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Miami GOP Controversy Continues After New Video Surfaces (Video)

by Javier Manjarres

In a follow up to our piece last week regarding an incident that occurred at the Miami REC where Congressional Candidate Paul Crespo was confronted by local police after his remarks to the group, The Shark Tank has obtained a perviously unreleased video from the event from the Crespo Campaign which provides greater context as to what actually occurred. All of the candidates in attendance were alotted 2 minutes to address the meeting. Some of the candidates went over the 2 minutes allowed-one even spoke close to 3 minutes. Crespo claims that he was escorted out of the event because he exceed his time- he did, by a whopping 10 seconds!

In addition to the video, I was also informed by James Shedd, a retired 30 year DEA Agent, that a reliable source had disclosed to him that the West Miami police were requested to appear at the event by one of David Rivera’s aides.

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Miami GOP Controversy Continues After New Video Surfaces (Video)

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