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Rubio Goes Silent While Crist Mugs for the Media

by Javier Manjarres

From virtually the beginning of the BP oil rig disaster that occurred back in April, soon-to-be Democrat Governor Charlie Crist has wisely gone about heightening his visibility through his accrual of substantial amounts of earned media.  And that is to be expected, simply by virtue of the fact that he is the Governor of a Gulf Coast state that is impacted by the disaster.  However, it should also be anticipated by Crist’s opponents in the race for U.S. Senate that he would maximize this opportunity to heighten his profile and promote his campaign for Senate.  And in response to Crist’s tactical maneuver, you would expect that his Senate opponents would be prepared to offer sharp criticisms of his performance- whether it’s for his lack of leadership, misjudgments, or mistakes, whenever they might occur.

But what wasn’t expected was the virtual pass that Crist is being given by his opponents in the Senate race, both Republican and Democrat alike.  Perhaps you might even expect that the Democrats would give a fellow Democrat like Crist a pass, but for Marco Rubio to not aggressively go after this opportunistic Democrat-in-waiting is beyond even me- El Shark-o.

The past several months may have been a bit rough on the campaign trail for Rubio. Rubio has seemed a bit off his game as of late, and the illness in his family has probably, and understandably, had a lot to do with this. But after a slew of unforced errors by his campaign (SB 6, AZ immigration law, healthcare, Tallahassee Mortgage-gate,etc) Rubio has slipped a bit in the recent polls.  When you combine Rubio’s slip-ups with Crist’s Oscar-like performance-  as he masterfully portrays a decisive Governor who appears to be in command of a state-wide crisis-  you get a substantial swing in the polls.  But Rubio’s careless slips have made a lot of would-be supporters, as well as existing ones hedge a bit on his candidacy.

Crist is on record of saying that he is ‘content’ with the response of the Obama Administration in responding to the spill. Content??  Content with the fact that it has taken over two months for Obama to effectively respond to this disaster?

Let us not forget that Governor Crist  has completely flip-flopped his position on offshore oil drilling.  He now opposes drilling and is threatening to hold a special Legislative session in hopes to garner enough votes to prohibit offshore drilling.

Again, why isn’t Rubio ripping him on this?  Crist’s gyrations on the issues present Rubio with a target-rich environment, and yet is not constantly hammering Crist on all his flop-flops and broken promises.

Another issue that is not being looked into is the recent 527 (Friends for Freedom and Prosperity) that Representative Mike Fasano, a long-time supporter and outspoken Crist hack, has started.

I, as well as many others, would like to know what Governor Crist knows about this 527, as well as just how involved he is with it. Heres’s an idea- why doesn’t someone file a complaint with the FEC-namely Rubio, and press for an investigation that would depose Crist to find out what he knows, or what is his involvement with it?  Hello? Bueller??? Buuuuueller?

Time will tell if and when Marco Rubio will put on his trousers and gain back the momentum he has lost over the last couple of months.  It’s fair to say that the momentum he has lost can accurately described as a major ‘buzz kill’- the question is will he regain it?


Our good friend Ed Morrissey over at HotAir has ‘hooked’ our piece and offered his thoughts.  El-Sharko would like to further clarify- I am offering constructive criticism not about the Rubio campaign’s paid media strategy, but about his earned media strategy, or lack thereof.  Rubio should take a page out of Senator LeMieux’s playbook and do what he is doing except out in the field- off the coast and on the beaches.  Rubio should be on skimmers, on oil platforms, and on the beaches effectively leading the opposition to this whole charade by demanding transparency and accountability so that he can counter Charlie’s meaningless updates with accurate information.

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Matthew T.

    Brilliant article. Very insightful. Thank you for all your work. GO MARCO RUBIO !!!

  • Jeff

    Marco needs to wake the FU#% UP! Crist is kicking his ASS!!!

  • Patrick Castronovo

    Never underestimate Marco Rubio. Remember when Marco got into this race he was 30-40 points down? Marco came back and kicked Crist out of our party! It’s still early. The fight has just begun!

  • Steven R

    I agree with your analysis of the situation, Javier. The irony is that while Crist has behaved like an opportunistic politician, rather than a leader, he has also completely, mischaracterized and mishandled the crisis.

    Unlike Bobby Jindal who has been tirelessly working to find ways to stop the oil from reaching Louisiana’s shores and marshes, only to be thwarted at every turn by Obama and his administration, Crist has seemingly been waiting for the oil to reach Florida’s beaches so he can get his photo op with the tar balls.

    Unlike Jindal who has been critical of Obama and even defied the President by sending barges out to suck up the oil and creating sand and stone barriers to stop the slick from coming ashore, Crist has been wasting time calling for a special legislative session to ban offshore drilling in Florida’s waters (which it already is). Crist hasn’t said a word about the fact that Obama still hasn’t lifted the Jones Act or brought every skimmer, boom and every other available technology to bear on this disaster. Hell, Sean Hannity and former-Governor Huckabee have displayed more technology on their shows than Obama has allowed to be used in the Gulf.

    And perhaps most importantly, while Governor Jindal has been trying to get Obama’s job killing moratorium lifted- realizing as many of us do, that we need oil drilling to keep our anemic economy rolling (and that once those rigs go to Brazil and South Africa they won’t be back)- Crist has ignored the fact that drilling in shallow water is safer than importing oil by tanker (where most accidents actually occur), from countries that support terror and hate the United States. Instead he says he is now for permanently banning drilling in the Gulf.

    Even the shrimpers and fisherman of Louisiana- who have been hardest hit by the oil spill- want drilling to continue. They realize that without it hundreds of thousands more jobs will be lost in the Gulf states, and eventually even more around the nation, if we don’t keep drilling and expand drilling to other shallow wells water and other areas on land.

    We have more oil reserves in the United States than in all of the Middle East, not the 2% of the world’s reserves that Obama stated in his dishonest Oval Office speech. We need to utilize those reserves, while we let the free-market and American entrepreneurs continue to work to make alternative energy sources efficient and economical.

    Marco needs to step up and call Obama and Crist out. This is a case where both Obama and Crist are so completely wrong that Rubio can demolish them with one well thought out interview. He came close about a week ago on ‘Cavuto’, but fell short and didn’t show the passion and conviction that he needs to show to convince the public that he’s on their side in this, while Crist is (as usual) on nobody’s side but Charlie’s.

  • Gabe the Babe

    The report was very truthful and honest. As a Marco supporter who devouts his time and $$$$$$ toward the campaign I get nervous. I am willing to knock on doors, I hand out Marco info and bumper stickers at the Fort Lauderdale gun show, I support him as a Tea Party member, and I started the Independeants for Marco Rubio page on Face Book.

    My advice to Marco is “Suelta los perros!” (loose the dogs!).

    We need boots on the ground, door knockers, organizers…even though it is summer it IS NOT too early to start taking names and gearing up for the elections. Obama worked two years before the elections so starting two months early here can only help.

    Please dont let Judas Crist get so far ahead that we cannot win. I beg of you for the love of my Country! Lets roll up our sleaves and get to work…….

  • Gabe the Babe’s Wife!

    I agree with my husband! 😀

  • Tony

    I am very disappointed in Rubio. After his waffle on the AZ bill, I have doubts about his candidacy. He is the best joice for the Senate, but will these missteps continue? if so, I am going to sit this one out.

  • Martha-Pensacola

    This post is dead on!! Rubio is no where to be seen. What is he doing? It seems like he has just rolled over and is conceeding to that turncoat! Someone needs to light a fire under his ass, if not we lost the election.

    Thanks Shark Tank for the info!

  • Omar

    Marco, when your asked if you support offshore drilling just say YES and stop dancing around the question because of the polls! Your starting to sound like a regular politician! Thats not the Marco I used to know and admire!

  • Jesse

    There’s no doubt Crist’s bounce in the polls is because he projecting leadership on TV- even though all Crist is really doing is giving political cover to a crooked administration that is intentionally delaying the efforts to prevent the oil from reaching Florida’s shores. Obama is effectively enforcing a media blackout, and Crist says this is acceptable? This situation screams out to the heavens for justice and truth, and other than Jindal, everyone is AWOL. Step up NOW, Marco, and raise some hell, it is criminal what is going on.

  • Joy Richards

    I just hope the Republican party does not lose the Senate by one vote,Charlie’s.As an independent, he and Lieberman stand to become the most powerful men in the Senate. I think Charlie’s appointee Senator Lemieux (R with a capital R)has been a magnificant conservative Senator.

  • Soccer Mom

    Untill Marco signs the 10th amendment and comes out and firmly says he supports the new Az law then my family and I are going to stay home and not vote for Marco or volunteer! I rather be stuck with Crist and keep the fight going then being stuck with another Mel Martinez in my own party!

  • Martha

    Javier, although it is hard for me to it admit this about Rubio, whom I count myself as a supporter of, I think your article makes some very valid points. Floridians are being held hostage by a President with bad intentions and a sycophantic governor who wants this deceitful President’s support so he can get his Senate seat. If no one is going to stand up and fight this insanity, every Floridian will lose- our economy, our beaches, our way of life- to an ideology that seeks to ruin the United States.

  • Lightweight

    Shark Tank? It should be named GOP Media.On the Senate race one would think Crist and Rubio are the only candidates running for Senate.I guess Shark Tank never got the memo,the gop is dead.You’ll must not be reading the news?61% of the registered voters are Independents.I guess you guys will be looiin for a job after the elections as there will no republican politicians for you to flatter.

  • Lisa

    WhAT in The HELL happened to mARCO and his campaign?! I called for a bumper sticker and gave my address and I still have not gotten my sticker and it’s been over 2 months now. All I see is crist out on our beaches up here in the Panhandle and I never see Marco on the beach helping out with the people. Mr.Rubio wont sign the Tenth amendment he is wishy washy on the Arizona Bill and Obama care. I used to love him! What happened to this guy?

  • joy Richards

    GOP must be kidding! this blog has brought down Republicans. Where do you see any real attempt to expose Democrats for their considerable garbage!Maybe in the general when any Republican with any chance of winning has been disposed of.

  • Tony Farrero

    Thank you Javier for writing this article. For a while there I thought you were in the tank for this guy? I took off my Rubio sticker off my car!
    For some reason Marco and his campaign thinks he won this race already and I feel like he has abandoned his base and i’m not the only one.
    I’m very disappointed in him. I see no yard signs up I called their office and they don’t even know when signs are coming in? You cant volunteer there are no campaign offices opened anywhere and nobody knows when they are going to open one?
    And he just does not fight Crist like he did when he started his campaign! Sad…

  • Shona Darress

    Javier this is one of the best pieces I have seen from you!

  • Fidel Balan

    I have always said that this election is Rubios’ to lose. It s time for Marco to take off the gloves and expose this I stand for nothing politician such as Charlie Crist is.

  • Gary Davis

    Funny how whats happening to Marco now? It’s the same thing that happened to Crist when Crist started his senate race. All Charlie did was fund raise and avoid his base and it looks like that is what Marco is doing right now and it looks like it’s hurting him! Marco, get your t.v. and radio ads out ASAP! Let your supporters be part of the campaign by volunteering we feel pushed aside. Be firm on supporting the NEW ARIZONA bill and sign the 10th amendment and give straight answers. Not this typical politician crap! No more double talk. Your better then that. I want my old Marco back!

  • Harris Klein

    I am all for Marco since I first met
    him here at one of our meetings
    when he spoke.
    I am less than happy about hearing nothing
    lately and his stumbling on drilling
    which we need urgently now.
    Marco, get off your a** if you are to
    bring a true conservative to DC’
    and beat the RHINO.

  • Jack Burns

    Rubio has waffled on too many issues for me to believe anything he says. When credit card and mortgage-gate are added to the mix, there’s no way I can support him.

    What’s a Florida conservative to do?

    Support and vote for the only conservative with morals left standing in this race, Marine veteran Alex Snitker.

  • Alexander Snitker

    Not everyone is giving Crist a pass


    July 6, 2010
    Alexander Snitker for Senate
    Contact: Adrian Wyllie

    Snitker to Crist: Let volunteers help clean up the oil spill

    The BP oil spill is already having a catastrophic effect on the ecosystem and economy of Florida and the entire Gulf coast. In Florida, parts of the panhandle are already fouled with tar and oil, and the entire West Coast may be next. Even the Keys and Miami area might be effected as the oil migrates further into the jet stream.

    Thousands of Floridians are willing to volunteer their time and energy to the cleanup effort. Unfortunately, they are being told to stay home.

    Unlike Washington and Tallahassee, the citizens of Florida stand ready to solve the problem. Pointing the finger of blame can wait until the immediate danger has passed, as it does noting to solve the crisis.

    The federal, state and county governments are blocking some immediate actions by residents and local municipalities. The City of Destin is one example. On May 4th, residents were told the US Coast Guard would be in charge of the clean up, and no one was allowed to participate that had not been trained by OSHA and the EPA.

    Now, two months later, when the residents of the Emerald Coast should be celebrating our Nation’s independence, they are instead watching our ecology and their very way of life continue to be threatened and destroyed in spite of BP and the Government’s presence. The oil still infringes on the water and beaches of the Emerald Coast, yet the government still refuses aid from from the people most effected by this disaster.

    Another example is Miami-Dade, where Carlos Espinosa, director of the county’s Department of Environmental Resource Management has said, “Volunteers are not going to be involved” in the cleanup effort there. Again he cites lack of training and equipment as the reason.

    I ask Governor Crist, if the thousands of people who showed up for the Hands Across The Sand photo opportunity are good enough for you to use as a campaign tool, why are they not good enough to actually help solve the problem?

    I call on Gov. Crist to direct state and county agencies to being a training program for any and all individuals willing to help. I’m confident that volunteers could be trained in the necessary safety techniques for handling oil in a few hours of classroom instruction.

    I also call on Gov. Crist to authorize emergency funding for the necessary protective gear for these volunteers, which will be billed directly to BP. A quick Internet search show that complete, disposable hazardous materials suits designed to resist oil and petroleum products can be purchased for less than $20 each in bulk.

    Again, because BP is ultimately responsible for this disaster, all costs that the state and local governments incur should be billed to BP.

    This is a prime example of why there should be no cap on damages. BP should responsible for the entire cleanup as well as payment for any damages sought in court by individuals, businesses, local municipalities and state agencies. The taxpayer should not be forced pay for any part of this cleanup.

    We cannot continue to give these companies a pass for their own negligence. Nor can we give our government a pass for failing to enact a logical and effective response plan.

    The people of Florida can no longer afford to wait for permission from disorganized federal and state governments to deal with this threat. We cannot wait around hoping that BP begins acting in the best interest of America’s ecosystem and economy.

    As we reaffirm our our individual liberty on this Independence Day, we must remember the grievances decried in the Declaration of Independence. We must not bend to a government that has “erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” Government agencies, such as OSHA, the EPA, and county departments must not be allowed to prevent the people from protecting their natural environment and their source of income from this threat.

    If the government fails to act, the people should rise up to solve the problem through local acts of civil disobedience. We cannot allow our environment, our economy, and our way of life to be destroyed because of bureaucratic ineptitude and lack of leadership.

    As has been true for over two hundred years, it is the people, through their voices and actions, that will solve this problem. We just need the government to get out of our way.

  • Republican Voter

    Sorry to add fuel to the fire here on this post but we are very disappointed in Marco as well. I’m a committee women here at West Palm Beach REC and not once did Marco come and speak to us or send a person on his behalf. It’s like he doesn’t need us anymore or something? We fought for you Marco and we are very upset with you and the way you have behaved lately. Stop being weak on the issues and get back to the basics. Nobody wants to volunteer for you now. If you abandon your base your done! You need to Get back to your grassroots and re-energize us. I don’t know who is advising you but you need to fire them! Your blowing it kid!

  • Jack

    Rubio is still the only choice for the senate. I agree with all that he was made some serious mstakes, but feel confident he will step up. I will continue to support him, I just hope he doesnt continue to make these unforced errors-as mentioned in the article. Great Job, Shark!

  • Democrat Crist supporter

    HA! HA! Seems to me that Rubio has shown his true colors and has forgotten you all? We are going to kick your rear ends in this election! At least Charlie goes to bat for us and cares. our volunteers are fired up! Are yours? Gonna repost these comments everywhere! lol!!

    CRIST 2010

  • Jessica Smythe

    I am a registered Libertarian. This Snitker character is a joke. Rubio will win this race. Snitker is only doing this to bring attention to himself. He obviusley knows that he doesnt stand a chance to win this race-quit wasting peoples time and votes.

  • Jason

    I don’t know if the Rubio campaign checks this blog out, but they should. Right now, there is not one Republican, outside of maybe Jindal- who is standing up for the truth about what is and isnt going on. Floridians are getting reamed by both the corrupt Obama regime and kiss-ass Charlie Crist. It is our livelihoods on the line here. Who is going to tell the truth? This is not a cleanup operation, this is a frickin charade! The People are being sold out and screwed, and the Republican Party is acting like a bunch of gutless wonders. STAND UP NOW, MARCO, OR KISS IT GOODBYE!

  • Emilio

    I am of Cuban descent and I am trully disappointed that a fellow Cuban does not stand up to what is going on here in Florida. Marco, please do what iss right and stand up for us. You asked us months ago to stand with you. Now we are asking you to stand with us and for us.

  • Anybody see Rubio anymore?

    I like this guy Alexander Snitker! I just checked out his web site and I think i’m going to vote for him if Rubio doesn’t shape up real soon!

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  • honeygetoverit

    I’ve been saying this for awhile. I was a staunch supporter of Marco until he discredited Arizona’s efforts to protect themselves against the crime wave invading their state. Since then, he has shown that he doesn’t have the gall to stand up forcefully and voice the people’s concerns, the oil spill just being one of them. We are sick and tired of moderates that tip-toe around issues and are too afraid to state the obvious for those of us who cannot. Marco is a good orator, but only seems comfortable repeating the same old vanilla rhetoric; its like he’s talking in circles, unwilling or unable to address any new issues. If he doesn’t prove his confidence and abilities soon, how can we possibly trust that he’ll be able to effect any change when he goes to D.C. and has to face the “big guns”? Sadly, its beginning to look like he’s in over his head.

  • Cody F

    Working on the campaign I see him quite a bit. He’s on Fox News a lot. So it’s hard for me to gauge the lack of exposure.
    I know their is a media blitz coming shortly

  • Concerned voter

    i knew it. marco’s gotten really flacid, he’s unwilling or unable to show some balls and that’s gonna cost him. who the hell is advising him to do this?? big mistake…i fear he’ll lose if he doesn’t speak up soon on the issues that matter. he’s missing a ton of opportunities and it doesn’t inspire much confidence in his abilities.

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  • Dan

    Rubio’s silence may have something to do with he admitted that he is not a tes party movement Candidate on numerous occasions and last week in Sarasota, the actual tea party movement candidate took center stage and published on YouTube while MSM ignored him. Snitker actually stands for limited constitutional government who has a great stand of term limits, eliminating Federal Legislative retirements, lowering Federal taxes, responsible leadership in the Sovereignty of the united States, foreign policy, banking and personal responsibility. He stands against Bail Outs of Bankers like TARP, Excessive waste like the Stimulus Packages, Illegal Alien Amnesty and redistributing wealth to those who have not earned their wealth.

  • Bob

    Snitker is an idiot. Rubio will beat everyone that stands in his way. I just hope he really does support the Arizona Imigration law, cuz we need it here in Florida.

  • stephen miller

    As a former campaign strategist, I say give Marco a break. If you do not have a primary now is the time to lay low hone the message and get ready for the all out race which will take place after Labor Day.

    The things that caused Marco to surge during 2009-early 2010 are still there. Marco’s message still resonates and will when it will really matter during the fall campaign.

    If you will notice, Charlie has abandoned all pretense that he is a conservative. He has vetoed every conservative piece of legislation and supports every conceivable liberal idea.

    Yes he is getting some Democrat support but the rules of politics have not been repealed and as November approaches, Charlie has no where to go but down. Charlie is at his high water mark but Marco is not.

    Have you noticed the national polls. Conservatives have increased nationwide from around 35% to 42% now. I have not seen Florida figures but we track the national almost perfectly.

    In the end, Marco will get 75-80% of the conservatives and take around a 1/3rd of the moderates. This will help him win comfortably.

    Now the fly in the ointment is the Democrat Primary. If Greene wins, the hard core Democrats will go with Charlie. That would make the race trickier but I believe Rubio’s message will save the day.

    As far as mistakes go, the summer not the fall is the time to make them.

    So calm down and take a deep breath. Now is not the time to panic!

  • El Sharko

    I do not believe that the Shark Tank is panicking about Marco’s mistakes. You sound overly optimistic Mr. Miller- borderline naive. You cannot tell us what is going to happen ‘if’ Greene wins the Democrat primary agains Meek. How could you know this?

  • Jose
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  • Cindy Graves
  • mascmen7

    Only news I have seen on Marco in last 2 months were that his house was being foreclosed on and that he is in Miami when reporters call him for comment. It is too bad Rubio has given up as Crist will not stop the wild spending by Dems which will collapse the dollar and reduce us to bartering for our food as predicted by the BVM 9/7/85 at Bayside, NY apparitions.

  • Patrick Castronovo

    Good news from Rasmussen: lets keep up the good work! Florida Senate: Rubio 36%, Crist 34%, Meek 15% Go Rubio!!

  • Terry Holt

    Good job Mr.Manjarres! Maybe Rubio will wake the Fu** up now!

    This is his Marco and his campaign. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Flat line.

  • Soccer Mom

    Can anybody tell me where I can go to volunteer for Marco Rubio? I live in Coral Springs.

  • Frank Luca

    @ Soccer mom, Your guess is as good as mine?! Nobody knows? When you call their office even they don’t know! And don’t hold your breath with the RPOF either. Honestly if Rubio and the RPOF can careless then why should we?!

  • Paul

    Crist 2010

    Looks like we (Crist supporters/Crist campaign) are more united then you (Rubio supporters/Rubio campaign). We are so glad we found this post. Going to pass it on. Governor Crist is going to kick Rubio’s you know what!

  • Rose Anderson

    I cant stand Crist! Marco, please tell me you did not give up on us!

  • Rubio Fan!

    Soccer Mom, if you send an email to the campaign or call them at 786 953 6711 they will be able to get you involved with volunteering.

  • joy Richards

    At the BREC meeting I have always said that LeMieux was an excellent choice and by the way was a Crist appointee and one of Charlie’s best friends.He should take on Nelson in 2012.Because it looks like Charlie may pull it off.

  • Cherieo

    As is always the case with Democrats…that includes Charlie…ALWAYS take advantage of a crisis to divert attention from other issues so the Media will give a lot of FREE advertising. That’s what Charlie is doing now…with the oil spill in hopes that voters will forget what he has done in the past. As Governor…why hasn’t Charlie stepped up to the plate and INSISTED that the A-Whale skinner and others are brought to the Gulf and begin working??? Because we all know Obama is ALSO using this oil spill to continue on with HIS agenda.
    Two bed-fellows at work to deceive the general public.
    Obama has said NO to 12-14 other countries who offered help in this oil spill…but want to make out that BP is the big bad guys who are doing NOTHING! Most people are seeing through all of their plans.

  • Cherieo

    Yes, Sen. LeMieux SHOULD take on Ben Nelson…I have written emails to Nelson and he dances around all the issues and never gives a direct answer to ANY of the issues I have asked him. Just ANOTHER OBAMA buddy who can’t/won’t think out of the box. HE HAS TO GO!!! At least Sen. LeMieux does respond to questions and seems to be a good man.

  • Fl. Independent Voter

    Marco, sign the 10th amendment and then us Independents will vote for you! But show us u support it and then we will support you!

  • Lynn

    With the veto of HB 1143 (Ultrasound before abortion bill) Crist became a murderer of thousands of innocent babies. What is being said about this? How could anyone possibly consider voting for a murderer?

  • Marco Rubio

    EDITOR’S NOTE- Just in case there are any doubts, this comment is not from the guy running for Senate who goes by the same name.


    Everyone, please stop your crying about me. You all sound pathetic and need to get a life. This race is all about me and no one else-screw you all! I only care about me and my family and my extened family(Correoso, Hernandez,David(The Snake) Rivera, Esther(Double D) Nuhfer and Alina Garcia). I need to win to keep all of these people employed, so back off and quit hounding me!

    This Shark Tank article is a bunch of crap. The truth no less, yet a bunch of crap. Do not question me, I do not like being told that I am not right-I am always right.

    My best buddy David is a con artist and a snake, yes but I love him just the same. So, we need to make sure he becomes the next congreesssman from Miami.
    And to respond to your comment of putting on my trousers, I would if my wife would give them back to me.

  • Patrick Castronovo

    To the troll that is pretending to be Marco Rubio… You will lose in the end!

    Wow!!! Marco Rubio Sets Fundraising Record With Over $4.5 Million In 2nd Quarter!! I wonder how much Charlie Crist got? Hmmmm? This just proves that Rubio supporters are strong and united. All you trolls don’t fool anyone. LOL!!!!

  • Cherieo

    Hey folks…DON’T STAY HOME…keep up the fight for Marco.
    If there is illness in his family…there is PLENTY OF TIME yet…
    Charlie will make some blunders getting all his FREE airtime..never fear…he will hang himself one way or another.
    Just keep up the good work for Marco…there are a lot of people outside of Florida rooting for don’t get discouraged…Go Marco!!!

  • Florida native

    Marco also made me have second thoughts after the lack of firm support for AZ. It would appear that he has already been bought and sold by the same people that buy up the rest of the professional politicians. I am seriously considering sitting this one out also.

  • Adelle

    it sure is sickening to see the twisting that the press does in support of Charlie. Charlie is an actor, not a governor. He looks for photo ops and sound bits. He could not run the state , why would anyone think he could do a good job in the Senate. We need a man of principal, who knows what he believes. You press keep bringing up the Arizona law. You forget the truth about it. The first draft was what they were talking about, not the final law. Both Marco Rubio and Bill McCollum have always said they want only legal people here. I know them both and well remember the beginning of their campaign, but NO, the press twists it. And speaking of Bill, that lying ad I just saw makes me sick. Jim Greer never was or is Bill’s friend. He as party chairman has to do those events. And its Charlie that wanted him, picked Greer out and pushed him. I was right in the room that night, and Bill was not even there. So the Scott of course is a lie, like all his others.
    And then to hit Marco when he has had serious illness in his family is the lowest the press can go. I am sure Charlie has taken advantage of it, but hopefully Florida will see the truth and vote right on election day. Of course the governor has the advantage of making it look like he is leading. HaHa…Charlie has done more flip flops this year than a dozen pancakes!!!!!!! Marco is not in office, so he can’t take advantage of things like horrible oil spills. But liars like Scott say things like they did this or that, when that is impossible….again more lies by Rick Scott. he has been compared to Obama, but I did it first. Now maybe Charlie can also be compared to Obama.
    And no, I am not a party regular. I am a born again tea party Christian as conservative as you can get. No..I don’t fit that mold. So what I say is representing the people that think for themselves.
    Charlie we have had enough of you…go home..Wait, maybe not, move…its my county!!!!! And Rick Scott..go directly to jail..that is where scum like you that steal millions from us …belong.

  • CindyinTallahassee

    Come on, people. Marco’s father is most likely dying from cancer in the next few days. Missing a few days on the campaign trail vs. being at your father’s bedside is a no-vote. Marco can catch up on campaigning, he can’t ever make up for not being with his father.
    Let’s give him a break on this one!