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Democrat Joe Garcia- ‘Master of Puppets’ in a GOP Primary?

by Javier Manjarres

Rumors of Democrat Party infiltration into the Republican Party, as well as collusion between supposed Republican candidates and the Democrats have been travelling throughout the political undercurrents of the 2010 election cycle. Unfortunately, this collusion between Democrats and Republicans— or perhaps more accurately the betrayal of the Republican party— could very well be in play here in South Florida.

In Florida’s Congressional District 25 GOP primary race between David Rivera, Paul Crespo and Marili Cancio, these rumors have been especially rampant over that past several months. The Shark Tank has honed its fin on this race and has brought to light some interesting and somewhat disturbing associations between Republican candidate Marili Cancio, and the Democrat candidate in that same race, Joe Garcia.

There appears to be a clear link between Cancio and several individuals who have involvement or had involvement with Mr. Garcia.  So far, this is what we have found:

According to Cancio’s most recent FEC report, Caiman Strategies was paid $8850 in consulting/managing  fees by the campaign. Caiman Strategies is owned by Roberto (Bobby) Sanchez of Miami, Florida who is also employed by Balsera Communications, Inc., of Coral Gables, Florida. Balsera Communications is owned by Alfredo Balsera, who is a friend and supporter of Joe Garcia.

Jeff Garcia (no relation to Joe Garcia) is Joe Garcia’s campaign manager and a partner of Balsera Communications.Garcia has worked with organizations such as the infamous SEIU and The Human Rights Campaign and was elected the youngest Hispanic delegate during the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Remember that Roberto Sanchez, who is Cancio’s consultant, is also employed by Balsera Communications. (Press release cache of Sanchez’s employment announcement)

As we plunged the depths of Balsera Communications, The Tank has found out that founder and Managing partner, Freddy Balsera was vital in helping convey the Obama message to Hispanics and was on President Obama’s National Finance Committee.

Read here: Freddy Balsera: ‘How Obama Closed the Deal With Hispanics

If this wasn’t’ enough, Democracia USA is a client of Balsera Communications as noted in the statement posted by Balsera. Democracia USA is considered to be the Hispanic wing of the corrupt organization ACORN.  Babalublog exposed a couple of Democracia USA’s henchmen back in a post properly named, “Democracia USA and Voter Fraud”, during the 2008 election cycle.

There are also allegations that Cancio has had a close relationship with Joe Garcia that dates back to their college years, and also that the two are still in close contact regarding to their Congressional race.

As to Marili Cancio, she notes on her website that she has been a “registered Republican all my life”.  Fair enough, but upon further inspection, her ‘issues’ page and her ‘about’ page contains a substantial amount of potentially misleading progressive-style rhetoric that could be employed by any candidate- check it out for yourselves.  Even more revealing is her support of Obamacare and “all of the good benefits” to the law as she sees it. Come again?  You would be hard pressed to find any other ‘Republican’ in the country to say anything  positive about Obamacare, but Cancio appears to be a big booster of it on her website.

 Now does simply being your typical establishment Republican candidate automatically make you someone who is engaging in collusion with the opposition?  Of course not.  But Cancio appears to have a lack of a principled and coherent political philosophy along with a host of suspicious political affiliations. Is it really a stretch to believe that Cancio is conspiring with Democrats as a ‘trojan horse’ candidate? Could she be trying to accomplish something other than simply making a credible primary run for the party’s nomination in Congressional District 25?

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Democrat Joe Garcia- ‘Master of Puppets’ in a GOP Primary?

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