the lazy Americans how refuse to do manuel labor. If you think that the economy is bad now think about having to pay everyone $15 an hour to plant your flowers in your high class homes. And by the way most “illegals” have taxes taken out out of their checks and are unable to claim them at the end of the year. So they are paying their taxes unlike the people standing out by the highway asking for your money and making more than most people working. Is it wrong that they are here illegaly yes, but there is a better way about fixing the problem!

  • Get Real Folks

    If ICE was doing the job they are charged with there wold be no need to report anything. Does anyone really believe this administration, or the last one for that matter, actually wants or will let ICE actually do its job?

    Report all you want, it won’t accomplish anything. Don’t you think ICE knows where the illegals are working? The only time you hear about ICE and illegals is when it comes time for anothert dog and pony show.

    If you want your reports to have a real impact, move to Maricopa County Az, and give Joe Arpaio a ring @ 602-876-1801. You can get one hell of a deal on some very nice properties north of Scottsdale right now. Joe is exactly what a Real Sheriff is supposed to be.

    Anyway, Give Joe a call and encourage him to run for the Senate seat now being warmed by the slightly squishy Kyle.
    Joe has a pair and is not afraid of anyone. We need real men like him in the Senate!

  • @proud us citizen

    How long do you think it takes the irs to detect a bogus ss number when you file your payroll taxes? From the moment of notification two things occur. The employer can no longer claim he had no doubts regarding the status of said employee and he Must withhold one third of the gross pay. When that do or die moment comes the illegals move on to the next slot. That is why the majority of these fellows are carried “off the books” or as subcontractors. Off the books is easy. Pay cash. Big in the flower planting biz by the way. Employing as a contractor means no deductions, straight pay, just like cash. (they do not pay any Taxes!) I can hire a contractor on Jan 1, 1099 them the following January (a year later). IRS will send me notification of a mismatch by late August to sometime in October. So, they work for a year and a half or more clean. Then it’s pay the third, Adios, or come up with a new set of ID and back to work. You carry them as a straight employee and your are turning your illegals every month. Now you know how it really works.

  • Sandman

    I am 100% against any form of amnesty or non enforcement of illegal immigration, with that said this poster “PROUD US CITIZEN” does articulate a point even though “Luis” would hate his grammar.

    The jobs I personally see illegal immigrants doing are:
    Vegetable garnering and gathering
    Handy man
    Roofing labor
    Building construction labor
    Trash hauling
    Labor pools
    Maid services

    If you are a legal US citizen and personally perform any of these jobs, you are definitely getting jobbed by the illegal problem.

    Does anyone know of any other industry plagued with illegal labor problems?

    Does anyone know for a fact that illegals do obtain welfare like food stamps, unemployment, wic, section 8, etc.? I cannot say for sure. My guess is in some cases yes. For sure they can go to a hospital and get the same treatment you or I would. How will the personal mandate in Obamacare apply to illegals? I digress.

    A question to the liberals; Are you willing to pay more for the type of services the illegals perform? I would be willing.

  • Rosalie

    Why is it so hard to acknowledge that ILLEGAL MEANS BROKE THE LAW. When an Americn breaks the law they are prosecuted. So why are the illegal’s not prosecuted and sent back to their respective countries. Why is it so difficult? There shouldn’t even be any discussion; they broke the law.

    Now, if the farmers are so desparate, why are they not requesting the help in the legal way. GET WORK PERMITS!!!! I believe this is done through immigration and they in return go to the Councilate in the other country; i.e. Mexico, Guatamala, etc. they fill the request, the people come here legally (WITH THE PERMIT PAID FOR BY THE FARMER), do the work and when that particular work is over, they return home. SO WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT IT ALL? IT USED TO BE CALLED MIGRANT WORKER!!!!!

    You people in Washington obviously forgot how you got there!!! We voted for you and told you what we wanted. You on the other hand have completely ignored us and we are getting mighty fed up with the whole situation.


    I agree an amnesty is not the answer. Think about how much money is being sent on deporting all of these people. Most of them, once caught, are held in jail for several months awaiting hearings and deportation. All of that time, they are living off of the tax payers money. Not to mention that the children they have that are US citizens are left here and would have to be put into the “system.” Once again paid for by tax payers. These people pay thousands of dollars to come here to try to make a better life for their families, why not give them a chance to pay the US this money for their papers instead of the “coyotes” that are making a killing. Lets face it, the people that want to come here find a way to get here.
    Yes, they may get the same treatment in the hospitals, but “we” are no better then they are. We are all human beings, just because they where born in a different country does not mean the should be thrown out to die like dogs.

  • Sandman

    Let’s not forget these people are here “ILLEGALLY”. In other countries you enter illegally and you are “thrown out like dogs.” If you were born into another country than that is your home. We have a legal system to citizenship and all are welcome to apply. Democrats want to give all illegals a sure path to citizenship to grow their voting ranks to invincibility. Once that happens and the takers out number the givers, our republic will fall.

    We are not obligated to open our borders to the rest of the world because it is humane. We have every right to our sovereignty just like all other countries. You sound like someone who employs illegals, what if one of those workers shows up on your doorstep tonight with his wife and 5 kids and says “let us share your house, it’s much nicer than ours. We will help you take care of it, clean it, landscape it, clean the pool. Just let us come in because we are not dogs, we are human just like you.” Are you going to open your house or not Mr. Proud US Citizen?

  • GenEarly

    Proud US Citizen? Sure you aren’t from the North American Union? your quote:

    “Yes, they may get the same treatment in the hospitals, but “we” are no better then they are. We are all human beings, just because they where born in a different country does not mean the should be thrown out to die like dogs.”

    No, The ILLEGALS should just be escorted South of a SECURED Southern (or Northern) Border! Si Se Puede! :-)

  • Florida Native

    Proud US Citizen my A**. Illegals CAN and DO get food stamps and all the rest. Go to the Florida food stamps website and you will see right there in plain English that non-citizens can claim food stamps for qualified citizens living in their household of which an anchor baby IS a qualified citizen.

    Have you been to a hospital emergency room lately??? Maybe you should stop by and have a look-see.

    Furthermore, yeah, they might have built my house, but my house is a piece of CRAP just like all of the other houses that have been built over the last 30 years or so. My father worked in construction his whole life and made a decent living. My brother is a painting contractor and has NEVER once hired anyone that even speaks Spanish, not because he’s prejudiced, but because he doesn’t NEED to. Americans can and WILL do all of those jobs, it’s just that the illegals get paid under the table and will work for much less, partly because their basic needs are being financed by the taxpayer. Would they be here if they couldn’t take their baby to the dr for free, get free food, housing assistance, etc? I think not…

    My parent’s owned a flower farm and nursery in Martin County for 25 years. Before the Central Americans started moving in, their primary employees were black women and THEY WORKED THEIR A**** OFF in nasty conditions all year round. The main supervisors were average, every-day white and black men and women who also worked their a**** off day, night, weekends when necessary…After the Guats started to arrive they hired a few, and they worked hard, but my mom was SCARED TO DEATH that their papers were fake. That was back in the days of the I9 forms and the threats of fines from the Feds were such that any business person who even had the SLIGHTEST suspicion over their papers wouldn’t hire them.

    Lastly, illegals ARE getting tax refunds. The Mexican government helps them through their consulates here and others get them because the IRS doesn’t know that they are not the person on the SS# when they submit the returns. The Sun Sentinel just had a huge article about the IRS giving out refunds nilly-willy without even so much as bothering to check whether it’s legit. Think some of those aren’t illegals with their SS fraud theft? Get your head out of the sand, proud one.

  • Sandman

    News just breaking, looks like the Florida house is not going to pass Hairodopolos’s and the senate RINO’s watered down immigration bill and this is the last day of this secession.

  • Florida Conservative Voter

    Adam Hasner is the only true Conservative in this race! Mike and George are RINO’S!

  • Robert

    They need to remember what happen to Charlie Crist, from Florida State Governor, now a ambulance chaser for morgan & morgan law firm. Just because we elected them doesn’t mean its etched in stone.

  • Tom Sullivan

    There are many villians protecting illegal aliens. Hispanic lawmakers apparently cannot ever be trusted to vote for Americans first. However, IMHO what really killed a good strong bill controlling jobs for illegals was the Chamber of Commerce. Send your local Chamber a strong message. Stop working against American workers.

  • anonymous

    leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave #8 tustin ca 92780 submitted fake documents and paid 5000 dollars to obtain a US tourist visa. she also submitted fake employment records to obtain a work visa. she is now applying for citizenship.

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