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**UPDATE-Andrew Breitbart Gives His 2012 ‘Dream Ticket’

by Javier Manjarres

Conservative New Media Mogul and every liberals’ worst nightmare Andrew Breitbart took a few minutes (46 minutes, actually) to discuss what’s new and and what’s his take on topics ranging from the 2012 Presidential election, the “Mainstream” Media, and the disservice the media is doing to the Latino community by painting Republicans/Conservatives as ‘anti-hispanic’. In Part I of the interview, Breitbart spells out what type of Presidential candidate he would like to see run against President Obama.  Breitbart then starts dropping names of his ‘favorites’ that he would like to see run. Breitbart’s “Dream Ticket” for 2012 would feature Congressman Allen West and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  Breitbart also mentions other candidates that he “deeply admires” in the “Tea Party Era”, including Herman Cain and Senator Marco Rubio.

 **Update – I spoke to Andrew Breitbart earlier today and he mentioned to me  that he did not mean to leave out Governor Sarah Palin from his list of favorites.Breitbart has the utmost respect for her, and considers her a great potential Presidential candidate as well.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • GenEarly

    Allen West at least needs to be the next US Senator from Florida; but POTUS is just fine with me!

  • MrTeaParty

    The best career move and thing for Florida is for West to run for Florida Senator. However, I think a Trump/West Ticket would also be great.

  • Art

    I couldn’t agree more. Allen West makes me proud to be from Florida and i cant think of another person better suited to be pres.

  • Whats_Up

    I am ALL for Allen West AND Michele Bachmann – both “whipper-snappers, IMO. West would fair better though because the MSM has NO idea how to undermine or attack him …and they are scared to death of him. Bachmann …they’ve been attacking and would just do to her what they did to Sarah Palin.

    OPEN LETTER to Lt. Col. Allen West
    Sir, I know you’ve stated you are not running for President in so many words. But YOU have now taken the OATH to this country twice. You may need to step up to the plate and RUN, sir.

  • sportymom

    Javier Manjares, I don’t know you but you are right on the money with your questions, interviews and commentaries! Sharktank is quickly becoming one of my top political “go to” commentaries and I’m happy to pass them on to others. I hope your readership is growing by leaps and bounds! Thanks to Andrew Breitbart for agreeing with me! 😉

    I think people are focusing so much on “who can beat Obama”, that they are losing sight of the fact that it takes someone with the courage to stand up to the party in power and even more courage to do the right thing even when it means voting against the bills your own party puts forward!


  • Joy

    Odd, speaking of the “Tea Party Era,” Andrew, what about its founding figurehead, Sarah Palin? Why no mention of her? – and you, too, Shark Tank! She’s the obvious elephant in the living room (good GOP allusion, too, BTW); and when she announces (sometime in June, it’s rumored), she’ll suck all the air out of the room – and everyone else’s balloon as well! Shes THE most serious candidate of all the GOP hopefuls – and her millions of supporters, organizing in every state in the union as we speak, will burst upon the scene when she announces – “shock & awe” time, folks – and drive the momentum from the get-go. As much as I admire Bachmann, Palin is the leader in that two-horse race – and everyone knows it. Rubio needs to build his base in the Senate and West in the House (and, BTW, the press will totally savage West – particularly the incident that earned him a[n honorable] discharge). They’ll try to blow it up (excuse the pun) like the MSM did back in the day when LBJ’s campaign featured the A-bomb.

  • Lightweight

    Michelle Bachman waited more than 2 years and after 2 books are hitting the market to start waving her birth certificate,she is a political mercenary.

    Herman Cain is for the Federal Reserve. I thought the Constitution was an issue?

    Marco Rubio on immigration is for fixing the law rather than enforcing it,this is code for Amnesty. He has endorsed Obama’s over throwing Kadaffi. There have never been reports of Kadaffi oppressing his people until the bombing started.Any terrorist attacks he has been behind we learned about from investigations;Kadaffi is not good,but he is not a Saddam Hussien type of dictator. Over throwing Kadaffi is the policy of Iran’s Musslim Brotherhood.

    Keep puffing the gop and we will go around this circle again.

  • Lisa

    Bachman for Pres. West for VP. Trump Presidential Advisor. Oh yea!!

  • Jeannie

    I certainly would love to see Allen West as President, and that is my goal for in the near future! However, I rather see Michelle Bachmann stay in the House, or go to the Senate. I much rather see an Allen West / Scott Walker ticket.

    But right now, I certainly would not mind a Donald Trump / Allen West ticket!

  • Sandman

    People please stop falling into the Trump sand trap. First of all, would he really turn the reigns of his business empire over to someone else while he is president?

    Trump is a narcissus who if given enough support, will run as an independent after losing the Republican nomination giving a clear path to 4 more years of Obama. Which in turn, would set this country back another 50 years and just may bankrupt the United States of America.

    Trump donated money to the likes of Schmuck Shumer, Anthony little Wiener, and Harry Reid last year. Stop with this crap that he is all of a sudden a conservative already!

  • Sharon


    You are right on! Trump supported Hillary in 2008, including her socialized medicine plan. (If you look at his page for health care, it says he is a liberal on health care and that he supports universal health care.) He still touts the Clintons a lot, even though he is supposedly conservative now. He has said in the past he supports an assault weapons ban… that he supports a longer waiting period to buy a gun… that the economy does better under dems than republicans.

    He is NOT a conservative. He has never been a conservative. He has openly talked about running independent if he doesn’t win, which would hand the dem candidate the election on a plate. He supported Harry Reid in the 2010 election!!! People need to open their eyes.

    Absolutely YES to Allen West. Let’s draft him. But, no to Donald Trump!!

  • Joy richards

    Anybody who would want a ticket like that must be a Democrat on the Obama payroll.Daniels/Petraeus, only two men that come to mind brilliant enought to save our country. Draft Daniels and beg Petraues.

  • john marzan

    where can i get the audio for the entire interview? any podcast link here?

    • Javier Manjarres

      @john marzan I will be posting the rest of the audio withinthe next couple of days

  • Richard L Sharp

    I want a person who builds concrete and steel. I want a world negotiator standing toe to toe not blinking, not bowing and not cow-towing to negative ears. I want America protected, competitive, promoted and celebrated. I want unquestioned loyalty to the Constitution and to God.

    I want Donald Trump and Allen West to be my President and Vice President of these United States of America.

  • Buck

    Cain is NOT for the federal reserve. Do your reasearch and quit taking sound bytes and making up lies.
    Check Cain’s youtube on his website about the truth on federal reserve.
    Cain is the only one with commons sense and will put God and the Constitution first.

    How are the politicians working out for you?

  • Miriam

    Donald Trump with Palin, West, or Bachmann!!!!

  • Ellen Cole

    That’s my dream ticket too….Two people who demonstrate American exceptionalism, who will protect America and who can be trusted without a doubt! Great suggestion!

    Allen West/Michele Bachmann

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  • joe

    there’s a very real chance that trump is a plant by the dems. i put nothing past them. trump comes out and loudly draws off enough of the loosie-goosie types that love that brash talkin, shoot from the hip style, then declares “it’s official, i think i can win it all” and runs as an independent. later on, he puts his foot in his mouth, ala perot, fades, but still sucks off the winning margin, and what do you know, obama 2012. don’t forget, for the libs, the end justifies the means every time. same with allen west, chris christie and some of the others, like rubio. i love them, but really, they just got here, let them develope before we shove them out there to be kneecapped by the media.

    for my money, it’s palin, though too many squishy conservatives have bought the “unelectable” meme that the media has created, and the elite republicans fear and despise her, just like the did RR.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    I absolutely, totally agree with Joe here. Trump is an Obama plant. Michelle Bachmann will draw money from the TEA Party and then switch to Romney. I am all for Sarah Palin and wouldn’t mind Allen West in some position with her.

    I’m surprised at Andrew Breitbart, who I totally respect. But it is Palin all the way.

  • the snadman

    Id love to see that ticket. Id like to see Barak Insane try top demonize Alan West. Col West would put that punk to complete shame.. Has anyone seen that UTube video with Col West telling those media cretins about Islam? The audience loved it. His fellow panelsits, all academics and media types, look scared out of there wits that West would dare to expose Islams violent history. That alone makes Alan West far more qualified than Barak Insane ever will be.

  • TaterSalad
  • Samwise

    Allen West is THE MAN!!! He has the biggest pair of you-know-whats, and he is not afraid to tell it like it is! This country needs someone like that. Ironically, one of the only other conservatives with a big a pair as West is Bachmann.

    But how great would it be to see a West/Cain ticket in 2012 or 2016?

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  • Edna

    I’d vote for Allen West for President in a heartbeat. Bachmann does have potential as a VP. Not sure yet about Trump. I lived in NY when he claimed bankruptcy after his divorce of Ivana. Shortly, thereafter, he was a millionaire again. He just didn’t want to share his wealth with his ex. Deceitful , underhanded? You bet! But, he is taking the debate to another level that needs to be addressed, and that is Obama’s eligibility. The GOP wimped out on this issue. We need to forget the established politicians, like Rubio, for example , who supports the Columbia Free trade agreement and is pushing for it. That’s how it starts. We do not need open borders. He is also chums and supports Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chairman of ICLEI who is pushing for the United Nations Agenda 21. Ruvin is quoted as saying “Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective,” and Rubio has supported this man in the past. Forget Hucklebee, Newt and all the other rinos. We need to pick a true conservative that is not afraid to speak up and take the bull by the horns, and not someone that the media picks for us.

    While we are at it, we also need to elect Col. Mike McCalister for the US Senate in 2012 and get rid of Bill Nelson. This man is despicable.

  • Jake Chicago

    The best GOP candidate right now is Paul Ryan. Smart, tough, unafraid. And he has an actual platform to run on. Halley Barbour would be an ideal VP fo him; an effective governor with enough pull to get the whole party united behind the ticket. Allen West: Sec of State; Sarah Palin: Sec of Interior; Michelle Bachmann: Speaker of the House, David Patreus: Sec. of Defense, Marco Rubio: Majority Leader, POTUS 2020.

  • Max

    Allen West and Michele Bachmann are truly American patriots and would certainly figure greatly in the next administration, but we need a leader who already has a Constitutional game plan for going forward and will hit the ground running. We have no time to wait for our next President to learn the job. The only man for this job, who I have been following for five years, is Iowa Representative, Steve King. I can’t be sure, but I think Congresswoman Bachmann would agree that he would be the absolute best choice. Check him out.

  • Dean Schneider

    Its good to see others in here who see Marco Rubio for what he really is. He did nothing for Floridians when he was house speaker, refused to send any bills thru on immigration reform and blamed others for it. Yet you have fox news constantly
    tell us he’s a rising star in the party, a vice president natural.
    If I wanted open borders Marco Rubio be the one to vote for

  • BigArch

    As much as I respect Allen West he is needed in the house to give some backbone to those slightly right leaders. Rubio is weak on immigration. Herman Cain speaks well but for the next POTUSA it’s SARAH PALIN with Michelle Bachmann as VP.

  • ton

    Ron Paul will fight the good fight one more time around. He wins and we all win if he’s in the mix. He’ll keep waking people up, hopefully before its to late.

  • Trish

    It is so exciting to see Andrew’s dream ticket. I have been telling anyone who would listen that my dream ticket has been Alan West POTUS/ Bachmann VP. I would say Bachmann for the #1 postion, however West is best for that slot. We need a warrior, and he would invalidate the race card. I believe African Americans would come to his side in considerable numbers. What a great role model for ALL Americans. As for the experience issue, I believe that the mold doesn’t apply this time. There has been such a shift in all conditions in this nation that his warrior background would suffice. I pray that he will accept the responsibility to run. I have met Michele personally, and she is a heroine to me. If we get this ticket, I believe it will literally be answered prayer.

  • Steve

    So fast to toss Palin under the bus are you?What happened you believe the LSM montra being circulated by the GOP establishment and lefties that she is unelectable?How fast all of you forget who has constantly fought this administration from day one.From death pannels to Drill Brazil Drill Palin has being there sticking her neck out for conservatives.Only to be rewarded in the end by people like you running your bus tires over here body.Again she goes into the heat of the political fight in Madison and your looking at polls thinking she is done.Well heres a poll for you – Gulianni in September 2007 42% Romney 22% McCain 20%.You guys should know by now how biased an unaccurate these liberal run live interview survey polls are by now.Ask president Hillary,Romney or Julianni how much they mean this early?

  • Steve

    Please forgive my lousy spelling.

  • Ed

    All that being said, I’m sticking with Herman Cain. Also smart, successful, honest, plainspoken, truly conservative, and no baggage. (Is a “dark horse” anything like an underdog? Either way, this one has a record of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in the real world. Works for me…)

    Remember in November!

  • Jeff

    I agree 1000%. West and Bachmann in any form, with either at the top, would be the absolute best ticket possible for the GOP. In fact I was thinking that very same thing myself before he announced it.

    But of course, if that is the case, then the entrenched old guard (that ruined the party already) will never let it happen.

    But at least we can always dream of what could’ve been.

  • TSA

    hey as long as they get elected i don’t really care who it is that is a conservative.

    …and as long as they nominate Ann Coulter for Supreme Court! lol.

  • Sophie

    I am for Sarah all the way and organizing for her!! She has the most experience of all of these people and has been an executive dealing with budgets!! None of the above have. Donald Trump is looking for publicity. He was a Democrat before he is now a supposed Conservative. He was for abortion before he wasn’t for it. He has given heavily to many Democrat politicians. Don’t trust him.
    Sarah is the Candidate. She has so many millions of people already organizing for her. Do and of these others?? All of them would make fine VP’s though or Cabinet members!!

  • NottheBossofMe

    People, stop it with the Trump worship please. Yes, he’s a real man, but historically, he has always supported Leftists – real nasty ones too. Plus, he’s for socialized medicine. Besides, we’ve got to stop this unholy alliance between Democrats and big business and big labor, not encourage it. Trump can always advise vis a vis China – he doesn’t have to be President to serve his country. If you like Businessmen [and I do] with gonads, try Herman Cain, a solid Conservative who isn’t afraid to humiliate Obama. Allen West, Marco Rubio, even Paul Ryan [Ryan rattles Obama’s cage pretty easily; it’s quite hilarious]. And No chicks. A chick, no matter who it is [unless Thatcher returns] can beat Obama. And I’m a gal myself so don’t jump on me about it.

  • Donald

    WEST – BACHMANN in whichever order you want to put their names! Sounds like a real winner.

  • OKAY

    Breitbart named three people that in my opinion would be the best candidates in any order they’re on the ticket. Allen West, Michelle Bachman, and Herman Cain. Don’t think we could go wrong with any combination of those three. I like/respect Trump as a businessman, etc. but I don’t think he would make the best president. I believe in the long run, he would start making decisions that would be the most beneficial for him. He’s a person that likes to win so if he put forth something the public did not like, I think he’d go for the win rather than what’s best. He’s only conservative up to a point. I just hope he doesn’t run as an Independent because he will siphon votes from the Repub candidate and there will be another Ross Perot moment. Having third party candidates in the mix never bodes well for Repubs. I’ve always liked Sarah Palin but she has been so demonized by the left that I’m not sure she can get the votes she needs. There’s too many RINO’s in the bushes that would help the left take her down. That’s why I named Bachman. She isn’t a favorite of the left either but she’s in a position to know things that are going on in the government that we don’t and she’s not afraid to put the info out to us. She’s somewhat laid back and people tend to underestimate her but when she feels something is wrong/right, she can hang with the best of them. There’s a reason the media try to portray her as a airhead and that’s because they consider her a threat . The media keeps saying that Repubs don’t have anybody of interest that could run. I think the opposite. We have many good people who could run but it’s a matter of who best among those can pull in the Independent and hispanic vote. The biggest problem on a candidate is keeping the old guard from nominating a candidate such as McCain. They never go for the conservative candidate but more so for a moderate. All you hear from them is Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, and a couple of other people that I would have to hold my nose to vote for because I don’t like any of them. These are the people the media is pushing too because they know they will be the least competition for “The Won.”

  • matt aronson

    hey, let’s get real! republicans need a known leader to unseat obama; mitt romney is the most experienced figure with a sound conservative position; whether he can build a solid constituency reamins to be seen.

  • 1776Liberal

    The political hacks in the military would not be happy if LTC West came anywhere close to the WH. However, the true military patriots would appreciate a leader who knows what it means to “have their back.”

  • Tim4987

    Sarah Palin/…………

    Impressive record of accomplishment
    Executive experience.
    Very effective mayor and Governor.
    Took on the old-boy network in Alaska — the oil companies and her own party — and won.
    Has a backbone of steel
    She is showing leadership and courage.
    Walk the talk.

    For the past two years Sarah Palin has worked tirelessly to fight Obama’s policies and elect conservatives; she is #1 in the fight!

  • pete

    Like Obama, can Marco Rubio prove that he’s a natural born citizen? Let’s not get carried away until he’s fully vetted.

  • AI

    Thanks for the great interview…love it! We have several great conservatives from whom to choose for 2012, but West is at the top of my list as well! I was actually not surprised to hear West say he would seriously consider running as Trump’s VP when interviewed by Newsmax at the Boca Raton Tea Party this past Saturday. West is no dummy. He knows it will take a lot more than just the love of conservatives in order for a candidate to bring down Obama in 2012…if running, West would need to be on a ticket with huge name recognition and mountains of money, and he would surely have that with Trump. West said if Trump is really serious about running, then he would seriously considering running as his VP, if asked.

    If Trump runs, he would be in it to win it, and we could soon see our man Allen just a heartbeat away from the Presidency! Before you all jump all over me, yes, I know Trump is no dyed-in-the-wool conservative in all things, and he does not pretend to be. If Trump is good enough for Allen West to say he would seriously consider being his running mate, that means a lot to me. Enough of the career politicians and Washington insiders. In 2012, let’s keep the House, take back the Senate (very important) and make sure whomever we put in the White House and as VP are American patriots who would put America first and not take any mess from other countries. Enough of the wimps who are afraid of their own shadows, let’s put some real men in charge! GO WEST!

  • peggman

    No woman can win potus people. Sexism is way too strong. I do concur on the trump may be a plant thing we shall see. If he isnt then i am down with trump/west.

  • Felicia

    I would be all for a West-Bachmann ticket. I think they’re both great. Rubio would be a VP great pick as well.