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Obama’s Unilateral Concessions to Cuba Panned By Rivera, Ros-Lehtinen

The Obama Administration’s announcement that it would ease travel restrictions to Cuba was met by strong criticism by two members of South Florida’s Congressional Delegation.  Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18) issued the following statement to the media regarding today’s announcement by the Obama Administration to ease regulations on travel and remittances to Cuba:

“Loosening these regulations will not help foster a pro-democracy environment in Cuba. These changes will not aid in ushering in respect for human rights. And they certainly will not help the Cuban people free themselves from the tyranny that engulfs them.  These changes undermine U.S. foreign policy and security objectives and will bring economic benefits to the Cuban regime.”

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) also issued a statement regarding the policy change:

“This loosening of regulations is a unilateral concession that does nothing to solve the fundamental problems on the island.  Instead of seeking change and improvements from the Cuban dictatorship in regards to human rights and free and open democratic elections before entering into any kind of compromise, this policy sends a message that the Cuban dictatorship does not have to improve before being rewarded by the United States. “This policy will not lead to a better quality of life for the Cuban people or help grant them the freedoms that they so desperately need and want, it only serves to enrich the Cuban dictatorship.”

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  • gabe covarrubias


    I think it’s time to stop citing Rivera on anything. Rivera and his corrupt crew are going down.

  • Lightweight

    Rivera and Rubio don’t want America money going to Cuba because this would prevent a Cuba exodus to the Florida Shores for Amnesty.

  • Coco The Blowfish

    @Lightweight: Publix has a sale on aluminum foil. Stock up, you need to have enough for your hats.

  • Coco The Blowfish

    Today Obama is easing travel restrictions to Cuba, soon to come it’s easing travel restrictions to Iran and Libya. Just know, that these new regulations were drawn up by the Obama administration LAST summer. This should be renamed “MONEY FOR CASTRO” program. These idiots actually believe the money would go to the people instead to Castro and his communist nomenclature. Remember Iraq’s “OIL FOR FOOD” program? Yeah, that worked quite well, didn’t it?

    Also look who are the only Americans allowed to go to Cuba under these new conditions: “American students and religious and cultural groups” so allow me to rephrase this: progressive student, religious and “cultural” groups! Hey college students, you can now earn credits for your Marxism 101 class live, while visiting the homeland of one of your ideological heroes: Comrade Castro!

    Incidentally, the White House released these news late Friday night.. when most people are asleep.. weekend begins and most are not as focused on the news as they would have been during the week.. BECAUSE THE WH KNOWS IT TO BE THE WRONG DECISION TO FURTHER TICK OFF AMERICA!

    Hey, but then this will make it easier for all of us to travel to Cuba for their wonderful and free healthcare system.

    if this was indeed about helping the Cuban people, the White House would have removed the ban on the Cuban cigars instead of extending it last September. Saint Luis Rey Regios !

  • Rosie

    but does anyone think that this would really make a difference? people travel to Cuba ALL the time right now. who cares if they make it easier? Have you been to Cuba lately? I went 12 yrs ago, because I was born here and wanted to see where my family came from. It is not a place where tourists will be wanting to go. Most of the people who will go if they ease the restrictions are the same people that go now, people who have family there. as for students being able to travel there, I think it would be a GREAT lesson for them to see what communism has done to Cuba, and please don’t comment on the healthcare unless you have had to visit a hospital in Cuba. (be ready to bring your own supplies) I think Obama should change the law so that cubans have to go through the same immigration process as everyone else. The cubans that come now are not coming due to political persecution.

  • Miriam

    I’m wondering where is Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart on this subject.