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Should Rubio Join the Senate Tea Party Caucus?

by Javier Manjarres

There is considerable speculation in Tea Party circles and throughout the blogosphere regarding whether or not Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) will join the newly formed Senate Tea Party Caucus. Many Tea Party leaders are wondering out loud whether or not Rubio will join his staunch ally and mentor Senator Jim DeMint, who has joined the caucus along with fellow Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT).  Rubio has released a statement from his office regarding the matter, and coupled with the fact that he did not immediately sign on to the Senate Tea Party Caucus, chatter is growing that Senator Rubio is already distancing himself from the very movement that helped him get elected.

There’s no doubt that Rubio needs to be held accountable for the principles and positions he advocated on the campaign trail, but does it necessarily follow that Rubio should immediately join the “Tea Party” Caucus in the Senate?  Having closely followed Rubio and the campaign from its beginnings, Rubio is both cognizant and grateful of the support he received early on from the Tea Party movement which ultimately led to his victory.  In fact, Rubio was labeled a “Tea Party” candidate early in his campaign because of the numerous rallies that he attended, not to mention that he ran a bare-bones campaign across the state for much of the election cycle.  Time and again, Rubio’s emotion-filled speeches on the stump strongly resonated and aligned with the Tea Party’s shared principles.  Along his road to victory, Rubio made many promises and assurances to voters about how he would vote if elected to the U.S. Senate- but does that mean Rubio should immediately dive head first into the Senate Tea Party Caucus?

As of this moment, the Senate Tea Party Caucus has no clearly defined platform, and it is not expected to have the same power and influence like the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives led by Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.  It should also be noted that Senators already have wide discretion and individual authority to stop legislation on their own, and there may not be any real need to form a caucus since they each have the ability to filibuster and stop movement on legislation.

So before folks go flying off the rails as to whether or not Rubio or any other Senator for that matter should join the Senate Tea Party Caucus, the jury remains out not only on what the Caucus stands for, but also what specific budgetary recommendations and cuts it would call for, as well as what clear functional purpose it would serve in the Senate.  And if it serves no functional purpose, the Senate Tea Party Caucus has been formed for primarily a public relations purpose– to issue periodic statements to the press that perhaps might have more weight than had each Senator made the same statement on their own.  If that’s the case, then perhaps the Senate Tea Party Caucus is not necessary and extraneous not only to the legislative process, but also to advancing the principles that the Tea Party (as well as we here at the Shark Tank) hold dear.

Let’s not forget that the Tea Party started out simply as a  ‘movement’ of American citizens concerned with the direction the Obama Administration was taking the country. The movement’s identity was formed on when these same citizens took to street corners and to the steps of  federal buildings to demand that  their voices be heard.   The Tea Party’s broad sentiments have generally been resistant to the creation of additional organizational structures, and the movement is properly much more concerned about its preferred candidates’ adherence to the Constitution, commitment to fiscal responsibility, and advocacy of limited government.  Ultimately, this is what voters need to hold Rubio and other “Tea Party” candidates across the nation accountable for.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • http://SharkTank Barbara

    Yes Marco Rubio should join a Tea Party Caucus. The Tea Party is what put him in office. We all donated to his campaign and went to his rallies. I met Marco the first time in Dade City at the Women’s Club. Also attended his rally at the Halaluyah Land Acres Ranch. He was very inspiring. So please Marco go with the Tea Party.

  • http://SharkTank Barbara

    Yes Marco Rubio should join a Tea Party Caucus. The Tea Party is what put him in office. We all donated to his campaign and went to his rallies. I met Marco the first time in Dade City at the Women’s Club. Also attended his rally at the Halaluyah Land Acres Ranch. He was very inspiring. So please Marco go with the Tea Party.

  • commentator

    Javier, Marco is a flip flopper and traitor to the Tea Party, using the grassroots organization to raise money and get support, but then leaving them because he never believed in them in the first place.

    The man is a political bitch, using whoever he can to get ahead.

    Politics is like a ladder to Marco, climbing on top of people to get to the top.



  • Nelson

    Senator Rubio should be aware that we the people that contributed to his victory are looking forward to his JOINING OF THE TEA PARTY CAUCUS.

  • Miriam

    I don’t believe that Senator Rubio is a flip flopper. However, I must say that he should be serious considering joining the “Tea Party Caucus”. I hope he will take a time to see my comments.

  • Casual Observer

    Who was on the stage with Marco on election night?
    DeMint was not even mentioned by Marco that I can recall.

    The only question I have is just how far brother Jeb’s strings, or tentacles, reach? I believe brother Jeb would never have propelled anyone forward who he had not absolutely vetted completely on Amnesty and the whole “illegal Alien” issue. It has been, after all, a family cause for quite some time and also awkwardly for Marco a Tea Party cause. The fact that Marco is still straddling the fence regarding that loathsome Tea Party affiliation tells the tale. The elites of the ruling class would not approve of such a betrayal.

  • Cherieo

    IF there is a Senate Tea Party movement and they are ready and willing to take on the R.I.N.O. Senators and the Liberal ones; then YES, Marco SHOULD join in their efforts. The Tea Party Patriots are who got the House majority and it will also need the TPP go gain control of the Senate in 2012.
    We CAN NOT STOP just now since we got control of the House…we also must gain control of the Senate AND the White House. It will take all 3 to repair the damage that has been done by that Liberal/Socialist gang in DC…

  • Doni

    Absolutely! I was one of the origional Marco supporters. I contributed to his campaign when most everyone said that Crist couldn’t be defeated. Crist was a RINO, a dirtbag, and a liar. I voted for Gallagher when Crist won the election in FL. That being said my vote for Rubio was easy. If this guy goes against his Tea Party roots and doesn’t follow through with his campaign promices to reform Washington, I have no problem with showing him the door as we did Charlie. To Marco I would say……”Do the right thing”. If you can’t vote to support the people that elected you then “take a hike” and we will vote you out of office at the next opportunity. We love you and trust that you will do the best for the people of FL.

  • Judith

    Join the Tea Party Caucus Marco, we donated,and voted for you on that platform. We expect no less of you. If your a flip flopper like they say we an vote you out. Don’t get too comfortable In Washington.

  • Flagler Supporter

    Name calling will not accomplish anything. I am sure all of us who heard and then supported Marco Rubio with our time , talent and treasure will be following his record in the Senate. If he walks the talk, he doesn’t need to “join” any “group”. His record will be enough proof for me.

  • Jan Barlow

    Not Necessarily! I got behind Marco ‘early’ on and donated almost every other month because he was a ‘breath of fresh air’ for me. I campaigned among my friends and anyone that would listen. It had NOTHING to do with the Tea Party.

    I’m not knocking the Tea Party in any way…..but it didn’t! If you like what Marco has to say, it shouldn’t matter! He’s the guy! What I don’t want is ‘anything’ to alienate him from any party (tea, republican, independent, democrat). Remember a large percentage of moderate Independent-registered voters helped us get him into office.

    I am expecting great things from him, to include a future Presidential candidate!

  • Patrick Castronovo

    Who cares? I’m part of the Tea party and I can care less about who form the Republican party joins the Tea Party Cacus or not. I’ll judge Marco on how he votes as a Senator then him joining the Tea Party Cacus. Relax people. LOL!!!

  • al

    marco had supported the Tenth ammendment to the constitution on states rights yet he never signed the pledge that many other candidates had signed. Now he has to think about joining the tea party caucus in the Senate. Sounds like more of the same bunch of none sense. Apparently he is part not of the tea party of the elitists in the Republican Party. I have no trust for Republicans but I do have trust for members of the Libertarian party who are the true siacal conservatives. Of course I trust Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

  • Florida Native

    Marco should join the Tea Party Caucus, as the views that he espoused while running for office are Tea Party all the way.

    Remember when Marco said he was going to introduce a bill in the state legislature that would eliminate property taxes and propose a 1% increase in the sales tax?

    Remember when Marco proudly proclaimed that most of the people that work for the Government can’t tell you what they do because they do nothing? If those beliefs aren’t Tea Party then I don’t know what is.

    On the other hand, remember how Marco has been accused of stopping immigration legislation in its tracks while Speaker? Remember the lukewarm, tenuous statement that he gave during the SB 1070 debate where he essentially accused the AZ police of being unable to perform their duties without racial profiling?

    That is the true Marco, I’m afraid. Deep down inside Marco is Mel Martinez the second. More Hispanic than American, more sympathetic to lawbreakers than to citizens, answers to certain special interest groups, mostly ethno-centric, and gives lip service to the rest of us. We trusted Mel and look where it got us.

    If Marco doesn’t join the Tea Party Caucus then you can rest assured that he planning a Presidential run in the future and is therefore going RINO all the way. Can’t let a little thing like a grassroots movement that got you elected in the first placeo get in the way of the big one… Shame, shame, shame.

  • honeygetoverit

    If the recent remarks by RINO Jeb Bush are any indication, he’d better if he prizes his political standing. If the GOP doesn’t disown Bush’s remarks soon, they will see themselves, once again, ousted from power by the good people of the Great Nation, mostly represented by the Tea Party.

  • Jose

    We knew Rubio would sell out. I bet that he will be for amnesty, and prove to many how much of a chump he is. We should have voted in Crist, at the veryleast we know what that idiot woould have done, becuase Rubio will prove to be a lier

  • Fran H.

    Rubio is linked to Rivera and they will both prove to be embarrassement to the Republican party. Rivera is a crook and a deceivving cheat whos trash is being taken out and Rubio will eventually be linked to him.

  • Jolyn Colon

    Senator Rubio should immediately join the Tea Party Caucus. Even if only symbolic at this point, it is important that he not distance himself from his base of support, because if he does, we will distance ourselves from him. I know six years is a long time, but time marches on, and in 2016, we will remember!

  • Marilyn

    Yes, Rubio should join the Tea Party Caucus. They helped elect him and he should join go with the group to strengthen them further. I’m so proud of my fellow Americans for their wise voting in Nov.

  • Jeff

    I don’t see any reason at all why he would not join a Tea Party caucus, he IS a Tea Party all by himself if you judge by his stances on issues. I do think it is strange he is deferring this decision, based on his campaign you’d think he’d be the first Senator to sign up. So I do begin to wonder.

    Even if a Senate Tea Party Caucus is not as powerful, necessary, or effectual as a House one, still it can’t hurt one bit. My wish is that the Tea Party Caucuses will supercede and then replace the GOP. Maybe in the future there can be a GOP Caucus in the Tea Party.

  • Jorge

    I don’t believe that Senator Rubio will cave in for Amnesty without getting our borders secure.
    Regarding the tea party caucus, I believe that he should be seriously considering joining Congresswoman Michel Bachman. Tea party groups contributed to his campaign and he is in Washington today thanks to many of us.

  • Elizabeth

    In my humble opinion, at the beginning Marco was for a free passage for illegal, I remember Javier and I speaking about our concern about a free passage to the illegal, and Javier got him on an interview. I strongly believe that Marco has learned and he will value the Tea Party movement. It is the force to be concern about it and many of us who are watching. Modern Slavery can not get a free passage, should be treated justices for all of those who are going by becoming citizens the right way.

  • Al

    Time will tell how close to the People Senator Rubio is and whether there will be a tea party caucus in the senate. So many like to refer to the tea party as if it is a well defined entity or party or, in the case of the senate, an ongoing well defined caucus. Today the house republicans had fun with the repeal of the healthcare bill. Now they need to get down to work and help us take back our government. Will they have the courage? the insight? Some may think the tea party will slowly go away – it will not. It will be back with fury in 2012. We still have Marxist, secular progressives running the senate and white house. Let’s hope the house holds together and stops the dificit spending with significant spending cuts. Some talk about a cut of $100B. That is no where near enough – even 500B isn’t enough. But the republs need to not only make the cuts but must be able to articulate the rationale for and impact of those cuts so that they can get the people behind them.

  • 2 If By SEA: Rhonda Lee

    Rubio never signed any pledges except the one which disallows his allegiance to any thing else…the Republican Party Pledge! Personhood Pledge- not, 10th Amendment pledge-not, 912 Pledge-not. I said then and I say now…regardless of what the people think the Tea party did or did not do for Rubio, he will vote the Establishment’s recommended agenda! He was a Lobbyist, a Lawyer and is a Politician…DC cronie? Very possibly the next McCain!

  • Mercy

    I must say that being of cuban heritage and a proud american citizen, I was delighted to hear Marco Rubio during his campaign speak about issues that were to my concern and many of you out there. I hope and pray that he sticks to the promises he made. I and many of the people I know will no longer tolerate politicians who continue to break their promise.. Just see what is happening with the Miami Dade County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez, we are expecting to have a special election in the month of March and kick his butt out for good. Le this be a lesson to politicians out there. We the people are tired of lies and we are taking action, we don’t care, is they are cuban, african american or as some like to say as white as show. People we must defend the greatness of this United States of America. There is no other place to go to.l

  • Luis R Vazquez

    Flagler: I agree with you.
    At the end it wiil be the way he conducts himself during his term.
    The Tea Party group was the one who put Scott Brown in the Senate and all he has done is to side with the Democrats in many important issues, yet I don’t hear any critics labeling him traitor.
    Could it be the NAME?

  • BillieUSA

    Senator Rubio should join the Tea Party caucus. He should stand with Senators DeMint and Paul. I get regular emails informing me about goings on from Senator DeMint, and from Congressman West (thank you to both), but I have yet to receive one from Senator Rubio. I wonder whether he has any intention of sticking with his supporters….

  • Dick Brady

    The Tea Party Caucus is exactly that. Members can cause great things to happen for the Tea Party movement. Yes, Marco should join.

  • Richard Costabile

    As a Tea Party member, I could care less if Marco Rubio joins the Tea Party caucus in congress. (I don’t think there should be two caucuses, house and senate). Neither Marco Rubio nor any other political leader empowers the Tea Party. The Tea Party, rightly so, empowers the political leadership. And the elected officials operate at their own risk should they ignore the Tea Party message.

    So, if I were Rubio, I’d consider joining for the specific purpose to listen… not to lead. I would think that I would take every opportunity to join groups that represent “We the People” whoever they are. I would not bring party politics to the caucuses.

  • Lightweight

    All you have to do is see his record in the State Senate and you can figure he got there now he doesnot have to do what he says until his next election and the do or say something that makes the sheep feel good and they will vote him in another term.

  • jstplayin

    Have you not all just read this article….He does not have to join a caucus. He is still connected to the Tea Party…just doesn’t have to mention it in every sentence or advertise it.
    He is the Senator now and he will do as he said he would.
    He is a man of his word. Ya all just stop yapping and observe what he will do for this great country.
    Continue to support the man you put in that position.

  • Terry

    I’m a little disappointed…and I’ve expressed that to Marco at

  • Vic Fryling

    The Tea Party stand for 3 primary beliefs in Small Government, Fiscal Reponsibility and Individual Liberty. If Rubio’s beliefs are consistent with these, he should stand together with other like-minded Senators in the Tea Party Caucus.

    If these are not his beliefs, then be has betrayed the trust of those who were his major supporters. Every time I got a request for a donation during difficult times of his campaign I contributed and supported him.

    I am now wondering whether he is in fact the Senator that I thought he was???

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  • Gabriel Carrera

    As I read the comments I see one or two knuckle heads with demeaning comments. Ignore them. I do see the majority in SUPPORT OF JOINING THE TP CAUCUS in the senate.

    I wish Marco would because that would show us he is not a Bushie. I understand that maybe something embarrassing could come out of the caucus and the media would hang it around Marco’s neck. That is a valuable argument but “WE THE PEOPLE” who put him in power (not the media) overwelming supports his joining.

    I pray and hold out that Marco does the right thing and join. He he does not I continue to support Marco!

  • grandmaof5

    If Mr Rubio was sincere about his grassroots, Constitutional conservatism he should definitely join. This would make a statement, not only to the Democrats, but to his constituents who voted for him expressly to represent their conservative values.

  • Frank

    Rubio does not need to join this Tea party caucus. He seems to be a man of his word, and i believe he will not dissappoint us in the Senate.

  • Barkley Henderson

    Marco should join the Senate Tea Party and write the rules . That is what I would do ! ! !

  • GenEarly

    Marco should affirm the Constitutional Conservatives and Jim DeMint (R) SC who helped put Marco in office by supporting him against the Republican Senatorial Committee’s selection of Charlie Crist before the primary vote. Jeb earlier supported Crist,despite his character flaws. Jeb is a Progressive and will support amnesty like his daddy and brother did. So Marco, What’s it to be? Your early supporters like DeMint or the progressive ladder?

  • Jason M

    I have to agree with my friend, Mr. Castronovo. We need to judge our elected officials by their voting record and their legislation, not by symbolic gestures which don’t add up to anything. If it’s an accurate statement that the Tea Party Caucus has no platform, then what good does Rubio joining it do? I can’t believe that some of his supporters are turning on him in less than a month, for THIS! Good grief…..

  • Robert Humker

    Yes Marco you should join the Tea Party Caucus.

  • FLConservative

    Let’s review the length of time Senator Rubio has been in office as our newly elected senator. If memory serves me, the swearing in took place on the 5th of January. Thursday and Friday were consumed with interviews by the media who were all too eager to begin their savage attacks. The Arizona shootings on the 8th resulted in the shut down of Congress for one week. We now experience the first full week of work by both houses, with the House voting on Obama Care repeal successfully just yesterday. I know we are all very anxious to get our lives back on a positive track, but already doubting the newly elected Senator after only five full days of being in office makes us appear as nasty as the libs. I personally have great faith in Marco and will continue to do so.

  • Pondeficator

    I realize Sen. Rubio has only been in office for a short time but joining the Tea Party Caucus should be a top priority since the Tea Party is the main reason he is our Senator. It would re enforce his committment to smaller government, lower taxes, spending cuts, a personal freedoms, in other words, The Constitution..

  • Sam

    Marco must join the teaparty. they got him into office and they will keep him in office if he can stay true to the promises he made and to the family that he holds dear.
    doing anything else would be betraying the one gentleman he has held so very dear.

  • Just another American

    At this point, whether Rubio joins the caucus is much to do about nothing. I think his actions, voice, votes, ethics and positioning himself to do the best job of reducing spending, size of goverment and representing the American people should be his focus. As a Tea Party member, I voted for him because his platform aliegned with with my values and thoughts on goverment and how things were going, not because he was backed by the Tea Party. We already have too many Party-line zombies. Let’s give the man a chance before we try and force him in the box we want him.

  • Mytwocents

    Yes, of course Marco should PROUDLY join the Tea Party Caucus. The three senators who already have really do “get” what so many of have finally realized … that BOTH parties have sold us out, trampled on and made a mockery of our Constitution, and put us in financial jeopardy with their reckless spending and zeal to increase the power and reach of the government.

    The Tea Party Caucus understands and recognizes what has happened and means to take bold action to reverse the course Congress has been on for more than 25 years. We need a Tea Party Caucus and Rubio needs to know that many of us will be extremely disappointed if he does not become a member of this fledgling group. One only has to reflect on how the Republican Party lent its collective hand to growing the government under Bush 2 to realize that, left to their own devices and without the Tea Party, the Republican Party would continue on the Big Government path.

    What we do not need is more Republican and Democrat, old guard, elites continuing to “herd us” in the direction that the Banksters dictate. Rand Paul, DeMint and Lee are true patriots and we shall if the same can be said about our newly elected Senator Marco Rubio.

  • oldtimer

    Do you all realize that a caucus decides by majority rule what position they will ALL take on an issue, and members have to pledge to vote with the majority? Bloc voting is what gives a caucus power.
    Maybe, just maybe, Marco is concerned about making that pledge to a group with no rules. I certainly would be.

  • Mytwocents

    oldtimer, Yep, I certainly do understand what a caucus does. The Tea Party is about reigning in the federal government and getting Congress to do no more than the Constitution calls for, which is considerably less than the massive government we now have. Rubio’s joining of this caucus would be, at the very least, an affirmation of the goals of the Tea Party. Your comment that Rubio may be “concerned about making a pledge to a group with no rules” is just bogus. If Rubio doesn’t join then he will, rightly, be perceived as having used the Tea Party to get elected …plain and simple and no amount of obfuscation regarding his intentions will be accepted.

  • oldtimer

    I understand what you are saying. But, with all respect, 3 Senators are not a Tea Party.
    We are loosely organized groups of people who support the Constitutional limits imposed on elected officials, and oppose ever bigger government swallowing our grand kids future. If the Congressional caucuses stick to fiscal issues we would likely agree with their positions. But if they get into national defense, or social issues, I am sure there would be those among the rank and file who hold different views.

    I know and respect Jim DeMint for his courage in standing up for what he believes. But Senator Paul is untested, and I am too much of a cynic to believe campaign rhetoric is reality. Maybe he will be as much a champion of liberty as his supporters want to believe he is, but that remains to be seen.
    He has no voting record to examine as Rubio & DeMint do. Under the circumstances, I am unwilling to throw Rubio under the bus for being cautious. In fact, I wish more elected officials took the time to think things through before acting: we might not be in the mess we are in if they did.

  • Rosemary

    I don’t care what caucus he joins. What I care about is HOW HE VOTES.

  • http://yahoo pat jackson

    yes, he should join the tea party caucus……her must remember, who got him where he is today……..the tea party is not going away and they are watching the candidates they supported very closely…….he COULD BE A ONE TERM SENATOR……….so watch it marco, remember from where you came and prove to us that you were not just another crooked politician in it for your own political gain…remember, you are under the microscope…….

  • Lee

    I voted for Senator Rubio, and I had faith in him then and faith in him now. It is my belief that he is wise to see what is going on with this group, before he makes his decision. The Senator is a very smart person, which is why we voted him in. I for one, like how he is not making his decision because of pressure from individuals or the press. Good job Senator.

  • Al

    I voted for Marco because of what he said he believed in and what he would do. I have no reason to doubt that he will, indeed, do what he can. I’ll stand by Sen Rubio until he shows me different. Words are easy (look at Pres Obama for that example) but deeds tell the tale.

  • PeteFL

    The piece by Mr. Manjarres is about as a lame piece I’ve read in a long time. Come’on If there are three members of the Senate Tea Party Cacus, one Jim Deminitt, and the other Rand Paul, both of whom he apparently respects, this is the ideal time to join and help them form their goals and plans for the future.

    We worked our ass off in Sarasota to help him get elected and if he is about to abandon his campaign verbage for political reasons we will find someone who does what he says he will do. Don’t know about you but I come from a farming area where your word is your bond – no two ways about it. If Marco wants our continued support,he will follow through on his campaign promises. I see no reason he should not join the like minded group and encourage their success.

  • http://n/a Orlando

    At the end of the day he should be judged by his record.
    Question. Is joining a group the record that we seek. If so how has the RINO party or Demorcratic Party been for this great country.

  • Dan

    NO, Because Marco was NEVER a TEA PARTY Candidate, the media labeled him a TEA PARTY favorite and there is a big difference. I expect him to align with S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham and Liberman for the 100 yr. middle east war instead of Jim DeMint. He’ll cut budgets if it doesn’t effect military spending or support of the Zionists. He is by the way a product of Jeb Bush and the Khazarians.’s-post-election-israel-trip-an-indication-of-higher-political-ambitions/

  • Mickey

    Yes. Marco should join the Tea Party. We are the people that got him elected.


    If Marco shows that he is a hard core Conservative and has a great voting record in the Senate by 2012 and Marco is the only candidate that can really beat Obama or help beat Obama as a V.P…. Are you really gonna give a SHIT if Marco joins the Tea party or not? Please…

  • Idania

    I admire Marco Rubio. He is a man of integrity. He will not turn his back to the very people that helped him get elected. I know he will make the right desicion when the time comes.


    If Rubio does not join it, he will be one term and out. Although I love Jeb Bush…A Bush is not a good one to be with after George.

    Marco…Get with the program that elected you and make it STRONGER.

  • Kim Baliey

    He owes his Political Life to the Tea Party. If He betrays the Tea Party and panders to Liberals then his political life will be short.





    Tea Party is currently searching for RINOS to expel from Congress.
    We Believe RINOS are extremely dangerous to America, Freedom and the US Constitution.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Well, the uninformed are already trying to take Marco down based only on speculation.

    Always remember that in the state of Florida we had 3 factions claiming to represent the “Tea Party”. It was rumored that one of them was a smoke screen set up by Alan Grayson (which was merely to deceive the voters and take away votes from the true conservatives. The second was taken over by Libertarians who are trying to take over the Republican Party, and who are only conservative in the fiscal issues, but claim to be “true conservatives”. The third actually represents true Conservative (fiscal, security and moral values), Republican values, and unless the Tea Party Caucus represents these views, Marco Rubio should not join. He should never lend his name to a group which could misinterpret what he actually stands for. If they truly represent the views on which he was elected, then by all means join!

  • Oscar Borras

    I voted for Marco Rubio because of what he stands for. If he joins the Tea Party caucus or not, it’s OK with me. He is a great conservative a-la Barry Goldwater, and I predict that he will be President of the U.S.A. someday.



  • David Tombs

    Hold on, did all you complainers elect Marco to join the Tea Party caucus or to stand for Tea Party principles? Please, judge him on the latter not the former. Who cares if he joins the caucus?

    • Javier Manjarres

      @David Tombs I completely agree. The Tea party is a movement- Marco is still part of this movement.

  • JR Reinke

    Absolutely YES! If he claims to represent middle American values: lower taxes, strong moral fiber, American exceptional-ism, etc. then the question is mute. He should already have joined.

  • Lou

    People, it doesn’t matter if he joins the Tea Party caucus or not, what matters is the he stand and fight for our conservative values

  • Ken

    Yes, do it. Do it now!!!

  • Robert G

    Yes, the tea party helped put him inh office !

  • Oghgul

    The TEA Party consists of not just Conservatives but also moderates and some Democrats. Marco would do well to remember that. If Marco was hiding behind a lie to get TEA Party support it may well cost him his political career. It the Republicans don’t aggressively pursue Conservative values this time around, there may be a new party developing, and you can be sure if that happens it will draw support from all directions.

  • Morin J

    A message for Marco Rubio:
    No question about it.
    While I am not a member of the Tea party I believe Marco owns it to the Tea Party and all of his constituents to join the Tea Party Cacus.

    He had the Tea party’s support. He has stated views that are 100% compatiable with the Tea party, He must not fall into the Washington trap or spell of the “old guard: whose sold out to big government conservatives and spend spend spend mentaility of DC. that got us to where we are.

    Join in Marco. I joined you, the Tea Party joined you, now its your turn!

  • Maria

    I believe, as Javier states, that the TP is a movement, an expressed sentiment of the American People who are fed up with the direction DC has been taking. IT IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE A THIRD PARTY, folks!! I firmly believe the ‘caucus’ bit is a mistake and can only lead to division, and Marco is right to stay away from defining himself in that way. AS LONG AS HIS VOTING RECORD REFLECTS THE SENTIMENTS THAT PUT HIM IN OFFICE, this voter will be totally pleased and happy to work tirelessly for his reelection! Lets cut out this caucus nonsense!

  • http://n/a Marianne Bartlett

    Marco should be cautious in making firm statements that are contrary to “We the people” who elected him. The popularity he enjoys today may not be permanent.

  • Gerald Ward

    Sen. Marco Rubio apparently does not realize that one only has one chance to create a favorable first impression. So far, he’s flunking the opportunity.

  • Flo

    Rubio is right. The Tea Party should not be his main concern even though we helped him win his seat. Cleaning up the garbage in DC should be his top priority.

  • Reb

    The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) so called “party” is nothing of the sort. It is a spontaneous group of Americans that needed very much to express their opinions and be heard. They protested in their own state or paid their way to be heard in Washington D. C., when politicians were “ramming down the throats” of the American people socialist/marxists ideas: Obama Care, Value Added tax and Global Warming idiocies.

    Just as when the SILENT MAJORITY said “silent no more” in the past, the TEA group is formed of many different citizens who all have one thing in common: To have the government respond to the will of the people. The government needs to become smaller, protect the citizens from foreign dangers and reduce taxation (which at this time is out-of-control arbitrarily and capriciously funding earmarks from croonies/special interests, in the trillions of dollars. Some within the TEA groups will try to gain power, prestige or promote their own interests.

    Marco Rubio needs to be true to his own principles, many of which are expressed by the TEA groups. He can, however, if he wants, continue to be an independent thinker.

  • Adam Bowen

    I gave money because I thought he was a conservative with integrity. His actions speak much louder than his considerable
    “I’m a proud immigrant living the American Dream” rhetoric, which is say anything to get elected, milk fund raising to pay off my huge debts, and get me into the Senate where I can spend a lifetime manipulating money…that’s the American Dream. Monkey see, Monkey do. Raise the debt ceiling so that I can get my Senatorial perks and earmarks to play with. two mailings this week begging for money. Look at me, a rising star. I’ll BE anything you want, just give me the money…Show Me The MONEY! I like big houses, cars, haircuts, and money, especially your money. SHOW ME THE MONEY and I’ll take care of Florida…see how conservative I am.

  • Adam Bowen

    There are a lot of politicians jumping on the Tea Party Bandwagon .
    (Curtain opens on the Tea Party gathering in Tallehasee with MARCO speaking:)
    MARCO: ..”See what a friend I am? What a big conservative I am.?”
    THE LORD: But, my son, your actions belie your words. Are you trying to fool the people?
    MARCO; That’s what gets you elected, LORD. The sheep believe what you tell ’em. They deserve what they get, and I’m gonna give it to them.

  • Nuff Said…
  • Lou

    Consevatist brothers and sisters stop the attacks, you are behaving like liberals. I’m a Tea Party Patriot and I don’t expect anything from Marco Rubio other than he continues to stand on the principals he ran on regardless of what Party or Caucus he joins. So far he is doing a good job. Let the man do his job!!!

  • may

    Remember the “hand” that has fed you Mr. Rubio. God giveth but God can taketh away!

  • may

    Let’s not assume all these comments are from “Conservatives”. There are trouble making trolls everywhere!

  • Sandy

    I agree with Senator Rubio. I am a member of the Tea Party — it started with the grass roots (we the peopel, remember) and should remain that way.

  • gatormom3

    Marco not only needs to join the Tea Party Caucus, he needs to directing it! Marco is the face of the Tea Party Movement in Florida and he needs to be the face in Washington. Should the Republicans fail to follow through on the mandate they were given in November, it will be up to Marco and the new Tea Party Republicans to take over and shape the new party. Setting himself up as a Tea Party Caucus leader puts him in position to do so!

  • Toni in Florida

    Marco Rubio would have been elected anyway, he was the favorite by all the polls when the Tea Party jumped on his coat tails.

    He is correct to focus on Florida’s many problems for which he was elected to help solve and is gaining popularity by us Independent Floridian voters for his grasp on the political nonsense.


    I just finished a letter to that coward two faced Marco Rubio, If it werent for the tea party people in florida he would have never made it..we organized fund raisers gave out his literature ,went to polling places to campained for him ,precinct walks ect. I did it all. and now he turns his back on us and sen.Demint..I am so disgusted by this guy you have no Idea.
    We have had seveal meeting already about this guy and we will not back him again. In fact we will campain for anybody that runs against him

  • LMW6

    It is not necessary for Marco to join the Tea Party Caucus; what is necessary is for him to continue to follow the platform he campaigned on; to stand strong for what the Tea Party represents as well as those who are not members of any local or national organization of the Tea Party.

    A third party is not what this country needs. It needs Conservative representation in DC; representation that is not afraid of standing against party – whether that be Republican, Democrat or Tea – to do what is right and good for ALL the people of these United States.

    When the Tea Party insists that elected folks HAVE to caucus with the Tea Party, then we are no better than the extreme left groups that insist on all the things they insist on

    Stand Strong Marco. Do what YOU think is best and we will re-elect you.

  • Roberto Oms

    I think is a decision that is up to Marco if it bene if it benefits the country that he joins ok but is something his got to decide on his own it mite not . His got to do what its best for the country and remember Marco Rubio will be President .

  • Roberto Oms

    I think is a decision that is up to Marco if it benefits the country that he joins ok, but is something his got to decide on his own, it mite not be the best for this country and it mite be. His got to do what its best for the country and remember Marco Rubio will be President .

  • peter mercurio

    i was pro mario from the onset of his campaign because he sounded ultra conservative,and if he is going to fulfill his campaign promises he should join the tea party caucus if not we have been duped once again.he campaigned on “his moral ethics and fiscal responsibility [same as tea party] and we the voters expect him to follow through.

  • Paul

    Apparently Rubio believes that a display of Teq Party convictions is not in his political interest and that our memories will not reach to 2016.

    Rubio’s failure should move us to greater vigelance.

  • Dave

    Rubio used the Tea Party to get elected – he is part of the Dark Side of The Other Force. The only thing you can count on him for is to push for treaties to give American Jobs away and to push to bring in more Foreign Workers.

  • Rose Marie

    Let us hope and pray the label “rock star” doesn’t turn out to be like the current “rock star” who now occupies the WH. Every word Obama uttered turned out to be for “votes only”. We still aren’t clear as to what his intentions are for our country. They certainly don’t fall in line with mine. Before we label Marco “rock star” of the Republican party, let’s be sure he isn’t a Charlie Crist clone. Why not investigate the established Republican party in Florida to see if there is any corruption that might need a correctgion before the next election cycle. The Charlie Crist syndrome might just be in the drinking water in Florida and it that’s the case, people of Florida lose.

  • Isabel

    Yes, Marco join the Tea Party! . You are anative american with cuban parents. Native of a country is where you were born. You were born in this Great Country: USA. Your parent are naturalized americans like me. They came to this country LEGALLY” you were born here “LEGALLY”. You have your birth certificate available. Love you, Marco! Never change your principles for anything! GOD Bless the USA!!!

  • Isabel

    Maria: I agree with you: Only one republican party. But the Tea Party is a conservatist movement to press the republicans to support our Constitution. Let the communists=socialists=liberals=radical musulims and “useful fools” to have all parties they want. Republicans cannot be divided by anyone as Ross Pero did. Thank you!!!

  • Billy Akerman

    Rubio was never the TEA Party candidtate. He was never vetted by any of the Tea Party chapters in Florida. The media (with Sean Hannity kissing his ass the most) dubbed him the man and the sheeple fell for it. Alexander Snitker was the only true conservative candidate in the race but the three stooges (rubio, Crist, and Meeks) were afraid of him and kept him out of the debate because of the knowledge and common sense Snitker possessed.

    As for the TEA Party Caucus being formed is a whole other story. These clowns should be balancing the budget, limiting the size of government, and making sure to not raise the debt ceiling.

  • Paula

    If Senator Rubio embraces the principles of the Tea Party then he should join the caucus. If he does not embrace the principles of the Tea Party and demonstrates thus by not joining then he will not be my candidate. Candidates who demonstrate loyalty to Fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government and Free market principles will get my money and my vote.